Proceedings of the International Conference on Contemporary Social and Political Affairs (IcoCSPA 2017)

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Crime Prevention through Interior Design for Museum in Surabaya

Sherly de Yong, Purnama Tedjokoesoemo
One of the fundamental requirements for everybody is security. Museums and galleries in Surabaya is viewed as less secure, as prove by the uncontrolled wrongdoing that happened like vandalism to the burglary of exhibition hall objects. The museums ought to be a place that can show us about the past and...
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Biopolitical Production of Human Security and Inclusion/Exclusion of State Security, Human Rights, and Human Development

Rizma Azhiim, Laila Nurchayani
This article examines human security as a discourse which existed from structural inclusion/exclusion of state security, human rights, and human development. Drawing from the work of Michel Foucault, Giorgio Agamben, and other thinkers that stressed in developing concept of biopolitics, the article argues...
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Violence at School and Its Root Causes

Tuti Budirahayu, Novri Susan
Violence experienced by the students become a phenomenon in Indonesia. Many cases of violence whichinvolving various actors, such as theteachers when giving the punishment for the student,a senior student who bully their junior or the fighting between student. The main purposeof this study is to map...
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green city or grey city? An urban environmental security perspective on Jakarta’s waste management system

Ucu Martanto
Similar to other megacities, waste disposal is one of the most serious problems in Jakarta. Data from the local government showed that every day Jakarta produces more than 27.966 M³ or 6.000 tons of waste, and with 5% annual growth, 55.37% of waste is organic and the rest is non-organic. The problems...
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Sources of Child Abuse in Indonesian Educational Ideologies

Indra Wardhana
Schooling, followed by its modernized acclaim in educational standard is distorted with the ideal concept of education. Educational model and custom is kept in form of violence for the sake of achieving so-called disciplined product. It is not only physical but also includes non-physical forces as emotional...
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Space Production Management and Social Tendency in Traditional Mining of Oil Bojonegoro Regency

Ichmi Rohmah
Spatial production management in the region has an impact on various sectors of society. If the spatial production management conducted by the holder of power is building up the area, providing an easier way for the community in achieving the welfare of life, then the production management of the space...
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Conditional Cash Trasnfers and The Poor in Indonesia

Robbie Peters
This paper explores the popular poverty alleviation instrument of conditional cash transfers to the poor in the global south. Through a focus on one such program in Indonesia and those I term its user, non-user and provider poor people, I highlight how cash transfers create a hierarchy of poor due to...
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The Influence of Job Discipline and Job Load Toward Teacher’s Performance In Muhammadiyah 1 Krian Elementary School

Pristiandi Cahaya Teguh, Novri Susan
Muhammadiyah 1 Krian Elementary School is one of the selected schools in Krian or Sidoarjo District in the western part. Nevertheless, the culture of teacher discipline is still lacking in the traditional school culture culture, so school performance should be optimized to be less dynamic. Based on observations...
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Human Security and Political Violence in the Middle East: Views From Security-Development Nexus Perspective

Hisae Nakanishi
The objective of this paper is to examine how the Civil War in Syria has continued despite immense global impacts. The debate on security-development nexus as well as Human Security perspective are utilized to analyze the protracted nature of the conflict. Two paradigms of “Development as Violence Reduction”...
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Female Surgeon: Case Study at Soetomo General Hospital Surabaya

Mega Kahdina, Emy Susanti
The option to pursue a career as a specialist is the most widely chosen by a general practitioner. Although every specialist education program never required interns to have certain gender, however some courses have their own trend intern registries, such as surgical education programs that are dominated...
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Rubber Farmer in Globalization: The Study of Globalization Penetration’s Impact on Rubber Farmer at Tabir Ilir Jambi in Perspective of Skeptical Globalization Theory

Pahrudin HM.
Rubber is one of the resources owned by the Third World, especially Indonesia. The existence of rubber has been acknowledged for its contribution to the life and economy of the country. As a result, rubber becomes the arena of mastery by the imperialists embodied in the format of globalization. From...
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Women and Politics in Local Autonomy Era

Aniek Rakhmaniah
Indonesia's democratic transition, although on the one hand, successfully reforms women's political rights through the reform of constitutional mechanisms through constitutional reform as well as national legislation, such as quota-issue policy, but on the other hand fails to make substantial changes...
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Impartiality and Governance of Identity Conflict: Study on Sunni-Shiite Conflict in Sampang Madura (2004-2012)

Novri Susan
The minority groups are vulnerably marginalized by the majority groups. When a violent conflict escalation breaks up, the victims are mostly from the minority group. It happened too in the case of violent conflict between Shiite and Sunni community in Sampang, Madura Indonesia during 2004-2012. Sunni...
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Qatar Crisis and its Impact on the Palestinian Cause

Ahmed Al Madani
Phe Palestinian issue is one of the most important issues in the Arab and Islamic countries. In other words, any Arab or Islamic dispute has a negative impact on the Palestinian cause. This paper attempts to examine the nature of the dispute between the Gulf states and the impact of this dispute on the...
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The Level of Traditional Threats of Indonesia's Defense Based on Natural Balance of Power

Posma Kennedy
The level of threat in this study focused on traditional threats, where the actor is a country. Although Indonesia does not have traditional enemies, but careless against traditional/external threats can be very dangerous. Even weak defenses can be the entrance to internal conflicts due to foreign influences....
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Indonesia's Challenge in Value Implementation ASEAN Convention Against Trafficking in Persons, Women and Children (ACTIP-WC)

Lilik Salamah
Human trafficking whose victims are generally women and children is an extraordinary crime that tears humanity. It hence the United Nations as an international institution which upholds human rights paying serious attention as reflected in the 2000 Palermo Protocol. As a regional organization, ASEAN...
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The Masculinity of Rural Men and the Role of Social Media

Muhammad Nashrulloh
Terrorist use of the Internet is widely viewed as one of the most important security issues facing governments today. They are able to spread online propaganda and radicalism, in which youth is one of the most potential targets. On the other hand, youth, which commonly categorized as digital natives,...
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Visualizing Violence: The Articulation of Papuan Political Resistance on Social Media

Yuyun Surya
This paper examines how Papuans use Facebook to resist Indonesian hegemony, express political dissent. In particular, it aims to explore the extent to which Papuans document the violence and human rights abuse they have experienced on Orang Papua Facebook group indicting the Indonesian state’s culture...
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Youth's Digital Skills and Their Vulnerability Towards Online Radicalism

Marhaeni Wijayanti, Amalia Muthmainah
Terrorist use of the Internet is widely viewed as one of the most important security issues facing governments today. They are able to spread online propaganda and radicalism, in which youth is one of the most potential targets. On the other hand, youth, which commonly categorized as digital natives,...
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Why Do the Lady Bikers Put Their Safety Riding Beyond the Risks:?

Nevrettia Christantyawati, Daniel Susilo
Recently, there are more mothers, middle-aged ladies who ride motorcycles on the highway, especially in urban areas who most of them put their selves beyond the risks. This phenomenon is characterized by a popular term on internet which called the power of ‘emak emak’. The term describes how the powerful...
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Conflict in Achieving "Victory Stage of Multi-Level Marketing"

Retno Andriati
Multi-level marketing (MLM) business trading model and global business which can penetrate countries border and local culture boundary. The objective of this study is to explore the utilization of different cultural background in MLM business and conflict variation in achieving “victory stage” from economics...
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The Importance of Parental Control of Teenagers in Wacthing Anime with Pornographic Content on the Internet

Zainal Achmad, Sjafiatul Mardliyah, Hervinna Pramitha
The purpose of this study was to explain the communication experiences between parents and teenagers in providing an understanding of the impact of watching pornographic content on the internet, and to identify the perceptions of parents and teenagers about anime with pornographic content. So that parents...
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Glocalization of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Strengthening Preservation of Indonesia’s Endangered Languages in Globalized World

Iyan Septiyana, Defbry Margiansyah
The negative impact of globalization affects the very existence of cultural identities including local languages. Indonesia, multilingual state with more than 700 local languages, encounters such impact where a number of its languages are increasingly endangered, even some of them already death. This...
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Work Family Culture as a Corporate Culture

Sri Kusumawarti
As a formal organization, a company is a fully integrated entity for the achievement of goals. For the achieving goals, the company has the appropriate organizational culture. The background of this research is because the industrial environment requires a harmonious social relationship for the workers...
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Education-Oriented Family in the Globalisation Era

Claudia Aridho
Local culture in Indonesia is about the existence of togetherness and continuous interaction within the family. Families consisting of father and mother also their child who live as a group in one house and doing activities that help each other. Children in local culture serve as parties that help parents...
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Habonaron Do Bona and Sapangambei Manoktok Hitei Symbols Interpreted as Simalungun Ethnic Identity in Regional AutonomyHabonaron Do Bona and Sapangambei Manoktok Hitei Symbols that Interpreted as Simalungun Ethnic Identity in Regional Autonomy

Hadiani Fitri
Interpretation of symbols in Simalungun, which has been done by any parties considered as the leader in the field of customs, society organization or government, is conducted so that Simalungun ethnic can implement those symbols as a benchmark of view while behaving and acting during their daily activities,...
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Codex Alimentarius : Indonesia’s Halal Food Challenges as Culture Identity in International Trade

Arin Fothriani, Jeanie Annisa
The existence codex aliementarius provisions comformity with the provision of halal food product certification, for Muslims, is profitable. However, with the majority of the Muslim population as part of the Indonesian identity, it cannot put Indonesia as a country with the number of certified halal food...
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Batak Women in Surabaya between Globalization and Local Policies

Sherly Gultom
The existence of local policies are not separated from the role of women as a factor supporting the policy itself. The modern era of globalization affect the continuities and changes in each line of the local policy. Batak as one ethnic uphold local policies come adapt to the pattern of globalization...
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The Local Knowledge of Dayaknese: Case Study of Pahewan Tabalean

Merissa Octora
Central Kalimantan is widely known with the great potential of natural resources scattered from every regencies. The original belief of Dayaknese in Central Kalimantan was Kaharingan is well known with the term “Agama Helu” which have a great connection with human and nature. Most of area of Central...