Proceedings of the International Conference on Business, Economic, Social Science and Humanities (ICOBEST 2018)

Study of Motif Role and Function in Advertising

Dion Darsa Sabrian
Corresponding Author
Dion Darsa Sabrian
Available Online November 2018.
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Motif, Ornament, Advertising, Ads
The purpose of the study was to find out the function of advertisingMotif is one of the examples decorating activities that exist to this day. Just like ornaments, It can be applied anywhere, from print ad, carving, craft, structure like building and bridge, etc. Because there is a philosophy contained, the creation of motif can’t be perfunctory. So we have to think how the best way to communicate it. Application of motif in advertising can affect viewers emotionally because of the feeling of involvement there.  Motif can represent Indonesia's culture diversity. This will bring out pride. It is same for the advertisers, the application of motif in the ads that they published will brand their company like “100% Indonesian Company." Motif is kind of similar with advertising. It contains message or stories to tell. However, in reality, we rarely saw motif on advertising. The Graphic elements that often being used in ads design is just shaped, colors and the model (for the center of attention). It’s dull and tedious at the same time and led to visual pollution. People need something new, something that caught the eye when saw the ads beside the model and the color itself. The application of motif can be an option to visual pollution because it has emotional effects for those who saw it, and the application of motif can also be an identity for Indonesian Advertising.
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November 2018
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Open Access
This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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