Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Innovation 2020–Social, Humanity, and Education (ICoSIHESS 2020)

Welcome to the Fourth International Conference on Sustainable Innovation 2020 – Humanity, Education and Social Sciences (IcoSIHESS 2020), held virtually on 13-14th October 2020. ICoSIHESS 2020 brings out the issues of the Sustainable Development Goals that the world, especially Indonesia, is still striving to face. With the main theme of “Cutting-Edge Innovations on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” this conference is trying to play a role as a vehicle of showcasing scientific works from around the world, not only from researchers, lecturers, government officers, students and all parties with the same interests alike. The event put a “Cutting Edge Innovation” as part of the main theme to give a vast opportunity for all in giving and sharing their up-to-date ideas, as a contribution to the program of SDG. As one main track of the conference, social, humanity and education covers a various range of interest; from linguistics to law; from economic to Islamic studies.

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