Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture, and Education (ICOLLITE 2020)

Transforming Sundanese Script

From Palm Leaf to Digital Typography

Agung Zainal Muttakin Raden, Rustopo Rustopo, Timbul Haryono
Corresponding Author
Rustopo Rustopo
Available Online 17 December 2020.
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Digital typography, globalization, reinventing, Sundanese script, transformation
The impact of globalization is the loss of local culture, transformation is an attempt to offset the global culture. Globalization has influenced the structure of the global community in the political, economic, social, and cultural fields, bringing the impact on the displacement of local culture. Sundanese script, which is one of the non-Latin script that developed in the West Java region. Non-Latin script as a product of local culture with an identity attached to each letter will face the risk to be gradually replaced by the dominance from Latin script if it did not adjust to the demand of globalization. This research will discuss the transformation process from the Sundanese script contained in palm leaf media to the modern Sundanese script in the form of digital typography. The method used is transformation, which can be applied to rediscover the ancient Sundanese script within the new form known as the modern Sundanese script that it is relevant to modern society. Transformation aims to maintain local culture from global cultural domination. This article discovers the way Sundanese people reinvent their identity through the transformation from ancient Sundanese script to modern Sundanese script by designing a new form of script in order to follow the global technological developments.
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