Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Social Knowledge Sciences and Education (ICSKSE 2018)

Welcome to the 1st International Conference on Social Knowledge Sciences and Education (ICSKSE 2018), held on 31 August 2018 in Malang, Indonesia.

The theme of this conference is about the Social Sciences for Sustainable Global Sinergy in Encouraging Harmony of ideology, Society, and Environment. The purpose of this conference is to advance the discourse on the synergistic issues in the global harmony socially, ideologically, and environmentally. It is very important, because we really expect that the harmony of the environment, society, and ideology grows in the global life is better. We aware that there is an environmental damage, such as pollution of water, air, soil and so on. We also awere that there is a social disparity of economy, education, information, and so on. And we also aware that there is problems of ideology. But beyond those, we have an optimism that there is a millennial generation who living with supporting information and communication technology which has great potential to share in solving the world's problems in the future. Therefore the question is how is the roles of social sciences and education in endourcing its realisation?

To answer this question, in this proceeding there are 42 papers related to geography, sociology, history, civics, social studies, and education. By the papers, we expect that the ideas of the papers can add an enrichment of the common effort in developing more harmony global and national life in the future.

Finally, I express my gratitude to all the paper presenters who have worked hard and smart in preparing the conference proceeding paper, to our Dean of the Social Faculties UM Prof. Dr. Sumarmi, M.Pd and vice Dean Dr. Sri Untari who have been supporting fully, the all participants who give critical questions and responses in inproving the papers. One again thank you for your participation, attention, and collaboration, hopefully it is able to contribute for the better future world.

Dr. Budi Handoyo