Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Innovation 2020–Social, Humanity, and Education (ICoSIHESS 2020)

Welcome to the Fourth International Conference on Sustainable Innovation 2020 – Humanity, Education and Social Sciences (IcoSIHESS 2020), held virtually on 13-14th October 2020. ICoSIHESS 2020 brings out the issues of the Sustainable Development Goals that the world, especially Indonesia, is still striving to face. With the main theme of “Cutting-Edge Innovations on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” this conference is trying to play a role as a vehicle of showcasing scientific works from around the world, not only from researchers, lecturers, government officers, students and all parties with the same interests alike. The event put a “Cutting Edge Innovation” as part of the main theme to give a vast opportunity for all in giving and sharing their up-to-date ideas, as a contribution to the program of SDG. As one main track of the conference, social, humanity and education covers a various range of interest; from linguistics to law; from economic to Islamic studies.

The issues being covered in this proceeding are:

Communication: Corporate Communication and Sustainable Development, The Role of Public Relations in Environment SustainabilityCorporate Social Responsibility to SDGs, Communication Strategic for Achieving Sustainable Development, Media and Technology for Inclusion and Equality

Education and Teaching in 4.0 Era: Multimedia in Teaching and Learning, Sustainable Teacher professional Development, Assessment and Evaluation in Education, Student Centered Learning

RELIGIOUS STUDIES: Qur’an and Hadith Studies, Islamic Theology, Philosophy, Mysticism and Psychology, Islamic Education and Curriculum, Islamic Economics and Finance, Islamic Law and Politics, Islamic Digital Humanities, Islamic Communication in New Media

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Gender and International Relations, Development and Globalization, Environment and Global Politics, Population and Security, New Thinking of International Relations Theory

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