Public Administration In The Time Of Regional Change (ICPM 2013) <br> Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Public Management 2013

Regional change challenges public administration and public administration must follow environmental changes to adapt and make corrective adjustments according to such change. The function of public administration also changes when the environment changes and public administration must perform new functions as well as consolidate the gains of previous developments to each other. That process indicates public administration’s capability to achieve its goals and which can call adaptability of public administration. The adaptability of public administration is crucial to create dynamic stability for the region. From this perspective we invite academia, professionals, practitioners, entrepreneurs, students and other specialists to share and contribute new ideas and discuss the challenges of regional changes and public administration and the role of institutions, especially in management and control of change and adapt new policy when political, economic, social and socio-economic or regional changes occur. Regional changes are occurring at all levels of society from local to international. The organizing committee welcomes submissions of complete manuscripts in any of the main topic areas listed below, but will not limit topics to this. Papers on various areas of public management are also welcome.

The conference will be held in Pattaya, Thailand on the 30th and 31st May, 2013.

Please click here for the conference website. (Conference website no longer available.)