Public Administration In The Time Of Regional Change (ICPM 2013) <br> Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Public Management 2013

Change is an inevitable component of the human experience. We are fortunate to live in times where many of the socio-economic changes facing us on individual, corporate, state and global system levels are positive, and especially so in the rising Asia-Pacific region. In light of this unprecedented growth and change in our region, it is increasingly obvious that the creation of wealth and economic development is not the main issue facing administrators, but how to manage, distribute, integrate and maintain it in a sustainable and sensitive manner in an environment of profound and often rapid change. For the Asia-Pacific region, and particularly for the ASEAN states, enormous socio-cultural, economic and political diversity creates both challenges and opportunities. It is precisely these issues that this International Conference in Public Management seeks to address.

Thailand, one of the founding members of ASEAN, and located in the middle of the region, is ideally placed as a forum for Asia-Pacific dialogue, and Pattaya, not only a tourist hub, but located in the burgeoning industrial eastern region of Thailand, presents a most appropriate setting for the interchange of ideas and networking for academics.  Burapha University, in association with Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, and Jenderal Soedirman University, are therefore proud to have this opportunity to host the 2013 International Conference in Public Management, and we hope that the diversity of views presented here will be of great use not only to us as academics in the field of public administration, but to the continued prosperity and stability of all our countries.

With public administration in the time of regional change as our theme, topics presented in the conference relate to management theory, regional cooperation and development, differentiation and integration, the role of government in addressing climate change, regional change and dynamic stability, public institutions and adaptability, modernization and development of public institutions, and the problem of efficacy in changing environments.

The foundation of this conference has been possible from supported by academics from, as scholars, government officers and business owners China, Indonesia, Thailand, Europe and Asia Pacific.  Around one hundred papers were received, which represents sound base for a successful conference.

Papers presented at The International Conference of Public Management 2013 (ICPM 2013) have been thoroughly reviewed and specifically chosen for conference publication, which consists of around fifty papers published by the Atlantis press of France. The Organizing Chair, Sompol Pongthai (Prof. MD.), President of Burapha University, has provided sincere support to the editing and publication of the proceedings and has offered great guidance throughout the process.  Zeger Karssen, Publishing Director of Atlantis press of France, has also been of great support to the publication of the proceedings.  Dr Ritthikorn Siriprasertchok, who participated directly in editing and managing, have also been very helpful in the publication process. Our sincere thanks also go to Professor Dr. Guangxing Song and Professor Dr. Zaijin Zou from China for their excellent advice and strong support for the proceedings.

We also would like to thank all lecturers who were invited to attend this conference and members of procedural committee.  We are deeply grateful for the enthusiastic support from all units, especially from the information technology and library team from the Graduate School of Public Administration and individuals who contributed to the publication process. We appreciate the efforts of all lecturers and students from the Graduate School of Public Administration, Burapha University, contributing to preparation and reception services during the conference.

We hope you benefit from the conference and continue to contribute and exchange ideas to create deeper mutual understanding at the ICPM 2013 through discussions with colleagues and participants from different countries.  We are sure that you will have a pleasant trip discovering Pattaya, Thailand – Land of Smiles.

ICPM 2013 Chairs
March 25, 2013