Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Strategic and Global Studies (ICSGS 2018)

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The Influence of Youth Leadership in Strengthening Local Wisdom in The Millenial Generation : Case Study of Bangkalan District, Jawa Timur

Ahmad Luthfi, Syaiful Rohman, Margaretha Hanita
The euphoria of the regional and the national leadership change resulted in youth leadership: the recruitment of regional leaders through local elections became the entrance for all elements to run for office. They were elected to be the leaders of their region, and this also included the youth taking...
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Preventing Terrorists’ Misuse of Charitable Foundations: A Situational Crime Prevention Approach

Garnadi Walanda, Muhamad Syauqillah
This paper emphasizes the necessity of a strategy to prevent the misuse of charitable foundations for terrorist financing. Our preliminary assessment focuses on cases involving the misuse of charitable funds and charitable foundations around the globe. Following an introduction to the situational crime...
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Self -Concept of Generation Z in Parenting and Religiosity of Parents in Urban Society: Qualitative Approach in Dai Family

Azizah Fajar Islam, Nurwahidin, Thobib Al-Asyhar
The self-concept of Generation Z is influenced by many factors, i.e. the social environment with the developmeny of digital technology, and parents as the role of significant others. This qualitative case study examines parenting and the religiosity of parents in the formation of Generation Z’s self-concept...
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The Challenges and Opportunities of Women’s Role in Child Immunization

Lintang Purba Jaya, Ramadhani Auerkari, Aji Wahyu
Women’s involvement in all aspects of national development has become increasingly strategic. In the health sector, women, including mothers, have an important role in supporting the realization of healthy future generations through immunization programs and health services. Complete basic immunization...
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The Right to Live Dangerously: Public Perceptions of Extreme Water Events in Urban Areas

Intan Adhi Perdana Putri, Syarifah Aini Dalimunthe, Ari Purwanto Sarwo Prasojo
The rising risks of climate change and Indonesia’s dynamic urban and industrial development has meant that many areas have become vulnerable to flood. Historical data from 1811 to 2017 clearly shows how floods have causing major disasters across Indonesia’s archipelago, and data from 1990 indicate that...
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A Qualitative Study of New Public Spaces Among The Commuter Line Stations

Rizky Ramadityo, Evawani Ellisa
Traffic jam problems and auto-dependency have become two of the main problems in Jabodetabek. Today, the main transportation system that connects the buffer cities and the City of Jakarta is the Commuter Line railway system. Soon, commuting by train will start to become part of the common urban culture...
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Moving Beyond Borders: Artistic Freedom and the Threat of Persecution by Faith-Based Organizations

Nike Shabrina
Despite the vast research into investing in youth education, health, and wellbeing, little is known about youth culture in the underground scene in Indonesia. This article is a follow up study from my research about music gigs in cafes and bars in urban settings. Music gigs and art in the underground...
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Integrating Human Ecology into Sustainable Development to Address Potencies and Challenges of the City of Batam as a Port City

Sylvia Prisca Delima, Setyo S. Moersidik, Paulus Wirutomo, Abimanyu T. Alamsyah
Social development is frequently marginalized in infrastructure and technology-based development. This paper attempts to portray the importance of the study of human ecology in a social environment to mediate the transformation efforts in social environment development that increase aspects of social-cultural...
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Teaching the Seloko Adat Jambi to Improve Morality and Social Control

Irawati Putriyanti, Suryansyah S Mila, Lestari Ade, Wahyu Dwi
Seloko adat traditional sayings that contain advice on morality and social norms used in Jambi Malay society passed down orally to the members of the Jambi community. Because of modernization, the customs surrounding seloko adat have eroded, and they are used only at ceremonial events, such as wedding...
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In The Mood for Urban Culture: Jan Mintaraga’s Romance Comics

Seno Gumira Ajidarma
The art of the comic book narrative combines pictures and words. Thus, the romance comics that began in Indonesia with the publication of Jan Mintaraga’s creations (1942-1999) in the first stages of the domination of the New Order from 1966 to 1971 reveal the signs of the hegemonic process that puts...
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Strategies for Maintaning Lesbian Partnership : Padang City, West Sumatra

Tomy Lovendo, Tantri Adiwijaya, Alif Alfi Syahrin, Jeki Aridianto, Lily Andini
This research investigates the status of lesbian couples in Padang City, Indonesia, an Islamic city where the government tries aggressively to eradicate any lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) community or activity. Moreover the people of Padang also reject lesbians’ very existence, thus making...
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Self – Representations of Student Transvestites on Social Media

Bunga Mustika, Tantri Adiwijaya, Fauziyyah Isra, Jeki Aridianto, Tomy Lovendo
Becoming a transvestite in the real world has a lot of risks, including receiving poor treatment from people, both on and off campus for students. Student transvestites choose virtual spaces as places to showcase and acknowledge their gender. Seeing that reality will bear different meanings for people...
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Mobile Phone Addiction: Smartphone Usage among Digital Natives With Disabilities In Indonesia

Istiqoma, Ahmad Yasser Effendi
The development of ICT has led to significant changes in human behavior. This technology is not only usable by able-bodied people, but a variety of inclusive innovations in information and communication tools also makes it accessible to those with physical or cognitive limitations. This research uses...
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The Use of Mobile Wallet Services Apps in Urban Living

Anindita Lintangdesi Afriani, Firman Kurniawan Sujono
Urban life refers to people living in towns and cities, the most important feature of which is high mobility. Living in urban areas has been found to reduce leisure time because of a highly scheduled life, which means that many residents are now relying on technology to achieve their schedules. In this...
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The Phone Sex Consequences in Student Behavior: a Phone Sex Actor in Padang

Tantri Adiwijaya, Jeki Aridianto, Tomy Lovendo, Bunga Mustika
Phone sex is a type of virtual sex that refers to sexually explicit act that take place between two or more people over the phone, especially when one of the participants or partner sex, masturbation or perform sexual fantasies. In this study, the phone sex offender is a student. This study is analyzed...
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Inspiring Women's Awareness about Their Essential Abilities

Albertine Minderop
The aim of this study is to inspire women to have the confidence and independenceto equallycoexist with men. All over the world, there are stories of female suffering. Thissuffering is caused by verbal, physical, material, psychological, and sexual violence and discrimination. Some violence is culturally...
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Women in Betwixt: Safe House, State, And Community in the Gender-Based Violence Judicial Process in East Timor

Mochammad Arief Wicaksono, Lidwina Inge Nurtjahyo
This paper argues that the Safe House institution is a “meeting point” between the legal state and the customs of society in negotiating and pursuing women's justice in the gender-based violence (GBV) judicial process in Timor Leste. A Safe House is an institution that is networked with other institutions...
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Maternal Factors and Their Effects on Stunting in Indonesia

Angger Wiji Rahayu
Stunting is one of several health indicators that contribute to the quality of future generations of human resources. This is a very serious problem, considering the impact it can cause on the future. One of the causes of stunting is the maternal condition of the mother prior to and during pregnancy....
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The Impact of The Film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 on Culinary Tourism in The Province of Yogyakarta

Satrio Rustam Hidayah, Hafid Setiadi
Film-induced tourism is a relatively new phenomenon in the tourism industry whereby a film can affect an individual's traveling tendencies and destination preferences. The film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 mostly takes place in Yogyakarta and the varied places shown in the film have been attracting tourists,...
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Understanding Terrorism, Peace, and Tolerance from the Institute for the Study of Islam and Civilizations (INSISTS) Activists in Indonesia

Yanuardi Syukur Firdaus
Although known as an anti-liberalism Islamic organization, the activists of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Civilizations (INSISTS) also have positions related to terrorism, peace, and tolerance. This paper seeks to explore the perspectives of INSISTS activists on these three issues, which are...
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Comparing conventional public transport to ride-hailing apps: A snapshot of user experiences from Metro Manila

Godofredo Ramizo Jr
Ride apps offer alternative and controversial solutions to commuters in Manila, a Southeast Asian megacity characterized by inadequacies in transport infrastructure and law enforcement capabilities. In the literature, there is scarce empirical analysis of how ride-hailing technologies compare with pre-existing...
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Inclusive Urban Coastal Development in Ampenan and Jerowaru, West Nusa Tenggara Province

Henny Warsilah, Syarfina Mahya Nadila
Indonesia is the largest archipelagic state and has the second longest coastline in the world. The majority of people who live in Indonesia’s coastal cities are fishermen. Most are poor and live in a recurring cycle of poverty. They lack adequate education, health insurance, and adequate housing. There...
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Socio-Cultural Change in the Ummida Jogokariyan Community: A Historical-Sociological Study

Ahmad Arrozy, Mahendra Wijaya, Drajat Tri Kartono
The conception of the female Muslim (hereafter Muslimah) community “Ummida” under the auspices of the mosque of Jogokariyan kampung contributes to the sustainability of urban resource development. In this article, we investigate the structural changes within this Muslimah community. This research used...
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Safe Space For Urban Muslim’s Society

Ayu Nova Lissandhi, Semiarto Aji Purwanto
This study is about the increase in Muslim housing complexes in Jakarta, which is marketed to specific targets. Those houses are exclusively designed for Muslims, to provide them with a house and a community to ensure they can raise a good and blessed family. Although the development of Islamic housing...
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Technology Improvement for Children’s Health in Suburban Areas: A Self-Diagnosing Health Application as an Integration Approach for Health Practitioners

Purnawan Junadi, Hardya Gustada Hikmahrachim, Esty Suyanti, Irene Sondang Fitrinitia
The model of 4.0 era information technology is a breakthrough that accords the convenience of an integrative, responsive, and direct activity between users and providers. Moreover, the urban-suburban contexts are now more adaptable as tools and infrastructure have been developed across regions to accelerate...
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Political Gender Inequality in Egypt after the Arab Spring (2011–2013)

Maryam Jamilah, Yon Machmudi
The present study examines political gender inequality in Egypt following the Arab Spring in 2011, when Egyptian women openly opposed the Mubarak regime. These women held public demonstrations for the recognition and improvement of their position in the public sphere, which raised hopes for better opportunities...
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Determinants of Patriarchy in The Middle East : Hope for The 2030 Vision in A New Saudi Arabia

Siti Rohmah Soekarba
This paper is examined the gender construction in Saudi Arabia. The reinforcement of kinship in Hijaz was a response to Al-Saud family power and prestige’s, their influence and growth in number. This paper traces the meaning of “Aila” as the principal of Hijaz tribe on Urbanization and Modernization,...
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Travel Behavior Towards Transit-Oriented Development in Dukuh Atas, DKI Jakarta

Chotib, Gemala Pritha Ryzki Rynjani
Increasing resident activity in Jabodetabek has highlighted that increased traffic flow and transportation needs could cause congestion and environmental problems. To address these possible transportation problems, a transit-oriented development (TOD) policy is soon to be implemented in Dukuh Atas, Jakarta....
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Not As It May Seem: Quantitative Approach Explains Muslim Consumers Attitude Toward Personal Care Product

Nurdin Sobari, Hardius Usman, Thasya Fadilla
This study aims to find determinant factors that influence Indonesian Muslim consumer switching intention to use halal personal care products (PCPs). This study employs a path model regression to confirm hypothetical relationships between consumers’ religiosity, attitude, and intent toward their intention...
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Zettai Ryouiki: The Use of Female Body Parts in Japanese Advertising

Ni Komang Ayu Pertiwi P., I Ketut Surajaya
Advertising developes its creative process attract the public to new innovations and products. One recent chane is the use of female body as advertising media. An advertising agency in Tokyo, Japan, called Zettai Ryouiki Koukoku, has made female body parts an advertising media. This phenomenon in Japan...
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Social Capital as an Instrument of Social Movement Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT): A Study of the Humanitarian Ship Program for Palestine

Trezadigjaya, Puspitasari
This research is based on the facts regarding poverty and humanitarian disasters requiring external assistance. Such problems are not only the concern of the State in question, but also for the societies surrounding it. One of the responses toward such problems comes from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), a...
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Full Range Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Job Satisfaction as Predictors of Job Performance for Police Investigators

Puspitasari, Rio Adhikara, Jerry M. Logahan
Job performance is important for determining the success of an organization and for achieving their goals. This study focuses on the South Jakarta Metropolitan Police Criminal, which had problems with their investigators’ performance. The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of leadership,...
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Traditionality, Modernity,and Leadership at Pesantren Al-Hamidiyah, Depok City, West Java

Adhitia Wardani Fauzyyah, Apipudin, Yon Machmudi
This article discusses a traditional Islamic boarding school in Depok City, West Java, namely, Pesantren Al-Hamidiyah. A qualitative method with interview, literature study, and observation is used. This research finds that Pesantren Al-Hamidiyah is the embodiment of the lofty ideals of Kiai Achmad Sjaichu,...