Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics Engineering and Information Technology (ICMEIT 2019)

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Sign Language Keyword Extraction based on GLOSS

Ruizhu Wu
In order to quickly understand the content of sign language video, the theme of handshake language, and facilitate the efficient management and retrieval of sign language corpus, the annotation corpus in the parallel corpus of the text first maps all words to one using the word2vec model based on deep...
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Application of Intuition-TPOSIS Model in Pavement Performance Evaluation

Mingxin Nie, Yanlong Li
Based on the approximating ideal solution ordering method and intuitionistic fuzzy set and decision theory, this paper discusses the method of determining the intuitionistic fuzzy weight in pavement performance evaluation, and constructs a road performance coupling evaluation model which can comprehensively...
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A Review of Network Compression based on Deep Network Pruning

Jie Yu, Sheng Tian
In recent years, the deep network has made considerable achievements in the field of computer vision and gradually becomes a hot research topic. The performance of the deep network is very good, however, due to its large size of parameters, high storage, and computational cost, it is hard to deploy the...
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An Intelligent Network Planning Algorithm for Emergency Communication with Deep Learning

Zongzhe Nie, Wei Zhu, Ruopeng Yang, Yu Wang
With the increase amount of the natural disasters and terrorist activities, emergency communication management research which often Involving local conventional communication system severely reduced or even paralyzed has been paid more attentions in recent years. And there has also arisen the need to...
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Performance Analysis of Routing for Wireless Sensor Network

Binghua Hao, Dan Chang, Zengping Zhang, Hailong Ji
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of static or mobile sensor nodes by self-configuring. The nodes get in touch with each other via a special wireless that is utilized to send information between the source and destination nodes. Each sensor node is very cheap and has limited resources such as limited...
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Design of Power Wireless Private Network Coverage Prediction System

Qianke Ai, Wenjiang Feng, Weinong Wu, Yuxiang Liu, Guojin Liu, Taotao Bao
In this paper, according to the practical needs of the electric power wireless network coverage prediction, a propagation model based on real data and revised statistical prediction model (SPM) is proposed to predict the spatial field intensity distribution of the base station and improve the rationality...
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A Simulation Method of Magnetic Treatment to Depressed Brain based on Chaotic Network

Yunchuan Huang, Yu Zhou, Huaze Tang
Chaotic neural network has a wide range of applications, especially in uncertain time-series prediction. Aihara Neural Network takes refractoriness into consideration and shows superiority in solution to TSP. The inspiration was from peers’ work on specifically targeted on deep brain by nanometre materials....
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A Transaction Processing Method for Distributed Database

Zhian Lin, Chi Zhang
This paper introduces the distributed transaction processing model and two-phase commit protocol, and analyses the shortcomings of the two-phase commit protocol. And then we proposed a new distributed transaction processing method which adds heartbeat mechanism into the two-phase commit protocol. Using...
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The Comparison and Analysis of Several Common VR Panoramic Display Methods

Qian Chen, Dai Luo
With the development of information technology, VR panoramic display technology has been widely used in medical industry, game industry, entertainment industry and other industries. VR panoramic display technology has a very broad development prospect. In this paper, the characteristics of several VR...
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Research of Android Malware Detection based on ACO Optimized Xgboost Parameters Approach

Jie Ling, Xuejing Wang, Yu Sun
In order to deal with low efficiency and accuracy of detection caused by the improper selection of Xgboost parameters in Android malware detection. In this paper, we introduce Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) into Xgboost parameters optimization and propose an approach based on ACO optimize Xgboost parameters...
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Research on Summary Sentences Extraction Oriented to Chinese Patent

Lei Wang, Xueqiang Lv, Xindong You
In this paper, it describes our system oriented to single document summarization task at Chinese patent. We treat the task as a typical document summarization based on sentence extraction and decide to formulate the task in a supervised learning to rank framework, utilizing both common sentence features...
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Research on Library Big Data Cleaning System based on Big Data Decision Analysis Needs

Jianfeng Liao, Jianping You, Qun Zhang
In the era of big data, university library information management services must be based on actual conditions, using high-quality data to improve big data management. However, high-quality big data is useful data that needs to be filtered and classified. Big data cleansing is an effective way to improve...
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Discussion on Computer Information Processing based on Big Data Era

Feipeng Jia, Dongdong He
In order to give full play to the role of computer information processing technology in the era of big data and ensure data security, a relevant analysis of computer processing technology is made. In addition, the definition of computer information processing technology is given, and the basic functions...
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An Advanced Particle Swarm Optimization Method based on T-Distribution Random Process

Tianjia Zhang, Yongsheng Yang
There are many real-life engineering problems that entail appropriate optimization methods. Although almost all the problems can be modeled into simple forms described by mathematical formula, it is hard to solve all the decisive problems by a single optimization method. Researchers have developed many...
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Prediction of Terrorist Attacks in China based on BP improved Algorithm and GTD

Le Hong
Due to the different national conditions, the driving forces and factors of national terrorist attacks vary. Therefore, this paper takes GTD China sample data as the research object to study and predict. The prediction process is as follows: On the basis of the BP network-based model for predicting the...
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Visual Navigation and Path Planning of Ball Picking Robot based on Swarm Intelligence

Zhangbao Chen
With the progress of science and technology, intelligent robot system has been applied in service industry. The research and design of service-oriented autonomous mobile robots have attracted more and more attention from enterprises and businesses. In this paper, an intelligent tennis pickup robot based...
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Research on Several Key Technologies for 5G

Nianqin Zhou
In order to better meet the development of mobile Internet and the popularization of intelligent terminals, the application of 5G mobile communication is born and becomes the trend of future communication development. Based on the investigation of actual situation, this paper introduces the concept,...
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Security Risk of Network Accounting Information System and Its Precaution

Yongwang Zhang
Network accounting information system refers to a new generation of accounting information system based on the Internet technology, all functional departments, headquarters and branches, partners, social management departments and all other social organizations or individuals will be closely connected...
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An Automatic Testing Method for GUI Using the Framework of Three-Layer Test Script

Maosheng Huang, Letian Zeng
To reduce the maintenance workload of test script and implement a prompt multi-version regression tests, this paper proposes a novel automatic testing method for GUI based on three-layer script and gives the detailed implementation steps, among which the three-layer script includes reusable script, object...
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The Practice and Exploration of Virtual Roaming based on 3Ds Max

Zhanzhan Duan
This paper focuses to build a completely immersive campus roaming system with taking Shanghai Technician School as the object of 3D virtual roaming system by using 3Ds Max and Quest 3D platform as development tools, combining WebGL and threes.js library programming language, and integrating with HTML5...
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Application of Virtual Reality in Interior Decoration

Lin Wang, Hao Zhou, Anqing Xu, Bin Xue, Mengqian Li, Haoliang Chu
We analyze the application prospect of VR technology in interior decoration, discuss how to use VR technology to make consumers better experience more convenient and independent decoration mode, and point out that the core of VR technology in interior decoration is the establishment of database in this...
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Design and Implementation of Environmental Detection System based on ZigBee

Xiangcheng Wu, Wuxing Mao
With the continuous development of mobile Internet and Internet of Things technology, people's requirements for environmental quality are getting higher and higher. They are eager to use intelligent management systems to detect the environment. In this paper, wireless sensor network with low power consumption...
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Optimization of Hash Function Implementation for Bitcoin Mining

Xiaohan Zhang, Honggang Hu
As the origin of blockchain technology, Bitcoin has received a lot of attention in recent years. Hash function calculation is the key problem in proof-of-work mechanism. The main work of this paper focuses on the FPGA implementation and optimization of the hash function. Firstly, this paper determines...
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Research on Intelligent Scheduling Optimization Selection Algorithm for Medical Information

Ming Li, Ruo Hu, Hong Xu, Huimin Zhao, Xueri Li
Aiming at the problems of asymmetric information and long delay time and excessive use of network traffic and inaccurate recommendation in the traditional medical information recommendation algorithm, the improved adaptive scheduling algorithm and intelligent optimization recommendation algorithm are...
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Procedural Modelling of Auspicious Cloud

Jianwen Fang, Wenming Cao, Gan Huang
Auspicious cloud is one of the most Chinese-style auspicious patterns with a long history in China. However, most of previous research works focus on realistic cloud animation, little effort has been paid to model auspicious cloud in traditional Chinese style. In this paper a procedural modelling method...
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Simulation Research on Vehicle Stability based on Sliding Mode Variable Structure Control

Liyuan He, Chenghui Yang, Junfeng Wang
This paper aims to explore a vehicle stability control strategy based on sliding mode variable structure control theory. The smart car is used as the simulation object, and the vehicle's centroid angle and control system are mathematically modeled and controlled. The research was carried out and joint...
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Research on Traffic Congestion Resolution Mechanism based on Genetic Algorithm and Multi-Agent

Zehua Zhang, Jiahao Ye, Shuo Cheng
In recent years, the number of motor vehicles in China has grown rapidly, and the contradiction between supply and demand of vehicles and roads has become more apparent. The problem of urban traffic congestion has become increasingly prominent, and the mechanism of congestion resolution has emerged....
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Research on Comprehensive Analysis Method of Stock KDJ Index based on K-means Clustering

Baoyu Ding, Ling Li, Yunliang Zhu, Hui Liu, Junfeng Bao, Zezhu Yang
This paper proposed a K-means measure to cluster stocks, and predicted the investment of strong profitability objects through comprehensive analysis of KDJ indicators. The paper analyzed the clustering hierarchy diagram, as well as the inter-cluster similarity structure diagram of different cluster numbers....
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Support Vector Machine SMO Algorithms and Their Optimization

Xiujun Wu
Support Vector Machine (SVM) is an important statistical machine learning algorithm, among which SMO algorithm is one of the effective application methods. SMO algorithm decomposes the problem of support vector machine into smaller problems to minimize the sequence. Through the introduction of SMO algorithm...
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Encryption Technology in Information System Security

Siliang Suo, Wei Xi, Tiantian Cai, Ganyang Jian, Hao Yao, Jin Li
With the rapid development of network, all kinds of information systems bring convenience to enterprises at the same time, it also brings more and more hidden dangers to information security. Encryption technology is the core technology of network security technology, which plays an increasingly important...
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Acoustic Signal Characteristics Analysis of Underwater Plasma Source Pulse Discharge based on Variational Mode Decomposition Algorithm

Zhenyang Chen, Bing Yan, Xiaobing Zhang
In order to study the variational mode decomposition (VMD) algorithm for the analysis of acoustic signal characteristics of underwater plasma sound source pulse discharge, a simulation model of central control module is established by using VMD algorithm. The whole hardware circuit takes the FPGA (Field...
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CFDL Model-Free Adaptive Control Background Image Extraction to Video

Di Lu
Video background image extraction plays a key role in target detection, and traditional background image extraction methods are easy to cause model distortion. In this paper, using the idea of model free adaptive control, a compact form dynamic linearization method is established to extract the video...
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Improved Active Disturbance Rejection Control based on PSO for a Precise Rotating Servo System

Zhenxin He, Jie Wang, Xiangyang Li, Zhili Zhang, Liang Li
The precise rotating servo system is a nonlinear system and demands on high tracking precision and stabilization, so it is difficult to achieve an ideal control result using PID control strategy. An active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) strategy is presented to guarantee the state variables of...
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Distributed Test System based on LXI Bus

Zhong Li, Jiulong Xiong, Xiangbin Ye
LXI is a new modularization instruments platform standard for automation test system based on Ethernet LAN after GPIB, VXI, PXI instrumentation bus. A type of LXI Distributed test system architecture was given out based on the development of instrumentation bus, LXI bus system structure and main characteristics,...
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Grouping-Based Aggregation Protocol with Error Tolerance for Privacy-Preservation in Smart Grid

Guanlin Si, Yue Sun, Wei Chen, Jian Li
Smart grid, as the next generation of power grid characterized by “two-way” communication, has been paid great attention to realizing reliable and flexible electricity delivery for our future lives. In order to support the two-way communication in smart grid, a large number of smart meters (SMs) should...
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A New Table Structure based on Universal Table Layout Schema-Mapping Technique

Linfeng Yin, Xiaocong Zhou, Xinming Wang
In SaaS(Software-as-a-Service) systems, the database is typically implemented using the Universal Table Layout schema-mapping technique, in which all tenant data is mapped to a table, thus valid indexes cannot be created directly in the table. To enable to create valid indexes directly in the table,...
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Research on Intelligent Recognition of Intelligent Gloves based on Acceleration Sensor

Peisong Xia, Zhaohong Du
This paper adopts the wearable smart glove sensor as the data acquisition device. Based on the acceleration-based gesture recognition method, the attitude angle data information is added to improve the recognition accuracy of the smart glove. The collected data is segmented using a threshold model, and...
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Research on Human-Computer Interaction Technology based on Visual User Gesture Recognition

Jianfeng Liao, Qun Zhang, Jianping You
This paper deeply discusses the general situation, background and application of human-computer interaction, and proposes a new exploration-one-hand gesture recognition in human-computer interaction mode, and discusses the main research techniques in detail and comprehensively. The basic framework of...
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Predictive Control of Enterprise Energy Management System

Nan Li, Jinsheng Qi
Industries and large-scale public building are one of the main power Energy consumers in China, where they consume about 70% of all the energy in the country. Different types of industrial processing techniques, equipment, product types, ways of energy management can have different influences on energy...
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Contrast Experiment and Theoretical Analysis on Three-dimensional Display of Multi-view Parallax Barrier

Min Li, Hairong Wang, Jingmei Zhao, Sinan Zhang
Contract experiment on three-dimensional display of one-dimensional parallax barrier in different viewpoints is conducted, influence of system parameters on resolution and viewing freedom are studied, and theoretical analysis is made simultaneously. On this basis, three-dimensional display experiment...
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Research on Quality Monitoring System of Practical Training in Computer Specialty of Higher Education

Wenhao Jiang, Runze Wan, Xingyan Zhang, Qinghui Hu
Aiming at the problems of imperfect evaluation mechanism and loose assessment in the process of professional training teaching, we present a quality monitoring system by measure each link of practical training and change the education mode in terms of different roles. Through the layout of monitoring...
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Simultaneous Localization and Mapping of Mobile Robot with Research and Implementation

Chen Du, Yu Du
In the process of autonomous navigation, mobile robots need to build maps of the surrounding environment and simultaneous localization. The Rao-Blackwellzed particle filter algorithm is one of the methods to efficiently solve the problem that simultaneous localization and mapping of mobile robots. At...
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Ultrasonic Image Segmentation Method based on Improved Fully Convolution Network

Hai Ye, Kaiping Feng, Lihong Luo, Hongning Xie
The clinical fetal brain ultrasound image contains a lot of noise, which is impact the classification or recognition results in deep learning tasks. Therefore, proposed an improved fully convolutional network which can automatically eliminate noise and extract effective area in fetal brain ultrasound...
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Parallel Non-Deterministic Planning Research

Xinyan Liu
This paper mainly introduces the theory of parallel Non-Deterministic planning domain, intelligent planning theory and a language RDDL describing the domain of parallel non-Deterministic planning. A first-order probability tree model is proposed for a specific domain, namely the semantic model of the...
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Research on Rotating Vibration of Rotor System with Bent Shaft

Xichen Lin, Junsong Lei
In rotor systems, especially high load-carrying bearing-rotor system, bend usually arises slightly across the shaft for different reasons, and brings out unexpected effects on rotating vibration. This article puts forward mathematical model on rotating vibration response of a rotor system with a bent...
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Research on Traffic Recognition Algorithms for Industrial Control Networks based on Deep Learning

Yixiang Jiang, Wenjuan Wang, Chengting Zhang
With the development of industrial control network and the deep integration of industry and information technology, the rapid development of industrial control system has increased dramatically, which has brought huge economic and property losses to industrial control companies. Therefore, a traffic...
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A Method for the Detection of Fake Reviews based on Temporal Features of Reviews and Comments

Wenqian Liu, Jingsha He, Song Han, Nafei Zhu
Online reviews and comments have become an important resource for various decision making processes, such as sale and buy decisions. The truthfulness of online reviews is thus critical for both buyers and sellers since fake reviews will affect customer’s decisions due to misleading description and deceptive...
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Comparing Rank Aggregation Methods based on Mallows Model

Zhangqian Zhu, Xiaomeng Wang, Shigang Qiu
Rank aggregation is the process of aggregating multiple base rankers into a single but more comprehensive ranker, which plays an important role in many domains such as recommender system, meta-search, database, genomics, etc. Works related to the comparison of rank aggregation methods all don’t have...
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Ping Pong Motion Recognition based on Smart Watch

Zengjun Fu, Kuang-I Shu, Heng Zhang
Smart watches have become one of the most representative devices in wearable devices because of their unique advantages such as integration, portability, reliability, stability, universality and low environmental dependence. At present, it is mainly used for the monitoring of health indicators such as...
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A Fast Community Detection Algorithm based on Clustering Coefficient

Run Zheng
Community detecting has always been a hot topic in the complex network research area, the fast and accurate community detection can provide a good foundation for the research of complex network nature. With the number of network nodes increasing, the structure of network becomes complicated, the traditional...