Proceedings of the First International Conference on Materials Engineering and Management - Engineering Section (ICMEMe 2018)

We welcome you to the 1ST International Conference on Materials and Engineering Management (ICMEMm and ICMEMe) which was held on August 1st -2nd , 2018 in Makassar, Indonesia. As a premier conference in the field, ICMEMm and ICMEMe 2018 provide a highly competitive forum reporting the latest developments in the research and application of Management and Engineering.

The purpose of this conference aims to meet qualified and highly competitive lecturers, educators and researchers through this activity, as well as to increase knowledge, insight of knowledge that will provide added value in carrying out their duties and functions as well as increased quality and amount of research produced.

In addition, the conference produces high quality and useful research for many people which enable them to solve social problems and scientific discoveries, the patent of each researches result is also expected from this conference that is use as an additional provision in real life, new technology and applied science.

Finally, the conference would not be possible without the excellent papers contributed by authors; we thank all authors and participants for their contributions and their participants in ICMEM 2018. We hope that this program will further stimulate research in Management and Engineering, and provide practitioners with better methods and tools for development. We are honored and privileged to serve the best recent development in the field of Management and Engineering to you through this excellent program.

Prof. Sadly Abdul Jabbar, MPA