Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Chemistry and Computer Engineering 2015

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The allocation of taxi resources in the “Internet +” Era

Yang Liu
First, each company's taxi subsidy scheme is mainly to improve fuel costs when oil prices rise subsidies, paid holidays, extreme weather subsidies. However, these subsidies with respect to the money and high fuel costs, but inadequate. In heavy traffic roads, peak demand periods, there are still many...
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The Application of the Context-Aware Access Control Model

Chao Zhang, Zhengping Jin
Traditional access control model in building safety regulation is not flexible enough in some scenarios, especially in emergency events, which may lead to the alarm events not promptly treated. In order to solve this problem, we design a context-aware access control model which uses RFID technology to...
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Adaptive Scheduling Based CPU/IO in Storm

Xinli Zhang
Storm is a real-time streaming of Big data processing field tools. But the task of topology will even divided to the executors in worker node,which as default scheduler. It neither consider internal solt transmission delay time, nor consider transmission delay between nodes, but does not consider the...
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Online Traffic Congestion Prediction Based on Random Forest

Xiao Han, Yijie Shi
In recent years, distinction and prediction of urban traffic congestion has become an important part of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), hence attracting more and more attentions. Road congestion can be predicted by analyzing traffic flow data collected by various data acquisition equipment primarily....
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Evaluation Technology for Wind Power Access in Regional Power Grid Based on PSD-BPA

Jian Bai, Yin Huang, Youjun Wang
With the large-scale construction of wind farms, the access of the wind farms affects the voltage of regional power grid. Power grid data in the South China region is built on the PSD-BPA system, and the PSD-BPA data of the current region can be obtained from the superior power grid. According to the...
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A design of simple soldering machine

Yinhe Sheng, Kun Liu, Defu Shao, Xiaoming Feng
A type of soldering machine based on PIC-controlling is introduced in this paper, the high speed micro-controller unit (MCU) with kernel of 16F84A is adopted in PIC. The data is send to lower computer to control three axis motions by computer serial port, the process of automatic soldering is realized....
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Energy storage station and Distributed power Synergistic dispatching management system

Peng He, Kun Li
Based on power grid dispatching automation platform, Establishing distributed resources cooperative scheduling management system, including wind power, biomass power generation, photovoltaic power generation and energy storage electric vehicle charging stations. The use of intermittent, renewable energy...
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Radar Network Threat Estimation Based on Beidou

Limin Liu, Yan Song
Networking radar can make full use of resources and due to the advantages of single radar, making the detection, localization, tracking, identification, and other aspects of the threat of judgment performance has been greatly improved. With the gradual improvement of the Beidou system, powerful communication...
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Detection and tracking of multiple moving targets in complex conditions

Tao Xu, Chaobing Huang, Mengqiang Zhu
Detection and tracking of multiple moving targets in complex conditions has always been a hot and difficult problem, which mainly includes that the tracked target is occluded, the characteristics of target and background are similar, illumination and background are changing over time, etc. In order to...
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Research on a novel Dual-Base Transistor (DUBAT) in 0.5 m Standard Si-base CMOS Process

Yan Chen, Changlong Liu, WeiLian Guo
A novel Dual-Base Transistor (DUBAT) having a negative-resistance characteristic is presented. This device contains a lateral p-n-p Bipolar-Junction-Transistor (BJT) and a Hybrid-Mode Transistor, and is fabricated on silicon based 0.5 m CMOS process, compatible with the standard CMOS technology as distinct...
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A Novel Approach of intrusion detection system design for computer network security

Julan Yi
With the development of computer networks, protecting the network information from a variety of attacks are becoming increasingly important as the fundamental purpose of network security. However, due to the diversity of computer networks linking having uneven distribution terminal and network openness,...
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Fe2O3 Nanorods Grown on Reduced Graphite Oxide for the Anode of Lithium Ion battery

Jinlong Zuo, Ruifeng E, Junsheng Li, Zhi Xia, Xuewei Wang, Xinguo Yang
Fe2O3 nanorods grown on reduced graphite oxide RGO was synthesized via a facile hydrothermal method followed by a heat-treatment process. The Fe2O3 nanorods grown on the RGO has a average diameter of 40 nm, which is smaller than the pure Fe2O3 nanorod. Investigated as an anode material for Li-ion batteries,...
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Pyrolysis behavior and micromorphology investigation on aluminum based solid-liquid compound fuel

Xinghua Liu, Hua Yan, Yongfeng Luo, Daxi Wang, Shuyuan Li, Yue Ma, Xiaoyan Liu, Yi Zhao
The compatibility, stability and the pyrolysis behavior of aluminum based solid-liquid compound fuel were systematically investigated by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). The compound fuel lost its 30% weight before the temperature rose to 150 . AP decomposed at 210 and lead to 50% weight loss. The reaction...
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A Mining Algorithm of Frequent Items in Data Streams Based on Apache Storm

Weihua Hu, Ziang Guo, Mingzhong Chen
Frequent items in data streams refer to log items appeared in numerous data streams that are over specified thresholds. Under data stream model, data streams are continuous, and the algorithm can only scan data once. Furthermore, data streams are unlimited, while the available storage space is limited....
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Construction Technology of Permeable Rib Double-Arch Tunnel

Ruijun Song, Fei Yu, Shanxiong Chen, Xiuhe Chen, Fei Wang
The permeable rib double-arch tunnel is a new type structure of tunnel adjacent to mountain, a better way to solve the problems of engineering stability and environmental protection of highway adjacent to mountain in mountains area. For the environmental geological problems of the tunnel adjacent to...
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Cycle Life Prediction for Rechargeable Battery based on Accelerated EODV Multi-phase Model: A Case on Nickel Hydrogen Battery

C.Y. Duan, Q.Z. HuangPeng, J.L. Zhou, G. Jin
In the health management of battery, cycle life prediction is an essential component. Before battery fail, the End-of-Discharge Voltage (EODV) reduce with the use. This paper proposed a multi-phase degradation model of EODV through failure mechanism analysis to evaluate the degree of degeneration of...
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Study on Thrust Hydraulic System of TBM Based on AMESim & MATLAB/Simulink Interface

Xiangdong Gao, Jianxi Yang, Kui Chen
The choice of fuzzy rules and membership function of fuzzy self-adjusting PID controller of tunneling boring machine (TBM)’s thrust hydraulic system exists the defect of subjectivity to a great extent. The genetic algorithm (GA) was adopted to optimize fuzzy rules and parameters of membership function...
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A software for optimizing the thermal power plant operation under environmental Constraints

Chunxiu Zhang
On the basis of the historical data of unit operation, consider the environmental cost, and KWH cost into the evaluation system, in order to developing guiding optimal operation of the thermal power units to run the software optimization . Through correlation analysis of the unit operation parameters,...
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Synthesis and photoluminescence characteristics of Eu3+ doped Bi4Si3O12 red emitting phosphor

Gonggong Lu, Kehui Qiu, Yunlei Bu, Xilu Hou, Xiqiang Yuan
Eu3+ doped bismuth silicate phosphors, Bi4Si3O12:xEu3+ (0.01 x 0.08) were prepared via sol-gel route. XRD results show the phase of the synthesized phosphors calcinated at 650 is isostructural with Bi4Si3O12. Under the excitation of 261nm and 393nm, there are some sharp emission peaks of Eu3+ ions centered...
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Research on the urban management monitoring and command center

Yunli Cheng, Huili Xue
In order to improve the level and efficiency of urban management in Heze, Shandong province, office of Heze urban management committee and the city construction information center want to build an urban management command center, to enhance the comprehensive law enforcement efficiency and the level of...
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Field test research for optimization design under condition of complex Soil Stratum

Bing Hui, Yan Liu, Li Zhang, Huimin Wang, Gang Han, Hao Duan, Zhangjian Yu, Wenjun Zhang
It is highly important to choose suitable of the foundation in underground engineering. With the engineering, the foundation is made of gravelly soil, which distributed discontinuity and had bad uniformity. Drilling method, dynamic sounding method and deep plate loading test were applied, combined with...
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Opinion Text Features Finding and Evaluation Algorithm Based on Rough Set

Hongxin Wan, Yun Peng
Follow the development of Internet, more and more opinion texts are written on social media web by people, and it is very difficult to find the features in these texts because of the texts scale. We propose an algorithm to find features from key words by words reduction method, which considers the correlation...
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Semi-Automatic Packaging Systems

Tianyi Zhang
The system is set up mainly for "Online shop" and other entrepreneurs in the early stage, lack of manpower with heavy workload problem. Design a mechanical device can be used to personalize a variety of packaging materials, the size of goods. By simply provide a power source, simple manual work to complete...
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A Background Modeling Approach Based on Visual Background Extractor

Taotao Liu, Lin Qi, Guichi Liu
Moving objects detection is an important research content in computer vision field and it plays a very important role in many vision applications such as smart video surveillance, intelligent transportation, and human-computer interaction, traffic control, activity recognition, object tracking and behavior...
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An Optimal Bandwidth Resource Utilization Scheme in IEEE 802.16m Based Networks

Hanwu Wang, Beibei Yang, Liang An
The IEEE 802.16m based broadband wireless access is a brand-new technology to provide high speed and wide range communications for wireless users. However, how to exploit the optimal utilization of the radio frequency bands resource in such networks is a big challenging issue as it covers the radio channel...
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Unified Expert Database of Aluminium Alloy Welding Based on Matlab Curve Fitting

Tianfa Liao, Jianzhong Cao, JiaXiang Xue, Xiaofeng Chen
In this article, curve fitting is conducted on the original data of aluminum alloy via matlab. Then, to find out a fitting curve with optimal effect, comprehensive analysis is made on the judgement quantitative index of curve fitting. The wire feed rate of other given current is obtained with such fitting...
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Study on Gallop Early-warning System of Transmission Line Based on Real-time Weather Information

Junjie Huang, Ling RUAN
Through the analysis on the cases of the transmission line gallop over the years, the meteorological condition and the geographical location have a dramatic effect on the gallop phenomenon. And the conductor gallop can be evaluated by the thresholds of the weather factors and the degree of the terrain...
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Research on Hamilton Graph Determining Algorithm

Hai Liu, Ying Ai Tian, Fang Feng HU, Jiong Xing Jin
This Paper sums up the necessary conditions to discriminate undirected Hamilton graph based on the in-depth research into the graph. The heuristic search strategy corresponding to the new necessary conditions is designed to quickly solve the problem of "determination of undirected Hamilton graph". The...
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A Gray Level Image Detection and Segmentation Algorithm Based on Average Intensity Project and Shift Gaussian Model

Fuchun Zhang, Yanzhong Hao
A gray level image segmentation algorithm is proposed based on Average Intensity Project (AIP) and shift Gaussian model for gray level images with connection between thread and area with similar gray level. The evaluation is performed on 30 gray level images, and the results show area overlap measure...
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Research on Logistic Distribution Routing Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Jun Zheng
Logistic distribution is one the most important parts in logistic industry, its core is to get the shortest transportation route of car. This paper makes mathematical modeling on distribution route of logistic car, constructs target function and constraint condition. It makes analysis on realization...
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Design of College Discrete Mathematics Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Jiedong Chen
Aiming at exploration and development capacity, it is usually hard to achieve effective utilization and balance by using just one algorithm, which will influence the solving accuracy and efficiency of the algorithm accordingly. This thesis applies particle swarm optimization (PSO) to discrete multi-objective...
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Effects of Ammonia/HTT Compound Preservative on the Preservation and Properties of Concentrated Natural Rubber Latex

Weiqiang Yu, Hongxing Gui, Ting Wang, Jianlong Wang, Rizhong Zeng, Maofang Huang
Ammonia and HTT were compounded and tested as a novel preservative system for concentrated natural rubber latex (CNRL) to replace traditional preservatives. The preservation effects and the viscosity of prevulcanized CNRL were measured. After preservation treatment, the drying characteristics, the mechanical...
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The Design and Implementation Colleges and Universities Cadres Management System based on J2EE

Ping Chen
On the basis of cadre management business requirements analysis in colleges and universities, this paper designed and developed one colleges and universities cadres management system with a set of user management, cadres management, cadres ability evaluation and system management based on J2EE platform...
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Library Intelligent Bookshelf Positioning System Research

Jian Lan Liu, Li Zhu
Radio frequency identification technology has characteristics of non-contact, flexible radiation direction, efficient speaking, reading and writing data, large information storage capacity, which has attracted many researchers to introduce library information management technology into the library in...
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Research on Memory Leakage Monitoring Based on Android Mobile Platform

Di Zhou, Peixing Yang
An excellent Android application shall not only have perfect function, but also have good user experience. Actually, performance is an important factor influencing user experience. Memory leakage is a common performance problem in Android development, and DDMS with a good memory monitoring tool Heap...
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Autonomy Evaluation Methods for the Autonomous Ground Vehicles

Jing Li, Zhenmin Tang, Yan Fang, Yefa Tan
With the wide application of the autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs) in the military and civilian areas, the autonomy requirements such as autonomous self-awareness, self-planning and self-control are increasingly considered. The autonomy evaluation has been one of the key issues in the research of the...
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The application of Virtualization technology in Grid Computing

Cheng Zhang, Dan He, Jianlian Xiao, Yang Li
In this paper, the author discussed the current popular the grid computation technique and the virtualization technology, analyzed and concluded characteristic of two technologies. Then, VNET has been proposed, which can add the virtual machine to the network efficiently. It can dynamically modify its...
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Research on Key Technology for Processing Images from Infrared Trigger Cameras

Jian Li, Lei Zhang, BaoPing Yan
In recent years, infrared trigger cameras are widely employed in the fields of wildlife monitoring and protection as they can collect massive image data. It is of great realistic significance about how to conduct automatic processing of these image data and extract key information. This paper has a detailed...
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Design and implementation of participating teaching quality information feedback system

Qingru Sui
With the reform and development of teaching, teaching quality has become the main focus of the various colleges and universities teaching problems. To improve the teaching quality of teachers, improve the teaching ways and methods, this paper studied, by means of participating in teachers' information...
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The impact of marine current to Cu contents in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang, Mingzhong Long, Xiuqin Yang
Based on the investigation data on Cu contents in different seasons in 1983 in surface waters in Jiaozhou Bay, we analyzed the contents, pollution level and distributions of Cu. Results showed that Cu contents in May, September and October were 2.47-20.60 g L-1, 0.86-4.86 g L-1 and 0.77-3.00 g L-1, respectively....
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Implementation of effective Methods of Modeling Tools in technical Education

Sedivy Josef
Development didactics engineering subjects based on the results and conclusions research studies focused on the use of didactic potential of the technology deployed in industrial environments. The possibility of good careers in the field of construction and technical preparation of engineering companies...
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Research on Land Utilization Based on DEA-BP Neural Network Model

Bihe Fang, Tingyi Zhao
This paper comes up with a DEA-BP Neural Network Model which demands little on the input data and owns a good ability to foresight. The writer use the data from Project named The Evaluation on Development Land Utilization to test DEA-BP Neural Network Mode. The result indicates that the model performs...
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The Application of Intelligent Voice Analysis Technology in the Customer Call Center of Telecom Operators

Kai Zhang, Jin He, Jinzhou Yang, Xiao Zhang, Zhijun Wang
Call center is one of the most important means for telecom operators to provide after-sales service for customers. Every day, call center can produce a large number of voice data. But these data do not bring significant value to the enterprise. Recent years, the development of intelligent voice technology...
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A Keyword-based Similarity Content Search in Named Data Networking

Minbin Luo
Named Data Networking is a future Internet architecture which enables content retrieve and access by its name. Different from the current network, Named Data Networking is more like a distributed network. Nevertheless, users do not know name of the content. In this paper, we present a Keyword-based NDN...
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Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform

Rong Chen
Image processing is widely used in many fields,in image enhancement processing,traditional image enhancement method,such as histogram equalization, wavelet coefficient enhancement,and so on.Although these methods achieved good image enhancement performance,however,noise is amplified during image enhancement...
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A Personalized Collaborative Recommendation Algorithm Based on Hybrid Information

Dejia Zhang
Personalized recommendation systems can help people to find interesting things and they are widely used with the development of electronic commerce. Many recommendation systems employ the collaborative filtering technology, which has been proved to be one of the most successful techniques in recommender...
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D Design and Implementation of Limestone Activity Real-time Detection System Based on Qt /Qwt

Hao Xu, Pingping Shan, Ke Chen, Zheng Zhang
The limestone Detection System is developed by Qt assisted by Qwt and Modbus protocol based on Linux platform. The system can detect activity of limestone and PH value in real-time. This article begins with a brief description of the background and the functional requirements of the system, given the...
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Design and Implementation of Supermarket Management System

Yongchang Ren, MengYao Chen
This supermarket management system has realized the transmission and control of large goods, so as to facilitate the management and decision of sales, and reduce a big burden for supermarkets and supermarket managers. It also can help to improve the work efficiency of supermarket. Its requirements is...
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Study of Vulnerability Parameters in a Class of Network

Hong Bian, Haizheng Yu
A communication network can be modeled by a graph, whose vertices represent the nodes and edges represent the links between sites of the network. Therefore, various problems in networks can be studied by graph theoretical methods. The vertex integrity, the edge-integrity not only give the minimum cost...
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An Event-Based Method of Construction of Cyberspace Models

Youjun Wang, Hongqi Zhang, Tianwei Che, Chuanfu Zhang, YunTian Zhao, Chao Yang
Cyberspace has become an important domain the same as the land, sea, air and space. Many cyberspace models were proposed to explain such a high coupled complex domain, but lack of practical method of construction these models make them hard to function. This paper proposes an event based method of construction...