Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture, and Education (ICOLLITE 2021)

This proceeding comprises a collection of edited papers presented at the Fifth International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education (ICOLLITE 2021), an academic forum organized by the Faculty of Language and Literature Education of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia and held on August 12, 2021. Taking “Digital Literacies and Autonomy: Current Trends and Practices in Education, Culture, and Literature Studies” as its main theme, the conference has been a meeting place that serves an excellent opportunity for researchers, lecturers, school teachers, and post-graduate students to disseminate and share their ideas and research findings in a broad coverage of language, literature, and culture scholarship, teaching implementation and policy, particularly in the context of digital literacies and autonomy. Thus, the themes of this proceedings cover a broad array of empirical research that develops theoretical and conceptual insights into language, literature, culture, and education from contemporary perspectives.

We would like to extend our profound appreciation to all keynote speakers, featured speakers, and all presenters from Indonesian and overseas universities for participating and sharing ideas in the conference. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the advisory board members for providing their support, and the organizing committee members for their commitment, dedication, and hard work to make this conference happens. We thank the reviewers for their time, dedication, and efforts in reviewing the papers. We hope that future ICOLLITE will stimulate more contributions to the field of education, culture, language, and literature.

Finally, we hope that this proceedings will serve as an excellent reference book for linguists, language educators and practitioners, and culture experts that can enrich their knowledge and broaden their perspectives on the field of education, culture, language, and literature.