Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Social, Economic, and Academic Leadership (ICSEALV 2019)

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Social, Economic and Academic Leadership: Some Remarks

Wadim Strielkowski
Leadership, either social, economic, or academic, is distinguished by the multi-dimensional facet. The whole idea is to pursue innovative and novel ideas, search for extraordinary approaches, as well as not being afraid to face the difficulties. In addition, in every field of science, business, or social...
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Youth Policy and Motivation of the Future Leaders

Yulia Gruzina, Irina Firsova, Marina Melnichuk
In the process of youth policy development, the main issue that deals with the area of young people motivation is the inclusion of young people in innovative ventures and research and development processes happening not only in the country but also in the world. As modern society challenges young people,...
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Intellectual Security as the Leading Factor of Economic Development

Marina Vinogradova, Valeriya Sizikova, Anna Rybakova
Our paper discusses the problem of intellectual security within the concept of economic development represented by the regional development. We argue that in today’s complex world, intellectual security is becoming the leading factor of economic development. The paper discusses such issues as human...
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Territorial Mobility of Young People: Attractive Cities and Countries

Natalya Antonova, Sofya Abramova, Olga Tomberg
The article focuses on territorial mobility of young people, which refers to their willingness to move outside their current place of residence. Being an economic and intellectual resource, youth is a driver of the settlement development that enhances its status and competitiveness. Territorial mobility...
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Fostering Leadership Skills of Young People for Inclusion into the Labour Market

Liudmila Alieva, Anna Rybakova
Our paper focuses on studying how building and fostering leadership skills might help young people to place themselves better on the labour market. The development of the social and economic potential of youth is an important issue that presents an impending task for the educational system, both at the...
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Formation of Leadership of Shared Economy Institutions in the Global Space

Anna Veretennikova, Polina Romanyuk, Katarína Hercegová
In order to determine the mutual influence of institutional changes and the process of forming a shared economy, this article describes the key factors that created the conditions for the development of shared economy institutions: limited resources and reduced availability, digitalization of economic...
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The Role of Leadership in the Context of Modernization of Housing and Utilities Sector of Russia

Yulia Posvyatenko
The paper considers the impact of leadership skills on successful housing and utilities sector’s reform in the Russian Federation. It’s noted that at the sharp increase in the number of property owners, the awareness of their rights and responsibilities for the maintenance of their principal residence...
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Influence of the Commercialization of Innovations on Leadership Positions of the Agro-Industrial Sector

Inna Gryshova, Alina Sakun
In the current highly competitive, dynamic and volatile context, an agro-industrial sector is able to operate successfully in the market and take leadership positions, to a large extent, due to the development and commercialization of innovations. The purpose of the article is to study the scientific...
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Mezzanine Financing: Application Practices and Leadership Aspects

Kirill Cheredov, Elena Tarkhanova, Olga Mezentseva
Mezzanine financing instruments are quite common throughout the world, the practice of their application began to appear in Russian Federation. The potential of mezzanine lending is due to the current volatile economic situation, when it is difficult to apply traditional financing methods. Our paper...
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High Organizational and Technological Level of Production Systems as a Condition for Economic Leadership

Evgeny Kolbachev, Elena Sidorova, Liubov Kaleniuk
The article examines the specifics of the influence of organizational and technological level of production systems on competitiveness of the companies, regions and national economy in general, development of methods of managing organizational and technological level of production systems under conditions...
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Social Networks as a Tool for Leadership in Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Viktoria Simonova, Evgeny Popov, Oxana Komarova
In the spread of digital technologies, the development of entrepreneurship ecosystems based on social networks is considered to be a business development strategy contributing to the achievement of market leadership. The value of entrepreneurship ecosystems development is determined by the effects of...
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Intellectual Security and Regional Development: Leading Trends in the Globalised World

Alexander Pyanov, Svetlana Kalyugina, Wadim Strielkowski
In the context of ongoing globalization of the world economy and the increasing internationalization of public life, a progressively important place in the regional development is occupied by international labour migration. A natural consequence of these processes is an increase in the interstate migration...
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Rent Regulation of Russia’s Economy as a Condition for Achieving Global Leadership

Viktoriia Degtereva, Andrey Zaytsev, Oleg Kichigin
The paper discusses the basic problems of the Russian economy, including: a high level and further growth of monopolization in response to external challenges, maintenance of a considerable level of differentiation between regions, the rent-primary model of the national economy, speculative nature of...
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Advancing Leadership Careers with Leadership Competences

Anna Rybakova, Marina Vinogradova, Valeriya Sizikova
In this paper, we focus on the effects and outcomes of enhancing the careers of engineers and various technical specialists with leadership competences. It is quite clear that engineers and experts possessing technical knowledge who intend to advance their careers must be able to lead teams effectively...
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Critical Reading Strategies in Language Learning: an Overview of Leading Approaches

Zinaida Vozgova, Olga Afanasyeva
Fast changes in core skills required to perform a job include analytical thinking and active learning. Thus, ‘’human’’ skills such as critical thinking, persuasion and negotiation increase their value and require attention to detail, flexibility and complex problem-solving. Our study presents texts...
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Pedagogical Conditions for the Formation of Leadership Qualities of Adolescents in a Children’s Public Organization

Liliya Ibragimova, Asil Salavatova, Olesya Istrofilova
This article describes the pedagogical conditions for the formation of leadership qualities of adolescents in a children’s public organization: the systematic involvement of adolescents in specially organized activities aimed at acquiring leadership experience; the use of social design technology in...
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The Challenges of Modern Society and the Scientific Vector in Art Education

Svetlana Anisimova-Tkalich, Aleksey Tkalich
Today, higher education institutions in Russia need teaching staff who are competent in matters of scientific training and counselling students and young scientists. The necessity of changes in the system of professional training of teachers, researchers, consultants, and experts is one of the important...
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Leadership Qualities of a Modern University Student in the Reflexive Dimension

Viktoria Zhelanova, Svitlana Palamar, Maryna Yepikhina
Leadership qualities of the individual are of particular importance in the context of globalization and integration trends of modern society. Leadership is the inner state of a person determining the strategy of her life. Thus, leadership qualities are related to its reflection, which gives the opportunity...
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Leading Pedagogical Possibilities in Children’s Public Organizations and Personality Formation

Nadezhda Zhmakina, Liliya Ibragimova, Tatyna Dergunova
This article reveals the content of concepts: “children’s public organization”, “children’s public association”. Based on the above analysis of various approaches to the content of the concept of “children’s social organization”, the main distinguishing features of this phenomenon are highlighted: amateur...
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Regional Leading Models of Foster Care: Features of Organization

Elena Bauer, Olesya Istrofilova, Asil Salavatova
Universal declaration of human rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, enshrines international standards in the field of protecting the rights of the child to special care and assistance. Family for the child is the immediate social environment and the basic link in the system of education,...
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The Problem of Leadership in Modern Education

Valentina Dianova, Ludmila Artamoshkina, Nikita Nogovitsyn
The article deals with the problem of leadership as the ability to influence people and groups in the organization to achieve their goals. The best-known theories of leadership and concepts of modern leadership are considered, leadership is interpreted as helping other people in their development and...
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Export of Educational Services as a Component of University Leadership in the Innovation Field

Marina Perederiy, Larissa Borovaya, Mikaela Kobazeva
Our paper examines the features of the impact of the export of educational services of a technical university on its position in the educational institutions’ ratings, reflecting the nature of its innovative activities. It has been proved that the conditions, under which innovation activity of the university...
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Developing Children’s Leadership Qualities in Public Institutions: a Theoretical Approach

Liliya Ibragimova, Nadezhda Zhmakina
The paper presents the theoretical foundations for studying the development of children’s leadership qualities in a child ‘s public institution. Today, the issue of developing the personality of a child as a full-fledged citizen capable of fulfilling his/her personal and civilian capabilities and positively...
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Leading Approaches to Conceptualizing the Quality of Higher Education

Valeriya Sizikova, Anna Rybakova, Marina Vinogradova
This paper focuses on comparing the two leading approaches to conceptualizing of measuring quality in the system of higher education. Specifically, we focus on the two main prevailing approaches, namely the continental one, and the Anglo-Saxon one. Both approaches are widely used, and both have their...
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Adaptation of a Teenagers’ Personality in the Multicultural Environment of a Children’s Social Organization

Alena Martynova, Liliya Ibragimova, Elena Bauer
The article theoretically summarizes the problem of formation of a multicultural environment as a condition for the adaptation of a teenager in a children’s public organization. In modern education, multiculturalism is an acute issue, which reveals itself in social organizations, too. Children’s social...
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The Challenge of Teacher-Parent Collaboration in Georgia

Nana Mazmishvili, Lela Tavdgiridze, Dali Doborjginidze
The aim of our research is to reveal the challenges the teachers of the secondary schools of the modern world have to face in the context of being free and having enough flexibility in terms of application of contemporary teaching/learning methods while teaching foreign languages. To be more precise,...
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Social Skills and Medical Youth of Ukraine: a Leadership Overview

Lesya Lymar, Serhii Sova, Oleksandra Starodubska
The issue of the physician social skills is particularly important in the modern medical environment, particularly within the context of medical leadership. Unfortunately, it has been neglected by medical environment of Ukraine for many years, due to existing social stigma and methods of managing the...
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Modern School Principals: Leadership in the Context of Social Changes

Anna Kandaurova, Liliya Ibragimova
Our paper presents the results of a study of leadership in school leaders. Intensive social changes have activated the subject-activity principle in all spheres of professional and everyday human life, which actualizes the problem of studying the phenomenon of leadership. In the context of social transformations,...
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Communicative Competence Diagnostics of Future Secondary Educational Institutions Managers as Leading Educators

Tamara Turchyn, Stepan Vozniak, Oksana Soshko
Our paper is devoted to the research of professional communicative competence of future managements of secondary educational institutions. It reveals the meaning and the structure of the concept of “communicative competence of managers in the field of education”. The research is described, and the results...
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Leading Approaches to Energy Solutions in the 21st Century

Andrey Vlasov, Arina Adamova, Alexander Adamov
Our paper tackles the issue of the novel energy solutions in the 21st century and the leading approaches how to face them. Specifically, we are researching the leading approaches to saving, generating and storing energy, as well as their impacts on the world’s economic growth. Moreover, we look into...
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Green Economy in Russia: Leadership and Financial Aspects

Elena Tarkhanova, Anhelica Fricler, Natalia Baburina
Nowadays, European countries pursue an active policy in the field of greening the economy, expanding the practice known as “green finances”. The main goal of this activity is, above all, in the achievement of environmentally sustainable economic growth. However, it has to be noted that in the Russian...
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“Digital Police” and Artificial Intelligence: Leading Trends for the 21st Century

Andrej Semenihin, Aleksandr Kondrashin
Our paper discusses a new approach to assessing the activity of artificial intelligence (AI) as an independent subject capable of not only logical reasoning, but also a conscious attitude to the world around it with its emotional attachment. The fact that artificial general intelligence (AGI) might appear...
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Leading Trends in Marketing Research: a Case of Big Data

Veronika Chernova, Vasily Starostin
This paper focuses on the leading trends in marketing research in the digitalised and globalised world. Specifically, it tackles the issue of Big Data and explores the ways how it is used in collecting, processing, and analysing the data of consumers and potential customers. We show that over the last...
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Digital Technologies as a Factor in the Promotion of Smart City Leadership

Evgeny Popov, Konstantin Semyachkov, Galina Popova
This work set out to investigate the effects of digital technologies on urban environment in the process of smart city formation. In particular, the study was focused on the promotion of smart city leadership, as well as economic relations that emerge in the process of smart city formation and produce...
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Digital Regulation of the Agro-industrial Complex for Achieving Leadership

Mikhail Chernyakov, Maria Chernyakova
In terms of gross agricultural output, the Russian agribusiness is one of the leaders in the world. However, the insufficient state support provided to livestock industries as the raw material basis of domestic food and the slight expansion of the country’s export potential characterize the level of...
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Leading Role of the Public Sector in the Digitalisation of Economy

Irina Gersonskaya
The implementation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the national economy typically goes hand in hand with their use in the public sector. This sector constitutes the driver of the entire system of the national economy and directly directs transformational processes. The rise of...
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Approaches to Organizational Leadership in the Digital Age

Boris Kovalenko, Elena Kovalenko
Scientific and technological development is an evolutionary process, which is characterized by growth and acceleration trends. Moreover, the results of scientific and technological development are becoming more complex and are changing exponentially. The topic of technological singularity and its impact...
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The Rule of Law as the Leading Principle of International Law in the Age of Globalization

Mykhailo Baimuratov, Andriy Boychuk, Ilona Kurovska
Among the most leading principles of international law the rule of law stands out the most. The existence and functioning of the modern international legal order are based on the fundamental and universally recognized principles of international public law enshrined in the following documents: the Charter...