Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Public Art and Human Development ( ICPAHD 2021)

Due to recent pandemic, the 2021 International Conference on Public Art and Human Development (ICPAHD 2021) which was planned to be held in Kunming, China, was held virtually online during December 24-26, 2021. The decision to hold the virtual conference was made in compliance with many restrictions and regulations that were imposed by countries around the globe. Such restrictions were made to minimize the risk of people contracting or spreading the COVID-19 through physical contact. There were 300 individuals who attended this on-line conference, represented many countries including France, Turkey, Philippines and China.

ICPAHD 2021 focused on the latest research fields of "Public Art and Human Development", providing an international platform for experts, professors, scholars, engineers and others from universities, scientific institutes, enterprises, and public institutions at home and abroad to share professional experience, expand professional network, communicate new ideas face to face and display research results. Exploring key challenges and research directions in this field, with a view to promoting the development and application of theories and technologies in this field in universities and enterprises, as well as establishing business or research connections for attendees and seeking global partners for future ventures.

During the conference, the conference model was divided into three sessions, including oral presentations, keynote speeches, and online Q&A discussion. In the first part, some scholars, whose submissions were selected as the excellent papers, were given about 5-10 minutes to perform their oral presentations one by one. Then in the second part, keynote speakers were each allocated 30-45 minutes to hold their speeches. In the second part, we invited four professors as our keynote speakers. Assoc. Prof. Jianming Zhu, School of Design, South China University of Technology, performed a speech: Environmental Design for Adaptation to Climate Change and Rapid Urbanization. And then we had Prof.Asad Khalil, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, School of International Law. He made a wonderful speech: Innovation in China. Prof.Rami Khalil, School of Business English, Sichuan International Studies University, delivered a speech: From Urban Aesthetics to Urban Landscape Sustainability: nature-based solutions for restoration and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems. Prof.Zulqarnain Baloch, our finale keynote speakers, from Kunming University of Science and technology. He presented a wonderful speech: One health: Alleviate the social crisis caused by antibiotic abuse. Their insightful speeches had triggered heated discussion in the third session of the conference. Every participant praised this conference for disseminating useful and insightful knowledge.

The proceedings are a compilation of the accepted papers and represent an interesting outcome of the conference. Topics include but are not limited to the following areas: Public Art, Human Development. All the papers have been through rigorous review and process to meet the requirements of international publication standard.

We would like to acknowledge all of those who supported ICPAHD 2021. The help and contribution of each individual and institution was instrumental in the success of the conference. We would like to thank the organizing committee for its valuable inputs in shaping the conference program and reviewing the submitted papers.

We sincerely hope that the ICPAHD 2021 turned out to be a forum for excellent discussions that enabled new ideas to come about, promoting collaborative research. We are sure that the proceedings will serve as an important research source of references and knowledge, which will lead to not only scientific and engineering findings but also new products and technologies.

The Committee of ICPAHD 2021