Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Public Art and Human Development ( ICPAHD 2021)

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Research on the Influence of Peers, Family Environment and Internet Use on Juvenile Depression

Yutong Pan
Nowadays, more and more adolescents are diagnosed with depression all around the world. The healthy growth of adolescents is related to the future development of a country, so studying the causes and coping strategies of depression in adolescents has become a hot topic. In this paper, the author analyzed...
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Study on the Development Path of Urban-rural Economic Integration from the Perspective of Inclusive Green Development: A Case Study of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan Region in the Middle Reaches of the Yellow River

Lei Lei, Xiaojun Yang, Qin Liu, Qun Cao, Shen Li
As an important economic phenomenon in the process of national development, urban-rural economic integration is an inevitable product of the development of productivity to a certain stage and an important link in promoting high-quality regional economic development. Taking the middle reaches of the Yellow...
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Research on Bio-amplifier for ECG Recording

Qingjun Zhu
The emergence and functions of biological amplifiers not only enrich the medical equipment market, but more importantly, it provides more treatment opportunities for patients and medical staff. Biological amplifiers have been widely used in electrocardiogram (ECG) medical equipment. Doctors have obtained...
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How Does Beliefs Work as a Barrier Affecting Consumer’s Attitude Towards Luxury Brand’s Consumption

Huaiyue Yun
Consumer beliefs act as barrier towards purchasing luxurious and prominent brands among consumers. In recent decades, China has experienced significant growth in the consumption of luxury goods and services attributable to consumer beliefs. Our research focuses on consumer beliefs enhancing the consumption...
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Rethinking on the Historical Evaluation of Qin Shihuang Based on Shiji

Zhuoxuan Wang
Qin was the first empire to realize reunification in Chinese history. Qin Shihuang changed the traditional political system and established China’s first unified empire. When ancient Chinese historians affirmed the achievements of Qin Shihuang, their comments on Qin Shihuang always lacked comprehensive...
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Cultivation Pattern for Design Talents in Vocational and Technical Colleges Under the View of Rural Vitalization

Hui Fu, Jia Mei Shou, Zhi Hui Sun
Under the environment of implementation the strategy of rural vitalization, how to cultivate the design talents in the more practicing and effective way to serve rural vitalization for the economic and cultural development of the whole society has become the major task of design education reform and...
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The Overview of Membrane System on CO2 Removal from High Pressure Natural Gas

Yixin Fu
Being a kind of important energy and chemical raw material, natural gas can replace fossil fuel for instance coal to cut down the net CO2 discharge. For natural gas purification, separation using membrane technology are considered to be an attractive alternative method. It is necessary to remove acid...
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Research on the Dilemma Faced by Proprietary Chinese Medicine from the Perspective of Market Economy and the Optimization Method

Rui Zhang
With the improvement of the status of TCM in China’s medical system and the promotion of the application of proprietary Chinese medicines in national life, especially TCM has played an excellent role in the rescue and treatment of this new crown pneumonia epidemic, which has caught the attention of China...
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Explaining Brexit, Post-Brexit Foreign Strategies of the UK and the UK-EU Relations

Yichen Jia
The essay aims to explore why the United Kingdom has left the European Union and then the impact of the Brexit on the UK foreign strategies and the EU-UK relations. After the Brexit, the United Kingdom redefined its position in the world.The United Kingdom’s diplomatic strategy and diplomatic focus have...
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Climate Change on Glaciers and the Current Approach of Protecting the Glaciers

Meirui Qian
Climate change has a significant impact on health’s social and environmental determinants. It’s frequently linked to our environment and man-made stressors, both of which have already had an impact on public health in a variety of ways. Climate change has a direct impact on our basic needs for clean...
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Research Through Unearthed Epitaphs

The Tuyuhun People’s Sinicization During the Northern Dynasties

Sixuan Pan
In the middle and late Northern Wei Dynasty, Tuyuhun people gradually entered political field of Central Plains Dynasty, and cultural merging came with the interaction of the crowd. Although Tuyuhun Kingdom located in the northwestern area, Tuyuhun people’s epitaphs whose unearthed places were known...
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The Effect of Mindfulness Meditation on Academic Performance of Students

Yang Liu, Yuqing Liu, Chaoyu Wang
School settings had been full of stressors that negatively influence students’ mental health and academic performance. For solving students’ academic performance issues, mindfulness mediation had been used to improve their academic outcomes. This study had applied the information process theory to demonstrate...
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A Case Study of Media Influence on Public Attitudes Towards Celebrities

How the Sex Scandal of Kris Wu Influences His Public Recognition and Celebrity Endorsement

Che Yang
In the new media era, media reports can highly influence public attitudes, and events involving celebrities usually draw great attention from the public. Besides, celebrities usually enjoy a high level of public recognition and endorse products, which is known as celebrity endorsement. Also, fandom economy,...
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The Impact of Negative News on Athletes’ Performance on the Field

Bingkuan Zhang
The negative reports of various media have increasingly become an important factor affecting athletes’ competition attention and performance. This study proposes to study the impact of negative news on the athletes’ performance on the field. Negative news can affect athletes’ attention. This paper aims...
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The Relationship Between Aristotle and Alexander the Great

Yuchen Wu
Aristotle and Alexander the Great, two outstanding characters in history bearing idiosyncratic personalities and outlooks, are not only teacher and student, but also destined friends and rivals. They were born in the era when Greek civilization faced a portent from rotating greatly declining, and when...
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Research on the Influence of Chinese Aesthetics on Fashion Design

SiYu Guo, Jian Xiao
With the rapid development of economic, cultural and science and technology, China’s fashion industry is also developing vigorously with the times. “Chinese Aesthetics” gets the favor and application of global fashion. Through the collection of fashion information at home and abroad, this paper summarizes...
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Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health

Yizhen Wang
With the intensively spreading COVID-19 epidemic around the world, people have faced problems and dramatic changes in daily life, being unable to work as usual and living normally as routines. The consequences in that situation may reflect on the mental health of people since they bring people chaotic...
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What Contribution Does Bioinformatic Analysis Perform in the Advancement of Conventional Biochemical Research

Ziran Yin
The precision and expense of biological research have grown in inverse proportion during decades of ongoing bioinformatics technology development, with steadily increasing accuracy and gradually decreasing spending. In the meantime, the demand for data analysis has skyrocketed for questions that have...
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Principals’ Value Leadership and Campus Football Development: Ideal Pursuits and Present Dilemmas

Haoyang Zhuge
Adopting the literature research methodology and field survey method, this thesis takes the new era of school soccer as the background, and the combination of value leadership of principals and school soccer development as the problem-oriented point. The value leadership of principals in campus soccer...
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Appreciate it from Inside--to Overlook Chinese Traditional Aesthetics of Artist Conception in Appreciation of Early Spring

Luo Huajin
According to traditional theory, painting should be the imprint of mind, which serves as a principle to both artists and the audience. Guo Xi, an ancient Master of Landscape painting, sticks to the principle by conveying his mind when drawing the outline of the landscape. Chinese traditional aesthetics...
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Lithium Battery, About Its History, Future Development, Environmental Impact and System Economics

JIlin Chen, Xuanyao Huang, Honglin Wang
Lithium batteries are an essential component to a zero-carbon energy transition around the world. In this paper, we will discuss six parts about the lithium battery. About the history of lithium battery, introduce how it was invented and widely used by people all over the world, what fields it is mostly...
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Development of Marathon Brand Element Scale

Mengmeng Huang, Chuan-ming Cai, Yao-Chuan Chang
The purpose of this paper is to develop a scale of marathon event brand elements, which provides a quantitative tool for event brand building. And the methods are literature review, questionnaire survey and mathematical statistics. It is concluded that the scale consists of 42 items in five dimensions:...
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Hong Kong Action Films’ Aesthetics of Violence

Its Social Environment and Decline in the 21st Century

Antong Chen
Hong Kong films with Cantonese as the main language have long been a significant part of Hong Kong’s popular culture. The main themes of action movies with Kung fu films, gangster gunfights, and police-and-bandit films have become a major representative. As an important embodiment of violent aesthetics,...
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Sogdian Diasporic Women’s Autonomy and Limitations: Case Study of Triple Identities of Miwnay

Meicheng Chen
While the historical works discussing the trading aspect of Sogdians are abundant, a relatively small amount of research discuss the diasporic women who moved to China with their family members (usually husbands) who are traders. The Sogdian ancient letter is among the rare sources that provide women’s...
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The Controversy Over the Use of Prozac Because of Side Effects

Enru Wang
Prozac, also known as fluoxetine, is a new class of serotonin reuptake blocker (SSRI) oral antidepressant that works by inhibiting serotonin reuptake by the central nervous system. This drug has the advantages of wide application (depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia, etc.) and...
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The Spread of League of Legends

Yile Liu, Yitao Ma, Tianhui Wang
League of legends is the most famous online video game around the word. The game is created by Riot Games from USA in 2009. It is a type of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, 2 groups and combats with 5 players each group with impressive 3D graphics. In a fast developed society with so many entertainments,...
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On the Development of the Chinese Character “Li” from the Perspective of Form Changes

Tianjin Cao
The Chinese character ‘Li’ (Rite) has its own development and connotations. In order to explore the connotations of “Li”, it is practical to begin with the origin of the character “Li”. This paper focuses on the evolution of “Li” and explores the changes in its form. The development of its form is explored...
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Discussion on the Texture Beauty of Yuzhou Daily Jun Porcelain and the Design of Derivatives

Lin Liu, Xinyu Wu
From the blank making to the porcelain which is made through mixing of clay and water, the texture beauty formed on the surface of porcelain is a miracle that can only be found by accident. The texture beauty of Jun Porcelain is an abstract form formed in the process of furnace transmutation. It is the...
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Study on the Effectiveness of Minimum Wage and the Necessity of Abolishment by Countries

Hongchao Fei
In this paper, the question of whether it is necessary for countries to abolish minimum wage policy is discussed in depth. This paper carries out 3 sections of theoretical discussion: the economic theory of minimum wage diagram, the impact on the economy’s efficiency, and the impact on social quality....
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The Effect of Social Media on Customers’ Behaviors in E-commerce: Live Streaming Shopping as an Example

Keran Fu
With the development of the Internet, social media has affected every aspect of people’s life, including shopping. Live-streaming shopping is a very popular e-commerce mode at present. It is favored by many buyers, at the meantime, many businesses benefit from it as well. This paper mainly studies what...
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A Review of Structural Abnormality in Schizophrenia

Keran Xuan
Over the past 20 years, the understanding of schizophrenia has deepened. As a brain disease, schizophrenia has profoundly affected generations. It is a chronic brain disorder that is characterized by significant alterations in perception, thoughts, mood, and behavior. Schizophrenia usually occurs in...
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Norse Mythological Archetypal Analysis to The Death of Balder by Johannes Ewald

Junlin Luo
Johannes Ewald’s The Death of Balder contains many elements from Old Norse mythology. By using Jungian archetypal theory and Frye’s theory of archetypal literary criticism, this paper examines the representation of Norse mythological archetypes embodied in The Death of Balder. Through an analysis of...
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Analysis of Music Life Cycle Based on Product Life Cycle Theory

Ni Han
Under the background of the Internet age, music products usually have a long life cycle because of their platform-based communication characteristics and their own cultural values. In recent years, there have been some cases of music works becoming popular many years ago on the Internet, which are worth...
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Overly-Optimism: Bilingual Effects on Cognitive Enhancement

Shuning Li
The purpose of this review was to critically evaluate the previous literature on bilingual effects on executive function, in particular enhancement on attentional control. However, recent studies have shown inconsistent conclusions on the relationship between bilingualism and executive function. Such...
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Research on the Humanistic Character of Outdoor Public Seats on Campus

Li Liu
As the construction of Chinese universities continues, campuses keep expanding. Outdoor public seats play an important role in campus public space, its current status and future directions have not been concerned. This study focuses on the humanistic character of outdoor public seats on campus, the current...
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Analyze the Feasibility of Introducing Equestrian Treatment Technology into Qingdao for Treatment

Ziyao chen
Hippotherapy is a new auxiliary therapy method that physical therapists use the characteristics of equestrian sports to rehabilitate patients with physical or cognitive disorders. Equestrian therapy courses need to be conducted by a team of professionals, including physiotherapists, side care, and horse...
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The Factors That Exacerbate Women’S Experience of Stigma in the Workplace

Gender Discrimination and the Wage Gap in Developed Countries

Wangxinran Hou, Yuyan Qin, Xingyu Wang, Yunhan Wang
This essay reviews factors exacerbating women’s experience of stigma in the workplace to explain the gender discrimination in Europe, which gives rise to a lasting wage gap. Firstly, various forms of gender discrimination are discussed based on previous research, and academic literature will be reviewed....
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The Cultivation of Reading and Thinking for College Students Existential Dilemma and Exploration

Li Ning
Contemporary college students are born in the Internet era, and there is a general situation that students in various universities do not read enough and do not think deeply, such as lack of reading classics and in-depth thinking. Reading is the key source of acquiring knowledge. Students can be absorbed...
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The Reference Significance of Hollywood IP Exploration and Transformation

Taking Harry Potter Series Products as an Example

Runyi Tian
Hollywood film development and IP exploration have a century of history. Among them, Harry Potter, as a prestigious IP, has gained huge profits worldwide. The success of Harry Potter shows some strategies that can be used for reference in IP exploration, such as, based on powerful text, full platform...
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Social Media and Its Impact on Chinese’s Women Body Image: The Effects of Body Comparison and Motivation for Social Media use

Jingyi Liu
Social media ingrains the lives of countless individuals in the world. With adolescents, particularly young women being the primary users of social media platforms, the question of whether social media use has an impact on their self-esteem, body dissatisfaction, body image, and self-concept. In social...
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Comparison of Ancient Greek Art and Ancient Roman Art

Keyang Wang
This paper discusses about similarities and differences between ancient Greek art and ancient Roman art from several aspects, such as location, politics, cultural effects and historical factors. It also talks about what techniques did ancient Greek artists and ancient Roman artists use in their art works....
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Conservation and Inheritance of Gansu Red Architectural Cultural Heritage from the Perspective of Landscape Anthropology

Hao Kaili, Shi BoYuan
Landscape anthropology is a new branch of overall anthropology. It systematically studies the multi-culture, form, nature and structure of landscape by using the research perspective, comparative method and field investigation of landscape anthropology, aiming at exploring the interaction and influence...
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Review of Feminism Research and Analysis of Deviation in Contemporary Development

Zhenglun Hu
The development of feminism is a new consideration on the rights of male and female throughout the world. No matter in philosophy, culture, society, politics, economy, etc., the research of feminism is of great significance. While contemporary feminism is constantly developing and enriching, the development...
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Research on the Teaching Model of Curriculum Thought and Politics Based on the Core Ideological and Political Literacy of Military Cadets

Fang Hua, Tian Yanhui, Lei Desheng, Du Keke
Promoting the construction of curriculum thought and politics comprehensively was a strategic measure to carry out moral cultivation and cultivate personnel for war, and it was the objective requirement of training high-quality and specialized new military talents, also it was the “casting soul” project...
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How Did Religion Consolidate the Rule of Ancient Kingship: Take the Roman Empire as an Example

Yifan Chen, Yancheng Wang
Roman Empire intrigues many people to explore it and raise its veil, so we do some pieces of research on this topic and surprisingly find that Christianity is closely related to this mysterious empire. Therefore, we decided to write about the role of religion in consolidation of ancient royal power and...
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Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on China’s Overseas Industrial Zones and the Countermeasures

Haitao Zhou, Zongjian Wu, Shaobo Yang, Tianyu Hu, Haibo Zhou, Ting Wan, Zenan Dong, Ning Su, Chuhong Fan, Zhigang Duan
As the catalyst to promote industrial development, industrial zones create a new growth point for national economic development in the era of COVID-19 pandemic, and increase the driving force to global economic recovery. The pandemic continues to spread in overseas countries, which has affected the overseas...
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The Application of Convolutional Neural Network in Malware Images Classification

Shiyu Wang, Zehao Li, Xiaotian Zhao
Malicious software is a fundamental challenge to information security, which can hijack browsers, force software installation, automatically pop-up ads on web pages, and even support intelligence gathering and destructive cyberattacks. There are always various malicious software and malicious programs...
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Bilateral and Multilateral Mechanisms in Comparison: An Examination Through China’s Climate Policy

Mohan Chang
The environment has been an important issue for a long time. All the countries have different policies to treat these problems. In general, all international policies operate under certain mechanism, especially bilateral and multilateral mechanisms. Then what are the pros and cons of these two mechanisms...
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Research on the Behavior Mode of the Elderly and Public Activity Space

Weiwei Zhou, Luowei Gu
Community park is an important place for the elderly to carry out outdoor activities. Taking Nanjing Nanhu Park as the research object, through field investigation, this paper understands the current situation of community park and analyzes the landscape space preferred by the elderly. Combined with...
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Predict Opioid-using Pharmacists from the Prescribing Practices Based on SVM Classification Model

Ximing Ran
The number of people dying from drug overdoses in the United States is increasing every year, and most of them are caused by opioids, so it becomes crucial to analyze the use of opioids. Since an important influence on opioid use is the physicians who use opioids, we studied physicians’ medication habits...
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The Influence of Family Factors on Adolescent Depression

Yiran Du
Adolescent mental health is one of the major public health issues, and depression among contemporary adolescents is increasing year by year. According to data released by the World Health Organization in 2019, the total number of depression cases worldwide exceeds 350 million, and about 200,000 people...
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How Media Influence the Intergroup Relationships Between LGBT and the Non- LGBT Community in China

Yize Tan
The life of the LGBT community is filled with challenges, which might have negative influences on their mental and physical well-being. While certain countries are improving equal rights for the LGBT community through legislation, others are lagging. For example, the Chinese LGBT community fights for...
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Issues in Language Teaching from the Perspective of Chinese-English Language Differences

Bingzi Zhang
For a long time, whenever thinking about what causes differences between languages, many scholars have defined and developed a series of definitions from the perspective of the relationship between language and thinking, so what differences exist between Chinese and English, based on language and thinking?...
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The Influence of COVID-19 from the Perspective of Gender

Sijing Cao
The outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in late 2019 has brought great changes and impacts to all over the world. After reading related research, the author finds that the impact of COVID-19 on the public is mainly concentrated in three aspects: economy, behavior, and psychology. Besides, from...
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Community Public Art Design Practice from the Perspective of Ecological Aesthetics - The Example of Railway Three Village in Chongqing

Sun Lei, Fan Xiaoli
This paper analyses the creation process and the advantages of the intervention of the community public art work The Hall of All Souls in Chongqing’s Railway Three Villages, and integrates the concept of ecological aesthetics with the principles of in-terrain, public, participatory and ecological community...
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Relations between ER Stress, UPR and Cancer Biology

Yixuan Wang, Jinrui Huang, Siqi Xiong
Effects of external factors such as protein homeostasis can trigger the production of endoplasmic reticulum stress, which can be restored by the unfolded protein response (UPR). The UPR plays a central role in the development of cancer biology, and it is also associated with various malignant characteristics,...
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Research on the Development of the Fifth-Generation Technologies

Yulin Cheng
Telecommunication providers have been working tirelessly to improve the services they offer since the invention of mobile phones. The progress is done by the providers to increase their reach, attract more people and make the services better. First-generation (1G) was the first network to be established...
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Suggested Modification of Previous Published Log-Incidence Mathematical Model of Breast Cancer Incidence

Jingyi Xie
Pike et al. developed an outstanding mathematical model to relate the risk factors related to reproduction to the incidence of breast cancer in 1983. In 1994, Bernard Rosner and Graham A. Colditz modified Pike’s model to improve some of the deficiencies such as a lack of terms for spacing of births and...
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How Does the Arts During the Cold War Reflect the Ideologies of the Two Superpowers?

Lily Wang
The Cold War is a significant point of modern history which put the whole world into tensions and crises; therefore, it resulted in non-eligible influences on people’s lifestyles and, thus, caused changes in the expression of art during that time. This paper aims to explore some of the major influences...
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The Development Process of Education and Training Institutions in China

Tianrui Xiao
Now that everyone is qualified to take the college entrance examination (Gaokao), the competition among students is more intense. Because getting into a good university is conducive to students’ future development, more and more students and parents pay attention to students’ learning, and the demand...
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How Gentrified Community Influences Residents’ Mental Health - Evidence from London?

Rong LIU
Knowing that green space has an impact on residents’ mental health, it also induces green gentrification which is likely to further arise mental health problems. The article targets two main objectives: 1. Identify whether gentrification happens in areas with improved green amenities. 2. Evaluate the...
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The Contradiction and Balance Between Cultural Value and Economic Value in Cultural Policy: Taking the “Creative State” of Victoria, Australia as an Example

Shi Shen
Cultural policies and the creative industry policies included in them have long attracted widespread attention in the academic and industry circles. However, the government and scholars have big differences in their perceptions of its value orientation. The government pays more attention to short-term...
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Mekong River Basin International Cooperation: The Organizational and Geopolitical Mobilizations

Wanjing Feng, Zhixin Lei, Ziyu Zhou
An important example of international cooperation in watershed development is in the Mekong River basin. There has been the entanglement of various forces for nearly a century, as well as the continuous strengthening of international cooperation. After getting rid of the occupation of European countries,...
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The Causes of Social Anxiety Disorder in the Different Developmental Stages

Xinyi Cheng, Yuwen Yang
Socializing is an essential and fundamental aspect of our daily routine. Previous studies have indicated that certain people were suffering from social anxiety, which continues to have significant and serious impacts on people’s lives. The health and social consequences of Social Anxiety Disorder have...
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A Theoretical Probe into the Common Factors of the Internet Addiction and Adolescent Major Depression Disorder

Yongxuan Chen
With the prevailing trend of economic globalization, the Internet connects people all over the world. At the same time, the rate of adolescent depression has shown an upward trend and becoming a worth noting topic. Is there a connection between the two? In the existing studies, some researchers have...
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Study on the New Clique’s View of Roosevelt’s New Deal’s Impact on the Great Depression in the United States

Boxuan Xiong
This paper studies the overall impact of Roosevelt’s New Deal on the United States during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Examines whether Roosevelt’s New Deal worked in the United States at the time, whether it eased the crisis, or whether it exacerbated it. The purpose of the study is to provide...
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The Differences of Media’s Attitudes Towards “996 Working System”

Tianyi Shen
“996” working system has sparked discussion in Chinese society. This paper focuses on the attitudes of different media towards this abnormal labor system and the reasons for it. It adopts a vertical reading method to trace the changing attitudes of media and compares them with each other. It demonstrates...
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How U.S. Partisanship Polarization Affect Foreign Policy? An Examination Through the “Ebb and Flow” of US Foreign Climate Policy

Xueyou Liao
U.S. foreign climate policy has experienced extremely dramatic change from 2016 to 2021. The Democratic presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden uphold totally different policies from the Republican President Donald Trump. This article puts emphasis on the U.S. domestic partisanship polarization within...
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Is Germany a Leader in EU? An Examination Trough Its Environmental Policies and Actions

Hao Yang
As an important member of the European Union, Germany is well recognized as a leader in economic and political fields. On the climate and environment protection, Germany’s performance is less impressive as it has failed its target in 2020. In terms of environmental policy, it has been questioned if Germany’s...
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Significant Advantages of Composite Materials Attached to Improving Technology and Disadvantages of Fiber Related Mining in Harming Humans’ Health

Yimeng Zhu
Frequent use of the category FRP material, Fiber-reinforced polymer, in new innovation of aviation-related topics left a general positive influence on ordinary people in acknowledging composite materials. The purpose of this essay is to provide a critical and comprehensive understanding of the influence...
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Application of Artificial Intelligence in Clothing Production

Yufang Lu
Clothing, as one of the necessities of human life, was born at the beginning of human society. With the development of human society, people’s demand for clothing has gradually become diverse. Whether it is personalized clothing stores scattered all over the streets and alleys, or high-end brand clothing...
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Influencing Factors of Mental health of High School Students

Zichen Gu
A group of high school students, especially Chinese high school students with fewer good schools, are under more significant psychological pressure. They often bear higher parental expectations, peer pressure, self-pressure, etc. They must relieve these pressures. Using CFPS data, this article puts forward...
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The New Situation of the Tang Empire’s Ethnic Relations During the Anshi Rebellion and the Contradictions in Du Fu’s Poems

Anzhe Li
The Anshi rebellion was the key period of the Tang Dynasty from prosperity to decline. The integration and invasion of internal and foreign nationalities in the frontier made the Tang Dynasty present a different situation from the past. In Du Fu’s poems, in-depth detail realism can become an important...
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Factors That Cause and Affect Cancer Metastases, the Targeted Therapy and Potential Treatments

Yiming Liao
The metastases are a series of mechanisms for circulating malignant tumor cells to travel and occupy distant organs. This includes infiltrating distant tissue, evading immune defenses, adapting to supportive niches, surviving as latent tumor-initiating seeds, and eventually breaking out to replace the...
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Construction of Legitimacy in Neo-Confucianism

As China’s modernization continues to accelerate, the traditional sources of legitimacy for governance are at risk. Mainland Neo-Confucian scholars have sought to provide a source of legitimacy using traditional Confucian theories. As a part of the most influential ruling philosophy in ancient China,...
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The Social Effects of the Oracles

Text Analysis Based on Herodotus’ Histories

Renwen Zhang
Herodotus is considered the founding work of history in Western literature, which is written in 430 bc in the Ionic dialect of classical Greek. His History is served as a record of the ancient traditions, politics, geography, and clashes of various cultures which is known in Greece, Western Asia and...
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Stigmatization of Women in Chinese Society

A Case Study of Tan Weiwei’s Album 3811

Yimiao Huang, Jiaru Zheng
3811 is a pioneering album in Chinese pop music market. It encourages reconsiderations of the stigmas attached to females and promotes gender equality in China. However, there are relatively few studies on stigmas against women in China, and empowerment effect of 3811 was neglected. Based on an integration...
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The Development of the Political Status of the Peasant Class in Thailand

A Case Study of the Economic Changes of the Peasant Class

Wenbo Kang
When researchers look back at Thailand’s political and economic development, researchers can find that the process is full of uncertainties: frequent military coups, violent confrontations, high dependence on foreign markets, and lack of independence. In this environment, Thai peasants, as a large number...
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Investigation on the Correlation of Interval Time Between Waking Up and Last REM, and Clarity of Dream Recalls

Yichen Li
When people wake up from a long night sleep, dreams are memorized, sometimes forgotten. What are the factors that influences the clarity and quality of dream recalls when people wake up? Data were collected from the author himself using EEG, survey and introspection. Totally 7 nights of data were collected...
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The Maintenance of Celestial Burial in Ngari Tibetan Area: Theoretical Debates and the Interview Study

Qingyang Hu, Yingnuo Wang, Yuening Xu
This paper discusses celestial burial, a kind of burial that is famous for its main process- let the bodies be eaten by the vultures. As an old and traditional burial, people have already performed the celestial burial for a long time, with all kinds of factors that push them to do so. This paper would...
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Research on the Growth of Breast Tumor

Jinrui Huang
Malignant breast tumor or cancer is notorious for its rampant spread over to any other parts of body and can be potentially a fatal disease. Many theoretical studies on the growth kinetics of breast tumor have been carried out in order to generalize the fundamental characteristic of it. This knowledge,...
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A Literature Review on Fans’ Identity Construction

Haoyang He, Xiang Li, Mina Tavsel, Rou Zhou
In recent years, the development of mobile Internet and digital technology has produced a “warm house” for fandom. This paper reviews previous literature of fandom studies from three aspects, namely interaction with idols, identity construction through the performance of the self, and the relationship...
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Analysis of the Importance of Construction Management at Solar Power Station in the UK

Fu Tan
The construction management industry is a significant area that offers more economic development in the country. The organization’s top managerial staff and designers are required to collaborate during the interaction. Also it is to work out the Net Present Value, internal Rate of Return and other expense...
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A Literature Review of the Reasons for School Bullying in China

Ziying Chen, Laiyi Fan, Siwei Li
The problem of school bullying is serious in China. In China, the number of cases of school bullying was over 1000 in 2015. This paper reviews relevant research on the reasons for school bullying from different aspects, namely family, school, and social environment. Scholars have already found out the...
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Analysis of the Problem of Infectious Disease Report Cards in China

An Example of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Zhengxi Zhu
The infectious disease report card is a critical tool for collecting and reporting infectious diseases. It is a prerequisite and foundation for the early detection of infectious diseases and plays a critical role in the entire infectious disease prevention and control system. By conducting a systematic...
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Therapeutic Effect of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Adolescent Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Tieyue Zhang
Adolescents who suffered from traumatic events are at increased risk for perpetrating emotional dysfunction as well as aggressive behaviors, or even self-harm and suicidal attempt. They are also at high risk for developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that afflicts them constantly throughout...
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Are Sexual Double Standards Related to the Proportion of the Opposite Sex in the Environment?

Yue Yin
Are sexual double standards related to the proportion of men and women in their growing or living environment? Is a balanced sex ratio helpful for teenagers to better get along with their peers? To figure out the answers, I designed an experiment and completed it. The correlation between SDS and sex...
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Exploring Historic Buildings Using Virtual Reality

Wei Zhang
Virtual reality (VR) is an engaging feature that enables individuals to virtually interact within constructed settings and encounter them on a human scale using digital technology. For more than twenty years, virtual heritage (VH) capabilities have been a hot study topic among archaeologists and historians....
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How Does VLOG Affect Young Consumers’ Purchase Intention?

Luying Wang
In the digital age, young customers prefer watching video blogs to learn about new products before they make purchasing decisions. Additionally, many brands invite bloggers to promote their products. This study designed an online experiment to examine the impact of sponsorship information and product...
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The Results of Poverty Alleviation Work in Practice in Huangpi District, Wuhan

Ziyi Sun
Poverty is a global problem. How to accurately formulate appropriate poverty alleviation policies to help the poor get rid of poverty is essential. This paper selects Huangpi District, one of the most representative poverty-stricken areas in Wuhan City, to research the effect of poverty alleviation policy....
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Research on the Collaborative Governance of Rural Public Services

Based on the Collaborative Governance Model of Multiple Entities

Yawen Sun
Collaborative governance is an important part of the rural public service governance model, and the collaborative governance of multiple subjects is the core of promoting rural public service reform. However, the collaborative governance of rural public services in China still has many accumulated drawbacks,...
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The Influence of Parental Divorce on Depression Symptoms in Adolescence and Early Adulthood: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Haiwei Liu
Parental divorce, as one of the adverse childhood experiences, will have a negative influence on the mental health of adolescents. This study conducted a meta-analysis of depressive symptoms in children from parental divorce and adolescence and early adulthood. Through a series of meta-analysis to find...
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Ways of Reducing Stress to Improve Children’s Eyewitness Testimony

Gaojing Chai, Jiayi Wu
Child eyewitness testimony has always been a controversial subject. This article discusses some of the factors (such as props and toys, stress, and comfort drawing) that may influence child eyewitness testimony by reviewing the relevant research. More importantly, the association between different music...
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Elderly People in Urban China

Perceived Discrimination, Satisfaction and Well-Being

Yuzhou Ju, Chenguang Shen, Zhongmou Xu
Sociologists have different kinds of views on dealing with ageing population problems. Therefore, this passage will mainly focus on urban-living Chinese elderly people research through various aspects. We are aiming at discovering the urban living elderly people’s features, the experience they suffered,...
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Role of Mental Health in Producing Health Disparities

Xibiao Wang
The study explores the function of mental health in making health disparities over global population area. Many rural areas of different countries where people cannot avail health services or other social, environmental requirements and needs are more likely to encounter mental health issues. Facts and...
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Reform of International Organizations in an Era of Chinese and US leadership

Yuran Wang, Zhengjun Xu, Dicheng Zou
International institutions work hard to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by implementing multilateral cooperating systems. Over the past decade of Chinese and United States leadership, however, organizations like UNSC, UNHRC and the WTO faced many challenges. This paper will analyse the structures...
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The Cultural Transmission of Raise the Red Lantern: The Representation of Symbolism

Xiaoyan Zhang
Film is a popular media content in today’s society, always portraying political, cultural, social and philosophical ideologies by virtue of its representation, reality and immediacy. With its characteristics of the richness of visual images, films have the propagation effect to spread the narration of...
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The Possibility of Cultural Cooperation Between China, Japan and South Korea and the Construction of East Asian Cultural Community

Jiayin Liu
While the process of globalization continues, the common development of East Asian cultures becomes more important. The paper mainly focuses on the construction of the East Asian Cultural Community, especially about the cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea. This article firstly introduces...
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The Effectiveness of Celebrity Involvement on Fans Behavior

Enxi Quan, Yao Xiao, Yiran Xu, Keren Zhao
Fan following is a spontaneous individual behavior, as one-way followers of stars’ industrial chain. It realizes positive feedback on stars’ performance strength and commercial value through continuous consumption behaviors. With the progress of media technology and the development of society, the identity...
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Exploring the Source of Transphobia

Challenges and Strategies for Transgender Students in Australian Secondary School

Shiyang Zhu
Though growing public awareness of human rights and social justice has boosted discussion about transgender students on social media, topic of gender identity, in most countries, is still considered sensitive or even taboo. This requires more spotlight to be directed on the basic rights and physical...