Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Innovation 2020–Technology, Engineering and Agriculture (ICoSITEA 2020)

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Effect of the Right Turning Movement to Road Urban Performance

Don Gaspar Noesaku da Costa, Egidius Kalogo, Donatus Arakian, Mauritius I.R. Naikofi, Christiani Chandra Manubulu, Oktovianus Edvict Semiun
Although right turning movement frequency due to exiting- entering vehicles from or to the social-economic area, particularly located nearby an intersection, could influence travel delay and/or vehicle queuing but it has not been considered when determining both the roadway and intersection capacity...
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Use of Train Transport to Bridge Social-Economic Activities Between Indonesia and Timor Leste Along the Northern Coast of the Island of Timor: A Preliminary Study

Don Gaspar Noesaku da Costa, Robertus Mas Rayawulan, Krisantos Ria Bela, Mauritius I.R. Naikofi, Engelbertha N. Bria Seran, Rani Hendrikus
Trading, agriculture, transportation and communication as well as services sectors are the prime contributors of the regional gross of domestic product in the island of Timor. However, the increasing of such priority sectors was relatively constant which might be occurred due to inappropriate efforts...
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Challenging the Profiles of a Digital Library: A Survey on Empowering Creators to Increase Creativity Regarding an International Interdisciplinary Conference

Dwi Astuti Wahyu Nurhayati
This paper examines the EFL presenters’ perception of viewing using digital library profiles on empowering creative presenters to an international conference. The data was collected for 4 months, starting from compiling three times surveys in October 2018 up to January 2019 in some conferences presenters....
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The Analysis of Vehicle Operating Cost (VOC) and the Preparation of Public Transport Information Systems Based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Kupang City

Margareth E. Bolla, Judi K. Nasjono, Marchninth A. Pedelati
Transportation is one of the most important elements in the economy aspect, because transportation is closely related to community activities, especially in urban areas. The purpose of this study is to provide city transportation data, namely the Vehicle Operating Costs (VOC) of 15 existing routes, and...
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The Effects of Motorcycle Proportion to Traffic Noise on Residential Area

Rais Rachman, Louise E. Radjawane, Alpius
One of the roads in a residential area that connects the city of Makassar and Gowa Regency is Daeng Tata Lama. Daeng Tata Lama street is dominated by motorcycles. The addition of this volume of traffic load has the effect of noise pollution on residential area in the section. The aim of this study are...
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Trip Attraction Model on the Education Center on Pangilun Mountain Area, Padang City

Angelalia Roza, Yessy Yusnita, Andi Mulya Rusli, Muchlisin
The purpose of this study was to model the travel attraction in the education area of Gunung Pangilun, Padang City. Primary data was collected by random sampling including 17 variables over 200 questionnaire responses. Crosstabs technique and multiple linear regression analysis were used to understand...
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Pedestrian Perceptions and the New-Normal

A Case Study on Jalan Khatib Sulaiman, Padang

Angelalia Roza, Silvia Mulyani, Andi Mulya Rusli, Muchlisin
The Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR) Office of Padang, Indonesia has currently focused on the agenda of improving pedestrian paths in several areas, including Jalan Khatib Sulaiman. This study aims to evaluate the pedestrian way on Jalan Khatib Sulaiman by examining physical and non-physical...
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A Theoretical Model for Debris Flow Initiation by Considering Effect of Hydrodynamic Force

Ani Hairani, Adam Pamudji Rahardjo
Debris flow is a sediment disaster that mostly occurs in mountainous area. In Merapi Volcano, Indonesia, debris flow frequently caused damage of infrastructures, destroyed bridges, houses, and fatalities. According to historical debris flow events, debris flow in Merapi area is predominantly triggered...
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Characteristics of Asphalt Concrete Using Retona Blend 55 as a Binder and Coal Fly Ash as a Filler

Anita Rahmawati, Emil Adly, Romi Destiano
Buton asphalt is a natural resource owned by Indonesia. One of the Buton asphalt processed is Retona Blend 55 Asphalt. Due to the abundant stock and better quality, Retona Blend 55 Asphalt can substitute Pertamina asphalt. Besides buton asphalt, Indonesia also owns coal mostly used for steam power plants....
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Unconfined Compressive Strength of Clay Strengthened by Coconut Fiber Waste

Anita Widianti, Willis Diana, Zahroh Shofiyatul Fikriyah
Indonesia is a country that produces the largest coconut in the world. 35% of the coconut volume is coir. Coir is a waste that has not been widely used for construction work. The coir fibers have the highest tensile strength among other natural fibers and have resistance to compressive forces. In this...
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Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Dissolved Oxygen and Suspended Sediment in Kelantan River Basin

Arniza Fitri, Khairul Nizam Abdul Maulud, Farli Rossi, Fajar Dewantoro, Puji Harsanto, Nur Zukrina Zuhairi
Dissolved oxygen and suspended sediment are the most important parameters used to assess the water quality of the river. The concern of freshwater pollution problems in Malaysia since the past few decades has resulted in the importance of monitoring dissolved oxygen concentration as a barometer for river...
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Performance of Precast Beam to Column Connection With Billet Connector Using FEM

Ashraf Adel Almohagry, Zainah Ibrahim, Farooq Ahmed Athar, Muhammad Usman Hanif, Ahmad Zaki
In precast concrete structures, connections play an important role in ensuring the safety of the structure. Current design practice in structural analysis assumes the connection as pinned or rigid. However, this cannot be relied upon for safety against collapse because during service the actual connection...
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Effects of Mineral Admixture on Electrical Resistivity and Permeability of Chloride Contaminated Mortar

Dahlia Patah, Amry Dasar, Hidenori Hamada, Pinta Astuti
The corrosion of reinforced concrete mainly was caused by chloride contaminated. Kinds of mineral admixtures such as Fly Ash Type B (FA), Silica Fume Type A (SF), Metakaolin (MKP) and Blast Furnace Slag Type B (BB) are necessary to increase the corrosion resistance. The electrical resistivity and permeability...
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Light Quality Concrete With Plastic as a Rude Aggregate for Peat Land Construction

Basri Doni Rinaldi, Mubarak Husni, Herman
Riau Province is an area that has the largest peatland in Sumatra, namely 4.044 million ha (56.1% of the Sumatra peatland area or 45% of the land area of Riau Province). Peat soils have a low bearing capacity, a high degree of compressibility, and high water content. So peat is unfavorable to support...
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Functional Damage Assessment Visually on the Road Using Pavement Condition Index (PCI)

Emil Adly, Anita Rahmawati, Dian Setiawan, Siska Dewi, Wahyu Widodo
The road is a land transportation infrastructure essential in facilitating the social and economic activities of the community. Well-constructed road conditions will equip population mobility in social activities and relations. However, road damage at low and high levels will not only obstruct social...
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Finite Element Modelling of Semi-Rigid Beam to Column Connection With Partly Hidden Corbel

Farooq Ahmed Athar, Zainah Ibrahim, Ashraf Adel Almohagry, Muhammad Usman Hanif, Ahmad Zaki
Utilizing many specimens in full-scaled experimental testing to study the behavior of precast concrete connections can be expensive. An alternative is to cast and carry out a minimal number of experimental tests and then model the connection/structure in a finite element software. The FE model can be...
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Comparison of Fatigue Crack Resistance and Permanent Deformation to Asbuton Modified Asphalt and Rubber Modified Asphalt

Fitra Ramdhani, Rahmat Tisnawan, Emil Adly
One of the efforts to reduce road damage due to excessive loads is to increase the quality of the asphalt mixture by improving or increasing the quality of asphalt (bitumen). The use of Asbuton or crumb rubber as an additive in the pavement mixture will have a different effect on the properties of the...
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Critical Review on Development of Lean Construction in Indonesia

Hakas Prayuda, Fanny Monika, Martyana Dwi Cahyati, Hermansyah, Besty Afriandini, Diky Budiman
Lean construction is one method that may reduce waste on construction projects. Waste is something that is non-value adding activities in the construction site. Implementing lean concepts into the construction industry is expected to increase the company’s productivity. In this study, we have reviewed...
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Prediction of Flowability, Compressive and Flexural Strength on Self-Compacting Concrete Using Fuzzy Logic

Hakas Prayuda, Fanny Monika, Fadillawaty Saleh, Pradipta Kumara Prabandaru, Jheval Senna Emerald, Nur Ali Maulida
This research discusses the prediction of flowability value, pressure strength and flexural strength on self-compacting concrete using fuzzy logic. Self–compacting concrete is one of the concretes that can compact itself without the need for a vibrator and compactor during the casting process. The flowability...
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The Effect of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Plastic on Lightweight Concrete

Husnah, Doni R Basri, Puspa Ningrum, Ahmad Zaki
Innovation of concrete technology becomes important for conserving energy, according to the building’s structural design’s weight. Thus, lightweight concrete can be a solution because it has a low density with good quality and optimum strength. One substitute for concrete is plastic, a polymer material...
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Study of Bed Load Transport in Code River

Case Study in Yogyakarta Region

Jazaul Ikhsan, Puspastyari Windamukti
Code River is a river located in the Province of Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) and one of the rivers that divide the city of Yogyakarta. Three regency areas are crossed by the Code River, namely: Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta City and Bantul Regency. The majority of people living around the river utilize...
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The Influence of Subsidence Angle to Column Demand-Capacity Diagram of a Multistory Building

M. Ibnu Syamsi, Yoga A. Harsoyo, Martyana D. Cahyati, Ilham Khomaini
Earthquake is an unpredictable natural disaster, and land subsidence is one of the followed impacts of this disaster. This occurrence can endanger buildings on the disaster area, especially the columns as the central element in the superstructure. This study aims to discover the influence of the inclination...
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Effect of Toll Road Construction on Local Road Level of Service in Gandus Sub-District, Palembang City

Debby Yulinar Permata, Melawaty Agustien, Riani Muharomah, Jessica Simamora, Ade Isra Gitananda, Cyntia Wardani
Construction of road infrastructure in South Sumatra Province is an effort to improve the economy and accessibility. One of the infrastructure constructions is Kayu Agung-Palembang-Betung Toll Road along 111.69 Km and consists of three segments. The second segment is between Musi Landas-Betung, has an...
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Assessing Flood Vulnerability of Opak Watershed According to the Review of BNPB Regulation

Nursetiawan, Nurrahmat Sena Aji Pamungkas
Special Region of Yogyakarta is a province that is quite densely populated due to many migrants and domestic and foreign tourists visiting and settling in the province. This will have an impact on increasing land needs and meeting needs that can have an impact on declining environmental quality, one...
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Challenges of Using Agricultural Solid Wastes as Aggregate in Structural Concrete

Payam Shafigh, Alireza Javadi Pordesari, Ahmad Zaki
Considering sustainability in all stages of construction engineering is a need to protect environment, preserve natural resources and the earth for our own and future generations. An effective way to mitigate environmental impacts of the construction industry is the use of sustainable materials in construction....
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Acceptability of the Equivalent Static Method for Designing Multi-Story Structures

Restu Faizah, Bagus Soebandono, N. M. Iskandar Sugeha
Equivalent static is a simplification method to design earthquake loads that must be calculated in the structural design. This method is practical and easy to apply, but only appropriate for low structures with high rigidity. The structures having low rigidity and irregularity in geometry must be analyzed...
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Determination of Coastal Vulnerability Level Based on CVI Method and GIS in Rupat Island, Riau Province

Rizki Ramadhan Husaini, Novreta Ersyi Darfia, Ari Sandhyavitri, Muhammad Yazid, Nursetiawan, Daly Riandi
The Rupat Island is one of the islands in Riau Province, Indonesia which generally consists of peat soil. Hence several coastal areas surrounded Rupat Island have been severely damaged due to the influence of the sea waves and tides. Meanwhile, the coastal area has been widely occupied by the local human...
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Life Cycle Assessment of Sugarcane Bagasse Ash as Partial Cement Replacement in Concrete

Saznizam Sazmee Sinoh, Zainah Ibrahim, Faridah Othman, Lee Meng Kuang, Ahmad Zaki
Concerns on the environmental impacts from use of concrete in the construction industry are becoming more widespread. Past and current research trends indicate that cement represents the bulk of emissions from concrete. Thus, its replacement significantly reduces negative impacts in concrete. Incorporation...
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3D Linear FE-Analysis of Unreinforced Masonry House Under Static Earthquake Load

Taufiq Ilham Maulana, Melati Sukma Astie Baroo
The world population has risen significantly in the last several decades, and this phenomenon creates a challenge to provide affordable housing for the family. Indonesia, the fourth largest populated country in the world, recently has a well-known national program regarding this issue, namely one million...
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An Analysis of the Performance of Unsignalized Intersection and the Impact of Vehicle Exhaust Emissions at Selokan Mataram Street

Wahyu Widodo, Emil Adly, Ryandika Adi Kumara
In transportation, Sleman Regency faces quite prevalent traffic issues, particularly traffic congestion and pollution that are caused by a surge in population mobility without being offset by sufficient development of traffic facilities and infrastructure. Therefore, a traffic management approach is...
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Information System for Providing Food Services Based on Mobile Application Using Flutter Framework

Asroni, Slamet Riyadi, Taufiq Cahyono
Foodservice is a food management that is handled by individuals and companies that provide food somewhere to meet the various needs of its providers based on orders. The progress of information technology is growing rapidly. One of them is a smartphone or better known as a smartphone, which uses the...
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The Role of Renewable Energy Resources in Generation Expansion Planning and GHG Emission Reduction: A Case Study of West Papua

Elias K. Bawan, Rahmat A. Al Hasibi
The impact of the implementation of the renewable energy power plant to GHG emission has been analyzed in this study. Four types of the renewable power plant have been simulated in the model which are hydro, biomass, solar, and wind power plant. The bottom-up model has been developed to conduct the analysis....
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Breast Care With Rotating Pressure to Facilitate Breastmilk Based on ATMEGA328

Erika Loniza, Andriyani, Muhammad Irfan
Breast milk is the perfect food for babies in early life because it contains many antibodies for the baby’s immunity and can prevent diarrhea that will cause infants’ and toddlers’ death. Many postpartum mothers complain that their milk does not come out, so that they cannot provide adequate milk coverage...
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Design of Solar Power Plant: Analyze Its Potential in Parangtritis Area Using PVsyst Simulator

Faaris Mujaahid, Purwoko Nurhadi, Ramadoni Syahputra, KarismaTrinanda Putra, Widyasmoro
The high demand of electrical energy nowadays occurs globally, including in Indonesia. One solution to overcome the problem of electricity consumption is to design solar power plants in Indonesia. The location of Parangtritis beach itself has a high potential radiation value when compared to other beaches...
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Dental Unit Prototype With Electric Dental Chair and Dental Light Parameters

Hanifah Rahmi Fajrin, Kresno Marta Husodo, Kuat Supriyadi
In supporting dental examination and treatment tools, especially in regional health facilities, an economical dental unit that has already met dental examination standards is needed. In this study, the authors will design an electric dental chair using a pneumatic as an up and down drive and a linear...
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Evaluation of Antenna Placement in Urban-Road Scenarios on Beam Alignment of 5G Millimeter-Wave Small Cells

Indar Surahmat
The use of millimeter-wave for 5G connections seems ready to be implemented. The high-path loss problem as a consequence is solved by the use of antenna arrays and the reduction of cell coverage with a small cell concept. Aligning beams to the best directions is then a selected concept of antenna arrays...
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Analysis of Hydraulic System on Portable Electrical Hydraulic Jack

Rinasa Agistya Anugrah, Putri Rachmawati
Hydraulic systems have been widely used in several large industries, the use of hydraulics in industrial activities help the running of related industrial activities. A large number of maintenance requests for the workshop requires a modern jack that can increase work productivity in the workshop. Also,...
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Design of Conceptual Architecture of Maintenance Medical Facilities Information Systems

Case Study at PKU Muhammadiyah Gombong General Hospital

Sigit Widadi, Hanifah Rahmi Fajrin
The management of medical facilities that have not made use of the information system (IS) has caused various difficulties for stakeholders. For the executive, the implementation of the medical facility management information system is deemed necessary to improve the quality of hospital services, while...
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The Temperature Measurement Using LM35 on Shaking Water Bath

Wisnu Kartika, Sumardi, Nur Hudha Wijaya
On this era, there are several medical equipment especially on the medical laboratory. One of the equipment is Shaking Water Bath. The Shaking Water Bath is a module used for heating or incubating sample solutions and mixing. The previous Shaking Water Bath still has a manual drainage system, so you...
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Evaluation of Antagonistic Activity of Trichoderma harzianum Against Various Pathogenic Fungi Infecting Dragon Fruit Stem

Agung Astuti, Salmaa Muftiyatunnisa, Dina Wahyu Trisnawati
Dragon fruit stem is prone to the infection of various pathogenic fungi and Trichoderma harzianum had been reported as an effective biological control agent against plant pathogenic fungi. This study was aimed to evaluate the ability of T. harzianum in controlling various pathogenic fungi infecting dragon...
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Attacks Decline Conopomorpha cramerella Snell at Cocoa Plants Use Biological Agents, Bio-Pesticides, Light and Ultrasonic

Baharudin, Dian Rahmawati, Yudi Irawan, Muhammad Alwi Mustaha, Sarjoni, Rubiyo
Cocoa pod borer (Conopomorpha cramerella L.) is a major pest of cocoa, including in Southeast Sulawesi and is able to reduce yields up to 90%, especially in the dry season. So far, farmers control these pests through the application of chemicals with high doses so that it has a negative impact on the...
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Farmers’ Motivation on Water Apple Business in Wonosalam District, Demak Regency

Nur Rahmawati, Febi Yogaswara, Triyono
Low water apple productivity and less competitive prices are the problems faced by water apple farmers in Wonosalam District. However, with such a situation the farmers continue to cultivate water apple. In carrying out water apple farming, farmers have an effort and motivation. This research aims to...
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Farmers’ Responses to Land Use Change from the Paddy Field to Cocoa Plantation in Dlingo Sub-District, Bantul Regency

Rizki Yusnanda, Sriyadi, Zuhud Rozaki
Agriculture land uses change to become a serious issue in Indonesia. Farmers tend to change their land to more economical usage. This study aims to determine the farmers’ responses toward land use change from the paddy field to cocoa plantation in Terong Village, Dlingo Sub-district, Bantul Regency....
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Feasibility Analysis of Honey Pineapple Farming in Belik Village, Belik District, Pemalang Regency

Nadzifatul Latifah, Pujastuti S. Dyah
Honey pineapple is annual plant whose plant origin comes from saplings. Honey pineapple plants can be harvested when the plant is 2 years old. This study aims to determine the feasibility of honey pineapple farming in Belik Village. The research method used in this study is a descriptive method that...
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The Feasibility of Red Chili in Independent and Group Sales Systems in Sukamantri Subdistrict, Ciamis Regency

Nuri Nabila Nurohmah, S Triwara Buddhi, Eni Istiyanti
Chili peppers are one of the horticultural commodities commonly cultivated commercially in tropical regions such as Indonesia. Sukamantri sub-district is the center of chili plants in Ciamis Regency with the largest planting area and harvest area of 296 hectares and the largest production value in Ciamis...
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Good Agriculture Practices Application on Water Apple Farming in Demak Regency, Central Java Indonesia

Triyono, Sriyadi, Bahrul Ulum
Water apple is a local variety from Demak which has been SOP (standard operational procedures) related to water apple cultivation since 2010. The function of the water apple SOP is as a reference for GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) of water apple farming. The purpose of this study was to determine the...
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The Quality Assessment of Structure of Simple House in Gowa Sari Residential, Bantul Regency

Dwi Kurniati, Restu Faizah
Bantul Regency is one of the districts in The Special Region of Yogyakarta. In 2006, Bantul experienced an earthquake that took many lives, one of the causes of which was to be hit by a house. Home is every human being’s basic need. A good house has an interconnection between each element, both structural...
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Biodiversity of Detritivores, Pollinators, and Neutral Insects on Surjan and Conventional Rice Field Ecosystems

Wafa Sakti Herdiawan, Ihsan Nurkomar, Dina Wahyu Trisnawati
Surjan and conventional rice fields are two rice farming systems grown in polyculture and monoculture. Differences in agricultural systems can affect insect diversity. This study aimed to determine the effect of the Surjan and conventional rice field ecosystems on the diversity and abundance of detritivores,...
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Effect of Bacillus thuringiensis-Induced Carrier Composition and Solvent on Yield of Lantana camara Bioactive Compound

Agung Astuti, Dina Wahyu Trisnawati, Anggi Cahyani
Insecticidal efficacy of Lantana camara is affected by the efficacy of formulation used determined by the concentration of its bioactive compound. The use of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) could induce the fermentation of L. camara and the selection of compatible solvent might contribute in production of...