Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Strategic and Global Studies (ICSGS 2018)

As an annual event, the International Conference on Strategic and Global Studies (ICSGS 2018) continued the agenda to bring together researchers, academics, experts and professionals in examining the selected theme by applying multidisciplinary approaches. In 2018, the School of Global and Strategic Studies successfully held this event for the second time in 24-26 October at the UI Salemba Campus.

The2nd ICSGS addressed gender, urban space and global circulation. The issues of gender, social inclusion and urban development are increasingly complex with many problems influenced by the global circulation of people, ideas, information, products, services, capital and other things. Through the speakers, Professors Jane M. Jacobs (National University of Singapore), Assoc. Prof. Punchada Sirivunnabood (Mahidol University, Thailand), Dr. Wicaksono Sarosa (Dewan Eksekutif Kemitraan Habitat), Professor Muhittin Ataman (Ankara University), this conference provided opportunities to understand the intersection of issues and underlying problems as well as analytical concepts, policies and programs related to gender equality, social inclusion, urban space and global circulation of “things”. It was expected that this conference served as an arena for multi stakeholders who work on these two issues to develop collaborative work.

There were 89 papers presented during 3 days at the conference from any kind of stakeholders related with urban and gender topic. Each contributed paper was refereed before being accepted for publication. The double-blind peer reviewed was used in the paper selection. From all papers submitted, 33 papers were accepted successfully for publication based on their interest, relevance, research by applying multidisciplinary in gender and urban topic.

This conference was fully supported by the School of Strategic and Global Studies and with the full support from KPPRI Universitas Indonesia. Finally, in this opportunity we like to give our gratitude towards the speakers, the steering committee, organizing committee and members of reviewers for their hard work and kind assistance in reviewing the papers.

Chairs 2nd ICSGS 2018
Mia Siscawati, PhD
Lita Sari Barus, PhD