Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICMESS 2018)

Analysis on the Influence of Geographical Indication Protection on International Competitiveness of Shaanxi Apple

Xiaowei Zhou, Xinyin Zhang, Junnan Dong
Corresponding author
Xiaowei Zhou
Shaanxi apple industry; Geographical indication protection; International competitiveness
As a big agricultural province in western China, Shaanxi loess plateau area of Weibei has a unique ecological environment and natural climate, and the climate here is the only one that meets the requirements of seven indicators for apple growth. In 2003, after Shaanxi’s apple got the geographical indication protection products, it got an unprecedented development, that is, the Shaanxi apple cultivation area and yield became the first in the nation, and its production accounts for about a third of the country, 11% of the world. Shaanxi apple industry is the pillar industry of the whole province’s national economy development, which occupies the important position in the national apple industry. With Shaanxi apple approved geographical indication products and the development of economic globalization, for Shaanxi’s apple industry, how to make use of the geographical indication brands to sell apple outside the province and to improve international competitiveness of these brands in the fierce international competition to maintain the steady development is of a subject worthy of our study. Based on the international market share, revealed comparative advantage indexes of theoretical basis, the author analyzes the international competitiveness of Shaanxi apple industry before and after it got the geographical indication protection.
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