Proceedings of the First International Conference on Materials Engineering and Management - Engineering Section (ICMEMe 2018)

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Ergonomic Seating Design On Machine Combine Harvester

Ahmad Hanafie, Andi Haslindah, M. Saripuddin, Awaluddin Yunus
Ergonomics is usable in work with the human function of balancing the body dimension with a talking device or machine. Its efforts and others are used for exhausting, regulating temperature, light, and humidity to suit the needs of the human body. The design of the seats on the combine harverter machine...
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Chitosan Performance of Shrimp Shells in The Biosorption Ion Metal of Cadmium, Lead and Nickel Based on Variations Ph Interaction

Ismail Marzuki, Ratna Surya Alwi, Erniati, Mudyawati, Sinardi, Andi Sry Iryani
The widespread use of chitosan waste shrimp extract to reduce the toxicity of certain heavy metals can reduce the escalation of the potential threat of environmental pollution. First) shrimp shell processing is intensively done so it is not wasted freely into the environment, second) toxicity of heavy...
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Heavy Metals Contamination Of Cr6+ and Cd in The Ground Water in Nickel Laterite Mining Area in Tapunggaya Konawe Utara

Deniyatno, Alrum Armid, Muhammad Chaerul, Iken Faridha
This research was conducted at Tapunggaya in Molawe subdistrict in North Konawe Regency in South East Sulawesi, near activity of mining Laterite Nickel. This research aims to know the impact of the activity of mining nickel laterite on the quality of groundwater. The methods used to analyze concentrations...
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Optimization Of The Rotational Speed Of Homogenizers In The Production Of VCO Emulsion Using Soy Lecithin As The Emulsifier

Andi Haslinah, Setyawati Yani, Andi Aladin
This research aims to determine the optimum rotational speed of homogenizers in the production of VCO emulsion using soy lecithin as the emulsifier. This research began with determination of the rotational speed, where water and VCO were added into a measuring cup according to the predetermined volume,...
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Designing The Crab Shell Crusher as an ingredient for The Teeth Restoration using Grinding and Sizing Method

Asmeati, Muhammad Yusuf Ali, Irwan Paserangi
Grinding is the process of reducing the particle size of processed material from a large (coarse) shape converted into a smaller size. For that whose name is grinding is the process of splitting or milling. Sizing is the process of leveling the sizes in a sieve according to the desired size so that the...
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The Effect of Sea Water on Effectiveness of Gfrp-S Bonding on The Reinforced Concrete Beam Submersion For 1 Year

Asri Mulya Setiawan, Erniati Bachtiar
Several studies have shown that there is a debonding failure between GFRP-S and concrete. The research aimed at analyzing effectiveness of GFRP-S bonding capacity on the reinforced concrete beams submersed in the sea water within a period of one year. The testing method used a monotonic loading with...
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Potency of Sugarcane Bagasse Ash Partial Subtitution of Cement in Concrete

Erniati Bachtiar, Darwan, Ismail Marzuki, Asri Mulya Setiawan, Andi Ibrahim Yunus, Sri Gusty
The availability of sugarcane bagasse ash produced by Arasoe Sugar Factory, it is not used utilized. That sugarcane bagasse ash has size very fine that it can pollute the air. The sugarcane bagasse ash has silicate content, and it has pozzolan properties. The needs of construction material are something...
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Influence of alkali and microwave treatments of fiber on the water absorption and the mechanical properties of coir fiber/polyester composites

Bakri, Sri Chandrabakty, Naharuddin
In this study, coir fibers were surface treated with alkali and microwave treatments. The effect of alkali and microwave treatments of coir fibers as reinforcement of coir fiber/polyester composite on water absorption and mechanical properties (tensile, flexural and impact strength) was reported. Treatments...
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Study of Mode Preferences of Personal Transport Based on Distance Traveled and Length of Trip

Fatmawaty Rachim, Nur Khaerat Nur, Sri Gusty, Andi Ibrahim Yunus, Andi Muh. Nurpadli, Erdawati
One of the factors causing congestion is the number of vehicles which are not proportional to the increase of the volume of the road. At the present time, people generally prefer to use private vehicles compared to public transportation due to various reasons such as convenience, travel time, faster...
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Benefits of silica (SiO2) compound on rice husk briquettes as adsorbent of Sea water into clean Water

Humayatul Ummah Syarif
The rice production ranks third of all cereals in world, after maize and wheat. However, the rice is the main carbohydrate source for the majority of the world population. Methods of research that will be done are to look at the silica composition of rice husk briquettes that can be utilized. The chemical...
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The Design of internet Of Things Solutions for National Fishery Logistics System

Muhammad Takdir Muslihi, Andini Dani Achmad
The problem of imbalances in inter-regional fish stocks, the monopoly of fish distribution by some collectors, the scarcity of fish stocks in some regions still occurs in Indonesia while the country has established National Fishery Logistics System (NFLS). One of the factors causing the problem is of...
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Sediment Rentention Models Right On The Irrigation Channels

Nenny, Hamzah Al Imran
The role of irrigation is very important to increase agricultural production. Utilization of water through a good treatment system for water utilization is implemented effectively and efficiently. Sediment transport in irrigation can shorten the service life of irrigation networks, due to silting and...
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Intersection Design to Prevent Congestion

Nur Khaerat Nur, Fatmawati Rachim, Hasdin
The problems of congestion and queuing in Makassar city generally occur at the intersection. One of the intersections in Makassar City that experienced the problem is St. Dr. Ratulangi – St. Lanto Dg. Pasewang – St. Kasuawri. This study was conducted to analyze the junction of the berignal by the method...
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Coal As An Alternative Fuel

Peter Sahupala, Nurjannah Yusman
This study was aimed to analyze coal a fuel in the form of briquettes. The coal was taken from the district ofDigoel and was made cylindrical and processed without carbonization. Furthermore, the coal waspassed ultimate and proximate tests along with the analysis of nature and the combustion test of...
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Analysis of Cutting Speed On Surface Roughness Relationship Through St-90 Material Lathe Using Chisel Carbide

M. Saripuddin, Suradi, Ahmad Hanafie
The dry machining process using a lathe is one of the alternatives used in this research to work on the production process oriented procession. The purpose of this study is to improve the quality and efficiency of the results of the latter. Achievement quality of a product on the lathe is by looking...
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Design Window Curtain Automatic Ergonomic Based On Arduino Uno Atmega328

Suradi, M. Saripuddin, Andi Haslindah, Ahmad Hanafie
Design is a design stage that has the purpose of designing a new system that can solve problems related to the selection of the best alternative system. Ergonomics is the science of other multidisciplinary learning that bridges some disciplines and professionals, as well as summarizes the information,...
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Study of Pre-Stressed Concrete Girders Planning on Flyover Project Overpass Bridges Mahakam IV Samarinda City

Mardewi Jamal, M. Jazir Alkas, Supriyadi Yusuf
A pre-stressed concrete bridge is a construction structure that connects a place to another place that is made by giving a voltage opposite the voltage caused by an external load. The process of giving tension can be carried out before the concrete is printed (pre-pull) or after the concrete is printed...
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Priority of Development Infrastructure in Tamalanrea City Makassar

Nina Haryati
The growth and development of a city is a phe- nomenon that always occurs in every city. The increase in population affects the development of residential infrastructure, both facilities and infrastructure have an important role in the development of settlements in urban areas. The results of the study...
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Backpropagation Performance Against Support Vector Machine in Detecting Tuberculosis Based on Lung X-Ray Image

Arizal, Andani Achmad, Andini Dani Achmad
Tuberculosis (TB) is known as an infectious disease caused by bacterium Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. It is one of the highest diseases that occur in Indonesia. The lung disease can be identified by analyzing the x-ray image of the lung. The problem that followed is that the x-ray images were analyzed...
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Water Quality Monitoring System for Vannamae Shrimp Cultivation Based on Wireless Sensor Network In Taipa, Mappakasunggu District, Takalar

Zaryanti Zainuddin, Riswan Idris, Asmawaty Azis
Water quality is one of the factors that influence the cultivation of vannamei shrimp. Therefore it is necessary to periodically monitor water quality. In this study it was designed to monitor pond water quality parameters based on Wireless Sensor Network. This system is designed to monitor the parameters...