Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Sustainable Innovation 2019 – Technology and Engineering (IcoSITE 2019)

Assalamu’alaykum wr.wb.,

Welcome to the Proceeding of ICoSI 2019 – Technology and Engineering.

The Third International Conference on Sustainable Innovation 2019 has developed this proceeding. This event was held by Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. It’s a continuous work from the second one in 2014 which already has been published by Springer ( Unfortunately, the existence of the first conference can not be traced down to provide the evidence of its continuity.

This book is presenting one track from 3 tracks that are composing the ICoSI 2019. With the theme of “Sustainable Innovation in Disruptive Era”, this conference established two key points of “sustainability” and “innovation” which served as an umbrella theme for the three conference tracks. Indeed, it is not a purpose of simplification to put this vast of scope into one main focus; rather, to put the main theme of sustainability of innovation into view from different aspect of interest, especially related to the civil engineering. There are various aspects that have been discussed in great details, including: Structural Engineering, Construction Materials, Construction and Asset Management, Geotechnical, Engineering, Transportation Systems and Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Environment Engineering, Disaster Mitigation and Prevention. Although they are coming from various field of research, the basic theme of sustainability and innovation can be shown either explicitly from the title as well as from implicitly from the results of the work.

This proceeding book consists of 30 articles, ranges from the field of transportation engineering (“Wave Simulation to Compare Existing and Extended Jetty in River Estuary, Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia”, ” Determining the Criteria for an Air Hub in Indonesia using an Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)”), environmental (“Efficiency Assessment of Batik Industry Wastewater Treatment Plant in Center for Handicraft and Batik Indonesia”), construction (“Circular Economy Model of Indonesian Construction Industry Waste Based on System Dynamics”, “Acceleration of Decomposition Process by Lignocellulolytic Bacteria and Its Effect on the Physical and Engineering Properties of Kalimantan Fibrous Peat”), and structure (“Determination of Land Subsidence Caused by Land-Use Changing in Palembang City using Remote Sensing Data”).

In the production of this valuable work, let me convey my gratitude. First of all, to Allah swt, the mighty God, who has given the blessing, so this event has accomplished fruitful. To the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, especially for the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs who has taken the responsibility to assure this event was accomplished successfully. To all the participants who have share their ideas and effort to presenting their works. To all faculty members of UMY; Dean and Vice Dean, who have supported us in encouraging and supporting their faculty members in presenting their works. To all supporting staff of UMY in assuring the event was running very well. Last but not least, to all committee members of ICoSI, for their great effort and dedication; especially for the vice chairpersons who have given their full support, considering my paucity of experience and knowledge in conducting such a great event. For me they are not only associates but also the best of friends. Friends who have been spent the last year of sweat and tears to assure all preparation was done perfectly, almost. Just an expression, since there is no perfection in this earthy-world, except in Jannah; the day after. Thus, hopefully, Allah would give you all the best of rewards there, in syaa Allah.

Wassalamu’alaykum wr.wb.

Iman Permana
Chairman of ICoSI 2019