Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture, and Education (ICOLLITE 2021)

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Analysis of Fifth Grade Elementary School Students’ Difficulties in Writing Essays

Ade Surahman
This research is motivated by the low writing ability, especially writing narrative essays among the fifth-grade elementary school students. This study aims to find out what difficulties are experienced by the students when writing narrative essays. This study used a descriptive method involving 20 students...
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The Effect of Telegram Application in Japanese Language Distance Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic

Adhellayani, Linna Meilia Rasiban
The use of social media or mobile communication application for learning has attracted many researchers across the globe as they are inevitable in digital era. However, the use of Telegram seems to be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of research. Therefore, the aims of present study was to investigate...
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The Types of Speaking Exercises and Their Compliance with CEFR

An analytical descriptive study of the German textbook Netzwerk A1

Adiat Halim, Irma Permatawati, Pepen Permana
For most people who are learning German, mastering speaking skill is the primary goal of learning the language. It requires exercises to develop the learner’s speaking ability in order to have adequate skills that can be used in formal and informal interactions. Even though there are exercises to practice...
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Code Variations in Language Choice at Tanjungsari Market, Sumedang Regency

A Sociolinguistic Study

Afi Fadlilah, Dini Gilang Sari
The language diversity in the multilingual community in Tanjungsari Market, Sumedang Regency (TMSR) can be a blessing or a disaster for the speakers in the area. This paper describes the form of language code variations in language choice in the TMSR speech community. Using an ethnographic qualitative...
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Phoneme Adding Error (Anaptyxis) on Pronunciation of Basic Korean BIPA Learners

Afina Naufalia, Nunung Sitaresmi, Rosita Rahma
This research was motivated by the problem of many mispronunciations of BIPA learners from South Korea. This is due to the differences in phonemes and sound rules. From various previous studies and experts, Koreans have difficulty pronouncing Indonesian vocabulary due to some differences in phonemes...
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Structure of the Sundanese Language in the Pegon Script

Linguistic Study of the Pupujian Manuscript of Nadhomul Mawalidi wal Mi’raj

Agung Apriyanto, Nunuy Nurjanah, Ruhaliah
The Pegon script is part of the richness of the Sundanese language. The state of the Sundanese spelling in the Pegon script is an arbitrary writing system. This study aims to obtain a spelling structure in the form of the Pegon script used to write Sundanese. The source of the data used is a text of...
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Grammatical Cohesion in Moh. Sanoesi’s Siti Rayati

Ainun Aulia Putri, Yayat Sudaryat
This paper was aimed at examining the grammatical cohesion in the novel of Siti Rayati by Moh Sanoesi. This research was descriptive qualitative, and the data were collected by using the documentation study technique and processed using direct element analysis techniques (Immediate Constituent Analysis)....
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Contrastive Analysis of Politeness Strategies in Directive Speech Act in Japanese and Minangkabau Language

Alifah Dini Putri, Nuria Haristiani
This study aims to identify the similarities and differences of politeness strategies in directive speech acts in Japanese and Minangkabau languages. The data are gathered from dialogues in a Japanese movie entitled Kuchibiru ni Uta o (2015) and one Indonesian movie using Minangkabau language as language...
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Examination of Metasyntactic Ability to French Grammar Competence Among Indonesian Students

Alman Naufal, Dadang Sunendar, Tri Indri Hardini
The competence to consciously control and utilize a better understanding of language organization helps the language users produce grammatically correct sentences and comprehend a syntactic aspect in a formal language structure, which helps the student learn, use, and understand the language fluently....
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Analysis of Japanese Adverbs in Japanese Drama Suizokukan Gaaru

Alviano Aditya Fauzi, Dewi Kusrini
This study aims to determine the adverbs that are often used by Japanese people in daily conversation. The data used in this study is a Japanese drama called “Suizokukan Gaaru” aired in NHK in 2016. This drama was used considering a lot of scenes that depict conversations in family and work environment....
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A3! Visual Novel Game as an Audio-Visual Media that Motivates Japanese Language Learning

Amalia Putri, Nurul Zia Aida, Renindra Atsilah Putri, Tazkia Syifa Arrahmah, Dewi Kusrini
Audio-visual is one of many learning media that may be utilized in language learning. Games are an example of audio-visual media, which is a means for transmitting information with both audio (sound) and visual (picture) characteristics. A3! is a visual novel game with a Japanese setting. The game includes...
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Speech Act Representation of Doctor – Patient Interactions in Grey’s Anatomy Serial

Amanda Puspanditaning Sejati, Sifa Rini Handayani, Dedah Ningrum, Emi Lindayani, Ahmad Purnama Hudaya
The transition from face-to-face learning to distance learning is an example of COVID-19 pandemic effect. This condition is a challenge especially for vocational-based nursing education providers because during the COVID-19 pandemic the experience of students interacting with patients tends to be restricted....
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The Use of Politeness Strategy in Criticizing Speech Acts in Japanese

Amelya Septiana, Nuria Haristiani
Although Japanese language is one of the most quoted examples in speech acts and politeness research, current publications focus on distinct areas of criticism speech acts and politeness. Very few of them enquire into the varied aspects of politeness strategy in criticism speech acts. Furthermore, politeness...
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The Verbo-Tonal Method (VTM) of Phonetic Correction in Learning French Pronunciation

Analeila Devira Lorenzi, Tri Indri Hardini, Dadang Sunendar, Yuliarti Mutiarsih
This study discusses one method of phonetic correction for pronunciation learning improvement called Verbo-tonal method. Nowadays, this method of phonetic correction is the most widespread method. However, this method is not quite popular in Indonesia. The main objective of this study is to analyze fundamental...
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Poem Story of Budak Mandjor

Structure Analysis and Ethnopedagogy

Andi Rohendi, Ruhaliah
This research aims to know and describe the flow and value of ethnopedagogy contained in the Story of Pantun Budak Mandjor. This study used descriptive methods of analysis. The results of this study describe the structure and value of ethnopedagogy Poem Story of Budak Mandjor. The structure of Pantun...
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The Development of Virtual Reality as Learning Media in Improving French Students’ Listening Ability at A1 Level

Andine Adriyani Septiani, Dadang Sunendar, Tri Indri Hardini
In this era of globalization, technology has rapidly developed and impacted on many areas, including in the field of education. These developments have led to the emergence of a new learning process known as mobile learning. Developing learning media based on mobile learning requires online platforms...
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Register Analysis on High School Students’ Language in Japanese Manga and Anime

Andriani Anjasuma Putri, Nuria Haristiani
This study aimed to identify the use of registers in the language of high school students in Japan based on three elements of situation, namely: field; tenor; and mode. This descriptive qualitative study used daily conversations of high school students taken from the first 10 episodes of anime and manga...
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English Teachers’ Beliefs Towards the Implementation of Genre-Based Approach

A Case Study

Anny Sulistyo Rini, Wawan Gunawan, Emi Emilia, Eri Kurniawan
Indonesian English curriculum pays a great attention to the development of students’ skills in English. However, there has been a significant concern that this skill has not been well-achieved. Recently, the government’s positive intention to improve students’ skills is stated in the program of Sekolah...
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Teaching Online During Pandemic COVID-19

French Teachers Perceptions of Online Learning in Indonesia

Ariessa Racmadhany, Dadang Sunendar, Yadi Mulyadi, Iis Sopiawati, Dante Darmawangsa
Enforcement of community activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC) to extend distance learning. This study was conducted to investigate how teachers perceived their readiness for online learning systems. This research was conducted during...
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Implementation of Prophetic Education in Arabic Learning

Strengthening Character Education during Distance Learning at a Senior High School

Asep Sopian, Mia Nurmala
During the pandemic, distance learning was implemented in all schools, levels of education, and various learning activities in Indonesia, including learning Arabic at senior high school level. However, character strengthening cannot be separated from learning. This study aims to strengthen character...
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Rhetorical Move and Linguistic Features Comparative Analysis of Research Article Abstracts by Authors of Different Organizational Backgrounds

Ashifa Kanafani, Ananta Buana Nurcik, Ayu Intan Harisbaya, Syifa Fauzia Qurratu’aini, Eri Kurniawan, Arif Husein Lubis
The readers’ first impression of the articles’ overall contents relies on what is presented and how they are presented in the abstract. Previous studies have quite extensively looked at the rhetorical structure of abstract, specifically comparing abstracts of different fields of study, languages, and...
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Online Games to Improve English Vocabulary Awareness in Daily Speech

Asih Prihandini, Dadang Sudana, Eri Kurniawan
This research is a case study on a seven-year-old boy who lives in Bandung, Indonesia where there are some different languages such as Sundanese, Javanese, and Indonesian are used dominantly. The use of English language reflecting some characters in online games has given deep impact to the awareness...
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Cultivating Intercultural Communicative Competence of Pre-Service English Teachers in Southeast Asia (Sea Teacher Project)

Asti Siti Nurazizah, Ahmad Bukhari Muslim, Sri Setyarini
SEA Teachers Project is one of SEAMEO’s international collaboration programs held by several universities in Southeast Asia to increase students’ cultural awareness and pedagogical experience to be international teachers. Their experience as international teachers in other countries are expected to develop...
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A Comparative Study on Rhetorical Moves of IJAL’s Abstracts Written by UPI’s Lecturers and by UPI-Other Indonesian Universities’ Lecturers

Ayu Intan Harisbaya, Syifa Fauzia Qurratu’aini, Ashifa Kanafani, Ananta Buana Nurcik, Eri Kurniawan, Arif Husein Lubis
A well-written abstract is considered as the reflection of a qualified journal article which can be read by academic readers. It also serves as a determining point whether the reader decides to continue reading the text. Some of the previous studies examined abstracts based on the background of the writers...
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A Sociocultural Perspective on EFL In-Service Teachers’ SFL/Genre Knowledge Development

Bestari Kirana Putri, Wawan Gunawan, Emi Emilia, Eri Kurniawan
SFL/genre knowledge is considered as an effective tool for teacher candidates or pre-service teachers to prepare to give instruction in their teaching activities. It can also be used as conceptual tools for teacher candidates or pre-service teachers to develop their linguistic knowledge. This study investigated...
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Self-Literacy Synectic Writing Model and Challenge On 21st Century Skills

Dadang Sunendar, Tri Indri Hardini, Iim Siti Karimah
Writing is considered a difficult skill because it contains other ability variables that lead to writing activities. Writing in French also has the same tendency in terms of difficulty and is a subject that must have the full attention of students and teachers. Various difficulties for French teachers...
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The Regent Figure of Prince Kornel in Literary and Historical Perspectives

Danan Darajat, Retty Isnendes
This article is motivated by the existence of ambiguity about a famous figure in Cadas Pangeran area, called Prince Surianagara Kusumahdinata or Prince Kornel. This article used descriptive analysis method based on data collection from literature review, historical documents, and interviews. The article...
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Fun-Drilling Techniques Based on Character Education in Improving Intensive Writing Skills for Borderline Intellectual Functioning Students

Danissa Citra Uthami
Children with special needs include Borderline Intellectual Functioning (BIF) students are not able to master good writing skills. The article reports a study conducted using a single-subject research method with an A-B-A design as an effort to improve the writing ability of the BIF-disabled students....
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Character Literature Learning Model Based on Classical Sundanese Literature Carita Pantun Mundinglaya di Kusumah (CPMdK)

A Structural, Semiotic, and Ethno-pedagogic Study

Dedi Koswara, Retty Isnendes, Pandu Hyangsewu, Agus Suherman
This research raises questions as: (1) formal structure and narrative structure (2) elements, and (3) values of national character education (ethnopedagogy) and learning models from CPMdK. The approach used in this study is structural and semiotic framework. Based on the results of the application of...
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Comparison of Vocabulary Trilingual (Sundanese, Javanese, Malay) in Segaran Village Batujaya Sub-District Karawang Regency

Dessy Nurhabibah, Yayat Sudaryat, Hesti Widiastuti
The aims of the research are to find out and define the trilingual vocabulary forms and patterns, vocabulary aspect trilingual, and comparative lexical structure of the trilingual. The method used in this research is qualitative descriptive, and the study employed observation and interview as techniques...
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Development of Comic Books as Teaching Media for Japanese Language Learners in Indonesian High Schools

Dewi Kusrini, Via Luviana Dewanty, Amalia Putri, Renindra Atsilah Putri
The main reason why Indonesians learn Japanese is because of interest in Japanese comics. However, Japanese comic-based teaching media to meet the needs of these students are still not widely available. This study aims to produce a manga-style comic book (Japanese comics) that prioritizes stories followed...
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Spirit in Child’s Poem during Pandemic

Dheka Dwi Agustiningsih, Erik Rusmana, Kiki Rizki Amelia
There are many ways that people have done in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and one of them is through poetry, such as Tangguh Langit Mahajuna (7 years old). His poem entitled Corona Virus was posted by the Governor of West Java, Indonesia, Ridwan Kamil on April 2, 2020 with 182,200 likes. And it...
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Investigating the Process of Joint Construction in Teaching Writing to Improve Students’ Writing Skill

Dhia Hasanah, Wawan Gunawan, Emi Emilia, Eri Kurniawan
Teaching writing for EFL students faces many interesting and challenging factors regarding students’ and teachers’ factors such as learning style, teacher’s role, and teacher’s teaching method, so that, every English teacher is suggested to choose an appropriate teaching method to maximize student’s...
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Pragmatic Transfer in Japanese University Students’ Requests

Diana Rizki Oktarina, Nuria Haristiani
This research aims to investigate the pragmatic transfer of Japanese language learners’ request expressions and its comparison with expressions conveyed by Japanese native speakers. In this study, a qualitative descriptive method was used with the DCT instrument to collect data on the expression of requests...
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The Practice of Mekubari (Watchfulness) and Kikubari (Attentiveness) in Japanese Companies Communication

Dina Dwi Astartia
Japanese are known to have a very unique work culture. One of the characteristics of Japanese work culture is detail oriented, paying attention even to small things and details. This study aims to clarify how the practice of Mekubari (Watchfulness) and Kikubari (Attentiveness) between superiors to subordinates...
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The Carita Pantun Kembang Panyarikan

Structural Analysis Tzvetan Todorov

Dini Novianti Rinal Diani, Dedi Koswara
Carita pantun include Sundanese old literary works which are rich in positive values and beauty values. The diction is so distinctive that it distinguishes it from other literary works. One of the carita pantun titles being studied this time is “Kembang Panyarikan”, chanted by Ki Kamal in Lebakwangi,...
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The Acquisition of French Relative Clauses by Indonesian Students

Dudung Gumilar, Dadang Sunendar, Farida Amalia, Dante Darmawangsa, Ariessa Racmadhany
This paper discusses the acquisition of French relative clauses by Indonesian students learning French at A2 level at a university in West Java. It aims to describe the linguistic competence (grammar and lexicon) in the formation of French relative clauses acquired by students in terms of Universal Grammar...
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The Structure and Functions of Prayers during Ngalab Berkah Ritual at Pesarean Gunung Kawi

Dwi Sulistyorini, Nurenzia Yannuar, Swastika Dhesti Anggriani, Utami Widiati, Primardiana Hermilia Wijayati
Pesarean Gunung Kawi is the burial site of two Islamic propagators in East Java, Eyang Djoego and R.M. Iman Soedjono. Pilgrims visit the place to perform ngalab berkah ‘finding good fortune’ rituals. In the ceremony, sajen ‘offerings’ are being served to God Almighty and prayers are being cited, mediated...
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The Representation of French Products Boycott in the Contradictory Viewpoint of Indonesian People on the Online News Portal

Ellia Rismawati, Riska Mutiara Dewi, Shintia Febri Margareta Yunita Sari, Karimah Salimah, Undang Sudana
The development of mass media news in online portals is increasing, including the issue of French Products Boycotts, which is due to the French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement on supporting the publication of the Prophet Muhammad. This study attempts to analyze the representation of the French...
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Quizlet as an Alternative Application for Learning German Nouns

Emeralda Safarina, Pepen Permana, Dani Hendra
Web-based learning media plays an important role in learning process nowadays. Quizlet is a web-based application that could be used as a good alternative learning media. It provides a variety of features ranging from flashcards to interesting games that suit to help learning German nouns. German nouns...
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Uluk Gangsa, The Discourse of Glory in Pesarean Gunung Kawi-Style Karawitan

Fandy Romadhoni, Nurenzia Yannuar, Dwi Sulistyorini, Aiga Ventivani, Moch. Syahri
Karawitan, a traditional Javanese orchestra, is part of the ruwatan ‘purification’ ceremony in Pesarean Gunung Kawi for pilgrims and general spectators. Its repertoire includes gendhing giro-giroan, gendhing uyon-uyon, and lelagon, presented in Mataraman and East Javanese karawitan style. The performance...
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Usability Measurement: Chatbot as a Pedagogical Support for Learning French Grammar

Fani Safitri, Tri Indri Hardini, Riswanda Setiadi, Yuliarti Mutiarsih
The use of technology media in the field of education is increasingly popular. Along with the needs of learning media that do not depend on space and time, the use of artificial intelligence is expected to be a support for language learning as well. This study discusses the use of artificial intelligence...
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Slips of the Tongue and Repair Strategies in TV Show “Tonight Show Indonesia”

Fatimah Aroufah, Iwa Lukmana, R. Dian Dia-an Muniroh
The most common mistake in daily conversation is speech errors, and one of them caused by slip of the tongue. This study aimed to discover types of repair strategy in slips of the tongue which came from the speaker in the “Tonight Show Indonesia”. This study used a descriptive qualitative design, and...
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Analysis of Cultural Term Translation in the Novel Kimi no Suizo wo Tabetai

Firda Zahratul Fuadah, Susi Widianti, Sudjianto
This study elaborates the analysis of cultural term translation in the novel Kimi no Suizo wo Tabetai. It was aimed at discovering and classifying cultural terms in the source text (ST) and the target text (TT), and describing and examining the way the translator translates those cultural terms (including...
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A Textual Analysis of Synonyms and Antonyms in Yoo Soonhee’s (유순희) Uju Hotel Children’s Storybook

Fitri Febriyanti, Yulianeta, Velayeti Nurfitriana Ansas, Asma Azizah, Arif Husein Lubis
The purpose of this study was to discover the form, the meaning, and the marker in the lexical cohesion of synonyms and antonyms in the “Uju Hotel” children’s storybook. This research was conducted due to the inadequate literature, focusing on synonyms and antonyms lexical cohesion markers in the Korean...
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Forms and Translation Procedures of Korean Onomatopoeia and Mimesis in the Webtoon

Fitri Khoirun Nissa, Herniwati, Risa Triarisanti, Asma Azizah, Jayanti Megasari
The phenomenon of the absorption of new words from foreign languages is nothing new. For example, the onomatopoeic and mimetic words continue to develop in various languages and have different forms from one language to another language. This study attempts to investigate Korean and Indonesian onomatopoeic-mimetic...
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EFL Students’ Soft Skills and Hard Skills Practices in Online Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic

Hadiyanto, Nunung Fajaryani, Muhammad Fauzan, Dedy Kurniawan, Aripudin
This study aims to seek the students’ soft and hard skills practices through online learning activities. It also compares the practices among students residing in the city and rural areas. The online learning methods included group discussions, wall post discussions, video presentations, sharing resources,...
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Project Based Learning of German Vocabulary and Speaking Skills

This paper focuses on teaching vocabulary and German-speaking skills through “Projektarbeit” ‘project assignment.’ “Projektarbeit” is project-based learning that involves setting the goal, planning, cooperating in groups, implementing, evaluating, and documentation. This study aims to describe: (1) the...
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Directive Speech Acts in Howl’s Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki

Hafizah El Khair
This study was aimed at identifying Japanese directive speech acts in Howl’s Moving Castle, a film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It also described and interpreted the meanings and lingual markers which signified the directive speech acts in the film. A descriptive qualitative method was used...
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Modern Indonesian Short Stories: A Review on Didactic Content

This study focuses on the didacticism in modern Indonesian short stories. It aims to support the reference for selecting learning materials of literary appreciation, especially those related to didactic values of Indonesian short stories. This study used mixed methods through stages. The first stage...
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Grammatical Errors in French Translation of the Short Story Moi et la Danse de Semarang

Hayyin Awwaliyya Tiyas Samudra, Yuliarti Mutiarsih
In translation involves the source language (SL) and the target language (TL), and grammar has an essential role in the use of language. In French, a lack of mastery in French grammar may lead to some errors in translation. This study attempts to describe the grammatical errors made by students and find...
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Speaking Skills Japanese Language Learning for the Intermediate Students Through Media Website Bandung no Kankouchi

Herniwati, Noviyanti Aneros, Melia Dewi Judiasri
This study aims to examine the implementation of learning Japanese language verbal skills through Bandung no Kankouchi website as a media of learning for intermediate students in Department of Japanese Language Education. Bandung no Kankouchi is a website-based media that contains information about tourism...
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Philosophical Values in the Mudun Lemah Tradition Sumbakeling Village, Pancalang District, Kuningan Regency

Iip Ropiatul Ulum, Ruhaliah
This research is motivated by the current community in Sumbakeling village, a community that has a unique tradition of Mudun Lemah involving the tools and materials used. The study aims to investigate the philosophical values of the tradition by using a descriptive method, where facts were collected...
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Understanding EFL Students’ Reading Motivation and Online Reading Practice in Relation to Their Reading Achievement in a Full Online Learning Context

Ima Fitriyah
The study aims to reveal the correlation between students’ reading motivation, online reading practice, and reading proficiency. The participants of the study are students of Academic Reading Class in one of Islamic University in Kediri, East Java Indonesia. The data are collected through reading motivation...
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The Use of Metacognitive Writing Strategies for Vocational High School Students

A Mix-Method Study of Gender Difference

Imas Masyithoh
In the endeavor of increasing the country’s rank on PISA, Indonesia continues to develop a curriculum in its teaching-learning process. Teachers are proposed to adapt the curriculum based on the aim of the course and students’ background knowledge. English literacy, a part of PISA assessment components,...
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Early Reading Learning in a Private Elementary School in Bandung

An Ethnographic Study

Indah Nurmahanani, Munir, Yeti Mulyati, Andoyo Sastromiharjo
Various research has found that students’ reading abilities in Indonesia need to be improved. Several difficulties are the cause of students’ low early reading skills. To effectively solve these problems requires a deeper understanding of how early reading learning is currently implemented. This paper...
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Adaptation of Maritime Cultural Elements for Maintaining the Characterization in the Translation of Swearing in Tintin Comic from French to Indonesian

Intania Chathy Kasenda, Muhamad Arif Fredyansah, Prasuri Kuswarini
The Belgian French comic Tintin has been known in Indonesia since the 1970s. The comic series has been translated into Indonesian by Indira Publisher and Gramedia publisher. The characters in this comic are unique and witty. One of the protagonists is Captain Haddock, a unique character due to his unusual...
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Conversation Gambits in Classroom Speaking Activities

Irvan Herdian, Deddy Sofyan, Mursidah Rahmah
Gambits are used as signals to start or to open, to continue, and to end the conversation. This paper is aimed at finding out the types and functions of conversation gambits in classroom speaking activities. Using a descriptive method, the research was conducted at the second-year students of office...
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Mechanism of Inner Speech in Silent Reading Activity

Neurolinguistic Studies

Jatmika Nurhadi, Rosita Rahma, Widi Rahayu, Sintia Hapsah Rahman, Nurul Ashyfa Khotima
This research is motivated by the existence of the inner speech phenomenon that occurs when someone reads silently. This phenomenon is allegedly related to gathering and processing information when the reading process is carried out. This study investigates the mechanism and determines the optimal conditions...
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The Sociological Values of Ngunjungan Tradition in Cilewo Village Telagasari Sub-District of Karawang Regency

Jaya Kusumah, Ruhaliah Widiadani, Dingding Haerudin
This research aimed to investigate the Ngunjungan tradition, the history, and the ordinances of the Ngunjungan tradition. This research used a descriptive method, with interview and observation techniques were employed to collect data. The data came from the village of Cilewo, Telagasari subdistrict,...
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An Investigation of the Needs Analysis and English Learning Process for the Hospitality Students at a Vocational High School

Jubaedah, Yanty Wirza
This study aims to find out the needs of the Hospitality students in learning English pertaining to the learning needs, present situation, and target needs. Furthermore, these findings would be elaborated on and find out the compatibility with the current learning process and the current condition of...
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Students’ Perceptions on CLIL Based Material Development of Japanese Language for Tourism

Juju Juangsih
The purpose of this study was to determine student perceptions of the development of Japanese language teaching materials for tourism based on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). Teaching materials are referring to questionnaire data distributed to fifty students in Marketing Management...
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Assertive Speech Acts in Hakata Dialect In Tokyo Tower by Lily Franky

Laily Fitriani, Nuria Haristiani
This study aimed to analyze assertive speech acts in the Hakata dialect. The study employed a descriptive qualitative method. The data in this study were taken from the novel Tokyo Tower by Lily Franky which used the Hakata dialect. In analyzing the data, this study used Searle’s speech act theory. Based...
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Sociocultural Factors that Determine Language Choice in A Multilingual Society

Sociolinguistic Study at Tanjungsari Market, Sumedang Regency

Mahmud Fasya, Dini Gilang Sari
The accuracy of language choice in Tanjungsari Market, Sumedang Regency (TMSR), is a complicated task. This paper describes the sociocultural factors that determine language choice in the TMSR speech community. This study used a sociolinguistic theoretical approach by utilizing ethnographic qualitative...
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Arabic Language Proficiency Test Efficiency and Innovation on

Maman Abdurrahman, Syihabuddin, Asep Sopian, Hikmah Maulani, Ahmad Faqih
The Arabic proficiency test in Indonesia has recently shown a significant development, compared to the TOEFL, in the decade of the 2000s. The UPI Arabic Language Education Department began to develop this test to be more compatible with internet-based (iBT). This paper describes some of the efficiency...
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Developing a Politeness-based Module of Positive Communication Training for Teachers

A Preliminary Study

R. Mantasiah, Yusri, Muhammad Anwar
This study aims to describe the results of validation of the teacher’s positive communication training module based on language politeness theory. This study focused on the validation process of the developed module after the need analysis of the module development had been carried out. Using a research...
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The Formation of Japanese Wakamono Kotoba and Indonesian Bahasa Gaul

Maulidyawan Dian Danendra
Youth language is a language gap between the elders and the youths. The purpose of this research is to describe youth language or slang, which in Japanese is called wakamono kotoba. The data was collected from YouTube content because YouTube has a large number of viewers. Both Japanese and Indonesian...
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A Portrait of Indonesian EFL Teacher Talk and Student Talk in International Teaching Practicum: Thailand Classroom Context

Mila Ida Nurhidayah, Nia Kurniawati, Dahlya Indra Nurwanti
Several research studies have been conducted in recent years to investigate teacher talk and student talk in a classroom setting, with a focus on teachers’ teaching and students’ learning of a second or foreign language. The present research aimed to investigate the interaction of teacher and student...
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BIPA Learners’ Perceptions on Teacher’s Speech Act in Indonesian Language Learning Process

Mochamad Ridha Firmansyah, Yeti Mulyati, Suci Sundusiah
Focusing on pragmatics and BIPA studies, this study aims to describe the learners’ perceptions and the form and function of the teacher’s speech act in the learning process. This study employed a descriptive method with a qualitative approach. The data were gathered from teacher speeches and learners’...
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Requesting Speech Acts: A Case Study of Arabic Education Students in Bandung

Mohamad Zaka Al Farisi, Anwar Sanusi, Tatang, Shofa Musthafa Khalid, Yusuf Ali Tantowi
It is complicated to choose and use the right request sentence strategy and in accordance with the norms and culture that apply in the Arabic language. It will be even more difficult if the sentence is selected and produced by non-native speaker (NNS). This study was aimed at investigating the pragmalinguistics...
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Contrastive Analysis of Abstract Noun Formation in Indonesian and French

A Study of Noun Morphology

Muhammad Dzikri Fauzy, Yuliarti Mutiarsih
Abstract nouns exist in any language. They can be referred to as something that senses cannot see or feel like ideas, actions, qualities, states, and conditions. The main objective of this research is to analyze the morphology of the Indonesian language and the morphology of the French language, particularly...
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Symbolic Violence Represented in Royyan Julian’s Bulan Merah Rabu Wekasan

Mundi Rahayu
This paper addresses and explores the ways Indonesian people experience the Covid-19 pandemics as represented in the short story Bulan Merah Rabu Wekasan written by Royyan Julian. The setting of the story is a rural area, an isolated village with poor infrastructure and less economic access. By applying...
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Politeness Strategy in Speech Act of Giving Advice in Japanese

Nadin Ghaisani, Nuria Haristiani
Speech act is a very important thing in Japanese communication and cannot be separated by the manners are applied in society. Politeness is needed to create a good condition when we use speech act in communication. One of the speech acts that needs to use politeness is speech act of giving advice. By...
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Analysis of Wakamono Kotoba (Slang Words) as the Interjections in LINE Chat Conversation

Nadiya Nurhamidah Hidayat, Dewi Kusrini
This study aims to examine the way wakamono kotoba used by Japanese young people which express interjection in LINE chat conversation. Using a descriptive method, the data were gathered from chat conversations within two weeks in a group of LINE Open Chat consisting of 180 LINE accounts whose belong...
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Sundanese Imagery and Education Values in Sundanese Phrases and Proverbs

Nesa Wara Puspita, Ruhaliah
This research aims to describe the Sundanese imagery and education values contained in Sundanese phrases and proverbs. The data were the expressions of Sundanese phrases and proverbs identified in Sundanese districts. A descriptive analysis with literature study technique was used as the research methodology....
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Consonant Nasalization in Pronouncing Korean Words by Indonesian Learners

A Phonological Study

Ni Gusti Ayu Dhyana Widyadewi, Herniwati, Velayeti Nurfitriana Ansas, Asma Azizah
This study has been motivated by the lack of research on consonant nasalization in pronouncing Korean words in Indonesia. The results of such research can help Korean phonology teachers develop their teaching materials. This study focuses on identifying consonant nasalization in pronouncing Korean words...
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Transposition in Translation of Kim Yu Jeong’s Novel Ttaengbyeot to Sengat Matahari

Ni Gusti Ayu Dhyani Widyadari, Yulianeta, Velayeti Nurfitriana Ansas, Asma Azizah, Ashanti Widyana
This research primarily focuses on analyzing the transposition that occurred in translation of Kim Yu Jeong’s novel Ttaengbyeot to Sengat Matahari and the effects of the transposition. This research used a descriptive qualitative method. The data used are the transpositions contained in the novel Ttaengbyeot...
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A Development of Instagram Filter as Japanese Language Learning Medium

Nisa Erza Az Zahra, Via Luviana Dewanty, Aulia Oktafiana Raudlatul Jannah, Adinda Arum Sari, Risti Maulidiah Permana, Rosita Nurul Rahayu
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is a test which developed in Japan and has become the standard for Japanese language competency certification worldwide. JLPT preparation is done generally by practice answering questions. But in the process, students find it difficult and boring. This study...
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Indonesian Language Pride in Nihongo Mantappu’s YouTube Channel

A Sociolinguistic Study

Nunung Sitaresmi, Lilis Siti Sulistyaningsih, Rahmawati
Technological development has to be used as an opportunity to introduce the Indonesian language as the identity of the Indonesian nation abroad. YouTube is one of the heterogeneous virtual platforms that involves people all over the country. This phenomenon encourages Indonesian to continue to compete...
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A Study of Acoustic-phonetic of “Saat Terakhir” Song by ST12 in Dangdut and Pop Versions

Nuny Sulistiany Idris, Undang Sudana, Rahmawati
This study is carried out due to the differences in the pronunciation of song lyrics between dangdut and pop singers. For example, dangdut singers pronounce the word /cinta/ in “Saat Terakhir” by ST12 as [cInta], while pop singers pronounce it as [chIncha]. The data were from “Saat Terakhir” by ST12...
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Verbal and Nonverbal Communication in American Culture and Its’ Implications for BIPA Teacher’s Intercultural Competence

Nuny Sulistiany Idris, Syifa Nauval Muftia
Intercultural misunderstandings can lead to communication failures. Communication failure between BIPA teachers and students can also result in BIPA learning failures. Therefore, BIPA teachers must understand the culture of their students, including American culture because there are quite a lot of BIPA...
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Error Analysis of ~te iru Form as Japanese Tense and Aspect Marker

Nuria Haristiani, Hani Sarila, Juju Juangsih
In Japanese, tense and aspects are generally marked by a change in predicate into a certain form, such as ~te iru form. Apart from indicating tense, ~te iru form is also used to mark various aspects in a sentence. This makes the ~te iru form have various meanings so that Japanese learners often have...
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Euphemisms in Conversations about Bullying Issues

A Study of Politeness

Nurul Octavia, Iwa Lukmana, Andika Dutha Bachari
Every taboo expression is often avoided by replacing the taboo words with other words considered more polite and refined, serving for the convenience of the speaker and the addressee. Euphemism is defined as a polite or indirect way of saying a taboo term. The purpose of this study is to show types of...
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Conceptual Framework for Developing Lifelong Learning Skills in Business Undergraduate Students

Phathara-on Wesarat, Warrapojn Panrod, Rudsada Kaewsaeng-on, Parichard Benrit, Daranat Tansui, Nursahida Useng
The concept of lifelong learning has become a key component of university’s business curricula. According to rapidly changing economic, social, and technological environments, lifelong learning skills are essential to business administration students for continuing professional development throughout...
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STEAM Project Based Learning in Enhancing Japanese Speaking Skill in Online Classrooms

Qistike Handay Pugar, Nuria Haristiani, Herniwati
This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of STEAM project-based learning in enhancing students’ Japanese speaking skills in online classrooms. This study used true experimental research with pre-test and post-test control group design involving 42 vocational high school student participants majoring...
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Analysis of Consideration Expressions as Social Etiquette in Japanese Refusal

Raden Regine Melansyah, Nuria Haristiani
This study aims to find out and analyze the types of hairyo hyougen (consideration expressions) used as shakoujirei (social etiquette) in Japanese refusal situation. The use of shakoujirei is then analyzed from politeness strategies by Brown & Levinson (1987) and contrasted with the expressions that...
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Academic Purposes Digital Reading

EFL Students’ Practices and Challenges

Radiatan Mardiah, Melati, Nyimas Triyana Safitri
Digital reading is part of English as a foreign language (EFL) students’ academic activity in this digital era. Exploring the practices of academic digital reading and the challenges the students face are the purposes of this qualitative study. The participants were the undergraduate EFL students in...
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The Effect of Cooperative Integrated and Reading Composition Model on Elementary School Students’ Personal Experience Creative Writing

Rahman, Yoesrina Novia Vini Syafitri, Faishal Rachman Firdaus, Asri Wibawa Sakti
This research is motivated by the lack of personal experience creative writing skills in fifth grade students of elementary school. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition model based on digital literacy in creative writing learning...
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The Effect of High Five Strategy Assisted by Image Media on Reading Comprehension Skills of Elementary School Students

Rahman, Erva Tursiva, Asri Wibawa Sakti, Rasi Yugafiati, Yoesrina Novia, Novia Vini Syafitri
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the High Five strategy assisted by image media in reading comprehension of fourth grade elementary school students. In this study the approach used is a quantitative approach with quasi-experimental method using nonequivalent control group design....
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Student Response on Reading Comprehension Learning Through the Zoom Cloud Meetings Application

Rahman, Yeni Hadianti, Bachrudin Musthafa, Rasi Yugafiati, Trisna Nugraha
The implementation of distance learning that is currently being carried out is a challenge for teachers. In implementing distance learning, teachers can use various online applications. One application that can be used is Zoom Cloud Meetings. However, in learning through Zoom Cloud Meetings, it is unknown...
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The Meaning of Covid-19 Memes on Instagram Account @poliklitik

Riri Apriliani, Aceng Ruhendi Saifullah, Dadang Sudana
Since March 2021, Indonesia has become one of the countries affected by the pandemic covid-19. The number of infected with the Covid-19 virus is increasing day by day. The information that is continuously received by the public regarding the Covid-19 case makes people restless and stressed. Meme is a...
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Addition and Deletion of Information in the Translation of Negeri 5 Menara by A. Fuadi

Rita Sutjiati Djohan, Novia Diah Lestari
This paper attempts to investigate why there are many additions and deletions of information in the translated text of Negeri 5 Menara. This paper applies a descriptive qualitative method. This method describes and explains the phenomenon or events in the social world. The objects of this research are...
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Audience Language Response and Attitude on Napak Tilas Program on Garuda Radio Visual 105.5 FM Bandung

Santi Nurjanah, Ruhaliah, Yayat Sudaryat
This study aims to describe the audience language response and attitude on the Napak Tilas program on Garuda Radio Visual 105.5 FM Bandung. Language attitude in question consists of language devotion, language pride, and awareness of language norms. A qualitative descriptive approach was used, and the...
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Exploring Attitude on Teacher’s Speech to Students in Counselling Services

Siti Haryati, Iwa Lukmana, Wawan Gunawan
This study examines the Appraisal System focusing on ATTITUDE aspect realized by school guidance and counselors in counseling services. The data in this study were gathered from counselor’s speech to students when they interact in counseling services. The data were analyzed using parameters of Appraisal...
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The Analysis of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) in the Test Questions Constructed by English Teachers

Siti Musliha, Dadang Sudana, Yanty Wirza
The curriculum 2013 encourages the students’ Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs). In this case, the teachers should try to meet the demands to achieve the curriculum 2013 goals. One of the effective ways to help the students to attain these thinking skills is teachers’ questions. The teachers’ questions,...
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Internalization of Religious Character Values Through Haḍra Music at Islamic Boarding Schools in West Java Indonesia

Sofyan Sauri, Sandie Gunara, Anwar Sanusi, Nalahuddin Saleh
Haḍra music is a religious art used as a means of education and Islamic missionary endeavor (da’wah). The study aims to investigate how religious character values are internalized in Hadra music through its lyrics and intonation. The study used a descriptive qualitative method, and data were collected...
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Strengthening Digital Literacy-Based Character Building in Arabic Teaching and Learning

A Case Study at an Elementary School in Bandung

Sofyan Sauri, Anwar Sanusi, Nalahuddin Saleh, Nunung Nursyamsiah, Mad ‘Ali
Strengthening character building is an educational movement to strengthen the students’ character in schools. This study aimed to explore the stages of strengthening digital literacy-based character building carried out by teachers in Arabic teaching and learning processes in an elementary school. A...
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Adjectival Suffixation in French

Sofyani Nur Azizah, Yuliarti Mutiarsih
Suffixation covers various processes of word formation and commonly changes the word-class of the base lexeme. It also covers the formation of adjectives. This study attempts to investigate the formation of adjectives using derivational suffixes in French and describes the meaning of the semantic function...
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Students’ Linguistic Challenges in Post-Editing of Machine Translation

A Case Study of News Translation

Sri Harto, Fuad Abdul Hamied, Bachrudin Musthafa, Sri Setyarini
This research seeks to investigate linguistic challenges encountered by students in translating news from English into Indonesian through a process of post-editing of machine translation (PEMT). Since the research on this particular language pair has not been widely explored by Indonesian researchers,...
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Investigating Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)-based Literacy Assessment Implemented by An EFL Teacher at A Junior High School in Indonesia

Sri Setyarini, Herli Salim, Sri Harto
The program of freedom to learn (Merdeka Belajar) attempts to shape students to think critically and be aware of the contexts of the materials they are learning. It will be later assessed through the Minimum Competency Assessment (Asesmen Kompetensi Minimum) by focusing on their literacy and numeracy...