Proceedings of the International Conference on Psychology and Communication 2018 (ICPC 2018)

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Social Dilemmas and Cooperation

Agus Mulyana, A Iskandarsyah, AGP Siswadi, W Srisayekti
Social dilemmas is a situation where one’s must decide what action to take, whether to prioritize the interests of others or personal. In this situation, one’s often experience conflict in determining the action to be taken. One’s may cooperate by prioritizing the interests of others or choosing not...
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Comparative Study of Social Support Perception on Drug Abuser in RSKO Jakarta by Type of Rehabilitation Program and Drug Type

Malta Maresa, Arie Suciyana Sriyanto
Social support is important to drug abusers so they could finish their rehabilitation program, recover successfully and continue their life forward. The problem occurs when the drug users who join rehabilitation program does not perceived they have sufficient social support provided by the environment....
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The Impact Of Low Turn-Over Intention On On-Linemedia Journalist

Tugimin Supriyadi, Budi Sarasati
The purpose of this study is to test the theoretical models of significant / significant influence of extraversion and self-efficacy personality variables on turnover intentions, with organizational resources as moderators. Research subjects involved in this research all on-line journalists ofmedia HarianBarometer,...
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Social Behavior Internet User Community in Suburban Society

Diah Fatma Sjoraida, Rully Khairul Anwar
This study attempts to find out the social behavior of internet user community in the suburban society in Cinunuk Village, Bandung Regency, West Java where intense internet usage is still limited in internet cafes. This study uses qualitative methods both in data collection and analysis. That is because...
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Do Married Woman Employees Need Counseling at Work? A Qualitative Study on the Motivation: Case Study of Sales Women at Information Technology Company

Amy Mardhatillah, Dwi Permata Sari
This study investigates the motivation among married woman employees based on Maslow, Hezberg two factors theory and ERG theory. Eight married woman who are working as sales person in Information and Technology (IT) company and five significant others were participated in this study. Result indicated...
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Comparative Study of Bullying Perceptions between Boy and Girl Students in Bekasi City High School

Iyam Elis Lindawati, Karisma Riskinanti
The Difference views about bullying make students differ in providing perceptions about bullying. Bullying experience male and female students, as well as those experienced directly or indirectly will affect the perception of bullying behavior. This study aims to determine whether there are differences...
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Self-Regulated Learning in Digital Era

Melani Aprianti, Tri Widiatmini
Information and communication technology in Indonesia has grown rapidly. One of the indications that support this statement is a data from the Ministry of Communications and Information which shows that internet users in Indonesia is ranked sixth in the category of countries with the largest number of...
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How’s Indonesian Candidate Migrant Worker’s Social Support and Psychological Well-Being in Real Life?

Putri Suci Suci Hati, Laila Meiliyandrie Indah Wardani
The purpose of this study was to determine how much the relationship between social support and psychological well-being in the Indonesian Migrant Workers’ candidate. Participants in the study were 134 prospective Indonesian Migrant Workers’ (CPMI) IN BLKLN. Measuring instrument used in this study is...
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Analysis on College Student Who Use Gadget, Basic for Behavior Intervention Plan

Sarita Candra Merida, Rika Fitriyana
An interesting phenomenom has rised nowadays due to the affect of global culture and life style. The importance of having gadget is one of latest life style. In Indonesia, the level of gadget owning is high among people. Ravicandran (2009) ini his study found an interesting fact that 96.5 % teenagers...
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The Role of Coping Strategies on Quality of Life among People with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders in Jakarta

Christy Melinda, Ainul Mardiah
Purpose: to measure the effect of coping strategies to quality of life in people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Method: there are 58 outpatients participate in this research (male = 40, female = 18). Data were collected with accidental sampling method. The quality of life was measured with Self-Report...
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Website Management in Promoting Lake Toba As an Indonesian Tourism Object

Novi Erlita, Grevari Noviana
Promoting Indonesian tourist destinations is done by the Ministry of Tourism through the Division of Legal and Public Communication Bureau where in this case the public relations plays a role in promoting and introducing Indonesian tourist destinations. The Ministry of tourism develops a strategy of...
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Identifying the Pattern of Organizational Culture in Indonesian Government Agencies

Irmulansati Tomohardjo, Engkus Kuswarno, Rohanda Hadisiwi
This study aims to map the pattern of organizational culture in government agencies, which refers to Edgar H Schein’s concept of organizational culture research, namely group norms, principles, ideology, leadership policy, unwritten rules in the organization, the feelings that appear in the group, language...
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Understanding Photography Representation: Humanism and Social Criticism in Social Media

Rizki Briandana, Dini Ari Mukti
Photography is a form of art product that has its own uniqueness. More importantly, it has been widely used in various media which include flyer pamphlets, newspapers, posters as well as digital media. In regard to this, photographs produced by a Chinese photographer known as Ren Hang clearly represent...
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Instagram and the Phenomena of Uploading Children’s Photos in Social Media (a Phenomenology Study)

Afdal Makkuraga Putra, Annisa Febrina
Uploading photos of children to social media has become a commonplace. Even now more and more emerging phenomena such as children’s programs and the phenomenon of children’s personal Instagram accounts. This study aims to analyze the motives of parents uploading photos of children on Instagram. This...
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Reliability and Validity of Marketing Communication Competency Instruments (Study on Student Attitude to Competency Certification of Marketing Communication)

Dadan Iskandar, Marwan Mahmudi
Research of the elements of communicators,especially the competence of marketing communications’s communicator rarely implemented. Through this explorative research, the study of competence can be followed up with a more comprehensive study so that it can formulate policies that regulate certification...
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Bureaucracy Reform Implementation of Legislative Institutions in Indonesia

Elly Yuliawati, Kurniawan Prasetyo
Reform government bureaucracy can be interpreted as a change or correction in the form of application of the newrules of the system of administration to change the purpose, structure andprocedures are intended to facilitate the achievement of development goals. Bureaucratic reform is expected to be the...
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Utilization of Facebook as a Promotional Media in Growing Brand Awareness of Mobiloka

Dewi Sad Tanti, Muhammad Imron Ghozali
Digital marketing communications through social media make a new breakthrough in the corporate marketing world, like Facebook . Many companies see the rapid development of social media as an opportunity to market their products to a wider range of people. One company that uses social media Facebook for...
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Social Media Usage by Teenagers as Tourism Promotion Means in Sawarna Beach, Lebak Regency

Rika Yessica Rahma
The development of tourism in Indonesia experienced significant improvement. The increase in the number of foreign tourists is seen from visiting indonesia increased from year to year. The tourism sector in Indonesia has become one of the priority programmes of the Government should be improved because...
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Tinder and Impact on Personal and Social Life

Yuni Tresnawati, Muthia Rahayu, Muhamad Husen
New media comes from old media innovations that are less relevant to technological developments in the present era. New Media also has a significant impact on people’s lives, especially in the utilization of internet in everyday life, for example the presence of followers among Indonesian society. Tinder...
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Chinese Leader, Islam Majority and the Clash of Civilization Study of Muslim Acceptability in Jakarta Toward Governor Ahok

Agustina Zubair, Morissan
This study aims to find out whether Muslims in Jakarta acknowledge the success of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok as the Governor of DKI Jakarta for the period 2014 - 2017? Ahok is a Christian of Chinese descent. Research pays attention to Muslims who recognize Ahok’s success. In the case of success being...
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Preliminary Study: Understanding Corruption in Children as the Basis of Anti-Corruption Education Program in Elementary School

Clara Moningka, Emma Rachmawaty Aliudin, Naurissa Biasini, Yosaphat Danis
The act of Corruption indicates a moral destruction in a society. In general, corruption is defined as the abuse essentially violates any applicable law or regulation. The form of corruption also varies from the of power for personal gain and is usually done by individuals in which the decision is in...
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Unilateral Conversion Controversy in Malaysia: A Study on News Coverage by the Star Newspaper

Muhammad Raqib Mohd Sofian, Azman Azwan Azmawati
In recent years, Malaysia has been embroiled with religious conflicts that cause fractions among its citizens. Most of the conflicts involved Islam which is generally known as the official religion of the country. Overall, a total of 60% that represents majority of the Malaysian populations are Malay...
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Digital Sales Promotion Strategy Using Mytelkomsel Applications

Razie Razak, Radityo Muhammad, Dede Fitradi Kurniawan
Communications using media in recent years has opened up opportunities with interactive and modern patterns. This makes people moved to interact with each other and join the others without being hampered by space and time. The development of communication media is also influenced by the development of...
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Indonesian Photojournalists, the Construction of Their Professional Identity and the Constant Negotiation against its Continuous Dilemma

Gita Widya Laksmini Soerjoatmodjo
The question this writing aims to address is straightforward: what do photojournalists do? At a glimpse, this seems to be an easy question to answer. Yet, institutional attempt to formally answer this question has only be made recently by Indonesian Photojournalists’ Association (Pewarta Foto Indonesia,...
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The Influence of Smartphone Usage Intensity on Spouse Intimacy

Diana Supriani, Muhammad Iqbal
The aim of this study is to investigate how the influence of smartphone usage intensity on spouse intimacy by using quantitative approach with simple linear regression analysis. Participants are 67 spouses. Data analysis shows that on variable of smartphone usage intensity (X) signification is 0.012...
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Description of Resilience on Drugs for Death Row Convicts

Rizki Dawanti, Tita Chintya
Drug distribution is increasing in Indonesia. The government is now increasingly intense to arrest and punish drug traffickers. The punishment given is very severe, namely the death penalty. The death penalty can affect the psychological condition of the convict because they know that they will soon...
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The Influence of Communication Intensity via Smartphone and Intimacy Communication toward Marital Satisfaction on Working Women in Millenial Era

Setiawati Intan Savitri, Juwita Ulfah
The purpose of this study is to see the effect of intimate communication and smartphone communication intensity toward marriage satisfaction in working women in Jakarta. Respondent age is between 18 to 40 years old (M =28 ; SD = 0.42). The research method is quantitative method using convenient sampling...
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Cyber PR Strategy on Start-Up Company in Building Brand Awareness (Study on Indonesia Start-Up Company: Jendela360)

Anindita Susilo, Reza Kradika Putra
The development of technology in globalization era has a huge impact on various aspects, one of which is the development of startup companies in Indonesia. One of the start-up companies in Indonesia is Jendela360, which is engaged in leasing apartments located in Jakarta. Although it has been established...