Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Social Knowledge Sciences and Education (ICSKSE 2018)

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Preparation and determination on plan of village medium term development and work plan of village government

Didik Sukriyono
Village development plan is a guide or model potential exploration and development ideas that focused on the participation of the village community in the overall development process. The concept of participation is in line with the value of "cooperation" which has become part of the confidence and trust...
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Current Issues of Halal Tourism. Case Study in Japan

Abdul Kodir, Abdul Karim, Citra Dewi Kartika Paksi
The Japanese government in welcoming the 2020 Summer Olympics has committed to preparing halal tourism for Muslim tourists. This study aims to understand how the current conditions are related to the availability of halal tourism components in Japan. The methodology in this study is qualitative descriptive....
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Indigeneous Public Administration: Public Administration Viewed from Local Wisdom Perspective

Jumiati Jumiati, Boni Saputra
Global transformation is always demands a good governance system and one of the functions that must be run is public administration's system. The impact of powerful globalization streams, should be anticipated as well as possible. Public Administration with the developed values ​​of western modernity,...
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Indication of the Effect of Radicalism on Christian High School Students, Lippo Karawaci

Jossapat Hendra Prijanto, Ariani T. Padang, Asih Enggar Susanti
Radicalism is one of the major threats to Indonesian unity which has a diversity of ethnicities, religions and races. Some research shows that radicalism can thrive in the environment of high school students. This is most likely to occur, considering high school students are in the phase of determining...
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Capitalism in Implementation “Luhur Value” of The Java Community Mataraman on Blitar City

Nur Wahyu Rochmadi, Indah Ariani
Mataraman is a term for Javanese people who have the superiority of adherence and determination to the values of Javanese life. The problem is that compliance with these values turns out to have high costs for the perpetrators, as well as for people who interact with them. On the other hand, the income...
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The Importance of Changes in Civil Learning Patterns that are Texting to Contextual Patterns

Edi Suhartono
The development of science and technology is very influential on the development of educational technology which in turn affects the learning technology and finally the patterns of learning from traditional patterns (textual and teacher the only source of learning) to the transitional (semi-textual and...
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Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP): Entrepreneurship Skills Development Strategy for High School Students Through Public and Private Partnerships

Sri Untari, Rista Ayu Mawarti
This article aims to find out: (1) the implementation of Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP), (2) the character value of Malang high school students which have been developed by YEP, (3) the impact of YEP for students. The method was used a qualitative approach with the type of case study. The data...
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A Study on Bayan Community Perception Towards Awiq-awiq Local Wisdom Based Forest Management

Tuti Mutia, Sumarmi Sumarmi, Syamsul Bachri, Budidjanto Budidjanto
Local custom-based forest management conducted by Bayan community is one way of forest preservation. Local custom-based management is always guided by awiq awiq local wisdom. Awiq awiq is a customary law that is obligatory for Bayan people to obey. This law regulates the relationship between humans and...
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Community Based Wakatobi Tourism Management Strategies

Muhammad Al Dilwan, I Komang Astina
Wakatobi is one of the areas designated as the Top 10 Destinations of Indonesia. Maritime tourism is the main sector of regional development. This writing aims to describe community involvement in tourism management in Wakatobi. The research method uses a qualitative approach. This study uses primary...
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Learning Museum of State University of Malang

Ismail Lutfi, Blasius Suprapta, Ulfatun Nafi'ah, Ari Sapto, Joko Sayono
As one of the eldest Higher Education Institution in Indonesia, State University of Malang has done many significance achievemens in the making better education process. In addition, this university also mansioned as Learning University. Accordingly, building a university museum is appropriate. This...
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Revitalization of “Majapahit Village” as an Educational Tourism Based on Local Wisdom

Anis Mirna Defi, Nur Hadi
Regional economic development targets have to be achieved through a variety of development policy. The utilization of the potential of the made as local capital in the implementation of regional development. The Government has a special strategy Mojokerto Regency to improve the economy of the community...
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The Use of Pusat Penelitian Kopi dan Kokoa Indonesia to Enrich Local History for Student of 1st Senior High School Jenggawah Jember

Rendi Arif Andrian, Reza Hudiyanto
For many decades, student in high school and university always use Candi (Temple), and museum as their learning sources. This material usually correlated to the Indonesian History in the periods of Majapahit and Singasari. In fact, History of Indonesia not only confined in Hindu Buddha periods. It covers...
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The Twilight of Karaeng Galesong’s Resistance Against VOC

Melda Amelia Rohana, Joko Sayono, Indah Wahyu Puji Utami
This research aimed to reconstruct the twilight of Karaeng Galesong’s resistance against VOC using historical method namely of heuristic, verification, interpretation and historiography. Either primary or secondary sources was employed in this research. Those sources was verified, interpreted and written...
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Utilization of Syphon Metro Kepanjen as Outdoor Learning Site for History Students

Joko Sayono, Lutfiah Ayundasari, Wahyu Djoko Sulistyo, Ronal Ridhoi
Java in the colonial ruler. Several factors that support this success was soil fertility, supply of water, and infrastructure. Although this area has two kinds of topography namely lowland and hills but the colonial still able to manage these regions as one of the best sugarcane producers. The challenge...
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Historical Significance in Indonesian History: The Position of the Battle of Surabaya 1945 in Indonesian Curriculum and History Textbooks

Aditya Nugroho Widiadi
Indonesia has a long history since the prehistoric period to contemporary history. How do we decide what is important to learn about the past? This article aims to provide arguments about the historical significance of the battle of Surabaya in the Indonesian curriculum and history textbooks. Historical...
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Building the Student’s Autonomous Learning Through Development of Learning Resource Based on Flip-Book on The Material of Tantri Relief

Ulfatun Nafi'ah, Blasius Suprapta, Daya Negri Wijaya
This study aims to develop learning resources based on flip-book on the material of Tantri relief. The flip-book is aimed to give an alternative to teaching material using information communication and technology in order to reach the purpose of learning. The flip-book should be validated before used...
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Reenacting the Past Trough Short Story Anthology

Indah Wahyu Puji Utami, Yunita Nana Afika
relieve the past whether as mentality act or physical act. This research aims to design a short story anthology to reenact about Indonesian national movement. In this article, we outline the conceptualization of the short story anthology, the process of designing the short story anthology, and its implementation...
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The Role of Forest Farmers Group Through Payment for Environmental Services Scheme in Preserving Water Resources in Cidanau Watersheds at Banten, Indonesia

Nedi Sunaedi, S.P. Hadi, A.N. Bambang
In an effort to preserve the environment, a lot has been done, both by the government and the community, one of which is through the payment for environmental services scheme. Payments for environmental services (PES) are a relatively new program in efforts to preserve natural resources that have been...
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The Introduction of Coral Reefs to the Children in an Effort to Keep the Coral Reefs in the Village of Sumenep Regency Ra'as Subdistrict Ketupat

Dilla Fadila
A coral reef is one of the essential components of the oceans. In addition to being a beautiful view of the sea, coral reefs are a very important role in maintaining the viability of fish or marine life. But if the coral reefs are no longer functioning as it should be, then there should be the action...
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Resilience of Society Pandansari Village, Ngantang District After the Eruption of Mount Kelud 2014

I Nyoman Ruja
An eruption of Mount Kelud in 2014 was one of the disasters that affected large changes in society particularly in Pandansari Village, Ngantang District, Malang Region. In fact, the impact of the eruption affected the stable conditions of social structure, economy, and culture into vulnerable ones. One...
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Madurese Fishermen’s Adaptation to Marine Environment-Based Approach in Fisheries Resources Management by Empowering the Local Wisdom of “Onjem”

Sumarmi Sumarmi, Syamsul Bachri, Ardiyanto Tanjung
Nowadays, the number of coastal areas which are rich in natural resources has declined. Such condition affects the economic status of the society in the coastal area. It is necessary for the society to be willing to explore the local wisdom in managing the natural resources. This research aimed to identify...
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Avoiding Local Culture Deprivation in Historical Landscape by Involving Special Interest Community in Foothill Villages of East Java

Reza Hudiyanto, Nur Hadi
By the late 2010, the cultural heritage of East Java has being promoted as a new tourist product. One of this cultural heritage is Penanggungan Ancient Complex. It is an ancient area located on Mount Penanggunan, that was built in the periods of Fourteenth century Hindu Kingdom of Majapahit. The ancient...
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Conceptual Models of Learning Material Development Based on the Spatial Perspective

Budi Handoyo, Hadi Sukamto
The purpose of this research is to develop a conceptual model of learning material that based on the spatial perspective. The research use development design of the Borg and Goll with eight steps are: need analysis, planning, develop preliminary form of product, preliminary field testing, main product...
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Geography Teachers Perception on the Implementation of Mind Map on Scientific Approach

Rima Meilita Sari, Sumarmi Sumarmi, Dwiyono Hari Utomo, I Komang Astina
One of the learning components as a determinant of the learning success is learning the model. In fact, the components of learning can work effectively if a teacher has competences in applying the learning model that would fit into a learning. Therefore, this study aims to unravel geography teachers...
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Application of Cooperative Learning Learning Model Type Think Pair Share in Geographic Learning

Siti Fadjarajani, Ely Setiyasih Rosali, Liska Restiani
This study aims to find out how the implementation of Cooperative Learning learning models of Think Pair Share type is to increase interest in learning Geography and to determine the effect of the application of Cooperative Learning learning models of Think Pair Share on the interest in learning Geography...
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Research Based Experiential Learning at Higher Education

Dwiyono Hari Utomo
Student learning can be through learning strategy while doing. Lecturers with students involved in research activities in the field of land classification and in the laboratory (experiential learning). This learning strategy is meant for mastering concepts and practicing scientific thinking. The object...
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Kartini’s Contribution in Developing the Art of Carving Macan Kurung Jepara (1903)

Yuliati Yuliati, Nurfahrul Lukmanul Hakim, Siti Malikhah Towaf
Kartini is known as a figure of anxious hero and a high social spirit. In addition to fight for the emancipation of women, Kartini is also concerned with the fate of local wisdom of Jepara is the art of carving. The things that encourage Kartini to notice the fate of the carvers in Jepara is quite surprising....
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From Sunrise of Java to Santet of Java: Recent Urban Symbolism Of Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Arif Subekti, Latif Kusairi
Some of Indonesian people believe that misfortunes such as illness, death, crop failure, the death of livestock, and divorce is caused by individuals with certain magical power and knowledge—what then called “santet”. Together with Lombok and Banten, Banyuwangi is among the areas believed to be the warehouse...
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Recognizing Diverse Views: Controversial Narration of Kiai Ibrahim Tunggul Wulung’s Religious Humanism in a Historical Learning

Reni Dikawati, Sariyatun Sariyatun, Warto Warto
An epistemology is a theory of the nature of knowledge and a way of justifying knowledge claims. Humanism is a part of critical thinking which come from human changing form of dignity, role, the idea of enlighment, and the responsibility of humanity. In the javanese christianity context, Kiai Ibrahim...
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Kyai-Santri Relations in the Election of the Governor of East Java 2018 in Foucault And Habermas Perspective

Imamul Huda Al Siddiq, Meidi Saputra
The existence of kyai in NU's dynamics of voyage since its establishment occupies the most central position. As a religious and social organization the existence of NU and kyai in the course of the Indonesian nation has been in a position that cannot be negotiable, starting from its establishment, involved...
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Social Construction of Community in Kawi Mountain (Actualization of Society and State Religion)

Sukamto Sukamto
This paper disseminated result of study on sacred grave Kawi Mountain with its tradition and its unique especially on society and state argumentation in tourism industrial context. The problem rose on who did what, where, why and how he/she did it also interaction and intervention of state on society...
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Woman Identity as Matriarch (PEKKA) in Muncar, Banyuwangi

Himmiyatul Amanah
Subdistrict of Muncar that located in Banyuwangi is one of subdistrict with the largest population in Banyuwangi. It also triggered the number of woman as matriarch (PEKKA), there are 691 inhabitants divided into two villages, there are 364 inhabitants in Tapanrejo and 327 inhabitants in Tambakrejo....
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Symbolic Meaning of Lantern March and its Contribution to Social Education

Sukamto Sukamto, Basela Kristin Dhamayanti, Siti Malikhah Towaf, Nurul Ratnawati
This article disseminates the description (1) the background of the lantern parade, (2) the activity of the lantern parade, (3) the meaning contained in the lantern parade, (4) the opinion of the community, both participants of the lantern parade and the surrounding community against the event and (5)...
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Social Construction of Kelud Mountain Community on Blitar and Kediri Border Conflict

Sukamto Sukamto, Bayu Kurniawan
This article examines the case of the border conflict between foothills community of Kelud Mountain (PEMKAB Blitar) with District Government (PEMKAB) Kediri. The presence of the East Java Governor's Decree Number 188/113/PTS/013/2012 became a flavoring condiment on this issue. Social construction in...
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The Social Reality and Livelihoods of Beggar Community in Kampung Baru Pasuruan East Java

Karomatul Nurul Fatimah, I Dewa Putu Eskasasnanda, Siti Malikhah Towaf
Beggar is a social phenomenon concern by Indonesian people today. In Indonesia there is some areas where many of their citizens survive as beggars. This area famously known as the Kampung Pengemis or Beggar hamlet. One of Kampung Pengemis in East Java Province named “Kampung Baru” located in Sidowayah...
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Build Student Knowledge about Natural Resources and Hazard Potential Through Field Social Studies Laboratory Product

Agus Purnomo, Joan Hesti Gita Purwasih
The Kelud eruption in 2014 gave the impression that Blitar District was a safe area. This thinking results in the event of a disaster in the future the community becomes blunt in attitude. On this rational basis, this article aims to identify potential natural and disaster risks on the southern slopes...
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The Role of Indonesian Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Owners in Choosing e-Commerce Strategy in the Global Market

Elya Kurniawati, Adi Setiawan
Global Market is an inevitable reality that must be faced by all countries including Indonesia. Rapid development prompts every country and business communities to be able to compete in achieving success, including Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). In Indonesia, MSMEs are one of the important...
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A Preliminary Research to Develop 21th Century Worksheet

Yuli Ifana Sari, Budi Handoyo
Nowadays, the life of the world requires education graduates who master the competences of the 21st-century skills. These skills include a critical thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving, collaborative, literacy, and information technology. In order to master the 21st century skills are required...
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Citizen Reporter Surya’s Page as a Form of Existensialism of East Java Citizen

Ardi Wina Saputra, Nanda Harda Pratama Meiji, Daya Negri Wijaya
At present the digitalization process is growing so rapidly. This era is an era of disruption. Disruption occurs in various parties including in the process of delivering information. Every citizen can make their own reportage and send it as happened on the Citizen Reporter Surya page. The desire to...
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Big Data Dilemma: Technology Advance Versus Privacy Violation

Ananda Dwitha Yuniar, Alan Sigit Fibrianto
The advance of new media technology in last few decades had brought the users into the era of big data. Data had become important material in producing social and economy values. It was proven that much business start-up or government organization used big data periodically as the basis of market analysis....
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Social Change of Jogomulyan Community After Land Dispute in 1999

Kurniawati Nur Fitriani, Sukamto Sukamto, I Nyoman Ruja, Neni Wahyuningtyas
This study aims to describe the life of Jogomulyan community in Tirtoyudo-Malang before and after the land dispute with PT. Sumber Manggis Kidul (PT. SMK), the process of land disputes, and the educational values within the land dispute. The approach used in this research is qualitative descriptive....
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Technological Development and its Impact on Community Social Behavior

Alan Sigit Fibrianto, Ananda Dwitha Yuniar
Today technology seems to be a primary need, where its presence can no longer be underestimated. Every aspect of life and every element of society seems to depend on the use of technology. In fact, the first time humans started the day began with the use of technology, such as the sound of an alarm clock,...