Proceedings of the International Conference on Business, Economic, Social Science and Humanities (ICOBEST 2018)

The Problems in Learning of Chookai

Soni Mulyawan Setiana, Anisa Arianingsih
Corresponding Author
Soni Mulyawan Setiana
Available Online November 2018.
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Problems, Learning, Chookai
This study was aimed to describe the problems faced by students in learning Chookai and how the efforts of lecturer to overcome the problems. The research design was action research. The data were taken through a questionnaire to the students and documentation studies. The Respondents in this study are 32 students of 2nd grade of Japanese Department at Indonesia Computer University. The results of this study illustrate that more than half of the respondents, namely 59.4% stated that chookai was a difficult subject, as for the problems faced, as can be seen by the difficulty of students in understanding vocabulary, sentence patterns, short conversation content, and long conversation content in Japanese. The causative factors are divided into two, for example, internal factors and external factors. Efforts made by students to overcome these difficulties are: asking friends or lecturers when experiencing difficulties; often listening to songs, watching films or doramas, and reading comics in Japanese; sometimes communicate using Japanese with friends, lecturers and Japanese people to improve listening skills, as well as; more active and earnest in learning, both independently and in groups. Considering the importance of listening skills, teachers should provide better motivation to students to study hard to improve listening skills.
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November 2018
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Open Access
This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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