Proceedings of the ICON ARCCADE 2021: The 2nd International Conference on Art, Craft, Culture and Design (ICON-ARCCADE 2021)

Session: Creative Economy & Policy Development

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Effect of Narrative with Cross-cultural Innovation as Cultural Heritage Branding Strategy

A Case of Indonesian Palembang Songket in the UK Market

Mega Saffira
Cultural heritage preservation has been an issue that is constantly being discussed as it contains a duality of aspects which are economic and cultural perspectives, whereas both perspectives are often seen as contrasting. Commercialisation to the international market is one of the ways to keep economic...
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Processing Visual Communication

Developing a Creative Economy in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic in Bali

Anak Agung Gde Bagus Udayana
In the era of 4.0, which marked by the outbreak of COVID-19, many people took new steps creatively with an orientation to economic value. This seems potentially important to support the sustainability of national development, which is commonly known as development with an economic emphasis on cultural...
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Factor Identification on Consumer Behavior of Fashion Department Store in The New Normal Era of COVID-19 in Indonesia

Anita Rahayu, Dona Saphiranti, Prabu Wardono
Covid-19 affects various areas of life, one of the sectors are most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic is the fashion department store industry. The implementation of social restrictions policies by the Indonesian government, followed by the increase of public awareness regarding health, have convinced...
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The Application of Photography as an Art Medium in The Contemporary Era

BACAA 2019 Finalists’ Works Analysis

Ismi Nabilah, Kiki Rizky Soetisna Putri
Photography as an art medium in Indonesia started with the establishments of Perhimpunan Amatir Foto (PAF) and Forum Fotografi Bandung (FFB) which marked its rapid growth in Bandung. This study focuses on Terry Barrett’s Selectivity, Instantaneity, and Credibility principle, particularly its application...
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The Dynamic Website of Islamic History in Gresik as a Historical Learning Medium

Abdul Rokhim, Naomi Haswanto
Gresik which is currently known as an industrial city has been known since the 11th century when it grew into a center of inter-island trade and spread to various countries. Gresik also has a variety of history, especially Islamic history. However, many people in Gresik do not know the history of their...
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Formal Game Element Analysis of Rhythm Fighting Game

Case Study: Rhythm Fighter, Welcome to The Factory, Skybolt Zack

Adita Wening Octaviani, Irfansyah Irfansyah
Action Game is a type of game that is popular and much in demand among teenagers and children. One of the sub-genres of Action Game is Fighting Game, which is a battle game or duel between 2 or 1 character with many opponents. The different elements that appear in the Fighting Game genre are represented...
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The Embodiment of Kübler-Ross Model through Game Elements in GRIS and Its Impact on Player Experience

Ni Putu Anindhitha Ayesha Sandra, Intan Rizky Mutiaz
GRIS is a platform-adventure video game developed by a Spanish developer Nomada Studio and published by Devolver Digital in December 2018. This game tells a story about a journey of a young girl who struggles to overcome her depression and fear. The phenomenon of GRIS as a visual representation of depression...
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The Autonomy of Digital Native Generation in Building Nation Branding

(Case Study: YouTuber Alip_Ba_ta)

Agung Eko Budiwaspada, Fadilah Fadilah
The milestone of technological evolution has reached the level of 4.0. Persuasive messages in the media have also evolved in a disruptive direction. Social media has degraded the existence of asymmetrical mass media, where producers as elite role tend to dictate the society as target audience. The synergy...
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Designing Stereoscopic Animation for Bromo Tengger National Park Virtual Tour as Alternative for Conservation Education in Pandemic Era

Stormy Yudo Prakoso, Banung Grahita
The need for travelling has become a primary need for Indonesian people. However, Covid-19 pandemic that is currently happening gives negative impact on the tourism sector. The government is forced to limit tourism activities in many tourism destinations, especially in districts or cities with high covid-19...
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Sharing Space Experiences through Augmented Reality as An Alternative Educational Game to Introduce Historic Buildings in Semarang Old Town

Apsari Retno Wiratmi, Intan Rizky Mutiaz
Augmented Reality, became one of the breakthroughs to introduce the heritage value of Semarang Old Town to the younger generation. Heritage value consisting of non-material value, namely the history of struggle and development of Semarang Old Town, and material value consisting of colonial-era historical...
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Service Design of Motor Vehicle Tax Service in West Java Province

A Design Approach towards the Digital Service Update of West Java Regional Revenue Agency

Yannes Martinus Pasaribu, Slamet Riyadi, Damang Sarumpaet
Motor vehicle tax is an important source of regional cash income. In 2017, the Regional Government of West Java Province created digital-based community service design innovations to improve the quality of its tax services. However, until 2020 it only saw 6.28% of 16,085,120 registered motor vehicles,...
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Analysis of Tourism Game Effectiveness as Promotional Strategy

Annisa Nurrahmania, Banung Grahita
Gamification is one of the creative promotion strategies applied to the tourism industry as a promotional strategy. Game is one of the entertainment media concepts which tourism has recently adopted this strategy as a marketing medium, especially in the digital era. Many countries, such as Thailand,...
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Design of Borneo Virtual Tour Website as a Media for Promotion of Dayak Cultural Tourism Objects, Pampang Village Samarinda

Samosir Fanriston Riko Roradi, Intan Rizky Mutiaz
The Pampang Cultural Village is located in the North Samarinda sub-district which is a Dayak Kenyah tribal village originating from the Apokayan Highlands. In order to preserve Dayak culture, the East Kalimantan Provincial Government has made Pampang Cultural Village a leading tourist destination, considering...
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Gesture in Visual Narrative Reliefs of Karmawibhangga Borobudur as An Ancient Javanese Locality Value

Hendy Hertiasa, Imam Santosa, Irfansyah Irfansyah, Pindi Setiawan
The relief of Karmawibhangga tells the form of a series of short stories in a full circle embedded at the foot of the underground Borobudur temple, Central Java - Indonesia. Currently, the visual reliefs story cannot be understood properly by visitors. It is known that the main character becomes the...