Proceedings of ICT for Sustainability 2016

Tailor-made energy consulting for five different consumer groups

Bente Knoll, Georg Spreitzer, Christoph Göbl
Corresponding Author
Bente Knoll
Available Online August 2016.
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energy consulting, energy use, consulting tool, private households, sustainability, interdisciplinary
Energy consulting for private homes can make a sig-nificant contribution to achieving energy efficiency targets. The success of energy consulting, which means as much as that the con-sulting leads to real energy savings, depends not only on socioeco-nomic, environmental, structural and technical factors like in-come, climate or living space but also the consideration of people's habits, needs, preferences, values, attitudes etc. is substantial. Within the R&D-project "EnBe2.0" an ICT-Tool for tailor-made energy consulting for private homes has been developed. The "EnBe2.0-Toolbox" meets the multifaceted requirements of end-use energy consumers and assists energy consultants with target-group orientated energy consulting practices. The EnBe2.0-Toolbox combines socio-scientific and technological knowledge and forms an interdisciplinary decision and communication sup-porting tool. On the one hand it provides the basics for target-group oriented communication and on the other hand it supports energy consultants to select customized energy saving actions. With the help of the toolbox, its pre-selected actions based on the customers' needs and its concrete suggestions how to carry out a target-group oriented communication and its provided example sentences energy consultants get a useful tool for their consulting practice. The toolbox supports to communicate selected measures in a way that directly addresses the advised person and hence leads to higher actual energy savings. This paper gives an overview about the functionality of the EnBe2.0-Toolbox and highlights the target group orientated communication.
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ICT for Sustainability 2016
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August 2016
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Open Access
This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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