Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Development of Cross-Border Regions: Economic, Social and Security Challenges (ICSDCBR 2019)

The International Conference on Sustainable Development of Cross-Border Regions: Economic, Social and Security Challenges (ICSDCBR 2019) took place at the Altai State University on April 18-19, 2019. It brought together both scholars and practitioners interested in a diverse set of issues with respect to sustainable and innovative development of cross-border regions in the context of ongoing globalization and regionalization.

In total, 654 applications were received from almost all countries of the Commonwealth of the Independent States and the near abroad. We carefully reviewed all of them and accepted 202 papers to be published in our conference proceedings. All the papers accepted for publication correspond to the conference profile and reflect theoretical and empirical results of independent research projects. At least two experts rigorously reviewed each papers. At least one author presented a paper at the conference in Barnaul, Russia. The team of editors carefully compiled all papers into one volume, which could be conditionally divided into three parts.

First of all, the conference addresses the issues of sustainable economic and social development in cross-border regions, covering such issues as economic feasibility for sustainability, sustainability-oriented economic growth, features and challenges of economic development in cross-border regions, regional economic resilience, drivers of and barriers to the sustainable development. More than that, there are papers focusing on renewable resources and circulation economy, sustainability and safety economics, eco-efficiency models for investment sustainability, knowledge and intellectual capital management for sustainability, human capital in cross-border regions, sustainable human resource management; social sustainability in industry 4.0.

Second, legal and governance issues of sustainable development in cross-border areas are substantially covered by our conference participants. Among other things, a number of papers presented in this volume analyze and discuss institutional, legal, and governance aspects of sustainability assessment and indicators; legal theories, methodologies, and applications of building regional sustainability; legal and regulatory frameworks of sustainable development in cross-border regions; legal concepts and practices in sustainable governance; regional legislation in the field of sustainable development; legal institutions and practices of sustainable development.

A special collection of papers also provides international and regional perspectives on the following topics: sustainable development of cross-border regions under international and national legal systems; evaluating sustainable development goals from legal perspectives; environmental law and policy; legal environmental standards; legal liability in the sphere of environmental protections; environmental justice and sustainability; climate change law, policy, and governance for sustainable development; energy law and emerging legal issues in the context of sustainable development.

The clean development mechanism and the legal geographies of climate policy, governance strategies for better sustainable development of cross-border regions, global environmental policy and governance in sustainability, collaboration for sustainability and governance networks, sustainable governance in urban and rural areas are also among highly debatable research papers presented at the conference.

Third, a special session was held on security risks and migration issues in the cross-border regions. Research and review papers covering the current state, demanding challenges, and future prospects of migration and security in cross-border regions are presented in this volume. In particular, the following topics on social risks and security are addressed by our conference participants: social security in the context of sustainable development; social security policies and systems of cross-border regions; social policy as an instrument for sustainable development; social public health system and sustainability; societal impacts of sustainability assessment processes and indicators; social rights and sustainable development; dynamic social security and demographic security; inclusive societies as means for building sustainable future; social risks of sustainable development, social exclusion in cross-border regions; social security system sustainability.

There are also papers focusing on various aspects of migration with respect to cross-border regions: migration in cross-border regions in the context of sustainable development; international migration at the beginning of the twenty-first century: global trends and issues; transit migration and integration issues; transit regions and migration policy of Russia; social and cultural capital on cross-border regions; smart mobility for future cities; drivers of rural-urban migration and impact on food security; rural-urban migration and sustainable development in cross-border regions; policy coherence for development and migration; intra-regional migration and sustainable development; environmental migration and sustainable development; migration and remittances; migration as a human adaptation to climate change; social resilience and migration within cross-border areas; implications of out- and in-migration for sustainable development; effective migration policy as factor of ensuring economic and social security; challenges for the sustainable governance of migration; influence of labor transfer on farmland sustainable development; global migration governance, civil society, and the paradoxes of sustainability; urban competitiveness and migration in cross-border regions; capitalist restructuring, development, and labor migration; social security of migrant workers; globalization Eurasian integration and the challenges of development in cross-border regions; the socio-economic contribution of migrants to cross-border regions.

Presenting the results of multidisciplinary studies as well as new approaches, the audience of this volume includes practitioners, postgraduates, lecturers at universities, and researchers of social and humanitarian disciplines.

The Editors
Aleksei V. Bogoviz, Doctor of Economics, Professor, National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
Svetlana V. Lobova, Doctor of Economics, Altai State University, Barnaul, Russia