Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Social Science, Humanity and Public Health (ICOSHIP 2021)

The 2nd International Conference on Social Science, Humanity and Public Health (ICoSHIP) was organized by Politeknik Negeri Jember, a vocational higher education institution in Indonesia. The conference was particularly intended to invite teachers, scholars, researchers, professors, policymakers, and practitioners to contribute to the knowledge exchange in the fields of Social Science, Humanities, and Public Health. After the successful publication of the first conference last year, the editorial board came up with the new theme: "The Application of Science and Technology in the Fields of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Public Health to support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)". This theme was substantially considered relevant and emergent within this pandemic and post-pandemic situation where the fraught of the other pandemic waves and their impacts on the world needs to be anticipated. The role of technology in different fields has been overwhelming and transformative. Therefore, technology needs to be studied for further development to provide significant benefits on either coping with the pandemic impacts or sustaining human life and well-being.

Moreover, the role of universities, academic institutions, faculty members, and researchers, in this case, cannot be undermined. They play a vital role in initiating and conducting robust evaluative, innovative, and visionary studies. Those can be multidisciplinary and multidimensional, involving human resources from different institutions, countries, and cultures, and exchanging perspectives, insights, and evidence from different contexts and backgrounds. With this concern, therefore, the 2nd ICoSHIP was aimed to become an instrument for encouraging collaborative studies and innovations through research and publication at the international level. We invited 3 keynote speakers from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan. There were 176 presenters registered for the presentation. They were from Indonesia (163), Canada (1), India (4), Japan (1), Philippines (6), and UK (1). Eventually, they sent their thoughts in manuscript for publication in the conference proceeding addressing broad issues related to the theme to cope with the problems and to contribute to the scholarship of world sustainability during this pandemic and post-pandemic situation.

The outcome of the conference is 57 selected papers written by authors from Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, and the UK. They cover studies in Education, Language Education, Economics, Management, Tourism, Politics, Information Technology, Religion, Health Education, Environmental Health, Health Services Administration and Management, and Health Information Systems. We hope that the papers will contribute to the fields.