Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics Engineering and Information Technology (ICMEIT 2019)

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Research on Network Intelligent Joint Operations

Yao Hu, Yaxiong Li, Hao Gu
Since the US military proposed the network-centric war, all countries in the world have focused their military theoretical research on the intelligence of the network. In view of the fact that the world has entered the era of information and networks, the joint operational model based on network intelligence...
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Analysis of Statistical Characteristics of China's Aviation Full-Freight Network based on Complex Network Theory

Li Yang, Zhenzhen Zhou
With the development of air freight, the emergence of specialized freight airports, the gradual increase of full-freight airlines. The full-freight network has a great influence on the development of air freight, so it is necessary to carry out a more comprehensive analysis of the air full-freight network....
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Research on Key Technologies of Digital Signal Processing based on Optical Communication

Chuanlin Yuan, Jun Xiao
With the updating of communication technology, optical communication system is developing towards high speed and large capacity. In order to maintain the continuous flow of information, all-optical network came into being. Firstly, the optical communication transmission system is introduced. Secondly,...
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Research on Bus Passenger Traffic Forecasting Model based on GPS and IC Card Data

Jie Deng, Huawei Nie, Chaojun Chen
In order to accurately predict the bus passenger traffic volume and optimize bus dispatching, the paper combines the prediction model of RBF neural network to propose the deep integration of GPS and IC card data to realize the forecast of bus passenger traffic. Based on the GPS data and IC card data...
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Analysis on Key Issues in the Development Process of Intelligent & Connected Vehicle

Zhibin Du, Tianmei Ding, Pengchao Zhao, Huiyu Xie, Fada Xu
In order to get an overall understanding of the development of ICV ( Intelligent & Connected Vehicle ), this paper predicts the overall development trend of ICV from the perspective of intelligence and interconnection, establishes the corresponding development curve situation chart, and systematically...
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Research on Location Selection of Railway Logistics Center

Runxiang Shen, Xiaodong Zhang, Maoxiang Lang, Xinjun Wang
The railway logistics centers, where handling and carrying out railway logistics business, are important parts of the railway logistics network. In order to improve the capacity of railway logistics service, increase the railway transportation market share, accelerate the transformation of traditional...
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Train Timetable Optimization for Metro Lines Connecting to Airport

Jinwei Lu, Yun Bai, Jiajie Li
Due to the advantages of huge capacity and reliable service, metro plays an important role in transporting airport passengers. It is known that train timetable has a direct impact on passenger waiting time which affects the service level of airport express. This paper first analyzes the behavior characteristics...
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Research on Transmission Line Information Routing based on Directional Antenna

Demeng Bai, Ying Lin, Jiafeng Qin, Guocheng Wang
Transmission line is a high-speed channel to ensure long-distance transmission of power and the lifeblood of power system. Currently, the status of transmission lines is obtained mainly through on-line monitoring devices, which transmit the information to the monitoring system through the network after...
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Research on Baseline Technology of Industrial Control Network Security based on Semi-supervised Learning

Yixiang Jiang, Chengting Zhang, Wenlong Jin
With the rapid development of industrial control network, performance management and risk prevention based on network traffic data, especially abnormal traffic detection, have gradually attracted people's attention. However, the traditional flow detection method based on fixed baseline cannot adapt to...
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The Implementation of the Intelligent Family Balcony Farm System based on Android System

Qi Yan
The balcony farm system organically combines McS-52, WIFI module, temperature and humidity module, relay module and other modules to realize the monitoring of the environment by mobile phone APP. The idle balcony space can be reasonably utilized for vegetable cultivation, and precise control can be implemented...
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Moving Target Detection Algorithm Combining Three-Frame Difference and Hough

Mingming Liu, Dong Pei, Haoxiang Sun, Ju Liu, Donghui Zhu
Aiming at the three-frame difference method, the moving target detection will be misdetected due to the influence of noise. A moving target detection algorithm with improved three-frame difference combined with Hough is proposed. Firstly, the background difference method based on local adaptive threshold...
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Improved Statistical Interference Model for Person Re-identification

Linxuan Li
Person Re-identification problem is an important and challenging task in computer vision task. Due to the drastic appearance variation caused by misalignment and illumination changing, traditional metric models are failed in similarity measure of pedestrian images. In this paper, a novel metric learning...
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Comparative Study on 5G Communication Channel Coding Technology

Sijie Cheng
The fifth-generation mobile communication network (5G) technology is a hot topic in the current mobile communication field, and the channel coding technology is the foundation to realize the reliable communication of 5G mobile system. This paper introduces the development of 5G technology and the development...
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A Flat Management Platform based on Mobile Internet and Big Data

Bin Liu, Yunna Li, Jun Qi, Tao Feng, Yijie Yuan, Liang Si, Liwei Yang
In hierarchical management systems, the information interaction problems often appear such as transmission delay, ununified understanding of important matters and distortion of the original intention. At present, many people are used to using Wechat and QQ to exchange daily work information. However,...
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The Necessity of Information Communication Equipment Status Evaluation

Jinxiong Zhao, Zhili Ma, Zhihang Luo, Zhiru Li, Yong Zhi
The aging trend of information communication equipment is obvious and the safe and stable operation is facing great challenges. It is urgent to establish an information communication equipment status evaluation system, improve the quality control level of information communication equipment, and consolidate...
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Prediction Model based on Internet News Buzzword Data

Xuan Lei
The partial classification algorithm is mainly used to predict the popularity of network news and to explore the best model to predict the popularity of network news, so as to help network news service providers predict the popularity of news before publication. The popularity of network news is predicted...
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Data Analysis Model of Machining Accuracy Measurement Technology for Machine Parts

Xiaoming Chen
The quality of mechanical products depends on the quality of mechanical parts and the assembly quality of products, and the quality of parts is the basis of assembly quality. The quality of mechanical parts is related not only to the performance of materials, but also to the accuracy of machining and...
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Recognition Method of Urban Residents' Travel Mode based on GPS Data

Huabin Liu, Chunfu Shao
The rising of big data and the Internet has brought about tremendous changes in travel. The rapid development of computer technology, network technology, wireless communication technology, portable devices, and location-based services provides an opportunity for the application of GPS technology to travel...
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Research on Thermocline Tracking based on Multi-AUVs Formation

Zhen Li, Yiping Li
Thermocline is of great significance to marine scientific research. Multi-autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) have great advantages over single autonomous underwater vehicle in ocean observation. In order to solve the multi-AUVs for Thermocline tracking problem, firstly, an AUV thermocline tracking...
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Decentralized Location Privacy Protection Method of Offset Grid

Jie Ling, Junyi Xu
Location services bring convenience to people's lives, but also easily lead to the disclosure of personal privacy information. Many location privacy protection methods are based on trusted anonymous servers, but in real life, the anonymous servers are not trusted. This paper proposes a decentralized...
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The Key Technology Research of Balcony Farm APP System

Qi Yan
The hardware modules of the balcony farm system include McS-52, WIFI, temperature and humidity, relay, LCD1602, etc. The software is developed by eclipse, and the user interface is developed with technologies such as linear layout, GridView, Activity and Intent. Finally, the mobile APP can monitor the...
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The Mixed Cognitive Frequency Decision for Self-organized Networks

Xuekun Hao, Wenfeng Ma, Xiaohao Mo
The paper studies the problem of distributed frequency decision problem in cognitive user (CU) network for optimizing satisfaction performance, based on the cognitive radio technology. For cognitive user, it can use both charged and free bands. Charged bands have to be paid and free bands have to be...
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VR Technology: Development Status and Typical Applications in Industry

Yang Bai
Virtual Reality (VR) technology is new technology in the computer field developed as a combination of computer graphics technology, multimedia technology, sensor technology, human-computer interaction technology, network technology, three-dimensional display technology, simulation technology and other...
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Research on Transmission Performance of Laser Communication System in Atmospheric Turbulent Channel

Xiaohu Liu
In order to solve the problem of system interference caused by noise interference of laser communication system, according to the theory of finite aperture receiving intensity fluctuation, the signal-to-noise ratio model based on the influence of atmospheric fluctuation on atmospheric turbulence and...
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Design of University Students’ Entrepreneurial Simulation Platform based on "Internet+"

Rui Wei
Combined with the theoretical knowledge of entrepreneurial decisions, the author designs and develops the university students' entrepreneurial simulation platform with the information technology of analog simulation based on the mode of “Software as a Service” (SaaS) of the Internet. This platform can...
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Design of IoT Web Server Communication Platform based on Netty and WebSocket

Xiongfei Liu, Jiakang Liu, Beiping Liao, Yunyi Zhu, Huimin Liu
With the development of the Internet, in the home, medical, transportation and other aspects of the Internet of Things large-scale application, more and more IoT gateways are connected to the cloud. Users interact with the Internet of Things gateway through the Internet of Things web server. The traditional...
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Research and Implementation of Multi-scene Image Semantic Segmentation based on Fully Convolutional Neural Network

Fangzhou Yu
With the rapid development of deep neural networks, image recognition and segmentation are important research issues in computer vision in recent years. This paper proposes an image semantic segmentation method based on Fully Convolutional Networks (FCN), which combines the deconvolution layer and convolutional...
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Network Security Situation Prediction Method based on Time Dimension Analysis

Jingjue Liu
With the rapid improvement of productivity and social and economic level, the actual application of computer network and the scope of network information technology are increasing, network security and other related issues have become the current need for us to focus on the object of study. However,...
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Study of Wearable Stealth Air Purifier

Mengyue Cai, Ruijun Qin
In view of the increasingly serious environmental pollution in the current urban modernization process, the working principle and operation mode of this intelligent air purification device for preventing pollution hazards such as smog are introduced. The air purifier adopts the principle of “human-machine-environment”...
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A Structural Design of a Robot for Removing Bird's Nest on Power Transmission Line

Zhiwen Huang
This paper deals with the field of bird's nest cleaning equipment, in particular, a new type of bird's nest-removing robot for power transmission towers. Bird's nests are often built on the transmission and distribution network towers. The branches, grass stems, iron wire and other materials that are...
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Coreness Tunable Network Model

Yifan Wang
Kitsak et al argued that nodes dwell in diverse network shells by a k-core decomposition process show more reliable identification for nodal importance which had attracted more and more attentions in different domains. But one seldom focuses on the distribution of node numbers (DNN) in different shells...
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Design and Implementation of Interworking between oneM2M and External Systems

Tao Li
As an important application mode of the Internet of things, M2M technology has been paid more and more attention by industries. In this system, various intelligent services play a crucial role. However, M2M shows a trend to decentralized development, which is challenging for traditional single channel...
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Study on Student Growth Tracking System based on Educational Big Data

Chongli Zhong, Zhenyu Cao
With continuous advances of the society, information technology has been developing rapidly. The digitalized era has arrived. Massive amount of data is being produced thanks to the rapid growth of computer science and technology and internet technology. In recent years, educational big data has been...
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Research of Order Batching Variable Neighborhood Search Algorithm based on Saving Mileage

Zeping Pei, Zhuan Wang, Yiwen Yang
Basing on a picker-to-parts batch picking system of full container load, an order batching model takes picking equipment and commodity packaging volume into consideration is constructed, the objective of the model is to maximize the saving mileage. To solve the model, an order batching variable neighborhood...
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Research on a Panoramic Mobile Robot for Autonomous Navigation

Chong Gao, Xinlu Li, Xinyu Ge, Yanxin Bai, Chen Liu, Jing Zhang, Guodong Wu, Weiqiang Shao
The panoramic autonomous navigation mobile robot is a kind of intelligent mobile device which simulates the human brain route planning and uses the technology of laser radar and SLAM technology. The premise of intelligent mobile is to model the environment. Environmental modeling needs positioning, which...
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Design on Test Platform of BMS System based on dSPACE

Dongmei He, Enguang Hou, Guangmin Liu, Jie Yu
Introduces the scheme of dSPACE real-time simulation system and its application in the BMS test platform system. Combined with the pure electric vehicle BMS, expounds the design method of BMS system based on dSPACE. Designs the BMS system test platform by using the rapid control prototype RCP and hardware...
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Paper-cutting Image Retrieval Technology based on LSH Improvement

Xintong Liu, Huaxiong Zhang
Characteristics of paper-cutting, paper-cutting gallery construction, etc. are analyzed aiming at existing problems of folk traditional paper-cutting art multimedia interactive platform. It is proposed that rotation invariant LBP (Local Binary Pattern) is combined with LSH algorithm to present a large-scale...
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Influence of Malfunction and Attack on Target Controllability

Liming Zhang, Zhijian Zhang, Yuan Chen, Qianyu Ji, Jian Wang
Target controllability is an interesting property of complex network and attracts many researchers from different fields. However, controlling large natural or technological networks is a great challenge. But it is not feasible and sometimes unnecessary to control the entire network, hence target control...
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Unbiased Sampling Method Analysis on Online Social Network

Siyao Wang, Bo Liu, Jiajun Zhou, Guangpeng Li
The study of social graph structure has become extremely popular with the development of the Online Social Network (OSN). The main bottleneck is that the large account of social data makes it difficult to obtain and analyze, which consume extensive bandwidth, storage and computing resources. Thus unbiased...
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Research on Military Logistics based on Big Data

Hao Shi, Fei Wan, Xiaokang Lei
This document gives formatting instructions for authors preparing papers for publication. With the arrival of the era of big data, the mature use of cloud computing and data mining technology, the big data mode have been widely applied in logistics. For military logistics, a smart military logistics...
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Research on High-speed Railway Fare Optimization based on Change of Passenger Flow

Jie Zhang, Xiangfei Yang, Gu Du
In recent years, high-speed railway has gradually become an indispensable choice for people to travel. This paper studies high-speed railway fares to increase the benefits of high-speed rail and achieve long-term sustainable development of the railway sector. According to the characteristics of demand,...
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Finite Element Model Verification Magnetostrictive Terfenol-D Transducer

Lei An, Guozhu Zhao
Magnetic mass scaling Terfenol-D rods are preloaded bolt stress, permanent magnet biased magnetic field, the magnetic mass scaling Terfenol-D rods on the radial magnetic field, when to excitation coil pass excitation current, inside the coil is produced along with the changing magnetic field, current...
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Prediction Model of Expressway Natural Risk Loss

Bo Wang, Yanping Zhou, Yufeng Bi, Qiangqiang Jing, Qiangmin Zhang, Jie Song
Natural risks of expressway remain an important part of its operation risks. However, due to the variety, universality, locality and suddenness of natural risks, the prediction of expressway natural risks is difficult to forecast and control. In this paper, the expressway natural risk loss prediction...
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Study of User Behavior Data Mining and Applications in University Libraries --Taking the Central China Normal University Library as an example

Rong Xu, Yi Yang
Through analysis of various data types generated from the library of Central China Normal University, such as admission data, borrowing data, digital library utilization data, and consulting service data, we explore the correlation information, value and improvement of library daily work and service....
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Information Platform Construction of Intelligent Steel Logistics Park under the Mode of Semi-Trailer Swap Transport

Chang Yang
As there is a surplus of productivity in the steel industry on the market, large domestic steel enterprises are looking for opportunities for enterprise transformation by optimizing the steel logistics process. The current status of the steel and logistics park is a bit of a mess, and the management...
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Python-based Visual Recognition Classroom

Mingqi Jiang
This is a system based on Python technology to identify the seat. First,I use Python-programmed camera to capture multiple regions at the same time and preprocess the image, then transfer the data to the server through the transmission. Here we also use Python. The technology built a Django server, Django...
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Interactive Strategy of Adaptive Belt Grinding Heterogeneous Data for Aero-Engine Blade

Fankang Meng, Ying Liu, Guijian Xiao, Lifan Liu
In order to obtain high quality aero-engine blades, the adaptive belt grinding method including 840D CNC belt grinding machine, 828D robot, Win3Ds coordinate measuring machine and digital silo is applied to the precision grinding of blades. However, the data collected by each device cannot be uploaded...
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SIMFAC-A New Forecasting Method for Sporadic Time Series

Klaus Spicher, Boxing Li, Dianjun Fang
This essay relates mainly to sporadic FC (forecasting) methods and error measures. The existing related FC methods of sporadic time series (STS), including the SES (Simple Exponential Smoothing), Croston’ s / SBA method and patented WSS method as well as two applicable error metrics APE and THEIL'S U...
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Design and Application of Fault Injection System for Testability Verification Test

Wenhao Qiu, Guangyao Lian, Huijie Li, Tian Xiao
A general fault injection system is designed for the problem that the existing fault injection equipment cannot meet the requirements of testability verification test. Firstly, according to the requirements of testability verification test for fault injection and state monitoring, an injection system...
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Algorithm and Application for Labeling Workplace and Residence based on Traffic Big Data

Jie Wang, Yunyao Zhou
Congestion in urban makes too many commuters choose public transport for traveling. A large number of public transportation travel data can accurately calculate workplace and residence of the regular passengers. The label of workplace and residence helps to analyze urban migration and the distribution...