Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Social Science, Humanity and Public Health (ICOSHIP 2021)

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Reframing Language Education in the Light of Ecological Linguistics

Is the Ecological Perspective “Toxic” or “Vitamin”?

Adriadi Novawan, Susan Mila P. Alvares Tosalem, Stuart Anthony Walker, Titik Ismailia, Agus Setia Budi
The notion of Ecological Linguistics is not new and has been discussed many decades ago. However, its theoretical construction is still open-ended and its implication to practical areas, such as the language pedagogies, calls for more studies either theoretical, empirical, or experiential. This paper...
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Civil Society and Civil Islam Implementation on Inter-religious Tolerance in Indonesia: A Phenomenological Study

Twin Yoshua R. Destyanto, Rikardo P. Sianipar, Andreas E. Nugroho, Twin Hosea W. Kristyanto
Civil society become a social concept that is able to help Indonesian people for living in harmony in the midst of diversity. Civil society in Indonesia upholds the synergy of democratic freedom and the use of law as a means of control and monitoring in social aspects. Later, the term civil Islam emerged,...
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The Role of Religions on Politics, Economics, and Social Class in the Society: A Phenomenological Study

Twin Hosea W. Kristyanto, Rikardo P. Sianipar, Andreas E. Nugroho, Twin Twin Yoshua R. Destyanto
Living in society could not be separated from religion. The fact that religions can create the culture of a nation shows that religions possess an influence that cannot be ignored. Besides, there are also social conflicts that occurred due to religious matters. Those religious conflicts have raised scepticism...
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Analysis of e-service in Public Complaints through Pro Denpasar Plus Application

I Putu Dharmanu Yudartha
The current era of digitalization encourages local governments to be more responsive in providing quality services. The phenomenon that occurs today, people begin to need efficient and effective services, one of which is through smartphone applications. This research aims to analyze complaint services...
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Identification of Bacilli Bacteria in Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) using Learning Vector Quantization

Zilvanhisna Emka Fitri, Lalitya Nindita Sahenda, Pramuditha Shinta Dewi Puspitasari, Arizal Mujibtamala Nanda Imron
Two diseases that include Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) are diphtheria and tuberculosis. Both diseases have a large number of sufferers and can cause extraordinary events (KLB). One of the achievement indicators of infectious disease control and management programs is discovery. However, the limited...
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Evaluation of Development Planning in Kemuning Lor Village, Arjasa District, Jember Regency

Sumadi Sumadi, Oryza Ardhiarisca, Rahma Rina Wijayanti, Rediyanto Putra
This study aims to determine and evaluate the development of the planning process and the achievement of the work program carried out by Kemuning Lor Village, Arjasa District, Jember Regency, East Java. The research design was qualitative research. The data used in this study were primary and secondary....
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The Reality of Online Education by the Busiest Japanese Teachers in Public Primary and Junior High Schools under COVID19 in Japan

The COVID19 pandemic began to assault the Japanese archipelago in January 2020. In educational fields, school lessons were suspended to prevent the spread of the Corona virus infection under a state of emergency, declared by the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, in the Spring of 2020. Initially, schools...
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Students’ Confidence in Expressing Opinions at a Senior High School in Pademawu

Andik Matulessy, Uslah Rosidhatul Hikmah
This research is motivated by the existence of students who experience low self-confidence in expressing opinions during discussion forums in class so that it has an impact on their lessons at school. The purpose of this study was to determine the students’ confidence in expressing their opinions at...
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Performance Analysis and Planning Strategies for Improvement of Banana Chips in Jember Regency

Abi Bakri, Supriyono Supriyono, Budi Prasetyo, Budi Hariono, Mokhamad Fatoni Kurnianto, Aulia Brilliantina
Consumer perception is knowing and measuring how consumers think. The consumer will decide which brands are remembered and which are forgotten. The purpose of this study was to identify the attributes of food products and evaluate their performance to find out attributes based on consumer perception....
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The lady Escort Vulnerabilities at Work

Feby Erawantini, Agustina Endah Werdiharini, Raden Roro Lia Chairina, Asmak Afriliana
The number of Entertainment venues in Jakarta increased by 40%. In Jember Regency, karaoke entertainment venues are spread across urban and sub-district areas. Every karaoke place provides a Lady Escort or karaoke guide. The purpose of this study was to explore sexual activity by Lady Escort in the karaoke...
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Post-Millennials Stressors, Ego Resilience, Gratitude, and Life Satisfaction: The Basis for Mental Health Program

Ian Bunyag Arcega, Rogie Orbita Dadivas, Johnny Dogelio Dariagan
Resilient and grateful individuals experienced a high level of adversity and demonstrated a high level of competence and adaptation. The study aimed to determine the respondents’ sources of stress, while knowing the level of ego resiliency, life satisfaction, and gratefulness as a basis for a contextualized...
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Implementation of the Reallocation of Village Funds During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Dessy Putri Andini, Arisona Ahmad, Avisenna Harkat, Firsttantri Izza Aryanti
This study aims to identify the implementation of reallocation of village funds during the covid 19 pandemics. This study uses qualitative descriptive research by conducting interviews, field observations, and document analysis. The study results show that, in general, the implementation of the reallocation...
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Abstinence-Only Sex Education: A Missing Yet Crucial Topic in Digital Media

Esther Idayanti, Lely Natalia
Premarital sex is becoming a major issue for teens in Indonesia. The number of teens involved in premarital sex continues to rise. This behavior has brought problems such as HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, as well as family and psychological problems. Premarital sex results in deep emotional disturbances such...
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The Design of Maternal Health Status Report System to Decrease Maternal Mortality in Jember Regency

Atma Deharja, Maya Weka Santi, Muhammad Yunus, Ervina Rachmawati
Jember is the regency with the highest Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in East Java. In 2019, MMR of Jember Regency was the 5th highest rank with 133.4/100,000 KH. Therefore, efforts are needed to reduce maternal mortality in Jember Regency. The purpose of this study was to create a system for recording...
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Christian Education and Healing Ministry for the Victims of Cyberbullying at School

Dyulius Thomas Bilo, Asmat Purba
Online education has brought about many positive interactions among teachers and students, yet one of its negative effects is the increasing rate of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying could occur anywhere and it could bring devastating effects to the victims. This article discusses the important purpose of...
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Local Economic Development Strategies to Accelerate Sustainable Economic Growth

Luluk Cahyo Wiyono, Retno Sari Mahanani, Bagus Putu Yudhia Kurniawan
Economic development efforts, especially in the region, aim to increase regional communities’ number and type of employment opportunities. Both of which are not passive and merely support the overall economic development process even must be placed in the actual position as a critical, dynamic, and decisive...
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Effectiveness of Subtle Value Movements in the Development of Theoretical Models of Organizational Performance

Endro Sugiartono, Retno Sari Mahanani, Bagus Putu Yudhia Kurniawan
The research gap examined over entrepreneurial culture conflicts with improving organizational performance by incorporating fair values as factors that can improve organizational performance. Four hypotheses were developed and tested in a sample of 110 coffee processing factories in Jember, Indonesia....
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Sustainable Competitive Advantages in Developing Theoretical Models of Business Performance

A Case Study in Ponorogo Regency

Taufik Hidayat, Retno Sari Mahanani, Endro Sugiartono, Bagus Putu Yudhia Kurniawan
This study was conducted to analyze and test the effect of innovation and intellectual capital on sustainable competitive advantages and its impact on business performance. In addition, the current research was also performed to develop a theoretical model of business performance by creating sustainable...
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Development of Sustainable Attributes in Cayenne Pepper Agribusiness Using Multidimensional Scaling Techniques

A Case Study in Ponorogo Regency

Ridwan Iskandar
Cayenne pepper is an important horticultural crop in Ponorogo Regency based on its large contribution in increasing the Gross Regional Domestic Product. The harvested area of cayenne pepper in Ponorogo Regency fluctuates, mainly due to harvesting activities that are not simultaneous and the occurrence...
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Multi-criteria Policy Analysis in Sustainable Development of Dragon Fruit Agribusiness

A Case Study in Banyuwangi Regency

Ridwan Iskandar
Dragon fruit is a leading horticultural commodity that has good prospects for development in Banyuwangi Regency considering that dragon fruit agribusiness is very profitable and market demand is quite high. The problem of limited maintenance management and the weakness of the marketing institutional...
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Sustainable Dimensional Status Analysis in Dragon Fruits Agribusiness Development in Banyuwangi

Wahyu Widya Ningsih, Ridwan Iskandar, K Kasutjianingati
Dragon fruit is one of the leading commodities that has been able to provide high commercial profits and prospective to be developed. This research aimed to analyse the sustainability of the dragon fruit agribusiness development adopted in Banyuwangi regency. This research was conducted in two sub-districts...
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Multi-criteria Policy Model in the Development of Cayenne Chili Commodities in Ponorogo Regency

Some Theological Considerations

Agustin Rani Nurfadila, Ridwan Iskandar, Muksin Muksin
Cayenne chili is one of the horticultural crops that has an important role in increasing Indonesian state income. Several factors affect the harvested area of cayenne chili to be volatile so it affects farmers in the cayenne chili commodity business. This study aims to design a strategy for developing...
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A Virtual Sacred Space

Some Theological Considerations

Tony Salurante, David Kristanto, Malik Malik, Lewi Nataniel Bora, Nelly Nelly
The growth of technology in the last few decades has made the church opts for technology to comply with the social distancing policy during the Covid-19 pandemic that forbids worshipping on-site. Technology allows churches to worship, conduct church events, and have fellowship online. That situation...
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Intelligent Application of Stunting Monitoring and Mapping Systems (Smart Ting) in Toddlers Based on Android in Jember

Erna Selviyanti, Mochammad Choirur Roziqin, Dony Setiawan Hendyca Putra, Muhammad Syeikhoni Noor
The Jember Regency Government, across sectors, across programs, and the community will synergize in a massive movement to accelerate stunting reduction down to the village level. The prevalence of stunting over the last 10 years shows no significant change, therefore stunting needs to be addressed immediately....
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Revealing Gender Bias on ELT Textbook: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Fitri Wijayanti, Alfi Hidayatu Miqawati, Ihwan Huda Al Mujib
There would be long efforts done by the government to eliminate gender inequality in education. These efforts emphasize on building positive images on female and male representations, particularly on the textbook. However, this paper examined that in the ELT textbooks are still inculcated with the representation...
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Family Eating Behavior of Stunting Children in Silo District, Jember Regency during Covid-19 Pandemic

Concepts and Strategies for Higher Vocational Education Majoring in Agribusiness Management

Dhyani Ayu Perwiraningrum, Puspito Arum, Yoswenita Susindra
Stunting has an impact on delayed physical development and low levels of intelligence, increased risk of infection and increased child morbidity and mortality. Three hundred and eighty-seven of the 3168 toddlers in the Silo I subdistrict and 1269 of 4620 toddlers in the Silo II subdistrict were stunted...
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The Teaching Factory Planning

Concepts and Strategies for Higher Vocational Education Majoring in Agribusiness Management

Uyun Erma Malika, Dewi Kurniawati, R. Alamsyah Sutantio
This study aims to formulate a Teaching Factory (TEFA) planning strategy, especially in the Department of Agribusiness Management at Politeknik Negeri Jember. The urgency of research can be used as the basis for pioneering TEFA in the Department of Agribusiness Management that is integrated and sustainable....
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Development of Malnutrition Early Detection Application in Toddlers based on Geographic Information System

Dony Setiawan Hendyca Putra, I Gede Wiryawan, Estin Roso Pristiwaningsih, Ely Mulyadi, Prawidya Destarianto, Khafidurrohman Agustianto
The decrease in the percentage of children under five who experience stunting in Indonesia did not meet the minimum standards set by the World Health Organization. Jember Regency had a proportion value of concise nutritional status (malnutrition) which was still higher than the average value of other...
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The Implementation of Web-Based Patient Registration System at X Hospital

Mudafiq Riyan Pratama, Selvia Juwita Swari, Gamasiano Alfiansyah
Registration of outpatients at X Hospital is carried out manually. Patients must register by queuing at the registration counter, this will take a long time and be ineffective. The purpose of this study was to implement a web-based outpatient registration information system. The research method used...
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Acceptance of Toddler Nutrition Decision Support Systems Using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Method

Gamasiano Alfiansyah, Mudafiq Riyan Pratama, Selvia Juwita Swari
One of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is terminating the malnutrition 1n 2030. Stunting is malnutrition due to lack of nutritional intake for a long time due to feeding that does not match nutritional needs. The toddler nutrition decision support system was created to help parents of toddlers...
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Gender Equality Practices: Comparison of Eating Habits in Families With Normal Nutrition, Malnutrition, and Stunting Toddler

Ida Nurmawati, Ervina Rachmawati, Niyalatul Muna
Gender issues in the pattern of nutritional fulfillment for mothers/pregnant mothers and children/toddlers are one of the causes of stunting. Gender equality in terms of fulfilling the nutrition of family members is one way to overcome stunting in Indonesia. The purpose of this study was to determine...
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Exploring Students’ Views on the Combination of Synchronous and Asynchronous Electronic Language Learning in an Interpreting Class

Nodistya Septian Indrastana, Renata Kenanga Rinda, Suyik Binarkaheni
During the Covid-19 pandemic, teaching and learning activities in all programs, including English Language Teaching (ELT), have experienced a significant transformation. Face-to-face or onsite activities of ELT in all levels, especially higher education are shifted into online activities in which synchronous...
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Christian Dress Code during Online Worship

Nurmalia Pardede, Evinta Hotmarlina, Garry Kurniawan, David Kristanto
Churches in Indonesia have been conducting online worship for more than a year (2020-2021). Research done by Indonesia Preaching Ministry has shown that only around 20% of the church members faithfully follow the worship service from beginning to end. Christian attitude while attending online worship...
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Participation of Women for Supporting Family Income in the Sukowono Sub-district

Dian Hartatie, Merry Muspita Dyah Utami, Aryanti Candra Dewi
This study was conducted to determine of women’s participation in increasing family income. The research will examine aspects of access, aspects of control, aspects of decision making, and aspects of participation in farming. The variable observed in the study was the level of participation consisting...
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An Analysis of Forms and Effects of Workplace Harassments on the Female Students’ during the Industrial Internship Program in the Hotel

Renata Kenanga Rinda, Nodistya Septian Indrastana, Cholimatus Zuhro, Vigo Dewangga
The gap competence between the vocational colleges’ graduates and the needs of the industrial world is a crucial problem that must be minimized immediately. Dealing with the previous phenomenon, the government brings up a program called industrial internship. In line with the earlier policy, Politeknik...
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Pioneering Establishment of Teaching Factory Poultry Slaughterhouse at Politeknik Negeri Jember Based on SWOT Analysis

A Case Study on Its Relevance to Skill Competences

Hariadi Subagja, Satria Budi Kusuma, Shokhirul Imam
The purpose of this research is to create a competitive strategy by conducting a SWOT analysis on the pioneering establishment of the Teaching Factory (Tefa) of the of the Jember State Polytechnic (Polije). The research was carried out in several locations which included activities in the field to obtain...
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ELT at Vocational High Schools in Jember

A Case Study on Its Relevance to Skill Competences

Gullit T. Taufan, Degita Danur Suharsono, Mushthofa Kamal
The government of the Republic of Indonesia has taken serious concern on the development of vocational high schools (SMK) recently. Various supports and programs are given by the government to realize one of the main purposes of ocational education; to equip the students of vocational high schools with...
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Prototype Design of Smart MOM Application to Sickly Toddler Screening

Mochammad Choirur Roziqin, Ida Nurmawati, Niyalatul Muna
One of the efforts to reduce morbidity and mortality in infants and toddlers is to use the MTBS approach. The approach is carried out in an integrated manner that focuses on the overall health of children. To reduce mortality, disease, disability, increase the growth and development of children under...
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SWOT Analysis of TEFA Breeding and Hatchery Business Development at Jember State Polytechnic

Budi Prasetyo, Gayuh Syaikhullah, Reikha Rahmasari
This study aims to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the breeding business developed by TEFA Breeding and Hatchery at the Jember State Polytechnic and determine the most appropriate strategy to implement. Strengths and weaknesses are evaluated from internal teaching factory...
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Assessing the Accuracy of Information and User Ease of the Expert Application System Based on User Satisfaction

Andri Permana Wicaksono, Demiawan Rachmatta Putro Mudiono, Indah Muflihatin
This study assessed the application of an expert system for hepatitis disease based on user satisfaction assessment. The purpose of this study is to assess the accuracy of the information and the ease of users of the existing system on the hepatitis expert system application. This type of research is...
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The Effect of Training on Improving the Knowledge of Cadres in Using E-Posyandu

Maya Weka Santi, Muhammad Yunus, Ervina Rachmawati, Atma Deharja
East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia that reached the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) of 89.81/100,000 live births in 2019. This number is still above the SDG’s target of 70/100,000 KH. Jember Regency is included in the top 5 regions with the highest MMR (133.4/100,000 live births). The Infant...
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A Review of Muscle Tone Alteration on Post Stroke Patient

Gandu Eko Julianto Suyoso, Veronika Vestine, Angga Rahagiyanto
Stroke is the second leading cause of death and the third disability in the world. Basic health research in Indonesia in the last 12 years shows that the prevalence of stroke is still high. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain is blocked or bursts, so that part of the brain does not get a...
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Arduino and Android-Based Anthropometric Detection Tools for Indonesian Children

Efri Tri Ardianto, Alinea Dwi Elisanti, Husin Husin
Current anthropometric measurements at Community Health Centers (CHC) by cadres and health workers in Indonesia are not completely accurate. This inaccuracy is influenced by errors when measuring, determining the age, the accuracy of cadres, and non-standard anthropometric measuring instruments. For...
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Cyberbullying Among Urban Teens

Titis Pratitis Niken, Suryanto Suryanto, Mumtazah Miqdah
Cyberbullying is said to be a way of bullying in cyberspace, especially on social media. And the perpetrators are urban teenagers because of technological advances. Cyberbullying occurs because of the convenience in cyberspace, but in Indonesia, this case is still underestimated. Using Henry Tafjel’s...
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Eye Tracking Usability Testing Using User-Centered Design Analysis Method

Khafidurrohman Agustianto, Adi Heru Utomo, Ratih Ayuninghemi, Prawidya Destarianto, I Gede Wiryawan, Ely Mulyadi
The interaction between humans and computers has entered a new phase, where modern humans can no longer be separated from computers in their daily lives. This interaction raises a new topic of discussion, namely Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). HCI is the intersection of cultural, social, cognitive,...
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Fire Risk Analysis and Evaluation of Rescue Facilities in the Engineering Laboratory Building

Dani Nugroho Saputro, Eni Rahmawati
An important aspect that must be considered in a building design is that apart from being able to use it according to its function and level of strength, it is also necessary to pay attention to the safety aspect against fire hazards. This aspect is very important, considering that there has been an...
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Students’ View of the Use of TELL (Technology Enhanced Language Learning) in Remote Teaching

Alfi Hidayatu Miqawati, Fitri Wijayanti, Adriadi Novawan
Technology in language teaching has been one of the most pivotal aspects in English Language Teaching (ELT) for decades. Many studies reveal considerable benefits of utilizing ICT in the teaching and learning process, especially when conducting remote teaching. This study focuses on analyzing students’...
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Legal Protection of Consumer Freedom of Opinion in Indonesia

Afrizal Mukti Wibowo
This article aims to analyze and describe forms of legal protection for consumers who provide opinions on the goods and/or services they use. The position of business actors who are stronger than consumers, sometimes makes consumers afraid to express their opinions about the goods and/or services they...
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The Effect of Nutrition Education Towards Knowledge of Mothers with Children Under-five Years in Lempeni Village, Indonesia

Miftahul Jannah, Sabran Sabran, Putri Rahayu Ratri
Stunting is a major health problem that has been identified as one of the risk factors for poor physical and mental development among children under-five years. Lempeni is one of the villages in East Java, Indonesia with a stunting prevalence of 35%. One of the ways to overcome stunting is by conducting...
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Analysis Screening Information System and Stunting Early Detection

Muhammad Rizal Permadi, Muhammad Iqbal, Huda Oktafa
Stunting is a growth failure in children under five, characterized by height for age less than -2 standard deviations. According to Basic Health Research (RISKESDAS) in 2018 Indonesia is one of the countries with a very high incidence of stunting, namely 30.8%. This problem is a system for reporting...
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The Main Activities of Community-Based Maternal Empowerment for Stunting Recovery

Muksin Muksin, Dhyani Ayu Perwiraningrum, Dahlia Indah Amareta, Dwi Purwoko
Family efforts in the recovery of stunting in Jember are increasingly under pressure during the Covid19 pandemic. Knowledge in food, personal hygiene, education, and the role of local institutions contribute to the family, especially the empowerment of mothers with stunting children. Their empowerment...
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Identification of Women’s Participation in the Household Economy in the Agricultural Sector

Irma Harlianingtyas, Usken Fisdiana, Risky Nirmala Kusumaningtyas, Muksin Muksin, Dian Hartatie
The role of agricultural development is increasingly visible from the ability of the agricultural sector to contribute to Indonesia’s income, including in the absorption of labor. The development of human resource aspects in the agricultural sector is key in the long-term development of the agricultural...
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Reorienting the Goal and Direction of Tobacco Agrotourism Development in Jember Indonesia

Nantil Bambang Eko Sulistyono, Muksin Muksin, Farhan Farhan, Irma Harlianingtyas, Dwi Purwoko
Tobacco farming plays a strategic role in Jember district. It gives multidimensional impacts on various other businesses and has a positive economic impact on the district. However, the Government policy has consistently made efforts to reduce smoking and increase the health of society. This policy gives...
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Design Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) in Electronic Health Record to Early Detection of Stroke Disease, Diabetes Mellitus and to Prevent Interaction of Drug Content

Feby Erawantini, Arinda Lironika Suryana, Rinda Nurul Karimah, Arief Setyoargo, Nachrul Jinan, Khoirunnisa Afandi, Nugroho Setyo Wibowo, Asmak Afriliana, Raden Roro Lia Chairina
Hospitals must provide the best service to patients. There are include speed in service, on-time, and safe from medical errors. Quality of care depends on quality electronic medical records. Electronic medical records contain social data and patient medical data. The advantages of medical records are...
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The Business Development of Beef Cattle through Regional Approach in Jember East Java

Javanese Fat-Tailed Sheep During and Post Idul Adha

Nanang Dwi Wahyono, Niswatin Hasanah, Avisena Harkat
This research analyzes the upstream part of the agribusiness system, including the potential availability of forage land, Human Resources, Natural Resources, and extension institutions, especially livestock, to develop and maintain beef cattle in the Jember District. This study yield Natural resources...
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Supply Chain Management Efficiency of Sheep

Javanese Fat-Tailed Sheep During and Post Idul Adha

Niswatin Hasanah, Nanang Dwi Wahyono, Hariadi Subagja
The purpose of this study was to analyze the sheep supply chain after and during the Eid al-Adha period, which consisted of calculating the percentage margin and price margin and supply chain efficiency because by knowing the economic and supply chain calculations you can see the difference in supply...
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Brand Behavior Applied to Indonesian Millennial Consumers in the Leisure Economics Era

A Meta-Analysis Study

Jaisy Aghniarahim Putritamara, Anie Eka Kusumastuti, Asri Nurul Huda, Poespitasari Hazanah Ndaru
The lazy economy era can support agro-educational tourism for dairy to engage millennial consumers through dairy products. Agro tourism has become an alternative to developing a dairy business. The tourism sector has become a market trend in the leisure economy strategy as a stimulator for economic development...