Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Management, Economy and Law (ICMEL 2021)

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Analysis on Expansion of Goodlife Fitness into China

Yuan Zhai
For the past few decades, China, with its huge population base and fast-growing economy, has attracted many international investors and businesses from different industries. As the new generation’s consumption ideology progresses, the Chinese people are becoming more aware of personal health, quality...
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Thoughts and Countermeasures in Teaching Quality Monitoring System in Universities After the Post-epidemic Period

Jingyuan Xie
Great changes have taken place in the teaching mode of colleges and universities before and after the COVID-19 epidemic, resulting in corresponding adjustments and changes in the direction of teaching supervision in colleges and universities. Online and offline mixed teaching will become a new format...
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Research on Innovation Mode of Human Resource Management of Shared Platform Against the Background of Digital Economy

Shan He, Yutong Wang, Qiong Xiao, Ke Xia
As the global economy enters the digital age, the popularization of big data and the Internet, and the continuous breakthroughs in new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain have provided important support for the development of platform-based enterprises. Platform-based enterprises...
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Cultural Synergy and Design Innovation

Taking the Construction Strategy of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao “Cultural Bay Area” as an Example

Yuting Li, Jianyao Wang
Cultural synergy and design innovation are positively related and mutually gravitational. The connotation construction of the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” delineated by the Chinese government has entered a new stage. With different regional cultural resource endowments, the construction...
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Review of the Importance of Technology Company Valuation and Commonly Used Methods

Zhijiao Sun
With the rapid development of technology companies around the world, the industrial system based on technology development now has more development space than ever before. Studying the development of new technology, as well as the value evaluation of technology firms, is essential for investing in technology-related...
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Research on the Influence of Farmers’ Entrepreneurial Motivation on Entrepreneurial Performance

Qinjuan Li, Ling Zhang, Yi Chen, Shiyun Shao, Tao Wang, Hongliang Tian, Yingze Shi, Shuxian Wang
This paper tries to study the impact of farmers’ entrepreneurial motivation on entrepreneurial performance, and introduces entrepreneurial ability as a moderating variable to study whether entrepreneurial ability has a moderating effect in this process. On the basis of consulting relevant literature,...
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Research on Dual Source Inventory Control Based on the Recycling of Rural Electronic Products

Huijun Huang, Bing Lai
The recycling and reuse of waste electronic products in rural areas is an effective means to increase resource utilization and improve the rural living environment. Taking a manufacturing company in rural areas as the main research body, this paper analyzes the source of the company’s electronic product...
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Research on the Impact of Entrepreneurship Learning on Farmers’ Entrepreneurship Performance

Taking Entrepreneurial Ability as the Mediating Variable

Ling Zhang, Qinjuan Li, Shiyun Shao, Yi Chen, Tao Wang, Hongliang Tian, Qing Xu, Wenjie Yao
Through literature reading, this paper clarifies the concept of key research variables, establishes a research model, and explores the incentive mechanism of entrepreneurial learning on entrepreneurial performance and the mediating role of entrepreneurial ability in it. Through the descriptive analysis,...
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Research on Coupling Coordination Evaluation of Rail Transit and Urban Development

Yangxi Huang
In recent years, in order to alleviate traffic congestion, many cities blindly build rail transit regardless of their own development level, resulting in serious financial liabilities, land acquisition and other problems. It is of positive significance to scientifically evaluate the coordinated relationship...
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Research on the Innovation Contribution of Unmanned Convenience Stores in the Business Model of the Catering Industry

Xiying Zhong, Yanxia Zhang
With the continuous penetration of mobile Internet and smart technology into people’s lives, the Internet generation with high spending power and demand has become an important consumer group. The current market demand for mobile phone online ordering, ranking, and payment continues to rise. At the same...
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Research on the Reform Path of University Library’s Supply Side in the Context of New Era

Yuan Gao
As an important part of the school, the university library is an academic institution that serves teaching and scientific research with main service objects of teachers and students. After clarifying the reading connotation of university library readers against the background of the new era, through...
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Research on Chinese Basic-level Crisis Management’s “Difficulties” and Countermeasures

Junfeng Xu, Bingyu Li
Public crisis is inevitable in human social development’s process which cannot leave government’s basic support. The township government is the lowest level in Chinese administrative organ having the management characteristics with policy guidance and the flexibility in operation, macro regulation function...
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Analysis on the Changes of Internet Marketing and Its Influence Under the Guidance of Integrated Marketing Communication: Taking Genki Forest as an Example

Xinjie Xu
With the progress of information technology and the change of business environment, the marketing strategy adopted by brands or companies is changed from traditional marketing to Internet marketing. In this process, marketing communication as the main means of implementing marketing strategy is the part...
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The Policy Feasibility Analysis of Paid Father-specific Parental Leave Policy in China Discussion from the Perspective of Policy Comparison

Xiwen Huang
As the world population enters the stage of modern population growth, many countries are facing the risk of declining fertility rates and increasing aging trends in recent years. Among the family policies around the world, father-specific parental leave or home care policy has been proved to be of great...
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Study on Rural Finance Against the Background of Internet Finance in China

Qi Huang
Rural finance has been considered an important element to rural development in China, yet the existing system of Chinese rural finance has been undeveloped. This situation can be greatly improved with the help of Internet finance which has been thriving in China in recent years. This paper focuses on...
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Evaluation Research on the Decoupling Between the Economic Development and Energy Consumption in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Under Dual Control Action

Dan Wu, Chenhui Ji
The “decoupling” of the economic development and energy consumption of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has become an academic hot point and research field of great concern to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei government administrative departments and scholars. The existing literature mainly uses the classic decoupling...
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Research on the Impact of Housing Price Volatility on Foreign Capital Entry from the Perspective of Spatial Spillover

Likui Lin, Xiumei Li, Danqi Li
Foreign direct investment in the local market is an indispensable driving force for China to accelerate the new development pattern of Chinese and international dual circulation. The continuous increase in the sale price of commercial housing in China will inevitably have an impact on the daily operations...
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Warning and Crisis: A Perspective of Short-term International Capital Flows

Rong Qiu, Haojun Li
With the further deepening of economic globalization, short-term international capital flows are becoming more and more frequent, which have different degrees of impact on the global financial market and the financial stability of various countries in the world. Since the Mexican financial crisis and...
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Application of Bayesian Regression Model in Financial Stock Market Forecasting

Xuejun Zhao
The Bayesian method is a statistics field targeting the Bayes theorem in interpreting probabilities. The Bayesian formula provides an insight into conditional probability based on present data and prior information. Due to the efficiency of the Bayesian model in predicting future outcomes, the model...
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Pricing Strategy of Dual-Channel Garment Supply Chain Considering Consumer Fairness Preference

Dan Liu, Dongxue Zuo, Haitao Wen, Chun Wang
Due to the inconsistency of the main body in dual channels, direct conflicts between online manufacturers and traditional retailers exist. In this paper, the demand function and the profit function of online manufacturers and traditional retailers are constructed according to master-slave game theory,...
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The Status Quo and Analysis of Residents’ Financial Management — Taking Guangdong as an Example

Yu Zeng
With the development of China’s economy and the increase of residents’ disposable income, investment and financial management have increasingly entered the lives of residents. However, China’s financial market is still undergoing transformation and there are many weak links. At the same time, there are...
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An Empirical Analysis of Tax Reduction and Fee Reduction Policies Promoting the Improvement of Enterprise Development

Xiuling Wu, Xueli Sun
The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has had a great impact on the production and operation of enterprises. The central government and local governments have introduced various preferential policies for tax reduction and fee reduction to improve the development environment of enterprises. What is the impact...
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Analysis of the Impact of COVID-19 on Macao’s Economy

Shulei Huang
The COVID-19 epidemic is raging around the world, and without exception, Macao has also been affected. Macao’s economy was down due to the pandemic. This paper through the analysis of official data and policy discussion analyses the impact of the pandemic on Macao’s economy. The pandemic has indeed had...
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Research on the Ecologicalization of Environmental Judicature

Hongmei Zhang
The change and innovation of environmental judicature are the response to the ecological crisis, and its essence is the ecological evolution of environmental judicature. The ecologicalization of environmental judicature refers to the combination of environmental judicature elements and ecological elements....
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Research on Productization Design of Candied Fruit Packaging Based on Sustainable Concept

Siqi Guo, Xiaoci Pei
The purpose is to extend the service life of candied packaging, maximize the value of food packaging, optimize the product using experience, and use the power of design to help environmental protection and sustainable development. The method is to summarize the problems of existing candied fruit packaging...
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The Contemporary Value of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garze and Its Industrial Discourse Power

Jing An
The Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garze has successfully applied for world-class and national-level intangible cultural heritage projects. Driven by the eye-catching intangible cultural heritage, the government of Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garze should think about the following issues, such...
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Research on the Competitive Advantages of Movie-Television Cultural and Creative Enterprises in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Chuan Hsiu Ho
The current national policy strongly supports the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Therefore, how can Lingnan film and television works meet the consumers’ needs under the global market competition, promote the positive energy, improve the quality, and then promote the culture...
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A Comparative Study on the Small Commodity Market of Traditional Crafts of Tourism in China and South Korea

Baoliang Xu
With the economic and cultural development, traditional handicrafts will inevitably be connected with other industries to form consumption clusters to promote their own development. The small commodity market of traditional crafts in the tourism industry not only has its advantages, but also has difficulties...
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The Current Situation and Development of Huangmei Opera Tourism Resources in Huanggang Area

Ping Liu
Huanggang City, Hubei Province is located in the southeast of Hubei Province. It has a history of more than 2,000 years of construction and is rich in tourism and human resources. Huangmei opera was born in Huangmei County, Huanggang City, and is called the five major Chinese operas together with Peking...
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Risks, Challenges and Countermeasures of the Co-construction of “the Belt and Road” High-quality Development

Zi Wang, Hongtao Shan, Yi Zhang, Mengqi Zhang, Hui Liu, Junfei Bi
Since the introduction of the Belt and Road Initiative, it has moved from planning to practice, its volume is getting bigger and bigger, its radiation is getting wider and wider, its connotation is getting richer and richer, and its role is getting more and more prominent. China is bringing the countries...
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Evaluation and Optimization of Production-Living-Ecological Space in Urban Fringe Against the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Shengwei Zou, Jiahe Chen, Huizhu Yang, Yanqiu Ma, Yangfan Yu
This project takes Taihe Town, which is located at the edge of Guangzhou City, as the research object, and classifies the production-living-ecological space land in Taihe Town. It uses the method of combining objective and subjective to establish the comprehensive evaluation system of production-living-ecological...
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Cultural Connotations, Developmental Dilemmas and Sustainable Development of Traditional Handicrafts: A Case Study of Xiangxi Bamboo-weaving

Shuangyan Guo, Jianghui Xu
This paper aims to contribute to studies on traditional handicrafts by taking Xiangxi bamboo-weaving as a case study. The history of Xiangxi bamboo-weaving is time-honored and its cultural connotations could be demonstrated as animism and ethnic unity. However, with the pace of urbanization and demographic...
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Countermeasures and Suggestions for the Co-construction and Sharing of Cultural Information Resources in Chengdu and Chongqing Against the Background of Two-city Economic Circle

Aihua Shen, Yu Liu
As “promoting the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing two-city economic circle” was written into the government work report, the strategic positioning of the Chengdu-Chongqing region has also been further elevated to a national strategy. It is of great practical significance to explore the co-construction...
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Research on the Communication Strategy of Region of Rivers and Lakes Tourism Brand in China

Yuting Li, Baoer Yi
Lingnan region of rivers and lakes is the birthplace of regional culture and the carrier of historical information. It has ushered in new changes and new trends in the process of rural revitalization and urbanization. How to balance economic development and protection of region of rivers and lakes has...
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Analysis on Contemporary Chinese Tourism Performing Arts Market

Shu Li, Hao Liu
In the broad perspective of mass media culture research, music and cultural creation, film and television, animation and games, online education, drama, art museum and so on are all important concerns of the cultural industry, while tourism performance is rarely written in the cultural industry report...
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A Review of China’s Rural Tourism Research

Tengyu Wang, Zhaoyun Li, Haitao You
Rural tourism is an important means of developing the rural economy and improving the rural economic. Therefore, it is of great significance to summarize the research on rural tourism in China. Starting from the basic concept of rural tourism, this paper summarizes the literature on rural tourism in...
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Research on the Countermeasures of Rural Tourism Development in Xiangyang City

Mingju Liu, Mingfei Liu, Yuanshuang Zhao
The development of rural tourism will promote rural revitalization, and based on this, this article analyzes the current development of rural tourism in Xiangyang City. The study finds that Xiangyang City has some problems in the development of rural tourism such as unreasonable planning and weak follow-up...
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Research on Pet Business Strategy and Service Design in Internet Economy

Taking an APP Platform Development Project as an Example

Fengfeng Jian, Jie Tan, Yuntian Bi
This paper explores the business strategies of the pet industry under the Internet economy from the perspective of service design, so as to improve the service quality, customer satisfaction, user experience and competitiveness of the pet industry. Based on the characteristics of the Internet economy...
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The View on the Feature Orientation of Online Marketing of Homestay in the Suburbs of Beijing

Xin Yang
The paper summarized the online marketing approaches of homestay in the suburbs of Beijing. It mainly includes the following marketing methods through online travel agencies, web portal travel channels, social networking platforms, blogs, searching engines and governments promotion platforms. The article...
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Practical Path of Strengthening Financial Quotient Education from the Perspective of Psychology

Taking Shandong Technology and Business University as an Example

Yonghui Liu, Wenyu Qian
It is urgent to carry out financial quotient education for the whole people, which is essential to the strategic goal of building a country with strong financial power and people’s pursuit for a better life. The exploration of practical path of strengthening financial quotient education is top priority...
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The Promotional Role of Patent Information Analysis in Improving the Quality of Research & Development in Chinese Universities

Yingchun Chen, Chi Zhang, Xian Zhang, Dunkui Chen
Colleges and universities are an important part of the national innovation system and an important supply side of technology achievements. Improving the quality of research & development (R&D) and patent applications in universities and enhancing the achievement transformation are urgent tasks....
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Practical Exploration on the Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education for Business Talents in Chinese Universities — Taking N University as an Example

Xueyan Li
In the cultivation of business talents in China, professional education and innovation and entrepreneurship education are independent from each other, and it is difficult to form a force for mutual promotion. The integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education and professional education is still...
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Deepening Cooperation in Running Schools Between China and Southeast Asia to Promote the Development of “the Belt and Road Initiative”

Lili Song
This article first analyzes the necessity of deepening the cooperation of higher education between China and Southeast Asia, pointing out that the high-quality development of the “Belt and Road” requires high-quality talents, and deepening bilateral high-quality cooperation in running schools is a historical...
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Research on the Dilemma and Development Path of Entrepreneurial University Construction in China

Puhua Li
As a new goal in the transformation and development of colleges and universities, entrepreneurial universities are equipped with powerful control core, broadened development periphery, diversified funding, active academic heartland, and integrated entrepreneurial culture. Influenced by many factors,...
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Research on Reform and Practice of School-Enterprise Integration Talent Cultivation Model of Cuisine Specialty in Guangxi Secondary Vocational Schools

Xin Xie, Guanqiang Liang, Biyue Long
With the promotion of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, Guangxi’s catering industry is showing a vigorous growth momentum. The development of Guangxi’s catering companies tends to be diversified and their scales are gradually expanding. Companies need technical support from experienced and resourceful...
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University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Serves for “the Belt and Road” Initiative: SWOT Analysis and Strategy Choice

Jiao Zeng
The University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization was born in the framework of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. From the beginning of its establishment, it has undertaken its own mission under the guidance of “Shanghai spirit”. After more than ten years of development, the platform has become more...
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New Ideas for the Development of Handmade Leather Goods Based on Experience Economy

Defeng Song, Lixue Zhao
Under the perfect supply system and extensive sales channels, the industrialized production mode of leather products has occupied most of the leather goods market due to its advantages of low cost and high production capacity. The survival and inheritance of traditional handmade leather goods has become...
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Research on Brand IP Shaping in the Era of Brand Personification — Taking Disney’s Cultural Industry as an Example

Lu Wang, Yujia Zhai
This paper studies the brand IP shaping of Disney’s cultural industry in the era of personification from the four dimensions of content, channels, methods, and effects, and elaborates how to use IP resources to develop into the successful secret of IP shaping of the global entertainment kingdom brand...
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Analysis on the 5W Model of MUZEN RADIO Brand Communication in the New Media Environment

Lu Wang, Qiuyan Yun
At present, as one of the retro audio brands, MUZEN RADIO is very popular among young people. This article draws on Laswell’s 5W model, from the aspects of communicator (who), communication content (what), communication channel (in which channel), audience (whom) and communication effect (with what effect),...
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Research on the Upgrading Strategies of Huaiyuan Rattan-plaiting Industry

Lingyun Yang
Through the field investigations in the early stage, this paper analyzes the practitioners of Huaiyuan rattan-plaiting industry and the design and production of rattan-plaiting products, and summarizes the problems existing in Huaiyuan rattan-plaiting industry. Also, the upgrading strategies of Huaiyuan...
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Design and Application of Digital Resource Information Management System for Panda Relics and Museology

Jingjun Xu, Ximing Gu
With the rapid development of information technology, digital ideas have been widely used in social life. This paper intends to take “Panda Relics and Museology” as the main research object, explore the innovation of zoo archaeological technology model under the intersection of zooarchaeology, art and...
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Study on Synergistic Development of Ice and Snow Industry Between Heilongjiang Province and Russia

Shouwen Wang
The continuous development of economy and society and the strengthening of international trade cooperation lead to more economic, political and cultural exchanges between China and its neighbors. As an important neighbor of China, Russia has strong edges in geographical location, politics and economy,...
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Comparison Between the Social Entrepreneurship Support System for College Students in Britain and America and That in China

Cheng Su
Britain and the United States are the developed countries with the origin and rapid development of social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship in both countries has developed in a steady and orderly way thanks to their well-established support systems. This paper lists the current status of the...