Proceedings of the International Conference of Learning on Advance Education (ICOLAE 2021)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh

Technological literacy is a skill that must be possessed by the world community in the framework of increasingly open global competition. As a saying goes that he who masters technology is he who rules the world. Therefore, technological literacy is a very hot issue today, especially in the environment of practitioners and researchers in the field of education. Seeing these conditions, Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta tried to capture the heated issue in the form of an international conference held by the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. The conference was named The International Conference of Learning in Advance Education (ICOLAE).

At this time, ICOLAE 2021 raised a theme, namely "The Role of Technological Literacy in Education to Face Global Competitiveness". This theme is inspired by the case that has been explained earlier that Global Competitiveness becomes a reality that must be faced and prepared how to deal with it. At the conference, two keynote speakers, namely Dr. Sarah Prestridge (Griffith University, Australia) and Muhammad Thoyibi, Ph.D., presented material related to how technology mastery should be improved into a technological literacy. Therefore, it is expected that through this international conference various ideas will emerge, especially related to how to optimize the role of technology in the educational process.

The participants who attended this conference were as many as 150 participants with 134 of them being seminar speakers. Therefore, it is hoped that this conference can be a forum for researchers to disseminate their research results related to the technology literacy or focus and scope of ICOLAE 2021.

Yasir Sidiq, Ph.D.
Chairman of ICOLAE 2021