Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics Engineering and Information Technology (ICMEIT 2019)

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Power Allocation in Massive MIMO System with Energy Harvesting Base Station

Guomin Li, Ning Li, Lihua Pang
This paper studies a resource allocation method based on power optimization for single-cell multi-user downlink Massive MIMO wireless communication system with energy harvesting function. The proposed method uses a ZF precede for precoding. Under the premise that the non-causal knowledge of the energy...
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Vehicle Type Classification based on Improved HOG_SVM

Penghua Ge, Yanping Hu
There are few differences in the characteristics of vehicles and many interference factors in vehicle identification, especially in complex backgrounds. In order to improve the accuracy of image feature extraction and recognition in complex background, a vehicle-types recognition technology based on...
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A New Location Method of Touchless Knuckleprint based on Computer Vision

Xinqi Wang, Yanping Hu
The knuckleprint positioning is the key basis for the biometric recognition. This paper introduces a new location method of touchless knuckleprint based on computer vision. Firstly, in order to reduce the light impact, the RGB image is converted into YCbCr color space. We use a hybrid algorithm of elliptical...
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A320 Flight Simulator Motion System Maintenance and Fault Diagnosis

Lei An, Guozhu Zhao
The from the angle of defenders of details needed to maintain the six degree of freedom motion system of a simulator of the system of institutions, driving mode and working principle of the system and other aspects of the theory of knowledge, and combine the data and maintenance practices, maintenance...
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A Mobile Recommendation Algorithm based on Location Information and Collaborative Filtering

Suming Li
Aiming to the problems of information overload and low recommendation quality for O2O electricity field, this paper has put forward to a mobile recommendation algorithm based on location information and collaborative filter, which introduces the location information in mobile recommendation algorithm,...
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Density Peak Clustering Algorithm based on the Nearest Neighbor

Bangyu Tong
Clustering by fast search and find of density peaks is a new kind of density-based clustering algorithm, which can find the cluster center quickly and accurately by assuming that the cluster center has a high local density and is far away from other cluster centers. However, this clustering algorithm...
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Improved Multi-sampling Kernelized Correlation Filter Target Tracking Algorithm

Ying Hou, Yemei He
In order to solve the tracking failure of kernelized correlation filter (KCF) tracking algorithm in the case of target fast motion and motion blur, proposing a multi-sampling tracking algorithm based on KCF. Firstly, a PSNR-based judgment mechanism is introduced to determine whether the current frame...
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A Fault Diagnosis Scheme for Rotating Machinery Using Recurrence Plot and Scale Invariant Feature Transform

Yang Wang, Bo Zhou, Ming Cheng, Hongyong Fu, Dequan Yu, Wenbo Wu
Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of rotating machinery has gained wide attention for its significance in preventing catastrophic accidents and guaranteeing sufficient maintenance. The traditional fault diagnosis methods usually need manually extracting the features from raw sensor data before...
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Research on Computer Software Engineering based on Scientific Workflow

Wenjun Ji
Co-simulation technology plays a vital role in computer software engineering design and development. How to improve resource allocation and workflow coupling computational efficiency in complex simulation is a key point in software engineering management. Scientific workflow technology is the means of...
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The Application of Gillespie Algorithm in Spreading

Xiaomin Deng, Xiaomeng Wang
The contagion models of disease-spread which predict the epidemics grow with time goes by have been widely researched in social networks. The discrete-time simulation method, Monte Carlo Simulation where time is discretized into uniform steps and transition rates between states are replaced by transition...
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Lane Line Detection based on Mask R-CNN

Bin Liu, Hongzhe Liu, Jiazheng Yuan
Lane detection plays an important role in driverless system. However, the complexity of the actual road environment makes lane detection more challenging. In recent years, the rapid development of deep learning has pointed out the direction to solve this problem. Deep learning does not care about the...
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BP Neural Network-based Model for Evaluating User Interfaces of Human-computer Interaction System

Ruixin Chen, Na Lin, Jin Su, Yanjun Shi
Human-computer interaction system is the medium for human and computer. The rationality and intelligence of its design directly affect the work efficiency and execution ability of relevant practitioners. Traditional human-computer interaction evaluation usually adopts expert evaluation method. This method...
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Urban Traffic Flow Fore-casting based on Deep Learning Model

Shengdong Mou, Zhengxian Xiong
Short-term traffic flow forecasting is very important for realizing urban intelligent traffic system. In the past, many neural network models have been proposed to predict traffic flow, but the effect was not very significant. The reason is that most of them are based on shallow model learning and they...
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Real-Time Bidding by Proportional Control in Display Advertising

Hao Wu
In real-time bidding (RTB), advertisers need to give a price for each ad request, but in the face of millions of ad requests per day, it is particularly important for advertisers to design an automatic bidding strategy. Linear bidding is the most popular bidding strategy in the industry. The model considers...
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Reflection of the Multi-hop HF Radio on the Rough Ocean Surface

Junluo Li
The HF radio waves can travel long distances using the multi-hop paths between ionosphere and the earth. When the radio waves reflect from the surface of ocean, they are sometimes affected greatly due to the turbulent ocean surface. In this article, we study the impact of the turbulent ocean on multi-hop...
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Power Distribution Strategy for Electric Vehicle Hybrid Power System

Xia Chen, Xinru Wang, Jinying Li, Di Wang, Yang Gao
Aiming at the load power fluctuates greatly during the driving process of the electric vehicles, a large load current is required, it is difficult to meet the load demand by the lithium battery alone, so the super-capacitor is introduced. In order to give full play to advantages of both, and to reduce...
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Joint Extraction Model of Entities and Events

Can Tian, Yawei Zhao, Liang Ren
Joint extraction of entities and events is an important task in information extraction. In order to obtain entities and events in the text simultaneously, in this paper we firstly propose a novel tagging scheme that can transform the joint extraction task to a tagging problem. Then, based on our tagging...
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Research on Computer Software Engineering Project Automation Management based on Data Mining and Fuzzy Clustering

Li Zhang
The smooth implementation of automation management of computer software engineering projects has played an important role in promoting the faster development of computer software development and further promoting the development of computer software engineering. In the process of realizing automation...
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Research on Software Development and Test Environment Automation based on Android Platform

Hongsheng Zhang
The construction of software development and testing environment is an important part of the whole software development process. The combination of different versions of operating systems, databases, network servers and application services makes the types of software testing environments to be built...
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Pedestrian Recognition based on Human Semantics and PCA-HOG

Enyuan Yang, Rong Xie
In real monitoring scenarios, pedestrian semantics, such as gender and clothing type, is very important for pedestrian retrieval and pedestrian recognition. Traditional pedestrian semantics attribute recognition algorithm adopts manual feature extraction and cannot express the association between pedestrian...
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Virtual Laser Electronic Organ

Rui Mu
The electronic organ is well known as a musical instrument, but the traditional electronic organ is inconvenient to carry because of its large size, and its use is limited because it is expensive and difficult to popularize widely. Laser piano has incomparable advantages in size and price compared with...
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Feature Selection and Deep Learning based Approach for Network Intrusion Detection

Jie Ling, Chengzhi Wu
The intrusion detection system deals with huge amount of data containing redundant and noisy features and the poor classifier algorithm causing the degradation of detection accuracy, in this paper, we introduce the random forest feature selection algorithm and propose a method that multi-classifier ensemble...
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Harmonic Response Analysis of Groove Vibration Polishing Machine

Xin Gao, Yixuan Xiao
The groove vibration polishing machine is made of Q235A. The allowable stress value is given by the yield limit. Its value is sigma s=235MPa.The harmonic response analysis of groove vibration polishing machine is to analyze the deformation and stress distribution of the tank body under different frequencies...
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Research on Human Behavior Recognition based on Deep Neural Network

Shanshan Guan, Yinong Zhang, Zhuojing Tian
In order to improve the recognition rate of human behavior by intelligent terminals, a network model for deep learning of human behavior recognition is proposed. Time series data is transformed into a deep network model by performing motion segmentation using a sliding window algorithm. Feature vectors...
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Discussion of the Importance of IGBT in Variable-Frequency Drive

Jiangping Nan, Zhao Wang
In the modern industry, Variable-Frequency Drives are used frequently. With the emergence of fully-controlled power electronic devices, AC-DC-AC Variable-Frequency Drives quickly occupy the market with its small harmonics and good stability. The main circuit of the Variable-frequency Drive mainly includes...
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SDM Technology based on Spot-beam Antenna

Yitao Yang, Zhengxin Ma, Yuhan Wang
In Time Division Multiplexing system, the central station broadcasts data packets to the subscriber station, and the proportion of valid data packets received by each subscriber station gradually decreases as the number of subscriber stations increases. The use of space resources can improve the time...
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Simulation Analysis of Friction and Wear of New TiAl based Alloy Joint Bearings

Che Wang, Liying Yang, Shouren Wang
Using Workbench simulation to analyze the friction and wear characteristics of joint bearings under axial load of 1KN and rotation speed of 100r/min. Contrasting simulation results show that the new TiAl-based alloy can effectively improve the joint bearing friction and wear performance, and it occurs...
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The Experience of Air-Rail Transport in Airports at Home and Abroad and Its Enlightenment to Guangzhou

Ming Su, Xiaojun Deng
In recent years, high-speed rail transport and air transport have developed rapidly at home and abroad, and the competition between railway transport and air transport is becoming increasingly fierce, but there is also room for cooperation. Overseas Heathrow Airport, Skip Airport, Charles de Gaulle Airport,...
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Research on Density Sensitive Clustering Algorithm for Non-convex Sets

Liwen Song, Jiahui Qi, Min Wu
Applying Clustering to non-convex data is a challenging task, and traditional clustering algorithms often fail to achieve good results. In this paper, an improved spectral clustering algorithm based on density sensitivity (DSISC algorithm) is proposed. By using the ensemble selection strategy for the...
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The Research of Reader Portrait in University Library based on Big Data

Huazhi Lin, Denghui Zhang
This paper takes the reader of university library as the research object, analyzes the current research status of the existing libraries, points out the problems existing in the library research process, and proposes the use of big data and user portrait technology to solve the existing problems. Based...
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Research on Power Monitoring System of Campus Intelligent Network based on Wireless Sensor Network

Wenzhong Xia
Aiming at the poor connection and overload of electrical lines on campus, it is easy to generate fires, and then propose a wireless monitoring system to build a campus electricity monitoring system. The solution can dynamically set the threshold of the smart socket to avoid overload and affect the circuit....
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Deterministic Quantum-Controlled Teleportation of Arbitrary Multi-Qubit States Via Three-Qubit Entangled States

Kaihang Zhou, Lei Shi, Jiahua Wei, Yang Xue, Chao Huang
In this paper, we propose an efficient proposal of quantum-controlled teleportation for transmitting arbitrary multi-qubit states via maximally three-qubit entangled states, in which the sender transmits arbitrary multi-qubit states to the remote receiver under control of the supervisor. This proposal...
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Research and Application of the Intelligent Perceptive IOT Architecture for Aerospace Experiment Business Network

Hongyan Chen, Junwei Wan, Wensu Li
Based on the analysis of the current situation and requirements of the aerospace business network, faced with the emerging intelligent perception IOT system, the shortcomings of the existing aerospace business network, especially the inadequacies of the existing architecture, are summarized and analyzed,...
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Research based on the Sharing Cloud Platform of Video Networking

Junsheng Lin, Fan Yang, Wei Liu, Jingyun Zhou, Lin Wang
The highest value of intelligent video monitoring system application is the networking of urban video monitoring system, which is known as the one of the most complex monitoring system applications at present.
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Detection of Facial Wrinkle based on Improved Maximum Curvature Points in Image Profiles

Die Zhou, Shuo Zhao
Face wrinkles, as an important sign of aging and the focus of anti-aging, have great research significance in detecting them. However, rough skin result in more noises, and the intensity difference between the fine wrinkles and the skin background is too small, which ultimately leads to low detection...
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Design and Simulation of Conformal Phased Array Antenna

Zhihui Hu, Xiaochuan Tang, Cheng Lu, Jun Zhang
A method of arbitrary conformal antenna pattern transformation from global coordinates to local coordinates is given firstly. Then a conical conformal array with configuration of equal angle is modeled. At last the performance of beam with the configuration is analyzed, simulation result shows the beam...
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Application and Optimization of Image Fuzzy Control Algorithm based on Gaussian Blur in TensorFlow Training

Yongjun Zhang, Feiyang Ma
When training a convolutional neural network that can interpret picture ambiguity, a large number of pictures with different ambiguities are needed as a training set. This paper introduces a method to adjust the image ambiguity by adjusting the parameters in the Gaussian fuzzy algorithm. Finally, the...
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Development and Application of On-Line Torque Telemetry System for Rolling Mill based on WIFI Signal Transmission and High Frequency Induction Power Supply

Jinliang Jia, Xiaoqiang Yan
For the rolling mill torque telemetry system, the battery power supply has a short duration, and the current supply by the collector ring can achieve long-term power supply, but it is difficult to achieve stable power supply for a long time due to limitations such as speed and wear. This paper designs...
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Research on Dynamic Adaptation Technology of Multi-protocol in the IOT Gateway

Guoli Yang, Zhiqing Wei, Shuming Jiang, Xiangyang Liu, Huisong Wan, Hu Li
We propose a multi-protocol dynamic adaptation gateway technology to solve the multi-source heterogeneity of data in the Internet of Things. There are diversity of access devices and heterogeneous data in the Internet of Things. The major manufacturers of the data format don't have a uniform standard,...
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Research on the Assessment of Vocational College Educational Efficiency based on Data Envelopment Analysis

Chao Bu
This paper first probes into the application of Data Envelopment Analysis in educational efficiency assessment. Based on this, it establishes the assessment index system of vocational college educational efficiency. It makes a case evaluation of certain colleges’ efficiency using Data Envelopment Analysis...
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Research on Optimal Path based on Dijkstra Algorithms

Minhang Zhou, Nina Gao
The optimal path selection is a practical problem, and the application frequency in daily life is very high, which has practical research significance. The Dijkstra algorithm is one of the most classical algorithms in the algorithm of optimal path selection. It is also the theoretical basis of many experimental...
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An Industrial Control System Situation Awareness Method based on Weighting Algorithm

Hui Shi, Xiangyun Tu, Zhenhua Wang
This article introduces a brand-new posture perception approach towards the industrial control system to improve the capability of its related network security monitoring. Took full account of the combination issue of multi-source heterogeneous information to accurately reflect the network security situation...
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Research on Chinese Text Sentiment Classification Process

Ying Yu, Yanjun Yin
In recent years, with the rapid development of computers and social networks, online text information such as product reviews, news events and articles have grown exponentially, and automatic emotional classification of text information has become a research hotspot. This paper describes the current...
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In-depth Study and Discussion of AOP

Baozhong Qi, Mindan Bai
Object oriented programming (OOP) has always been the mainstream method, its thought has solved many problems in the development, but as the business is strengthened, logic becomes more and more complex and functions more and more. At this time, it is necessary to consider the problem of reducing the...
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The Construction of the Evaluation Index System of Customer-Oriented Software Supportability

Chun Shi, Hua Zhang, Fei Ye
Information equipment has become the main body of our PLA, and software has become the soul and hub of weaponry, and software maintenance support has become one of the key elements that constrain the formation of equipment operations and support capabilities. Through the analysis of the content, steps...
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Aerodynamic Measurements: Normative Data for Children Ages 15-17 Years

Jing Wang, Yonghong Li
This paper mainly selects three teenagers aged 15-17 as research subjects.Study the various parameters of the airflow and air pressure during the obstruction and de-blocking phases of the aspirated stops and non-aspirated stops of this age group.It mainly collects the expiratory airflow duration,peak...
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Design and Implementation of Building Safety Production Inspection Management System based on Internet Technology

Huqing Liang, Hesong Hu, Zhuo Yang, Jian Su, Mengxiong Tang
At present, most of the domestic building safety inspection managements are completed by manual recording and photo evidence, these methods not only consume a lot of manpower and resources, but also have the disadvantages of low efficiency and high error rate. With the deepening application of computer...
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Research on the Architecture and Key Technologies of Cloud Computing

Qiang Liu
In the process of our current technological development, computers still play an important role, if the computer breaks down, a lot of data will be lost, we use e-mail or U disk to transmit data information. When we come to the era of cloud computing, "cloud" can store the data we need and carry out...
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Application and Development of Database Technology in the Background of Big Data

Bing Li, Juan Wang, Ning Li, Minghua Zhao, Wang Wang
The development of big data makes us face many problems when we operate traditional databases and use hundreds of TB or PB data. Many industries such as finance and Telecommunications now involve a lot of data, and a lot of data for the original ones. The database is a great impact. At present, the database...
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Design and Implementation of Hardware Accelerator for Recommendation System based on Heterogeneous Computing Platform

Yang Li, Zhitao Dai
This study takes advantage of the combination of heterogeneous platform control and computing power, and optimizes the parallelization of the popular collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm. Compared with the traditional algorithm, the speedup has a certain degree of improvement and power consumption...
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Research on Development Strategy of Space Security based on AHP-SWOT

Shuxing Feng, Xiancheng Su, Yongping Wang
It is becoming the high topic to keep space security in the world, and it is great useful for making decision and making a choice to analyze development strategy of space security based on SWOT, with analyzing the strength, the weakness, the opportunity the threat, with qualitative estimate and quantitative...
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Research on High Speed Data Acquisition of Short Range Millimeter Wave Imaging

Guoping Chen, Yinlong Zhao, Menglin Wu, Benjie Zhou
A design scheme for millimeter-wave MIMO data acquisition and analysis system is proposed. Data collection, data storage, and data analysis were analyzed. And data can be sent via the high-speed interface (such as LVDS or CSI2) to the external processing module via Cortex-R4F control. After testing,...
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Box-particle Cardinality Balanced Multitarget Multi-Bernoulli Filter for Multipath Multitarget Tracking in OTHR

Yong Qin
This paper proposes a novel box-particle multipath cardinality balanced multitarget multi-Bernoulli (BP- MPCBMeMBer) filter for the problem of multitarget tracking in Over-the-horizon radar (OTHR). The proposed algorithm combines the multipath cardinality balanced multitarget multi-Bernoulli (MPCBMeMBer)...
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Feedback-Based Scheduling for Load-Balanced Crosspoint Buffered Crossbar Switches

Xiangcheng Wu, Wuxing Mao
With the rapid development of the computer and Internet, users need high-bandwidth and high-stable network environment. Routing and switching, as an important network device, supporting high-quality services. It's always been a focus of researchers. In view of the combined input Crosspoint existing queue...