Proceedings of the International Conference on Business, Economic, Social Science and Humanities (ICOBEST 2018)

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Religion and International Relations

Budi Mulyana
The purpose of this study was to enrich the theoretical study of international relations from a non-mainstream perspective. The study used qualitative research methods with data collection techniques through literature studies. The results showed that studies on international relations and religion can...
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The Integrity of Public Accountant has Implications for Detecting Fraud in Conducting an Audit

Ely Suhayati
This study has a purpose to find out how much the integrity of a public accountant has implications for detecting fraud in conducting an audit. It used Structural Equation Modeling as the research method with 30 Public Accountants from 10 Public Accounting Firms in Bandung City as the respondents. The...
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Tax Amnesty Policy as Tax Reform Foundation

Siti Kurnia Rahayu
Current economic condition in Indonesia has indicated the fiscal risks threatening the realization of the tax revenue. With the introduction of the global implementation of the Automatic Exchange of Information, has become a necessary measure for formulation of the Tax Amnesty policy. This study examined...
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Hyperreality of Law Between Hoax and Enforcement of Law no. 19 Year 2016: an Actualization of Technology Shift Law Perspective

Musa Darwin Pane
The value of a reality existence is lost when fake news (hoax) is spread to all parts of law in Indonesia. The worst part is that as a result of this both law, technology and perception on the truth are simulated in a distortion (manipulation). It is to this condition that Jean Baudrillard label as hyperreality....
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Factors Education Towards the Presentation of Accounting Information

Sri Dewi Anggadini
This study aimed to identify and analyze the factors of education that affect the presentation of accounting information. The case study was conducted in Pharmaceutical wholesaler company (PBF) in Bandung City Indonesia. The method used in the research was a quantitative method by performing a linear...
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Persuasive Strategy in Interactive Educational Games for Toddlers

Retno Purwani Sari, Cece Sobarna
The aim of this study is to explain the persuasive language styles representing game play by focusing on: (1) the linguistic forms; and (2) the type of speech acts, designing a particular persuasive strategy. This study applied pragmatic-stylistic perspectives along with a model analysis of Halliday’s...
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The Influence of Business Strategy Through the Management Accounting Information System to the Quality of Management Accounting Information - Evidence in Indonesia.

Lilis Puspitawati, Azhar Susanto
Managers as stakeholders use accounting for strategic management in implementing their business strategy in achieving competitive advantage. Currently, the implementation of strategic management accounting has used information technology known as management accounting information systems. This study...
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Communication Behavior of “Statue and Painting” Artists

Sangra Juliano Prakasa, Novita Fitriana
This study aims to describe "Communication Behavior of An artist in making state and painting" which includes verbal and non-verbal communication and used descriptive qualitative method with interviews, observation and documentation as data collection techniques. The results of the study showed that...
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Legal Aspect the Execution of Arbitration Online Decision in Domain Name Dispute

Hetty Hassanah, Eman Suparman
Domain name is one of the software in e-commerce as cyberspace activity that border less world. Issue arising from the activity in the virtual world is often to be a legal dispute, including unauthorized use of another person of the domain name currently become a legal dispute, and the settlement can...
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The Impact of Motivation in Increasing Employee Productivity in College

Hadi Purnomo, Rahma Wahdiniwaty
The purpose of this research is to know the big impact of work motivation by employees against the productivity in college. The method that we use in this research is descriptive verification. The analysis unit is the employees of the College, namely Indonesia Computer University (UNIKOM) using the census...
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Implementation of Recommendation Model for Determining the Marketing Area Location of Creative Industry Products

Rahma Wahdiniwaty, Eko Budi Setiawan, Deden A Wahab
Marketing of products from the creative industry needs to be done by the business actors by looking at several aspects, including the selection of locations or places to market their products. This research was conducted to provide a model that can be used by business actors in determining the most appropriate...
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Trust and Loyalty Level of Online Transportation Users

Herman Soegoto
Main objectives of this research are to find out the trust level among Bandung citizens and the impact towards online based transportation users loyalty. This research is used combination of descriptives and verificative analysis, and the data came from 400 respondents in 30 districts, which located...
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Language Structure in Virtual Class Program on Social Media

Asih Prihandini, Novian Denny Nugraha
The research is to find out what language style and structure delivered by the host (trainer/host) with the time limitations and what is the meaning of visual reality that exists in the media from the perspective of Multimodal theory. The research method used in this research is a qualitative descriptive...
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Business Plan Analysis of Housing Company in Bandung

W.S. Suryatno, Herman S. Soegoto
The purpose of this research is to analyze whether the project X that was planned to be built by the developer is economically eligible. This research of feasibility used Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate Return (IRR), Payback Period (PP), Profitability Index (PI) and Cash Flow analysis methods....
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The Interpretation of the Crime of Simulacra in the Concept of the Criminal Law Reformation

Sahat Maruli Tua Situmeang
How exactly the existence of the criminal law reformation in its reality, and the positive criminal law in Indonesia (KUHP) can solve the crime of simulacra problematics. To support this study, the author uses the juridical normative approach, by analysing the problems through the legal norms within...
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Influential Factors on the Bank Employees’s Performance

Mari Maryati, Deden Abdul Wahab Syaroni
The purpose of the research is to investigate the influential factors on the bank employee’s performance. The study case was performed at a Government Bank in Indonesia in one of its branch in Bandung. The questionnaires were distributed to teller and customer service officer at the branch office of...
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Potential Cooperation Between West Java Provincial Government and the City of Chongqing in the Framework of sister province

Andrias Darmayadi
The purpose of this research is to analyze opportunities and potential cooperatioan between the West Java Provincial Government and the City of Chongqing City in the framework of Sister Province. The method used in this research is a qualitative descriptive analysis method, which is a comprehensive method...
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Propositional Analysis of Emotive-Word Characters in Animation Movie

Tatan Tawami
Propositional Analysis exposes words as not mere combination of phonemes, yet they represent one cognitive model over word choices. This paper suggests propositional structures of each emotive-word character and how they represent one’s cognitive model through their concept of relations. In this qualitative...
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The Influence Style of Leadership Head of Subdistrict to Public Servant Apparatus Ethic in Population Field

Dewi Kurniasih, Lala Lasmawati
The research purpose was to measure the influence style of the leadership head of the sub district on the ethics of public servants apparatuss in the Margahayu sub district. This research is uses explanative method and data analysis approach used is quantitative. The stages of this study consisted of...
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Employee Burnout in Private University

Yayah Sutisnawati, Deden Abdul Wahab Syahroni
The aim of the research is to investigate how the extent the employee’s burn out employees in Private University. The study case was conducted in this research by distributing questionnaires to 152 respondents in a Private University in Bandung. Quantitative method was used in this research with descriptive...
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Legal Aspect of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in Rural Areas

Rino Adibowo
Small and Micro Enterprises (MSEs) in rural areas aims to know and analyze how MSEs knowledge in rural areas about the legal aspects. To know and analyze how the desire of MSEs in rural area in its development of MSEs in order to improve rural economy. The normative juridical approach method, which is...
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Effectiveness Risk Assessment for Quality of Accounting Information System

Inta Budi Setya Nusa
The accounting Information systems (AIS) which is a tool used by management in decision making, so that the  AIS  function provides an important role in company information management. In research, focus on how to effectively assess AIS risk using risk assessment: risk identification indicators, risk...
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Analysis of Internal Audit Implementation in Private University

Wati Aris Astuti
internal conflicts between foundation managers and Higher-Education leadership have not been able to be properly resolved as the reason for the need for internal Audit. This study aims to assist universities in planning and implementing audits and evaluating the follow-up of audit results. The research...
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The Analysis of Zakat Accounting Implementation on Amil Zakat Institutions in Bandung

Adeh Ratna Komala
The purpose of this study is to analyze the implementation of zakat accounting on zakat management organization in Bandung as a form of accountability to the muzakki. Zakat is a financial obligation having social and presenting a theological value (deity) which can be the backbone for society economy....
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Decision Support System Analysis Performance Evaluation Lecturer Using Balanced Scorecard Method in a private University

Adi Rachmanto
The purpose of this study was to develop a decision support system. In analyzing system requirements, this study uses a balanced scorecard method based on four perspectives, namely: customer perspective, financial perspective, internal process perspective and growth perspective. The results of this study...
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The Uniqueness of Influencer Marketing in The Indonesian Muslim Fashion Industry on Digital Marketing Communication Era

Melly Maulin Purwaningwulan, Asep Suryana, Uud ud Wahyudin, Susanne Susanne Dida
Influencer marketing is the one who managed to attract the attention of people on digital platforms, such as celebgram and vlogger. The advantages of social media that enable direct interaction with consumers have to lead to the use of influencer marketing as a trend to promote the brand. One industry...
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The Effect of Motivation and Leadership Style Towards Work Performance at PT. Bank Negara Indonesia KCU Bandung

Panji Setya Depitra, Herman S. Soegoto
Employee performances are depended on a lot of factors. In achieving its objective, PT. Bank Negara Indonesia needs to consider factors that can affect employee's performance. Among them are motivation and leadership style. Motivation and leadership style are a few factors that can affect on employee's...
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Determinants of Management Accounting Information Systems Quality on Management Accounting Information Quality

Yanuar Ramadhan
This study aims to investigate and analyze the quality of the management accounting information systems on the quality of management accounting information. The phenomenon that occurs in several companies in Indonesia shows that information system of management accounting at the company has not yet qualified...
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Media Attention for Jerusalem Declaration: a Comparative Discourse Analysis on International Online Newspapers

Muhammad Rayhan Bustam
This study examines the discourse strategies used in the news headings in representing the public actors related to the case of Donald Trump’s declaration to Jerusalem as Israel Capital. The study employs Critical Discourse Analyze (CDA) to analyze the representation of political social actors in the...
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The Influence Workload and Competence on Employee Performance in PT X Finance

Rizky Dhelvia
The purpose of this research was to determine the effect of workload and competence on employee performance. This research was conducted at PT X Finance using quantitative sample method take 70 respondents. Measurement data was done by distributing questionnaires using 5-point Likert scale. The analytical...
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The Problems in Learning of Chookai

Soni Mulyawan Setiana, Anisa Arianingsih
This study was aimed to describe the problems faced by students in learning Chookai and how the efforts of lecturer to overcome the problems. The research design was action research. The data were taken through a questionnaire to the students and documentation studies. The Respondents in this study are...
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Competencies Development for Lecturers at Faculty of Letters in Private University

Soni Mulyawan Setiana
This research was aimed to describe how the real image of the competencies of lecturer at Faculty of Letters and the faculty’s effort in encourage the development of lecturer’s competencies. This research used a qualitative descriptive method. The data were taken by an interview and documentation studies....
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Implementation Overview of Minangkabau Society’s life Philosophy on the Custom House Interior Plan

Dina Fatimah
The purpose of this research was to explore Minangkabau culture as one of the great cultures in the archipelago. The main basis of Minangkabau’s social system is custom and religion. This is seen in the Minangkabau society’s life philosophy “Adat Basandi Syara’, Syara’ basandi Istanbul" (custom built...
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Theoretical Study on Employee Engagement in Building Performance Organization

Deden A. Wahab Sya'roni
The purpose of this study was to investigate human-resource assets related to the rapidly changing global environmental conditions in which humans play an important role in an organization. Human resources are believed to be strong contributing capital whose role is expected to give more added value...
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Preliminary Research: The Influence of Customer Lifestyles on the Decision of Choosing an Online Design Studio Services

Benedicta Adriela
The objectives of this reseach was to find out the influence of customer lifestyles on their decisions in using the services of online design studios. In order to know whether the use of the service is due to preferences, and finally to know whether it’s influenced by the lifestyle or not. For that,...
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Aesthetics Study of Mesatua Bali Culture in Digital Media

I Gede Yudha Pratama
The purpose of this study was to find out the design phenomenon in the emergence of Balinese Mesatua Culture, which was originally known as an oral culture and has now developed into a visual culture in the picture story. To meet the needs of the data used as research material used qualitative research...
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Presenting Self: A Celebrification in Online Video Sharing

Nungki Heriyati
The paper aimed to explore the construction of the so-called self-celebrification in online video sharing.  Vloggers can be famous by sharing their videos in digital platform without having to be an expert. Moreover, they can simply share their lifestyles and daily activity.  Subscribers, viewers, and...
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How to Improve Employee Performances

Angky Febriansyah
The purpose of this research was to investigate the employee performance is one of the successful company factors. There are many ways that companies  have to  improve the employee's performance, for example, for increasing the accounting information system. Therefore, increasing the accounting information...
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The Review of User Experience and User Interface Design of Hospital Information System to Improve Health Care Service

Rully Sumarlin
The research aimed to maximize Hospital Information System is a software application that facilitates hospital management staff and doctors to improve their healthcare service quality. In Indonesia, initially this application is used mainly as a billing system in the hospital, which the outputs are hospital...
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Analysis of Product Differentiation Strategy and its Implications toward Position Advantage on Customer Retailer's Purchase Decision

Dedi Sulistiyo Soegoto
This study aimed to analyze the strategy of product differentiation and its implications on position advantage on customer retailer’s purchase decision either partially or simultaneously. The research method used quantitative method with linear regression analysis three variables measured were: product...
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Study of Motif Role and Function in Advertising

Dion Darsa Sabrian
The purpose of the study was to find out the function of advertisingMotif is one of the examples decorating activities that exist to this day. Just like ornaments, It can be applied anywhere, from print ad, carving, craft, structure like building and bridge, etc. Because there is a philosophy contained,...
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Measurement and Improvement Analysis of Applications and Services with IT Balanced Scorecard on Online Transportation in Bandung

Bima Adhiguna, Dedi Sulistiyo
Research aims to measure and improve services and applications to the performance of online transportation companies, namely the IT Balanced Scorecard. Measurement and analysis of data using the R-Commander application by measuring and analyzing several parameters in it. The result is that the data is...
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The Influence of Product Quality on Car Puchase Decision

Jogi Morrison Simanjuntak, Rahma Wahdiniwaty
The purpose of the researcher is to know how much influence the quality of the product to the purchase decision of HX Cars. Almost all industries are experiencing growth as a result of globalization, not least with the automotive industry in Indonesia, especially in the car industry. The Indonesian occupation...
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Ornaments as an Element to Forming Interiority in Utama Mandala Pura Agung Wiralokanatha

Febry Maharlika
The purpose of this research is to describe the interiority formed by ornaments in the Utama Mandala area of the Pura. The research method used is the descriptive analysis, by presenting data about the philosophical meaning of ornaments, which associated with the tendency of the human body. In this case,...
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The implementation of work-based incentive at Law Firm and Secretary Staffs at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Budi Rahadian, Deden A A. Wahab Sya’roni
The study attempts to identify the implementation of work-based incentive, called Insentif Berbasis Kinerja (IBK), at Law Firm and Secretary division in one of University in Indonesia. To increase the productivity of an organisation, pay-for-performance (PFP) is usually implemented in an institution....
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Impact of Entrepreneurial Motivation on Entrepreneurship Intention

Muhammad Iffan
This research aimed at determining the impact of entrepreneurial motivation on entrepreneurship intention. Methods used in this research was quantitative analysis using path analysis with validity and reliability test. Sampling method used in this research is random sampling through the distribution...
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Implementing Communication For Discovering Company’s Background, Its Cooperation Partners, and Its Communities as the SMEs Businessmen

Desayu Eka Surya
The purpose of the research is to discover the implementation of communication existing in the background of PT. Chevron Geothermal Indonesia (PT. CGI) Darajad Garut, its partners and the communities in Samarang and Pasirwangi District as the Medium Small Enterprises (SMEs) businessmen. The implementation...
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Visual Analysis of the Comic Genre on Digital Comic

Endah Riana Endarini
This study aimed to determine whether a genre in the comics influences the visualization of the existing design on the comic. The description analysis used as the method of this research. This study investigated each of the two comic examples in each comic genre; romantic, comedy, and horror through...
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Analysis of Visual Rhetoric for Official Website City Government

M. Syahril Iskandar
The aim of the research to analyse benefits of the official website of city government. In addition, the main focus of this study is to examine visual rhetoric on the official website of Bandung City Government in an effort to attract the public to visit the site and can represent Bandung as the Creative...
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Improving Product Knowledge Through Personal Selling Activities

Fathan Jefriansyah, Rahma Wahdiniwaty, Karim Suryadi, Deby Sri Aprilliani
This study aims to determine the effect of Personal Selling activities on product knowledge and their impact on the decision to purchase Honda BR-V. Referring to the sale of wholesales to the dealer released by the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (GAIKINDO) it was noted that BR-V has...