Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Chemistry and Computer Engineering 2015

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An Eliminating Brightness Differences Algorithm for Lunar Surface Image

Ying Hou, Guicai Wang
For solving effect and real-time performance problems of lunar surface image, the paper proposed an eliminating brightness differences algorithm of lunar surface image by correlation of color components fitting gray level map function. Feature points were obtained by matching in process image, which...
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Design and Implementation of intrusion detection punctual response system

Yafang Lou, Dongna Zhang, Zhe Lv
With the rapid development of IT technology and Internet, Network security has become an unavoidable issue, the pure firewall strategy can't satisfy the need of safe and highly sensitive departments. The network defense must adopt a deep, various means, intrusion response technology research has become...
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Aeroelastic Stability Analysis of Compressor Blades in High-low Altitude

Xiang Zhang, Yuchun Chen, Xiuquan Huang
Fluid-structure coupled methodhas beenapplied to research the aeroelastic stability of compressor blades, and the effects of high-low altitude on blade flutter characteristics are investigated through comparison. Results show that, thesefrequenciescorresponding to displacement, elastic strain of blade...
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The Phase Detection Algorithm of Weak Signals Based on Coupled Chaotic-oscillators

Wen Jun Sun, Guo Sheng Rui, Yang Zhang
Traditional phase detection methods of weak signals have some problems such as high complexity and low accuracy. To cope with these problems,, this paper proposes one novel parallel detection algorithm based on multi-coupled oscillators. Firstly, the chaotic detection model and double coupled oscillator...
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Rough set theory in discretization method based on genetic algorithm

Lei Huang
The rough set theory is a theory method. It is about incomplete research, uncertain expression of knowledge and data, knowledge and data discovery. It has been widely used in artificial intelligence, knowledge and data discovery, pattern recognition and classification, analysis and reasoning of imprecise...
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Structural Analysis of Cylinder Head Based on Fluid-solid Coupling Simulation

Yubao Jiang
For a new diesel engine cylinder head, an assembled finite element model, consisting of cylinder head and cylinder block, is constructed in the present work. By using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and fluid-solid coupling method, the flow distribution of the water jacket is achieved, as...
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Research on the Gap Flow Simulation of Debris Removal Process for Small Hole EDM Machining with Ti Alloy

Wenchao Zhang, Yu Liu, Shengfang Zhang, Fujian Ma, Puyong Wang, Changgang Yan
In EDM, especially in small holes EDM machining, there will be a lot of debris produced which is difficult to remove from narrow gap. If the debris can’t be removed in time, it will affect the machining accuracy and efficiency, and sometimes even unable to complete the processing. In this paper, the...
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Research on the Quality Assurance of Acrylic based on the Optical Coherence Tomography

Shenjia Zhang, Guozhong Liu
According to the problem that the quality assurance of acrylic is not reliable, we use the Michelson interferometer theory to build a Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography system composed by reference arm, sample arm and spectrometer. Obtaining the 2D and 3D pictures, then measuring the thickness...
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Application of GM(1,1) Model Based on Residual Error Correction in Athletic Performance Prediction

Qing-bin Wang, Ling Jia
In allusion to such problems in the athletic performance prediction as “poor information”, “small sample” and “dynamics” difficult to solve through traditional statistical methods, the application of the grey model will more effectively and accurately solve the above problems. However, the application...
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Multi Data Fusion Model Based on Information Entropy in Sensor Network

Li-ming Zhao, He-ping Liu
Data fusion is one of the research hotspots in the field of wireless sensor network. In allusion to the problem of excessive energy consumption of existing fusion methods, a data fusion scheme with minimized energy consumption is proposed in this article on the basis of the compressed sensing theory....
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The influences of overland flow, stream flow and marine current on As contents in Jiaozhou Bay waters

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Yunjie Wu, Xiuqin Yang
This paper analyzed the contents, distributions and pollution sources of As in Jiaozhou Bay waters in 1983. Results showed As contents ranged from 0.19-4.89 g L-1,in the whole year, and were lower than Class I for As (20.00 g L-1) in National Standard of China for Seawater Quality (GB3097-1997). There...
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Inertia mobile mechanism research based on ADAMS

Jiajia Chen, Qingming Wang, Jiachen Ju
In this paper, a new design of a mechanical device based on inertial force is presented. The theoretical analysis and some kinetics equations are established. The dynamic characteristics of mechanical device are greatly influenced by the coefficient of friction during the moving process. Relatively low...
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Effects of Ce on Extrusion Alloy Phase and Mechanical Properties of ZM21 Magnesium Alloy

Quan Li, Weibo Zhu, Aimin Jiang, Bin Zeng
In this paper, the effects of Ce addition on extrusion alloy phase and mechanical properties of extruded ZM21 magnesium alloy were investigated by the use of XRD, SEM and tensile test at room temperature et al. Analysis of the cerium magnesium alloy extrusion of ZM21 influence of alloy phase and mechanical...
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Flexible Arm Optimal Design of Pipe Robot Expanding Brake Structure

Han Ni, Yulian Chang, Sheng Gao
Structure parameters of Flexible arm in expanding brake of pipe robot are important, which are used to effect the expanding force. Pseudo-rigid-body model is often adopted for size optimization. The relationship between stress distortion and structure parameters are analyzed by virtual principle. The...
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Quickly Identifying FFSN Domain and CDN Domain with Little Dataset

Youshuai Zhao, Zhengping Jin
Fast-flux net has been adopted by more and more attackers to build up bot-net, which consists of many proxy-hosts that are changing fast. With this technology, tracing and locating the C&C (control and command) host is more complex and difficult, so that how to identify whether a domain belongs to a...
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Synthesis of Perovskite-type Oxides LaMnO3 Nanofibers via Electrospinning

Jian Zhang, Xin Xu, Hongmei Liu
Perovskite-type cube structure LaMnO3 nanofibers of approximately 50~100 nm in diameter were synthesized via Sol-Gel processing and electrospinning technology after calcined at 900 by using polyvinypyrrolidone (10 wt %PVP) as complexing agents. The nanofibers was characterized by means of scanning electron...
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Video Shot segmentation algorithm based on SURF

Shujing Pan, Shutao Sun, Lifang Yang, Fengfeng Duan
Video Shot segmentation is the key technology in content-based video retrieval and browsing, and which will directly affect the results of video retrieval. In view of the problems that the traditional shot segmentation algorithm is complex, the feature of video frame is not ideal, and the segmentation...
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Engine idle speed control research status and development trend

Fengfeng Yin, Jianmin Sun, Wenwen Wang
The engine idle speed control is one of the most important challenges in the engine control fields, essentially the engine idle speed control is a nonlinear, time-varying, complex and uncertain dynamics control problem, the present study the idle speed control problem for improve the gasoline engine...
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Research on Mathematical Model for Idle Speed Control of Engine

Jianmin Sun, Fengfeng Yin, Zhiyuan Wei
The modeling method is commonly used in the simulation of engine at home and abroad, the engine which is used for auto control and performance analysis model. It includes static and dynamic modeling methods, such as engine nonlinear autoregressive model, the average model, the chart model and hybrid...
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A Method of General Data Interface’s Design And Implementation Based On IEC 61850

Zhencai Cai, Zhijun Tang, Xia Wang, Jiwen Lian, Xiaodong Zhou, Jinshan Chen, Bolong Zhai
this article describes a method of general data interface’s design and implementation based on IEC 61850. This method puts interface data of communication and other function components in real-time database of the equipment, which also sets up a mapping method of the correlation of IEC 61850 and real-time...
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A Portable Test Device for Smart Substation Based on PXI Bus

Zhencai Cai, Zhijun Tang, Bolong Zhai, Guodong Lin, Chaoping Deng, Jinshan Chen
In debugging and testing process of the intelligent substation process level intelligence unit ,it need to build multiple sets of test environments, with the wiring complexity and low efficiency. For this case, we design of a portable intelligent substation testing device based on PXI bus, describe the...
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Side Panel Crack Fault Diagnosis Research of Large-scale Vibrating Screen Based on Wavelet Analysis

Qing hui Zhu, Han Wang
The paper takes side panel cracks of large-scale vibrating screen as research object. The side panel vibration signals have been de-noised and the wavelet packet energy feature has been extracted in Matlab with wavelet analysis theory. Meanwhile, the fault characteristics is sent to genetic neural network...
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The Analysis of Moment Characteristics of Variable Forward-swept Wing Mechanism with a Double Slideway

Xinbing Su, Haoyang Feng, Binlin Ma, Xu Wang
Based on the variable forward-swept wing configuration, this paper utilizes a variable forward-swept wing mechanism with a double slideway, which makes it possible for the aircraft to switch among orthogonal wing, forward-swept wing and delta wing freely. The general configuration of the variable forward-swept...
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Research on Vibration Performance of Stator End Winding in Large Steam Turbine-generator System

Zhang’ao Ren
With the increase of the capacity of the generator, the electromagnetic force of the stator end winding of turbine-generator is increased, which can lead to the failure of the stator end winding. Based on this report, a finite element modeling method is proposed to solve the problem of complex structure...
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Development of inspection robot for in-service steel tubular poles

Dabing Chen, Peng Liu, Chenggang Li
The development of an inspection robot for in-service steel tubular poles is described in the article. Based on the design requirement analysis to the steel tubular poles used in China, the design requirement is presented. By compared with the deferent technology, TOFD technique and magnetic wheel are...
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Analysis of sedimentary facies of the Chang 7 reservoir in Binchang area, Ordos Basin

Lifang Cheng, Yanchun Wang, Xueqing Liu
The sedimentary facies characteristics has been investigated based on the core examination, logging facies analysis and seismic interpretation, Eight types of microfacies grouped into three subfacies associations are recognized in the Chang 7 reservoir. Braided delta front subfacies is rich-sand deposits...
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The study of carbon monoxide placenta blood hemoglobin oxygenation

Chen Chen, Xiang Wang, Pei Wang, Donglai Qi
With the great progress of hemoglobin-based blood substitutes, however, they all have a same problem that is hard to get effective stable structure of hemoglobin. The hemoglobin can be oxidized into met hemoglobin in the process of purification, lead to the loss of the function of carrying and transporting...
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Hybrid laser information improved PSO-RBPF algorithm

Haibo Lin, Jingjing Ke, Yi Zhang
To solve the estimator’s inconsistency in calculating the proposal distribution and the particles degeneracy phenomenon of the Rao-Blackwellized particle filter (RBPF), an improved method of RBPF based on fusing Precision laser pre-observation information particle swarm optimization (PSO) is proposed...
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Optical system design for micro star sensor

Tuo Zheng, Haiyang Quan
Star sensor is an important part of the attitude control of a space vehicle. The advantages and disadvantages of the optical system determine the accuracy of the whole star sensor system. In order to adapt to the development of China's space needs, a star sensor optical system was designed by a domestic...
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Research on Multifunctional Float-assisting, Bulletproof, Puncture-proof Composite Clothes

Xiang-hui Meng, De-de Dai, Liang Guo
A soft bulletproof layer is made by utilization of the newest domestic Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, and by composing float-assisting and puncture-proof functions, multifunctional float-assisting, bulletproof, puncture-proof composite clothes is developed, according to the current flaws...
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MPPT Control Method of PV Based on subregional variable duty cycle

Bing Li, Li Jun Zhong, Gang Wang, Xiaojian Tian
A new method is presented for variable duty cycle of photovoltaic subregional maximum power point tracking(MPPT).It has combined the advantages of the popular MPPT method ,In different areas of photovoltaic power generation using different duty cycle control method, Optimization of the target area using...
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Design on Textbook Subscription System Based on JavaEE

Jun Yang
With the continuous expansion of universities and increase of school scale, workload of textbook management staff in college become more and more heavy. Using the traditional manual record has been unable to meet the demand, this paper study the design of college textbook subscription system based on...
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Athletic Performance Prediction Model Design Based on Grey BP Neural Network

Ling Jia, Qing-bin Wang
The best annual performances of the world women’s pentathlons during 2005~2013 are statistically collected in this article, and the prediction of the best performance of the world women’s heptathlon in 2013 is taken as the research object. According to the best annual performances of the world women’s...
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A New HRRP Reconstruction Method based on Joint Sparse Model

Ming Zhou, Mingjiu Lv
At present, most of the high resolution range profile reconstruction methods are based on a single echo signal, without considering the relationship between all the echo signals. In this paper, we consider the sparse feature of echo signal, and propose a method of high resolution range profile reconstruction...
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The optimized schemes of optical labels about DB and PPM over POLMUX-CSRZ-DQPSK payload in 100Gb/s OLS network

Ying Li, Ming Xu, Tiansheng Zhang, Yan Li, Jianhua Ji
Two orthogonal modulation optical label switching (OLS) schemes, which are based on payload of polarization multiplexing-carrier suppressed return to zero-differential quadrature phase shift keying (POLMUX-CSRZ-DQPSK) with label identifications of duobinary (DB) label and pulse position modulation(PPM)...
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Label Propagation Algorithm for Haplotype Assembly Problem

Yuying Zhao, Jinshan Li
This template explains Haplotype assembly problem is one of the most important problems in molecular biology and life sciences. Computationally, the key work for this problem is to divide the aligned sequence fragments into two disjoint clusters and then to reconstruct the corresponding haplotypes from...
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A practical Shunt Capacitor Placement Algorithm in Distribution Network

Zhilai Lv, Wei Wang, Hai Li, Dejin Wang, Zifa Liu, Yunpeng Wang
For capacitor shunt placement the proposed methods do not consider the following conditions; there are few measures and the first compensation points are easily over compensation in distribution networks. So this paper proposes a practical method that can full of utilize the available measures and avoid...
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Research, Development and Application of the Training Device for Trouble Shooting of Secondary Circuit of Operating Mechanism

Su Zhang, Yuanda Zhu, Jun Ge, Wanyi Zheng, Jia Shan
Fault simulation is an important part of power system dynamic simulation, fault models in fully dynamic simulation software of power system simulates all kinds of symmetric and asymmetric complex faults by fault branch admittance matrix. Handling multiple faults and random faults by admittance matrix...
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Development of Multi-functional Electronic Power Assisting Device of Substation Equipment

Yongfei Yi, Yuanda Zhu, Ze Yang, Wei Wang, Xin Jin
The direct-current motor has been widely used in the modern electronic products, such as automatic control system, electronic equipment, home appliances, and electronic toys. The tape recorder, record player, recorder, and computer cannot work without the direct-current motor. So the control of the direct-current...
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Map Building Method Based On Improved D-S Evidence Theory For Mobile Robot

Lei Zhu, Jiang Guo, Jinsong Yang, Mingdong Shao, Jiming Sun, Dapeng Gong, Hongyu QI
Focusing on the uncertainty of the environment, a grid map building method based on the multi ultrasonic sensors is provided. Firstly, the single ultrasonic sensor grid model is constructed by dividing the detected area into three regions. Then the evidences which are needed to fuse are self-adaptively...
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The Research on Wisdom City‘s Informatization System Design Based on Cloud Computing

Wei Tang
The information system construction has become the focus of the wisdom of urban construction. Multiple applications of information technology has formed the traditional property management, e-government. But between these systems independent of each other to form a plurality of data silos, resulting...
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Daily Solar Irradiance Fluctuation Assessment Method Based on Correlation Analysis

Honglu Zhu, Xu Li, Qiao Sun, Ling Nie, Jianxi Yao, Gang Zhao
A method to evaluate fluctuation characteristics of daily solar irradiance was introduced based on theoretical solar irradiance. Process feature of daily solar irradiance were analyzed. Observed daily solar irradiance of 10 days in Beijing was tested to demonstrate the effectiveness of this method. Result...
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Study of Longkou Oil Shale Pyrolysis Behavior with Bitumen as the Intermediate

Jian Shi, Yue Ma, Jili Hou, Shuyuan Li, Jinsheng Teng
Oil shale as the petroleum alternative is widely distributed in China, the total oil shale resources and potential shale oil resources are estimated at 719.937 billion tons and 47.644 billion tons, respectively. Shale oil and gas can be obtained through the pyrolosis of the oil shale. In order to study...
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Research of method for detection of rail fastener defects based on machine vision

Zhenzhen Wang, Siming Wang
The detection of rail fastener defects is the key to ensure the running safety of high-speed trains. Traditional method is usually be detected rely on train workers who walk along railway lines to find out the potential risks. The method by artificial maintenance is slowly, costly, and dangerous. As...
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Six-legged Walking Robot’s Gait Planning and Kinematics Analysis under the Environment of Concave Ground

Yangyang Fan, Yunwei Zhang, Yong Yu, Ling Chen, Xiangyi Zeng, Shuang Gou
Legged robot has advantages with high degree of freedom, flexibility and strong adaptability to the ground. So this paper presents a posture in concave ground environment of a leg organization of a six-legged robot and proposes a gait planning of six-legged robot, which ensure it to move smoothly and...
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Effect of Explosive Properties on the Energy Distribution of Blasting Seismic Waves in Carbonate Rocks

Ming-shou Zhong, Quan-min Xie, Tao Guo, Ying Liu, Hao-quan Liu
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready paper for Trans Tech Publications. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins:...
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Face recognition using data driven local appearance features

Xin Xie, Chao Chen, Zhijian Chen
A novel data driven face descriptor based on point-to-subspace metric is proposed for subspace classifiers. Unlike conventional feature descriptors which are carefully designed by hand, the newly proposed method uses supervised learning to derive more robust and more discriminative descriptors. During...
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An Improved Graph-based Recommender System for Finding Novel Recommendations among Relevant Items

Ranran Liu, Zhengping Jin
Recommender system has been extensively studied to provide the most relevant data to users in this era of information explosion. Among all kinds of recommendation algorithms, collaborative filtering (CF) algorithm is one of the most famous ones because of its high accuracy and simple implementation....
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Modeling and Simulation of Large Synchronous Generator Excitation System with PSASP

Qiao Chen, Li Wan, Kunpeng Zhou, Kai Ding, Jun He, Yuchuan Hu
This article analyzes the different type of large synchronous generator excitation system and discussed the adaptability of the excitation system model of PSASP. A self-excitation model and a three machine excitation model is modeled and simulated, which proves the accuracy of PSASP model.
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The Research of Wi-Fi Indoor Positioning Algorithm based on Position Fingerprint

Yujie Liu, Meng Wu
To improve the positioning accuracy and robustness of indoor positioning technology, a fingerprint positioning method is proposed based on the Kalman filter and the probability weighted Bayes algorithm. Firstly, the optimal estimation of signal strength is calculated using the prediction and correction...