Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Innovation 2020–Technology, Engineering and Agriculture (ICoSITEA 2020)

Human life cannot be separated from their movements to reach the developed point. All efforts are made to make life easier and more civilized. But unfortunately, many parties are forcing to use natural resources, these actions are not wise. Using resources unwisely can lead to disadvantages in the coming days soon or later. Therefore, sustainable development goals (SDGs) are becoming the trend of human activities in all sectors such as technology, engineering, and agriculture. These three sectors contribute much to human life.

Technologies are known as ways to make human activities become easier in many forms. The development of technologies leads strategic sectors such as communication, education, research and others to grow faster. SDGs are closed with technologies, without it, SDGs cannot be performed well. The engineering sector also become one part of world development, it takes part in how hard skill can be supported and become efficient.

Another sector that also plays an important part in SDGs is agriculture. This sector cannot be separated from human life. The basic need for human beings and the industry sector mainly come from agriculture. Any development in agriculture can bring peace and prosperity for people and the planet. Food, as the main product of agriculture, can lead to peace if sufficiently provided, but it will bring chaos if insufficiently not provided.

SDGs topic in technology, engineering, and agriculture is something that need to be thought by all people, especially for researchers. Research finding that useful for mankind are waited. The wise and developed research finding is a good choice for SDGs.

Through the above background, ICOSITEA had invited researchers from the field of technology, engineering and agriculture to participate and contribute with their best scientific articles. They come from researchers, academicians, and practitioners. All papers were selected and going peer-review process by professional expertise in their fields. Hopefully, all articles can bring a good impact on human life.