Proceedings of the 18th International Symposium on Management (INSYMA 2021)

The University of Surabaya, Faculty of Business and Economics, Department of Management in collaboration with University of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia invited scholars, practitioners/businessmen and students to participate in the International Symposium on Management (INSYMA) 18 that will be held on May 27-28, 2021 via on-line conference.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is a phase of a new technological revolution that places more emphasis on automation and digital technology to make processes easier and more economical than ever before. However, both automation and digital technology also provide a challenge there is a touch of humanism in Society 5.0 which will be the authorized capital of the running business.

The International Symposium on Management (INSYMA) is a scientific event that has been successfully held for 17 years and in 2021 it will enter 18 years of its implementation. INSYMA aims to be a means for academicians, researchers, and practitioners around the world to share and redefine the paradigm of business management using technology innovation in the era of Society 5.0.

1. As sharing forum for academics and practitioners in dealing with the business world and industry in Indonesia and Asia;
2. As a means of scientific development for academics and practitioners in the management field;
3. Networking among universities for organizing an international symposium as one of the assessment points under the Indonesian National Accreditation Board-Higher Education (BAN-PT) accreditation.

Suggested Topics
Digital Logistics and Supply Chain, Digital Service and Operations Management, Smart Manufacturing, Smart City, Digital CRM, Digital Tourism Service, Digital Ventures, Financial Technology, Big Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things, Green Business Strategy, Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, Financial Governance, International and Finance Management, Organizational Capability, Human Resource Strategy, Change Management, Organizational Learning and Development, Social Capital, Human Resources Practices, Social and Business Ethics, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, Industrial Relation, Globalization and Economic, Cross-Cultural Strategy, Cost and Accounting Management, and other relevant Business Management Topics.