Proceedings of the International Conference on Contemporary Social and Political Affairs (IcoCSPA 2017)

The 3rd ICoCSPA 2017 was held in Surabaya, Indonesia, September 6 - 7, 2017. The theme is "Development and Security in Risk Society". The scientific committee members decided the theme by considering our current issue globally. As all the scholars, particularly in the social and political science field, all countries rapidly undertake development as the method or program to achieve an economic and social welfare. However, most of the countries also deal with the ‘unintended consequences’ of development to the society and inter state society such as social gap, social conflict, political violence, and environmental devastation. At the same time, all the consequences create the problem of insecurity. There are a specific study on security, namely security studies, which concern on the issue of intra-state and inter-state conflict, political violence, and defense issue. Hence in this regard, development and security is obviously related to each other.

The ICoCSPA 2017 is an effort to search the relation of development and security issues and its implication to the global society.

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