Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Sustainable Innovation 2019 – Technology and Engineering (IcoSITE 2019)

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Mechanical Analysis of Environmentally Friendly Concrete Rubber

M. Rizki, Sri Sumarni, Ernawati
Tire production Indonesia has been increased by numbers from year to year along with a great amount causes the availability of abundant rubber tire waste, this waste has not been widely used and has unravel able properties leading into environmental pollution. In this research, we developed an environmentally...
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Traffic Flow Analysis Due to Road Narrowing (Case Study: Jatingaleh Underpass)

Dwina Maharani, Ismiyati Ismiyati, Mudjiastuti Handajani
Jatingaleh Underpass is designed to solve congestion problem and reduce the rates at which accidents occur at intersections due to conflicts, but bottleneck can affect traffic performance. This study aims to determine in traffic movements, traffic performance after the existence of Underpass based on...
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Juana River Flood Mapping

Zahir Elfares Wasim, Pradipta Nandi Wardhana
Juana River is a river in Indonesia having high vulnerability degree toward flood occurrence. The major factors causing flood in Juana River are river slope having value of 0,00001 and narrowing river channel. Therefore, the river experiences discharge capacity reduction. Juana River flood mapping is...
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Determining the Criteria for an Air Hub in Indonesia using an Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)

Gito Sugianto, Purwanto Bekti Santosa, Mina Yumei Santi
Provisions of infrastructure that encourage national connectivity will reduce transportation and logistics costs so that they can increase product competitiveness and accelerate economic growth. The application of an optimum hub and spoke airport model will improve the efficiency of transportation costs...
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Circular Economy Model of Indonesian Construction Industry Waste Based on System Dynamics

Trie Sony Kusumowibowo, Tri Joko Wahyu Adi
In recent years, circular economy has been widely discussed throughout the world as a solution to the problem of resources efficiency and environmental problems, especially regarding waste. The construction industry is one of the largest waste-producing industries, even 30% of waste on landfills is construction...
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Finite Element Analysis of Flexural Failure of High-Strength Reinforced Concrete Columns

Harun Alrasyid, Muhammad A Rofiq, Data Iranata
In high-rise buildings, the column has a vital role in resisting gravity and earthquake load. The utilization of high-strength concrete and high-strength steel rebar in high-rise buildings can reduce column dimension at lower storeys. In this study, Nonlinear Finite Element was carried out to model the...
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Acceleration of Decomposition Process by Lignocellulolytic Bacteria and Its Effect on the Physical and Engineering Properties of Kalimantan Fibrous Peat

Dwiaji Ari Yogyanta, Noor Endah Mochtar, Enny Zulaika
Peat is an organic soil which has very low bearing capacity and very high compressibility; its organic content is higher than 75%. Peat is classified into two categories, amorphous granular peat and fibrous peat (fiber content > 20%). Fibrous peat has higher bearing capacity compared to the amorphous...
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Effect of Adding Polypropylene Fibres to Flexural Strength of Ferrocement

Fathoni Usman, Syazwan Shaharuddin, Noor Mahmudah, Monita Olivia
Developing a lightweight structure is a increasing trend throughout the globe in the construction industry. For this form of building, Ferrocement, a thin-shell concrete strengthened with continuous wire mesh layers, had been seen as an alternative material. Ferrocement had become the promising composite...
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Correlation Model of Construction Waste Cause Factors to Cost and Time in Infrastructure Project

Elizar Elizar
Construction industry has been developing rapidly around the world. One of the problems in construction management is construction waste. It has major impact on cost, time and quality of construction management. The aim of the study was to examine the correlation model of construction waste cause to...
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Suspended sediment distribution corresponds to erosion and deposition processes at Bengawan Solo River, Indonesia

Mahendra Andiek Maulana, Trihanyndio Rendy Satrya, Ria Asih Aryani Soemitro, Dwa Desa Warnana, Toshifumi Mukunoki
Bengawan Solo River is one of the longest natural channels in Indonesia which functioned as irrigation, fresh water supply and flood control. This river covers up to 1.6x106 ha of area from the mountainous region in the Central of Java to the North Sea of Java with approximately 600 km of river reach...
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Evaluation of Airport Train Fare Based on Willingness to Pay of Users (Case Study Soekarno-Hatta International Airport)

Nuryani Tinumbia, Prima Jiwa Osly, Bambang Cahyadi, Glorya Rombe Datu
The presence of the Airport Train provides an alternative for users to access Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in avoiding congestion on the road due to increased traffic volume. Since the first operation, there has been a rapid change in fare and a significant increase that has affected the people's...
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Selection Model of Building Demolition Method Based on Expert System

Oryza Lhara Sari, Tri Joko Wahyu Adi, Abdul Munif
Demolition needs special attention because the planning process is complex and has a high risk. In decision making, practitioners face various conditions that influence the choice of demolition methods. This study aims to develop an optimal model for building demolition methods based on the building...
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A Comparison of Flexural Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams by Different Design Codes

Leonardus Setia Budi Wibowo, Agustinus Angkoso
Design building codes are primary book for structural design engineers to calculate flexural strength. In the design building codes, concrete has important parts. Those are rectangular stress block model and compression strain. This paper evaluates flexural strength of the reinforced concrete beams using...
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An Analysis on The Determination of Bus Lane Priority on Urban Public Transportation (A Case Study: Trans Jogja, Indonesia)

Danny Setiawan, Abul Fida Ismaili, Dibyo Susilo
Currently, Trans Jogja Bus has replaced the other transportation vehicles existing since 2008. There are 129 units of Trans Jogja Buses operating and serving 17 routes. In its development, the operation of Trans Jogja Bus experienced obstacles, namely the number of sections and crossroads traffic congestion...
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Preliminary Seismic Performance-based Evaluation of Academic Reinforced Concrete Building in Yogyakarta based on Displacement Parameter

Taufiq Ilham Maulana, J Novario Faturrochman, Taiki Saito
Periodical seismic safety evaluation for concrete buildings are necessary since they have been used for many years. Many approaches can be used to evaluate them, one of them is pushover analysis. This analysis is performed by applying incremental loads then reading the displacement that happen and comparing...
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Quality Assessment of Road Pavement using Lightweight Deflectometer

Siti Isnaini Kurniawati Djaha, Hakas Prayuda
Quality assessment in existing road pavement is used to decide the right action for road preservation. In Indonesia, the quality is measured by functional parameter in riding quality using International Roughness Index (IRI) and visually using Pavement condition Index (PCI) to evaluate pavement condition....
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The Performance of AC-WC Asphalt Mixture with Eco-Friendly Steel Slag Against Sea Tidal Impact

Emil Adly, Anita Rahmawati, Nurul Firkathi Hidayah
Roadways that located around the beach often have some problems with seawater puddle caused by the tidal condition or commonly known as rob water. Therefore, it is better to apply steel slag with higher quality than ordinary aggregate as an alternative way to prevent the pavement damage. This research...
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Structural Evaluation of Railway Warren Steel Truss Bridge with Span Length of 42 Meter According to SNI 2833:2016 and Earthquake Hazard Map 2017

Bagus Soebandono, Taufiq Ilham Maulana, Raka Putra Ismayana, Bintang Noorrohmad Wahyu Nugroho, Ariq Naufal Anam
Railway bridge with the warren type truss structure in the Sumatera region is an infrastructure has existed since the Dutch colonial era. Bridge is used as a mode transportation for natural resources of coal. The construction of railway bridge must always be monitored and evaluated for the feasibility...
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Determining National Road Performance and Sustainability Indicators

Yoga Pradana, Tri Joko Wahyu Adi, Herry Budianto
This study aims to determine factors influencing performance assessment of road infrastructure and design proposals for non-toll road performance and sustainability assessment models. As of now, the existing assessment is limited to the construction of new roads and road improvements. It also still needs...
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Determination of Land Subsidence Caused by Land-Use Changing in Palembang City using Remote Sensing Data

Sumi Amariena Hamim, Fathoni Usman, Annisa' Kurnia Shalihat
Palembang City locates at lowland where 70% of the city has an elevation from 0 to 5 m above mean sea level. With tremendous development and land-use change, Palembang City has faced more problems with a flash flood and a larger inundated area. This paper presents a study on the subsidence on Palembang...
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The Use of Transport Modeling to Evaluate the Implementation of Pedestrianization in Maliboro Area, Yogyakarta

Wiji Lestarini, Ahmad Muanwar, M. Zudhi Irawan
Malioboro Area is the city centre of Yogyakarta. It is a very busy area. There are many shops, public utilities and attractions in this area. Many visitors come to this area, especially during long weekends and holidays. There is a plan to close and pedestrianize Malioboro main street. Traffic surveys...
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Numerical Analysis of Multi-Level Gravity Walls in Tupa Village, Bulango Utara-Bone Bolango District by Limit Equilibrium Methods

Indriati Martha Patuti, Ahmad Rifa'i, Kabul Basah Suryolelono, Suprapto Siswosukarto
Boundary equilibrium method is one of the methods applied in numerical analysis in the geotechnical field. Slope stability is determined by the values ​​of safety factors. This is obtained from various methods, i.e. discussing the usual method or Fellenius method, Bishop method, Bishop Simple method,...
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Efficiency Assessment of Batik Industry Wastewater Treatment Plant in Center for Handicraft and Batik Indonesia

Mutiara Triwiswara
Batik as Indonesian cultural heritage has gained growing interest from international customers as well as local ones. However, the increasing production is also followed by negative impacts to environment in the form of wastewater. Most of batik industries dispose their wastewater directly into the environment...
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The Effect of Composition Sequence on a Filter toward the Acidity Level in Greywater

Taufiq Lilo Adi Sucipto, Wildan Akbar Fauzan, Aq Thamrin, Anis Rahmawati, M. Kunta Biddinika
The aim of this research is to identify the effect of greywater filter composition sequence toward the water acidity level (PH). This research includes the production of greywater filter tools and water laboratory testing. Waste water from households were used as water samples. The samples were tested...
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Wave Simulation to Compare Existing and Extended Jetty in River Estuary, Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia

Nazariano Rahman Wahyudi, S Imam Wahyudi, Fatkhu Husni
Pekalongan River has two functions, i.e., as fishing boat transportation and the main drainage of Pekalongan City. The Pekalongan river estuary has a Jetty located on two sides of the river mouth. The jetty is used to protect from waves and sediment. The Pekalongan river has upstream flow from Kupang...
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Analysis on Supply and Demand of Abu Bakar Ali Yogyakarta Motorcycle Parking Lot

Noor Mahmudah, Iswanto Iswanto, Dian M Setiawan, Dirfi Gustian Jaya, Fathoni Usman
Parking is an absolute requirement to support activities in a commercial area. Recently, parking lot of Abu Bakar Ali Yogyakarta is quite busy to accommodate motorcycle that will go to Malioboro, Yogyakarta. Hence, this study aims to analyze the demand and supply Abu Bakar Ali Yogyakarta motorcycle parking...
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Modelling an Unconventional Intersection Single-point Urban interchange with PTV.VISSIM

Muchlisin Muchlisin
An intersection is a place where traffic congestion from each arm always happens. In Yogyakarta, one of intersections having the traffic congestion at peak hours is at Kentungan Intersection. The traffic congestion mostly occurs by high volume of vehicles exceeding the intersection capacity. Commonly,...
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Design of a Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall with Geotextile Reinforcement in Accordance with the Federal Highway Administration Standard

Budijanto Widjaja, Vincent Justin Wismanto
Geotextile is a geosynthetic constructed for embankment functioning as reinforcement to support tension force from the loading design and decrease the failure potential of embankments. In accordance with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) standard, geotextiles are designed under static and dynamic...
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Experimental Study Of Column-Fonudation Joint Using Semi-Precast System Subjected To Axial And Lateral Cyclic Loading

Guntur Nugroho
­Semi-precast column consists of the combination of cast-in-place concrete and segmental precast concrete. In semi-precast concrete column, difference in compressive strength exists between the cast-in-place and precast concrete. The aim of this research is to investigate the behaviour of column-foundation...
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Sensitivity of Car-Followers to Moving Warning Sign

Sodikin Sodikin, Ahmad Munawar, Bagus H Setiadji
The sensitivity and response of a car-follower are marked by the follow-up response in the form of speed conversion that will generate either acceleration or deceleration. The study equipped a hidden camera which was operated through the iOnRoad Pro application to observe the speed and acceleration of...