Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture, and Education (ICOLLITE 2020)

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Religion, Education, and Pluralism

Relevance of Sufism Morality Education in Developing Character of Pluralism in Indonesia

A. Gani, Kamran Asat Irsyady, Ferry Muhammadsyah Siregar
This article examines the relevance of Sufism morality education in developing character of pluralism in Indonesia. Through the library research methodology with a historical-philosophical approach, the results show that someone practicing Sufism morality has a high level of tolerance while dealing with...
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Factors Influencing the Successful Implementation of Prospective Ginou Jisshuu and Tokutei Ginou Careworkers’ Training

Aep Saeful Bachri, Dewi Kusrini, Fania Zahra Augustine
This research is a case study on a training program for prospective careworkers who will be dispatched to Japan with the Ginou Jisshuu (skilled apprenticeship) and Tokutei Ginou (special work practice) programs at UPI. This research was conducted to determine the factors in successfully implementing...
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Meaning and Usage Analysis of Japanese Onomatopoeia in Japanese Light Novel

Afiana Qanita, Dewi Kusrini, Dedi Sutedi
This study aims to analyse meaning and usage the onomatopoeia that appears in the light novel. The data came from the Japanese light novel Saiunkoku Monogatari volume 16, published in 2008. This novel was used considering the high frequency of onomatopoeic occurrences compared to anime and manga. A descriptive...
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Patterns and Functions of the Word Terus in Four-to-Five-Year-Old Children’s Speech

Agnes Sarila Wiridhani, Niken Pramanik, Bernadette Kushartanti, Untung Yuwono
In Standard Indonesian and Colloquial Jakarta Indonesian, terus, which is pronounced as trus has several meanings; ‘immediate, continuing, not stopping, always, and then’. This paper discusses the use of terus and its function as an adverb and a conjunction in Indonesian-speaking children’s speech. In...
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The Form and Use of Dysphemism in Hoax

Agus Ari Iswara, Ni Nyoman Ayu J. Sastaparamitha
This study focused on analysing dysphemism found in hoax. The previous studies on forms and use of dysphemism in the grammatical units, and yet did not use hoaxes as the object of the research. This qualitative research relies on data documented from website and Data were...
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Emotional Onomatopoeia in Japanese Animation Series

Amandastia Putri, Dewi Kusrini, Sugihartono
The objective of this research is to identify emotions in Japanese Onomatopoeia. The analysis materials taken are from the 1st season of Haikyuu!! animation series (Anime), a parental guide rated (13+) anime which has 10 hours of airtime on TV BS (MBS and TBS) from April 2014 to September 2014. The expressive...
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The Use of Edubox as a Medium in Reading Comprehension Assessment

Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectives

Ami Nurbaiti, Pupung Purnawarman
Technology plays an important role in societies, including language learning. In this 21st century, the advancement of information and communication technology (ICT) also demands teachers to adjust to the situation. Besides, teachers need to be prepared to use a proper media as a learning tool and design...
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Revisiting Basic Writing Handbook

Applying Picture Word Inductive Model and Positive Language Formula to EFL Undergraduates

Amrina Rosyada, Erika Agustiana, Agustina Ramadhianti
Teaching basic writing course to EFL undergraduate students had been delivered in a monotonous model of mind-mapping supported by a conventional handbook with a lot of texts related to classical circumstances. However, along to the fast-changing era where different circumstances have taken place, the...
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The Effectiveness of Online Learning on Bahasa Indonesia During Covid-19 Pandemic

Andi Fathul Asdar
Online learning has become normal during covid-19 pandemic. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of online learning on Bahasa Indonesia during the covid-19 pandemic. This research used a mixed method research and data were collected using test, questionnaires, and interviews to obtain complete...
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Relationship Between English Language Attitude and Proficiency

Angelina Arini Larasati, Masda Surti Simatupang
It is essential to study language attitudes as influential aspects of learning languages. Having a positive attitude may result in a better student’s performance; the negative could hamper the learning process and degrade the student’s performance. This study examines the participants’ attitudes towards...
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Google Translate in Perceptions of German Language Students

Anisya Firdha Khairani, Pepen Permana, Irma Permatawati
This study aims to inquire the experience and the perception of students of German Department, FPBS UPI in using Google Translate. This study used a descriptive case study method. The subjects were 89 students of the German Language Education Department from the various semesters. This study used a questionnaire...
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Exploring ‘The Past’ in French Identity-Politics Discourse

Aprillia Firmonasari
People may notice that the speeches of Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in their presidential campaigns, in terms of their quality, were different from those of other presidential candidates. They use particular discursive strategies to promote their own political interests, with historical references...
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A Study of Design and Development of French Training Module for Tour Guide

A Case Study in Pangandaran Regency, Indonesia

Ariessa Racmadhany, Dadang Sunendar, Yadi Mulyadi, Iis Sopiawati, Dante Darmawangsa
The formal teaching of French in Indonesia has not been widely spread. For the context of Indonesia, specifically in West Java province, French is only studied in 3 universities and several high schools spread across several cities / districts. However, until now, there has not been a formal education...
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Educational Value in the Amat Rhang Manyang Legend as Literacy Material for Elementary School

Asriani, Syihabuddin, Yeti Mulyati, Sumiyadi
The people of Aceh have many legends. These legends are passed on orally from generation to generation. This is because the legend is full of educational values for all ages, so it is very feasible for literacy learning for children in elementary schools. The purpose of this study is to find the content...
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Javanese Personal Pronoun Sira’s Dynamic Change in 10th – 16th Century

Atin Fitriana, Myrna Laksman-Huntley, Dwi Puspitorini
In the study of language change, often personal pronouns are one of the aspects discussed and these are an important aspect in the study of Javanese too. However, research on Javanese personal pronouns with respect to the scope of language change has not been done. In the study of language change, the...
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Move Analysis of English Language Teaching Research Article Abstracts in National Journal

Az Zahra Qatrunnada Zulfa, Eri Kurniawan
Research article (RA) is one of academic writing regarding a contribution to knowledge in various disciplines. As a part of RA, an abstract is presented to describe the entire RA in deciding whether readers will keep reading the RA or not. Thus, the structure of an abstract determines its value in outlining...
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Prostitution and the Sugar Baby Phenomenon in France

Azalia Ambia Jacobs, Airin Miranda
The practice of prostitution in various forms in a country, including in France, cannot be avoided, as is the form of its promotion. For example, through trucks around universities in Paris that promote a sugar dating site. With the rise of sugar dating advertisements in society, sugar dating has become...
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Attitudes Towards Indonesian Varieties by Jakarta Indonesian-Speaking Adolescents in Depok City

Bernadette Kushartanti, Muhammad Gani Qodratul Ihsan, Nazarudin
Younger generations in Depok City, West Java, generally use Colloquial Jakarta Indonesian in daily activities. In certain condition and situations, especially at school, they also use another variety of Indonesian, the Standard Indonesian. It is important to see how they use each variety in daily life,...
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Internal Innovations of Gane Language in South Halmahera, North Maluku

A Historical Linguistics Study

Burhanuddin, Mahyuni, Sukri
This study explains the internal phonological and lexical innovations in Gane language. An internal innovation refers to transformation or difference of a language in aspect of phonology and lexicon which is not shared, especially, with other languages within a language group or family. For this purpose,...
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Social Status as a Nonverbal Language in Priyayi Society

An Etnopragmatics Symbolic Study

Candra Saputra
Social status in Priyayi society is considered important as a determinant of a person’s social degree. Social status is usually associated with rank, type of occupation, wealth, lineage, gender, community, and appearance. This article discusses social status as a static nonverbal language with the ethnopragmatics...
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The Character Education in Ngabungbang Tradition in Kasepuhan Ciptagelar Indigenous Community

Danan Darajat, Yatun Romdonah Awaliah, O. Solehudin
This research is motivated by the curiosity about the indigenous traditions of Ngabungbang in Kampung Adat Kasepuhan Ciptagelar, Sukabumi Regency, held every 14th of Mulud, the month of the Prophet Muhammad’s birth. Sundanese Ciptagelar people have the view that the 14th night of the month Mulud has...
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Think, Talk, Write Strategy in French Writing Skill Learning

An Online Teaching Context

Dante Darmawangsa, Yuliarti Mutiarsih, Iim Siti Karimah, Ariessa Racmadhany
There have been many studies show that there are still problems and difficulties in obtaining writing skills in foreign language learners. Various methods and strategies for writing learning have been developed and studied, one of which is the Think, Talk, Write strategy. On the other hand, the evolution...
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The Values of Character Education in Children’s Novel Guha Karang Legok Pari

Works of Hidayat Susanto

Dedi Koswara, Retty Isnendes, Ruhaliah, Agus Suherman
In the Local Content Curriculum of Sundanese Language and Literature (Revised Edition 2017), novels should be taught in elementary, junior high, and high school/vocational schools. The problem is that teachers find it difficult to find novel reading materials that are suitable for children in elementary...
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The Development of Comics as a Media to Improve Japanese Writing Skill

Dewi Kusrini, Via Luviana Dewanty, Nadiya Nurhamidah Hidayat
Students often find it difficult to develop ideas, determine appropriate vocabulary and sentence structure, formulate sentences with the right order, and describe non-text images when they are in the process of writing in Japanese during a lesson. One of the proposed media that can be utilized to overcome...
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What Do the Pictures Say in a Science Textbook?

Dhea Zakia Millah Nur’graha, Budi Hermawan
Many studies have demonstrated that images are essential in learning science to help the learners understand abstract scientific concepts. This research aims to investigate the use of images in a science textbook, by looking at the ideational meaning of the images and the captions accompanying them....
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Development of French Learning Module for Visually Impaired Learners

Dheny Marsyelina, Yuliarti Mutiarsih, Tri Indri Hardini
This research attempts to investigate the development of French learning module for A1 level of CEFR for visually impaired learners. This module is devoted to facilitating French listening and speaking competency. The research is conducted by using the Research and Development (R&D) method where...
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Character Traits Oriented Learning Material Model as a Strategy to Strengthen the Character for Early Childhood

Dian Sudaryuni Kurnia, Andoyo Sastromiharjo, Yeti Mulyati, Vismaia Damaianti
This research is motivated by the results of observations with teachers about the phenomenon of children’s character development through story media that is inconsistent with the development of children ages 5-6 years old. It is assumed that the stories used by the teacher does not contain character...
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Analysis of Multilingual Community Conversations on Online Media

Diana Rizki Oktarina, Nuria Haristiani
The use of language in a speech community, can be influenced by the rules that exist for a speech community. A person may have more than one speech community, which often reflected through their conversation style. The purpose of this research is to understand the conversation characteristics of three...
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An Analysis of Code Switching and Code Mixing in The Film “Tokyo Fiancée” by Stefan Liberski

Dimas Miftah Arrizki, Yuliarti Mutiarsih, Iis Sopiawati
Code switching and code mixing as the phenomena in the field of sociolinguistics are commonly found both orally and in the written form, especially in the multilingual film such as Tokyo Fiancée. This paper aims to: (1) analyse and describe the code switching and code mixing in the film Tokyo Fiancée...
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Transcultural Perspective on German Colonialism in Ferdinand May’s Sturm über Südwest-Afrika

Dudy Syafruddin, Lilawati Kurnia
Culture in classical concepts is perceived as static, homogeneous, and separate. It differs from the contemporary concepts of culture, such as transculturality, which sees culture as a heterogeneous entity that experiences a continuous process and is extremely interconnected with one another. This paper...
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The Shift of Proper Names Among Javanese Society

A Sociolinguistic Study

Dwi Atmawati
This research aims to examine and discuss the extent to which the shift in proper names occurred and the new proper names emerge among Javanese society, including the factors that influence the shift. The research locus was in Magelang district, Central Java, Indonesia. Since this research used a descriptive...
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Investigating Language Shift Among Minangnese Second Generations in North Bandung

Elsa Wahyuni Putri, Ruswan Dallyono, Ernie D. A. Imperiani
This study investigates the language shift phenomenon among the second generations of migrant minority groups, Minangnese, in the northern part of Bandung city, capital of West Java province. This study employs a descriptive qualitative method in which the data are collected through questionnaires, language...
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Literary Adaptation of the Poem Hujan Bulan Juni by Sapardi Djoko Damono as an Alternative to Bring the Work Closer to the People

Erlis Nur Mujiningsih, Suryami
The relationship between literary works and society is one of the important things in the world of literature. Sapardi Djoko Damono’s works, especially the Hujan Bulan Juni, are well known by the public. Various circles of society ranging from fellow writers, contemporary readers, to millennials know...
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Improvement Bases of Teachers’ Technological Knowledge in the Implementation of Computer-Based Learning

Etheldredha Tiara Wuryaningtyas, Yuliana Setyaningsih
Learning in times of covid-19 pandemic requires extra innovation and creativity of the teachers. Teachers must have fundamental mastery of technology, from the simplest technology to the more complex ones. The purpose of this research was to describe the fundamental improvement of technological knowledge...
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Regulatory Discourse on Woman’s Body

The Case of Muhammadiyah and Salafi’s Clerics Preaching

Eva Leiliyanti, Dhaurana Atikah Dewi, Zufrufin Saputra, Andera Wiyakintra, Muhammad Ulul Albab
This discourse analysis aims to compare and evaluate the patriarchal language on woman’s body represented by the preaching of Muhammadiyah and Salafi’s clerics. Both have positioned the woman’s body as a regulatory discourse that must be controlled by men. The data, which included 15 minutes and 5 minutes...
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Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension on English Text Through Semantic Mapping

Eva Yuni Rahmawati, Hasbullah
This research aims to improve students’ reading comprehension through the semantic mapping strategy on students of mathematics education program. This research used a classroom action research method which is carried out in two cycles with the stages of planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting....
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Early Childhood Literacy Experiences at Home in Relation to Family Socio-Economic Status (SES)

Fadillah Sandy, Lintang Muliawanti, Muhsiyana Nurul Aisyiyah
This study was conducted to explore how children at early age experience literacy activities with their parents at home. It is also interesting to see how early childhood literacy experiences are related to family socio-economic status (SES) as many studies found that SES is one of the significance factors...
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Sociocultural Components in The Translation of Onomatopoeia from French into Indonesian

Fani Safitri, Riswanda Setiadi
This study discusses the influence of culture in the translation of onomatopoeia in comic, from French into Indonesian. The comic used in this study is the SMURF comic, entitled Schtroumpfette, which is the second comic published in the Smurf comic series. This comic was made by Peyo and published in...
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Poetry in Teaching French Descriptive Texts Writing

Farida Amalia, Dudung Gumilar, Riswanda Setiadi
This study aims to identify, analyse, and describe: 1) the steps of learning to write descriptive text based on poetry text with a genre-based approach; 2) students’ ability in writing a descriptive French text before and after the application of poetry media; 3) the effectiveness of the application...
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EFL Teachers’ Perspective in Engaging Media and Multiliteracies During Distance Learning Policy

Fitria Azifah Dewi
Distance learning (DL) policy during the COVID-19 pandemic has urged teachers to engage multiliteracies and media to their teaching. By using a narrative inquiry approach to a junior high school EFL teacher and a senior high school EFL teacher regarding their teaching experience, this qualitative study...
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The Evaluation of Library Service Quality in LibQUAL+ Dimension Based on Users’ Gender

Habiburrahman, Gustina Erlianti
In this research, the authors want to raise the topic of gender in evaluating service quality, so that later it can be used as a reference in improving service quality in the UNP Library which is inclusive and ready to serve all visitors to the maximum. Through this research, the authors try to evaluate...
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Effectiveness and Teachers’ Confidence in E-Learning Usage in Teaching and Learning English during Covid 19 Pandemic at a University

Hadiyanto, Dedy Kurniawan, Mariza Juwita
Covid-19 pandemic threat had forced the Ministry of Indonesia Education and Culture to take a policy of changing the process of teaching and learning from classroom to online learning space. However, the emergency policy of the use of e-learning for the full learning process possibly hinders the effectiveness...
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Enhancing EFL Students’ Soft and Hard Skills through Blended Learning Activities

Hadiyanto, Rd. M. Ali, Mariza Juwita
Many researches had proved that Blended learning is able to improve students’ academic performance. Varies teaching and learning methods are included in blended learning for instance, online group discussion, online presentation, online submission, etc. Many resources reveal that learning methods and...
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Reading Text Signals Strategy in Literature Appreciation Learning Through Indonesian Short Stories

Halimah, Suci Sundusiah
This experimental study focuses on the use of learning strategies in the linguistic literacy dimension in the literature appreciation course through Indonesian short stories. This study was conducted as an effort to improve the competence of literary appreciation and literary literacy of the students...
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The Effect of Implementing Listening Teams Strategy on Students’ Critical Listening Ability

Handika Yogaskara, Khaerudin Kurniawan
This research is based on the students of the lowest critical listening ability. In fact, critical listening ability is very important to master in order to make judgment for conclusion whether or not the ideas and information in the news they hear are facts or not, accurate or not, based on certain...
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Designing Daily Life Manner in Japan as an Effort to Understand the Japanese Culture

Herniwati, Dianni Risda, Melia Dewi Judiasri
A lack of Japanese learners’ understanding of the Japanese culture, in particular its habits or manners in everyday life or at work will lead to the learners’ culture shock. Based on the results of the needs analysis conducted to students of Japanese language in a university, it is found that there were...
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Group Project Work in Developing Japanese Teaching Materials for Tourism and Technical Field

Herniwati, Nuria Haristiani
The demand for competency standards for graduates of Japanese language study programs at the master’s level in the School of postgraduate studies at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia is to produce Japanese language education experts, who later work as educators such as teachers, lecturers, equipped with...
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The Effect of Literacy Pattern and Mother Tongue on the Language Learning Ability during Learning from Home

I Wayan Numertayasa, I Putu Oka Suardana, Pande Agus Adiwijaya
One of the literacy parts is literacy pattern. This pattern forms the literacy habit which could help the students in learning a language. Besides that, many kinds of ethnic backgrounds in Indonesia led to the emergence of local languages. These languages tend to be the mother tongue of the students....
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Time Management and Learning Strategy in Polytechnic in The Digital Transformation Era

Iis Mariam, Nidia Sofa, Endah Wartiningsih, Nining Latianingsih
The impact of the digital transformation era is happening at present and individual empowerment has led the students in vocational education to master technology in the learning process. This condition somehow has an impact on the learning process in polytechnic. The purpose of this research is to analyse...
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Multilingualism Through Linguistic Landscapes in Baturraden Tourism Resorts

Ika Maratus Sholikhah, Asrofin Nur Kholifah, Erna Wardani
This paper focuses on exploring linguistic landscape in Banyumas tourism resorts. Linguistic landscape (LL) refers to the use of language in textual form as displayed on posters, commercial signs, official notices, traffic signs, and some other public areas. It signals what language are prominent and...
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Development of Interactive-Multimedia-Assisted Social Cognitive Model for Early Reading Learning

Indah Nurmahanani, Munir, Yeti Mulyati, Andoyo Sastromiharjo
A research report from USAID PRIORITAS (2017) shows gaps in the quality and quantity of the processes and learning resources available to students in Indonesia, which causes poor quality of their reading capabilities. Therefore, it is important to develop a model to facilitate early reading learning...
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Errors of Deixis Usage in French Narrative Texts

A Case of Indonesian Students

Indry Julyanti Pratiwi, Dudung Gumilar, Dante Darmawangsa
Several previous studies in foreign language learning have shown that obstacles and difficulties encountered by learners cause the production of language errors, including errors in the use of deixis. This study aims to investigate the use of deixis in students’ French narrative texts and the most frequent...
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Language Variations in Instagram Caption

Gender Analysis with a Sociolinguistic Approach

Intan Permata Sari, Wawan Gunawan, Dadang Sudana
This research discussing the language variations that are used by gender in the Instagram caption. The purpose of this research is to analyse language variations that are used by women and men in Instagram captions and to find the language variations that are realized by men and women in the Instagram...
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The Development of LMS-Moodle based Virtual Classroom for Hör-Sehverstehen Learning

Irma Permatawati, Pepen Permana, Dani Hendra
The lack of time available for Hör-Sehverstehen learning at face-to-face meetings in the classroom, the underutilization of the use of the internet for Hör-Sehverstehen learning, and the less innovative learning of German Hör-Sehverstehen are the main backgrounds of this research. This study aims to...
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Accelerating Preservice Teachers’ Learning in Teaching Practicum through Instructional Coaching

Iyen Nurlaelawati, Nenden Sri Lengkanawati, Wawan Gunawan
Teacher preparation programs are sometimes reported to have a lack of adequate provision of training transfer from university to school classrooms so that many preservice teachers are not prepared to have their field experience. This paper, thus, reports on the perspectives of EFL preservice teachers...
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Post-Method Era and Glocalization in Language Teaching and Learning

Jesica Dwi Lusianov
Language learning which develops in this post-global era of the industrial revolution 4.0 cannot be separated from post-methods. The post-method era is a condition that has been occurring in our current language education in which there are various efforts to reconstruct the relationship between theories...
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Speaking Skills

A Survey on Malay Language Teachers in Malacca

Juairiah Marjonet, Mohd Afifi Bahurudin Setambah, Norfadhilah Nasrudin, Nor Asilah Osman, Mohamad Isa Azis, Nordiana Asra A. Rahim
The study aims to assess the level of speaking skills among Malacca Malay language teachers. A total of 152 primary and secondary school teachers are chosen to be the sample. The quantitative approach with survey research design was adopted. This study used questionnaires to determine the level of sample...
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An Attitudinal Analysis of Social Actor on Indonesia Capital City Movement

Kiki Fitriana, Wawan Gunawan, Dadang Sudana
This study discusses the attitudes of public figures on Twitter about the planning of relocating Indonesia’s capital to East Kalimantan. The attitudes of public figures have a significant influence on public opinion. However, linguistic analysis of the attitude of public figures in the discourse of relocating...
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Code-Switching and Code-Mixing by Japanese Language Learners in Cultural Exchange Activity

Kiki Kania, Herniwati, Noviyanti Aneros
The present study examines the types and the causes of code-switching and code-mixing of Japanese language learners participated in Hiroshima University winter courses conversation. The study used case study design with qualitative methods. The data in this study was a recorded conversation of seven...
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Language Change in ‘New-Normal’ Classroom

A Study on Pedagogical Communication in New Media

Laila Ulsi Qodriani, I Dewa Putu Wijana
The Covid-19 pandemic situation brings up the internet technology to become the only way to solve the educational problem out. The global use of online learning has massively changed the communication process of teaching and learning activity from face-to-face communication then widely transform into...
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A Comparative Study of Indonesian and Sundanese Homonym Vocabularies

Lexical Semantic Review

Lilis Siti Sulistyaningsih, Nunung Sitaresmi, Rahmawati
Language differences in each region become a characteristic of Indonesia, which often causes misunderstanding of meanings among the community. This phenomenon frequently occurs in communication, either direct or indirect communication with speakers of different languages. One of the issues is the complex...
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The Usage of Prefixes {me(N)-} and {nge-} in 4 Year- Old Children

Lucia Ika Linawati, Eri Kurniawan, Dadang Sudana
Prefixes {me(N)-} and {nge-} in Indonesian are interesting to study because the prefixes {me (N)-} and {nge-} are allomorphs of two forms that represent a function. Our 4-year-old children are able to differentiate the use of prefix {me(N)-} and {nge}. The purpose of this study is to identify and describe...
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Contrastive Analysis of Japanese and Indonesian Inversion Sentences

Luke Lianna, Dedi Sutedi, Herniwati
The structure of the Indonesian sentence is different from the Japanese sentence where the former is S-P, S-P-O, S-P-O-Adv, while the latter is S-O-P. Both languages have their own rules regarding the sentence structure, but the use of grammar is not that rigid in real practice. A sentence that reverses...
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Mamaos Art at Sanggar Sekar Panghegar in Cianjur City

M. Rifki Rizaldin, Nunuy Nurjanah, Chye Retty Isnendes
The purpose of this research is to describe the development and the way to preserve mamaos art in Cianjur City. A qualitative method for this research was employed to reveal the development and the efforts to preserve Mamaos art at Sanggar Sekar Panghegar in Cianjur City. Data were collected through...
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The Translator’s Strategy as a Cultural Mediator in Translating Indonesian Novel into English

A Case Study On “Jatisaba”

M. Yuseano Kardiansyah, Aprinus Salam
This article discusses a study on the translator’s strategy in producing an Indonesian-English translated work (Indonesian-English literary work) entitled “Jatisaba”, a novel that is full of Javanese (Banyumasan) cultural terms and expressions. Since the translator is a cultural mediator, this study...
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A Preliminary Study in Developing a Contrastive and Error Analyses-based German Grammar Textbook

R Mantasiah, Yusri, Hasmawati, Muhammad Anwar
This study aims to describe the results of the validation of the textbook developed using both contrastive and error analyses. This study, however, did not test the textbook’s effectiveness in improving students’ understanding of learning German grammar. The results of the study provide an overview of...
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Profile of Self-Assessment Use in Learning Indonesian Language at the Senior High School

Melda Fauzia Damaiyanti, Nuny Sulistyani Idris, Rosita Rahma
This research is motivated by the absence of a profile for the use of attitude assessment in the Indonesian language learning process. This data is used as a reference for evaluating the extent to which teachers use self-assessment instruments in measuring student attitudes. Many teachers are found to...
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Analysis of Thematic Roles in Acquisition of Active and Passive Sentence on Four-Year-Old Children

Mely Rizki Suryanita, Eri Kurniawan, Dadang Sudana
Mastery of active and passive sentences in this study is part of acquiring Indonesian as children’s first language. This study aims to describe the mastery of thematic roles in active and passive Indonesian sentences which are spoken from the speech of 4-year-old children. This study focused on the thematic...
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The Classification of Swear Words in the Movie Perempuan Tanah Jahanam by Joko Anwar

A Sociolinguistic Study

Mochammad Fredy, Nuria Haristiani
Movie is one of the tools for spreading languages which may contain verbal abuse, harsh words, sarcasm, and swear words to express displeasure, hatred, or dissatisfaction. Swear words are not only used to blaspheme and vilify, but also to express praises, wonders, and create an atmosphere of close intimacy....
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A Comparison of Rhetorical Moves in Students’ Undergraduate Thesis Abstracts

Mochammad Rizki Juanda, Eri Kurniawan
Research on rhetorical move in abstracts has received attention in recent years. Different disciplines employ different strategies in manifesting rhetorical move in their writing. However, cross-disciplinary studies on rhetorical move in abstract still need to be done to examine the similarities and...
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The Phenomenon of Absurdity in Comics

A Semiotic-Pragmatic Analysis of Tahilalats Comics

Muh. Zakky Al Masykuri, Aceng Ruhendi Syaifullah, Eri Kurniawan
Tahilalats Comic as one of the visual communication media holds the power to convey information in a popular manner yet makes an absurd impression and potentially generates various interpretations by the readers. This study aims to explore and describe the absurdity phenomenon in Tahilalats through the...
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A Mammoth Logistical Challenge with Slight Hiccups

The Metaphorical Image of Indonesian Election 2019

Muhammad Adam, Adi Prautomo
Indonesian Election 2019 was undoubtedly the biggest single-day election in the world. The foreign media news reports on the election highlight various aspects; one of them is the logistical challenge and massive tasks of the Indonesian General Election Commission (KPU) before, during, and after Election...
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Study of Local Wisdom Values in the Short Collection “Keajaiban Ceritaku” Stories of PGSD Students

Muhammad Rizal Fauzi, Deri Fadly Pratama
One parameter of short story writing skills is having an intrinsic element that can be conveyed attractively to the readers. The interesting thing is when the reader can find the message in each storyline contained in the short story, both in aspects of the storyline, dialogue, plot, character, and messages...
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Code-Mixing in Japanese Language Beginner Level Classroom

Muliadi, Nuria Haristiani
The present study aimed to describe the types and the function of code-mixing in Japanese language teaching. The participants of this study were a native Japanese teacher who has Japanese teaching experience of approximately 12 years and 16 international students of the graduate medical program at a...
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Strategies of Translating French Pronominal Verbs in Tintin Into Indonesian

Alika Salsabila, Myrna Laksman-Huntley
Translating is conducted to convey source language messages to target language but due to language systems difference, translator might face difficulties. Different types of French pronominal verbs, for example, are not easy to be translated into Indonesian. This study attempts to investigate the Indonesian...
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Indonesian EFL Teachers’ Challenges in Assessing Students’ Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

Nabila Saniya Abkary, Pupung Purnawarman
Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) must be implemented in every subject, including the English Language in the 2013 curriculum by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Indonesia. HOTS is the upper three levels of cognitive learning (analyzing, evaluating, and creating) coined by Bloom, known as Bloom’s...
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Imperative Speech Acts in Public Interests in Pandemic Covid in Indonesia

Nanik Sumarsih
Since WHO declared Covid-19 as a pandemic, various efforts have been made by many parties, both the government and the community to deal with Covid-19 in Indonesia. Public understanding of the information conveyed will affect their way of thinking, taste, and behavior. This will have an impact on the...
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Japanese Learners’ Perception of Using Padlet in Japanese Composition (Sakubun) Skills

Noviyanti Aneros, Herniwati
Integration between the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the education sector requires teachers and students to utilize nowadays technologies, one of them by using Padlet. Padlet is a web-based application that enables users to write or pin-up files such as pictures to the virtual walls on Padlet. This...
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Has English at Tourism and Hospitality Higher Education Met the Future Workplace Requirements?

Nurti Rahayu
English mastery is crucial in providing service excellence for hospitality guests. In fact, tourism and hospitality education has to ensure the English language preparation meets the workplace requirements. However, not much research investigates the relevance of English language preparation at school...
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Move Analysis of Tourism Research Article Abstracts in National and International Journal Articles

Nurul Aini Akrima Sabila, Eri Kurniawan
This study aims to investigate the rhetorical move of tourism research article abstracts from national and international journals. Employing Hyland’s (2004) model, the data analyzed were 120 tourism research article abstracts from journals indexed by Scopus (international) and Sinta (national). The results...
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PAN Reflex in Maya Language in West New Guinea: A Preliminary Study on Understanding The Concept of South Halmahera-West New Guniea

Paesal Hadi, Burhanuddin, Sukri
This study aimed at uncovering reflexes of the Proto-Austronesian (PAN) in Maya language, spoken in Raja Ampat, West Papua province, and verifying the concepts that define South Halmahera-West Papua group proposed by Adriani and Kruyt (1914), Blust (1993), Ross (1994), and Kamholz (2014). To achieve...
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Presupposition Analysis in Twitter Reply Columns in Alleged Cyberbullying Case

Paramita Dwi Lestari Putri, Dadang Sudana, Andika Dutha Bachari
The present forensic-pragmatic study was conducted to explore the types of presupposition in Twitter replies. This descriptive qualitative study focuses on examining the presupposition in the Twitter reply columns to reveal any cyberbullying-related speech. The data were analyzed based on Yule’s types...
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Optimizing the Quiz Moodle Module for the B1 Level German Language Exam Simulation Application

Pepen Permana, Irma Permatawati, Dani Hendra
Language competency tests, including German, are indispensable for measuring a learner’s ability and language skills. The mastery of the language is then proven by acquiring of a language certificate. Since 2019 students majoring in German at several universities in Indonesia are required to take an...
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Editorial Argument Typification of Bisnis Indonesia

Pilipus Wai Lawet, Yuliana Setyaningsih
An argumentation is an activity of giving evidence and justification to support a claim. Writing editorials requires strong arguments in order to convince readers. There are argument models in Douglas Walton’s perspective that can be used in writing editorials. This study aims to describe the types of...
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Orientalization of Nature in The German Translation of Mochtar Lubis’s Harimau-Harimau

Prasuri Kuswarini, Masdiana, Irma Nurul Husnal Chotimah
Western perspectives about the East, formalized in the form of Orientalism in the colonial period, still dominate the discourse regarding the economy, politics, culture, and nature, even now in the postcolonial era. This study explores the influence of an orientalist perspective on the German translation...
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The Absence Manifestation of the Use of Indonesian Language Basic Syntactic Function Found in Master Program Student’s Journal Articles

Priscila Felicia Elu, R. Kunjana Rahardi
The main problem discussed in this research is the absence of the use of basic syntactic functions in Bahasa Indonesia. This is urgent to be discussed because one of the main problem debated over ineffective sentences in Bahasa Indonesia is the absence of these basic syntactic functions. This study is...
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Authentic Speaking Assessment Applied by English Teachers During Online Learning

Pupung Purnawarman, Ulya Darajati
Online classes become the only alternative that schools are able to do during the pandemic situation when the government issued the regulation to stay at home. Moreover, not all schools are able to provide regular online classroom for the students, so that the progress of students’ language production...
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A New Horizon of Hyperreality

Simulacrum on Film “Memories of My Body” by Garin Nugroho

Puri Kurniasih, Bambang Sunarto, Tommy Christomy
“Memories of My Body”, a Garin Nugroho’s latest film title in 2019, tells about the body’s journey, inspired from Rianto’s life as a Lengger Lanang dancer. In this film, Rianto is not as a reference, but as a model to describe simulates feminine and masculine concepts in one body on film as a simulacrum;...
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Impacts of Mobile-Assisted Language Assessment (MALA) on EFL Students’ Beliefs About Language Learning (BALL)

Raden Hasby Isnaindy Fasa, Pupung Purnawarman
Based on 21st-century learning framework, in order to support the students’ skills, knowledge and expertise, assessment becomes one of the critical systems necessary that should be mastered to succeed in work and life. At the same time, new assessment mode has been developed during the time since the...
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EFL Students Online Learning Experience During Pandemic

Radiatan Mardiah, Indri Anastasia
The Indonesian government made a policy to carry out online learning because of COVID-19 pandemic. The shift from mostly face to face learning to online learning give different learning experience to the students. The present study is aimed at exploring how English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students...
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The Use of Circuit Learning Model in Improving Students’ Writing Skills in Elementary School

Rahman, Tatat Hartati, Decenni Amelia, Rima Rikmasari, Resi Yugafiati, Tri Indri Hardini, Sofyan Sauri
The relationship between daily life communication and language learning cannot be separated because the variety of languages is a measuring tool for one’s success. Thus, this paper is prepared in an effort to improve the writing skills of elementary school students using the Circuit Learning (CL) model....
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Digital Literacy Abilities of Students in Distance Learning

Rahman, Vina Anggia Nastitie Ariawan, Inne Marthyane Pratiwi
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the learning system from elementary to tertiary level to change using distance learning. This causes all stakeholders need to master digital devices so they can follow the learning well. The digital abilities of students as learning subjects are on the spotlight because...
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An Analysis of Symbolic Meanings in Palang Pintu Tradition of the Betawi Wedding Ceremony

Rahman, Zakaria, NKD Tristiantari, Asri Wibawa Sakti
Palang Pintu tradition is one of the Betawi ethnic cultural heritage which is performed in the process of a wedding ceremony. Besides enacted as a performance to entertain people, Palang Pintu is loaded with cultural literacy. The purpose of the study is to find out a comprehensive description of symbolic...
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Learning from Home

Revitalization of Masatua to Improve Students’ Literacy in Elementary School

Rahman, NKD Tristiantari, Zakaria, Resi Yugafiati
In Indonesia, many education policies have been taken to address the development of Covid-19, one of which is learning from home program. In the elementary school level, the learning is focused in forming students’ character through literacy activities. One of the activities that can be done by parents...
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EFL Students’ Response on the Impact of Online Peer Feedback on Their Writing Performance

Ria Nurviyani, Pupung Purnawarman
Due to pandemic covid-19, the process of teaching and learning is conducted virtually with all of the deficiencies; one of them is students’ lack of feedback on their task due to a distance between teacher and students. In this context, peer feedback can be a solution to ameliorate the deficiency, for...
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Redefinition of Homecoming (Mudik) VS Returning Home (Pulang Kampung) in the Context of Covid-19 Pandemic

Heading Eid al-Fitr, Muslims in Indonesia usually do homecoming (mudik) to their hometowns. However, recently in the pandemic Covid-19 era, the term homecoming has been redefined by Jokowi. He distinguished the meaning of homecoming (mudik) with returning home (pulang kampung). However, based on the...
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How Advertising Enforces Local Cultural Identity Through Fashion in Timun Mas TV Ads

Rina Wahyu Winarni
Timun Mas ads are a series of advertising to promote Marjan Syrup product which aired in Indonesia in 2019 during the month of Ramadhan. Broadcasted in national televisions and youtube, the ads were inspired by the folklore of Timun Mas as an artifact of Indonesian culture. Timun Mas ads featured Timun...
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Construction and Implication of New Covid-19 Pandemic Words

From the Perspective of Qur’anic Asynonimity (al-Wujuh wa al-Naza’ir)

Rosidin Rosidin, Masyithah Mardhatillah, Rahmat Rahmat, Handoko Ja’far
Covid-19 pandemic has brought out some new words classified as four: Indonesian, English, loan words, and abbreviation or acronym. Those new vocabularies trigger similarities and differences in how Indonesian understand and use them. This study aims to explain the construction and implication of those...
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Eye Movement Patterns on Screen Readers

An Eye-Tracking Study

Rosita Rahma, Undang Sudana, Aswan
Eye movements are important when reading activities are carried out. Basically, a person’s eye movements when reading do not move straight along following the line of text, but sometimes makes short, rapid, and stop movements. The visual processing of the written text is interesting to study since there...
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The Role of Yabelale Lullabie as Children’s Character Building in South Sulawesi

Rosmah Tami, Yulianeta
The continuity of human culture lies in the inheritance and formation of children’s subjectivity from the earlier age. Therefore, in welcoming the arrival of the children as the future, various rituals carried out as a form of cultural conversation between the past (traditions from ancestors), the present...