Proceedings of the International Conference on Madrasah Reform 2021 (ICMR 2021)

The International Conference on Madrasah Reform (ICMR) is an annual conference as a forum for the dissemination of assessment results using instruments developed in AKMI activities. ICMR 2021 keynotes came from the US, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia, while the presenters came from Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia. In this Conference, the results of the analyses of the AKMI conducted by the AKMI Team and relevant parties were presented and disseminated to a broader audience and determine the results of the achievements or competencies of madrasah students based on the overall results of the assessment, both at the national and provincial levels. In addition, various perspectives and results of research in the same area were presented including best practice in the education assessment from the perspectives of policy makers, relevant stakeholders, education experts and activists, madrasah teachers, and other related parties.

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