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Organizational Intelligence, Efficacy and Adaptability in Changing Environment

Rautakivi Tuomo
Societies change through external pressures from a changing environment, or immanently from the internal cultural dynamic that naturally occurs within social agencies. As a result these political, security, social, economic and other changes are needed that present challenges to public administration....
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Public Service Motivation Measurement : A Test for Perry's Proposed Scale in China

Kaipeng Gan, Linghua Li, Qiu Wang
This article proposes and tests a shortened instrument for public service motivation based on Perry’s (1996) exploratory 24-item scale according to the investigation of Chinese civil servant in Kunming city. Results show good support for the shortened scale compared to Perry’s original work through investigating...
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The Empirical Research on Public Service Motivation of Civil Servants in the Basic Level Government: Taking the Sub-district Offices in Kunming as a Case

Xiujuan Zheng
Adopting the Perry’s public service motivation scale and Coursey ? Pandys’ classification method of three-dimensions, the paper investigates the public service motivation of civil servants in the basic level government in Kunming city, Yunnan province. In a word, the paper drew the following conclusion:...
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The Performance of the Functions of Government: The Selection of Models and Instruments: Based on Practice Analysis of Chinese Service-oriented Government Construction

Li Yang
With the development of reforming administrative system and requirements of building service-oriented government in China. Theories refer to the transformation of government functions and how can they carry out functions have became controversial topics among academic circles. In this paper, based on...
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Reflection on Research into the Value Orientation of Public Management

Maochong Cui
The value orientation of public administration research is a fundamental problem in the study of public administration. This article includes four aspects: First, summarizing the status quo of value orientation of public administration research; Second, the analysis of the structure of the value orientation...
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Research on Online Public Opinion Management Mechanism Based on Social Management Innovation

Yuwen Huang, Guangxing Song
The management of virtual society is an important part of social management, and the management of online public opinion plays an important role in management innovation of virtual society. Thus, promoting the management of online public opinion is particularly important and urgent for the management...
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Study on China-ASEAN Tourism Cooperation Mechanism Based on Symbiosis Theory

Zhiwei Zheng
Taking China-ASEAN economic zone as study object, based on the connotation and target of regional tourism cooperation, the symbiotic theory in population ecology is introduced to analyse its feasibility in regional tourism cooperation. All the parties participating in the regional tourism cooperation...
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The Participation value of RNGO in the Management of Rural Public Crisis

Bin Xiao, XiaoFen Wang
At present, the situation of China's rural public crisis is severe and it seriously disrupts the process of socialism new rural construction. According to the governance theories, the management of rural public crisis is not only in the field of the government management, and it should be positioned...
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The Influence of Network Real-name System on the Management of Internet Public Opinion

Guangxing Song, Pingfang Yang
With the rapid development of network and information technology, virtual society, as the extention of reality society, has been becoming an important platform of people’s political participation and daily life. More and more netizens begin to use the Internet to express their ideas and appeals. Internet...
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Evaluation of Quality Management Performance in the Office of the President using the Modified Public Sector Management Quality Award (PMQA) Model

Thipparat Thoedtida, Thaseepetch Thongpoon
This paper presents the application of an integrated VIKOR and AHP method to measure the quality management performance of departments in the Office of the President. Attributes associated with Public Sector Management Quality Award (PMQA) criteria are considered. Firstly, Analytical Hierarchy Process...
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Ethno-Cultural Diversity: A Challenging Parameter for ASEAN Regional Integration

Pimoljinda Thanawat
It can be assumed that ethno-cultural diversity presents a challenge to achieving a full-fledged regional community. It has a profound influence upon internal political security and stability which provokes a far-reaching effect upon governments’ policy orientation, and in part determining whether the...
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The Government Policy Choice in the International Regional Economic Cooperation: China-ASEAN as Instance

Xueting Wang
In this paper, two significant government policy choices, which improve the regional economic cooperation and reduce malignant economic competition between China and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), are clearly presented based on dynamic game model. The first choice is adopting reward...
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The Application of Export Credit Insurance Policy in Regional Economic and Trade Cooperation --Taking Local Governments in Yunnan for Example

Wenhui Wang, Youlin He
As well as posing a challenge to the management methods and means of local governments, the rapid development of regional economy and trade has presented an opportunity of reform. In China, Yunnan borders on many countries including Vietnam, Laos, and Burma. Thus, it is an important gateway for China...
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Research and Analysis on the Differences of Social Development in Yunnan Province

He Gu, Lin Fan
Compiled by comprehensive development indexes of Yunnan province, the research and analysis show that regional differences are very prominent in social development. In the process of accelerating economic and social development and promoting the equalization of basic public services, the government should...
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Citizen Participation in the Development of the Regional Public Management

Yazhen Ye, Hong Liu
As a form of socialist democratic politics, the importance of citizen participation is being increasingly attracted attention. The implementation of regional public management requires the participation and support of the citizens, and citizen participation has become an important feature in public management...
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The Nonprofit Organizations in Regional Public Management

Taiyong Wan
With the rise and development of the new public management, nonprofit organizations have become an important force in providing public services. In the global administrative revolution from the public administration to public management, nonprofit organizations have become the main body in the regional...
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Potential solutions to the recession of mineral resources due to overexploitation in the underdeveloped areas in China

Zou Zaijin, Zhao Shuliang
Resource depended industries became main part of economy in some underdeveloped areas in China. Recession of resources due to overexploitation brought series of economy and social problems. Therefore, research of potential solution to the recession of mineral resources due to overexploitation in the...
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The Effectiveness of the Commune Officials: A Case Study of Commune in Chamkarmorn District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Kim Chanvibol
While nearly all countries in South East Asia region were being experimenting with decentralization process, Cambodia, apparently under external pressure from aid agencies, had to follow the international trend of public administrative reform. Therefore, Cambodia started to reform its public administration...
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Satisfaction and risk prevention of the public-private partnership- An empirical analysis based on the case of Xingtai, Hebei

Tuo Yang, Ning Lu, Bang Shao
Public-private partnerships refers to playing comparative advantages and raising the level of supply of public goods and services between the public sector and the private sector through profit sharing, risk-sharing, and collaborative participation. through analysis on causal connections between the...
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A Study of Leadership Style and Learning Organization in Canadia Bank Plc, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

LANG Sopheak
This study aimed to: (1) explore leadership styles in Canadia Bank Plc based on Bass’s model (1985), (2) discover perceptions of staff towards the level of learning organization in the bank, and (3) investigate whether department managers’ leadership styles have significant impact on dimensions of learning...
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Chinese Government Roles Transition in Addressing Global Warming

Hong Liu
The global warming and related changes will vary from region to region around the globe. The effects of an increase in global temperature include a rise in sea levels and a change in the amount and pattern of precipitation, as well a probable expansion of subtropical deserts. This article seeks to contribute...
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Roles of China’s Government in Addressing Global Warming

Fang Yuan
Global warming has seriously affected the survival of mankind and the sustainable development of society. All countries in the world have taken measures to deal with the problem, and formed a series of effective international cooperation mechanism. China’s government actively respond to global warming,...
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A Research of Ecological Civilization Construction in the Resource-exhausted City: An analysis of Tangshan South Lake Wetland Ecotope

Xiong Yan
In order to achieve the coordination and mutual development between human and nature, ecological construction, as one of the inevitable stages in the social development of civilization, whose substance is to respect and protect the natural criterion and the ecological environment order, puts emphasis...
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Coping with Global Warming: Strategy and Action

Dingcai Liang, Bo Zhang, Yang Wang
Global warming is already beyond doubt problem, climate change has become a thre at to the sustainable development of human society. All countries in the world should take measures to deal with this problem. Global warming is more and more serious. As a developing country, faced with such serious situation,...
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Study of Mass Incidents of Major Projects Based on Social Expectations

Xiaozheng Chen, Xiangming Hu
In recent years, major projects are increasingly becoming the source of social stability risk in China that induces mass incidents. Risk society changes evaluation criteria on major projects, and also changes the agenda setting of project decision-making. Social stability risk caused by major projects...
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Non-Governmental Organization and Public Crisis Management

Guo-fang Ma
Due to the advantages of organizational mechanism and profession knowledge, NGOs have increasingly become an important force to deal with public crisis management and played essential role in modern society. Thus governments should create a benignant environment for the development of NGOs and expand...
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Research and Analysis of the Transfer of Rural Surplus Labor Situation in Shaodong, Hunan

Meixia Chen, Wei Shen
This paper takes Shaodong in Hunan province as an example, utilizing documentation researching method, quantitative and qualitative models, data analysis and various other methods, aims at analyzing existing problems on rural surplus labor transfer, such as the supply of labor force exceeding the demand,...
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The Problem and Countermeasure of Personnel File Administration in the Flow of Talent in University

Jimin Lu
With the increasing trend of college talent flow, it is becoming a new serious problem in personnel file administration, also it brings some new challenges. Personal file is the important carrier and reliable source of personal information, and it plays a more and more important role in talent flow....
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The Status Quo and Prospect of Chinese Studies on Crisis Leadership in the Context of Regional Changes

Junjie Wang, Yongkang Li
Regional changes in china are mainly reflected in urbanization and labor migration. While from the perspective of the entire society, the trend of these changes can be summed up in the phrase “social transformation”. Under such circumstances, government leadership, especially crisis leadership, is one...
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Network Public Opinion Characteristics and It’s Development Trend in the Time of Regional Change

Chunai Xi, Qin Li, Lingling Yang
In the background of transformation time, the network public opinion have been becoming the focus of attention of all the social circles and the symbol of stable and harmonious society. The authors believe that the characteristics of network public opinion is following as: The randomness of network public...
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The Analysis of Local Government Interests in the Execution of Public Policy

Xinyu Guo, Yinsong Zhang
Being the implementing course of bringing the public policy from conceptual condition into reality, the public policy execution plays a direct and key role in the policy performance. In the public policy execution, the difference of value choice is recreated in the central policy, causing the deviation...
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Decentralisation and Local Governance

Zhihui Wang
Decentralisation is an indispensable instrument for development in many countries around the world. Effective decentralisation depends on the capacity of local government. To enhance and improve local governance, there are three factors to be taken explicitly into account, popular participation, accountability...
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Community Capital Management and Non-Institutional Debt Resolution by the Ban Pan Din Yen Savings Group for Production, Moo 9, Tambon Sae O, Wattana Nakorn District, Sakaeo Province

Supthpun Vallop
This qualitative research aimed to investigate the successful methods and approaches employed by the Ban Din Yen Savings Group for Production, Moo 9, Tambon Sae O, Wattana Nakorn District, Sakaeo Province in resolving the problem of non-institutional debt. interviews and group discussions were used with...
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Learning Organization of Industrial Factories in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Chonburi Province.Thailand.

Luengalongkot Pongsatean
The purposes of this study “Learning Organization of Industrial Factories in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Chonburi Province. Thailand” were, first to study the level of learning organization at industrial factories in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate. And second to compare the differences of the learning...
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Study on governance of coalmine accidents of China from the Perspective of Public Administration

Quanfang Han, Shaolin Ge
The coalmine accidents has become one of the hotpoints in China, which now absolutely has already turned to be a key issue related to the healthy development of economic and social harmony. This article based on government regulation, government failure, public policy and public management theory and...
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Study on Government Intervention in AIDS Prevention and Control under the Background of Regional Change in China

Shaolin Ge, Quanfang Han
AIDS pandemic in China has made Chinese AIDS prevention and control problems become a major public problem, from the successful experience of countries all over the world, government intervention is the fundamental guarantee of HIV/AIDS prevention and control. By the end of 2011, people living with HIV/AIDS...
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Dilemma and Resolution of Transnational Public Administration cooperation in CAFTA

Jia Jia, Hefan Xin
The establishing of CAFTA has brought very fast development of regional economy. But in this region transnational public administration cooperation have not been developed synchronously because of some reasons. In this manuscript the authors elaborated dilemma of transnational public administration cooperation...
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The Countermeasures of Enhancing Government’s Credibility since We Media Era

Ke Jiang
With the development of Internet and information technology, China has entered the information of the digital age. In recent years, China's rapid development from the media, government credibility questioned and challenged by the unprecedented. Management deficiencies by the government itself, the laws...
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Problems of Vulnerable Groups in China and the Government's Fundamental Responsibility

Pengfei Li, Zhidong Zhang
China is currently in an omni-directional, the edges and corners of the society transition period, including: social type transformation from traditional society to a modern society social shift production from agricultural society to industrial and information society; economic system shift from a planned...
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The Social Management and Development Approach of Urban Minority: “Boundary-Crossing” and “Cultural-Sensitivity”

Wei Mu
Specific to the problems that minority migrants encounter in the process of adapting to urban society, this paper comes up with the key problems for social management and development of minority, including expanding the professional social management and service of minority migrants, and strengthening...
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The Study on the Governmental Tactics of Persuasion of Network Public Sentiment

Yi Zhang, Yinzhu Zhang
As the intensive reflection on the internet of thoughts and emotions of netizens and interests of the masses, network public sentiment has always been the focus of attention and discussion of netizens, mirroring the thoughts and ideas of netizens in a certain era. There have been some limits in the hot-spot...
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How the Government Influence the Change of Personnel System in Chinese Universities

Xing’an Xiao, Bin Xiao
Chinese government is the leading force which influence the change of personnel system in Chinese colleges and universities. The change of personnel system in Chinese universities is led mainly by the government. The leading position of the government causes an obvious mandatory change in personnel system...
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On the ideal picture of cultural trade

Bo Zou, Jianhua Liu
Based on the appropriate point of integration of nation-state main cultural trade objects , cultural trade picture should be natural : the dynamic mechanism of the trade is the value of recognition rather than the industrial division of labor , and the constrainted mechanism of trade walks in the market...
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Service Quality in One Window Service Office (OWSO): Reflection from Takhmao Municipality, Cambodia

Seng Vutha
This paper examined the level of service quality of One Window Service Office (OWSO) as perceived by clients at the Takhmao municipality, Cambodia. It also explored the challenges of the OWSO to propose possible guideline for improving service delivery. The SERVQUAL components were used to measure clients’...
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Research on the Improvement of Government Financial Reports under New Public Management System

Yanhong Yang
In the movement of new public management, government accounting reform is increasingly becoming a topic of concern. The focus point of new public management in China is to build a high-efficiency, democratic and open government, which puts forward new challenges to government financial information disclosure....
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Civil Service Property Declaration System in U.S. and Its Enlightenments to China

Yongkang Li, Zhen Yan
Civil service property declaration system (CSPDS) is an important means to effectively prevent the occurrence of civil servant corruption. The methods of literature and comparative analysis are used in this article to describe in detail the composition of U.S. CSPDS. On this basis, the following characteristics...
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AEC Impact on Investment and Production of Automobile Industry: Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.

Meadhapithakwong Sombun
This report would study the impact of AEC on investment and production of automobile industry in Thailand by studying in Toyota Motor Thailand Co.,Ltd. Even though, automobile industry utilizes machines or robots in production line. But this industry is still need to use labor from human whom are scarce...