Proceedings of the 18th International Symposium on Management (INSYMA 2021)

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The Application of TAM on Utilization of Financial Information Technology in South Sulawesi

Ibrahim, Sri Rahayu Syah
In the industrial revolution era and information technology advancement, TAM must align with development and progress. TAM is believed able to fulfill the needs of relevant technology users. This study aims to analyze the factors that influence the utilization of regional financial information systems...
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Investor Attention and Broad Market Index: Evidence from Indonesia Composite Index

Olivia Tanaya, Suyanto Suyanto
This study examines the relationship between investor attention and the broad market index in the Indonesia Composite Index (IHSG). In today’s digital world, the search engine becomes the most important tool in looking for information. Google dominated the market share with 91.38% of people use it. This...
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Herding Behavior Detection: Bullish and Bearish Cases

Tomy Koputra, Putu Anom Mahadwartha
This study aims to examine the presence of herding behavior on the Indonesian stock exchange (BEI), especially in the infrastructure, utilities, and transportation sectors. Daily data has been gathered for analysis from the 2013-2017 period, and this period was chosen to capture the extreme market movement,...
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Correlation Analysis Among Innovation, Risk-taking, Competitive Aggressiveness, and Proactiveness on Company Performance in the Covid-19 Situation

Bertha Silvia Sutejo, Marwin Antonius Rejeki Silalahi
This research originated from the Covid-19 pandemic that began in February 2020. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indonesian economy has experienced a significant decline, especially the MSMEs in Indonesia, so the authors are interested in examining the correlation among innovation, risk-taking, competitive...
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Reaction of Stock Price on Dividend Announcements

Angeline Soesanto, Werner R. Murhadi, Arif Herlambang
This study aims to determine the existence of market reactions that can be seen from the presence of abnormal returns during the dividend announcements in companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) during the 2013-2017 period and find out what factors influence the Cumulative Abnormal Return...
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A Study on the Effects of Inflation Rate, Interest Rate, and Exchange Rate on the Performance of Indonesia Sharia Stock Market

Erna Garnia, Tahmat, Rizal Deden, Saeful Iman
Various macroeconomic factors influence the stock market performance. This study aims to investigate the ef-fects of inflation rate, interest rate, and exchange rate on the sharia stock market performance in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The market performance is indicated by a portfolio index calculated...
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Accounting Narrative and Impression Management on Social media – A study on Instagram Accounts of Indonesia Listed Companies

Chelsea Venezia, Yie Ke Feliana
Social media has become a platform for companies to present themselves by exposing the image they want to build and maintain through the content and communication they publish online. Companies selectively post information about themselves, and this information is disseminated to build a positive public...
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The Effects of Corporate Governance on the Performance of Manufacturing Sector Companies on the Indonesia and Philippines Stock Exchanges

Liliana Inggrit Wijaya, Arif Herlambang, Willi Brodus The Mone
This study aims to examine the effects of corporate governance on the performance of manufacturing sector companies listed on the Indonesia and Philippines Stock Exchanges over the 2015-2019 period. This research uses a quantitative approach with a multiple linear regression method. The object used in...
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Heuristics Behavior of Stock Investors on the Indonesian Stock Exchange During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Liliana Inggrit Wijaya, Zunairoh
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused funds invested primarily for investments in risky assets, like stock instruments traded on the capital market, to become more fluctuating. Behavioral finance has an essential role in finance, namely understanding human behavior, including investor behavior. This study...
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Multidimensional Internationalization Speed and Firm Performance: Evidence from the Indonesian Manufacturing

Joseph. Susanto, Deddy Marciano, Arif Herlambang
This study aims to determine the impact of multidimensional internationalization speed on firm performance on the manufacturing firm listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange over the 2015-2019 period. The dependent variables in this study are return on assets and Tobin’s q, while the independent variables...
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The Impact of U.S Monetary Policy and Macroeconomics Factors on Asia Emerging Islamic Stock Market During Covid-19

Annisa Sekar Kasih, Viverita
This study explores the volatility spillover in six Asia emerging Islamic stock markets (China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand) affected by the US monetary policy and macroeconomic factors during the COVID-19 pandemic period. It is found that most Islamic stock markets in Asia are more...
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Refining Tax Accounting Education to Improve Accounting Students Skills and Competences

Evelyne Brilliana Susanto, Ria Sandra Alimbudiono
This study aims to explore the refining way in tax accounting education to improve the students skills and competences. It is applied research, focusing on some applied recommendations; Data was collected through interviews with students and lecturers, observations, and document analysis with 13 participants....
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Local and National Covid-19 Cases and Stock Return: Evidence from Regions in Indonesia

Jordy Tila, Irwan Adi Ekaputra
The stock market in Indonesia crashed during the Covid-19 pandemic. This paper aims to examine the relationship between the local and national Covid-19 cases with the abnormal return of the local companies in Indonesia. Previous studies have found that coronavirus has impacted the global stock market,...
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The Effect of Gender Diversity on the Board of Commissioner to Stock Liquidity of Non-Financial Firms Listed in LQ45 During 2013-2017

Muhammad Devanda, Deddy Marciano, Endang Ernawati
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of board composition (mainly gender diversity of the boards) on the liquidity of the non-financial firms’ stock listed on the LQ45 in 2013-2017. This study used the Ordinary Least Square Regression method to examine the effect of gender diversity...
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Three Line of Defense: An Effective Risk Management

Saipul A. Muhsyaf, Susi R. Cahyaningtyas, Elin E. Sasanti
This study aims to determine the effect of three lines of defense on risk management. Risk management as the dependent variable is measured by content analysis based on the risk profile. The independent variable, namely the three lines of defense, was measured by content analysis based on 2013 COSO Internal...
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Technological Progress in Indonesian Food Processing

Suyanto Suyanto, Yenny Sugiarti, Olivia Tanaya
Technological progress is a critical factor in Society 5.0. Firm technological progress reflects the advancement in firm knowledge. This current study analyzes the key determinants of technological progress in 393 Indonesian food processing companies to assess the readiness to pursue Society 5.0. Adopting...
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The Effect of Price, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Image on Customer Loyalty on the Lion Air Indonesia Airline

Violinne Antpnetha Dotulong, Erna Andajani, Siti Rahayu
This study aims to determine and analyze the effects of price, service quality, customer satisfaction, and image on customer loyalty with the research object of Lion Air Indonesia. The type of research is basic research that uses 5 variables: price, service quality, customer satisfaction, image, and...
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How Countries Deal with the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Indonesia and Slovakia

Adi Prasetyo Tedjakusuma, Slavomír Rudenko
First reported in China in December 2019, the Covid-19 has now been growing to a very severe pandemic with more than 117 million cases worldwide only in one year. To minimize the pandemic impacts on the world’s citizens, any country worldwide must take care of its respective citizens by carrying out...
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The Mediating Role of Organizational Excellence Between Total Quality Management Practices and Sustainability: A Preliminary

Muslim Diekola Akanmu, Bahtiar Mohamad
Inconsistencies in the findings of past literature on the relationship between quality management practices and sustainable performance have provoked the essence of this study. This has prompted further evaluation of the effects of critical quality management variables to explain the relationships’ nature...
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The Attitudes of Local Communities Towards Sustainable Development and Development of Ketapan Rame Tourist Village, Mojokerto

Veny Megawati, Siti Rahayu, Stefanus Budy Widjaja Subali, Fitri Novika Widjaja
This study aims to examine the relationship between the local community’s attitudes and the sustainable development and development of Ketapan Rame Tourist Village, Mojokerto. This research employed quantitative research methods with data analysis using SPSS 18.0 software. The sampling technique used...
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Factors Affecting Brand Equity in Batu Tourism City

Muhammad Afif Nadhif, Fitri Novika Widjaja, Prita Ayu Kusumawardhany
This study aims to determine the effect of Brand Awareness, Brand Image, Brand Loyalty, Perceived Brand Quality on Brand Equity in Batu Tourism City. The City of Batu has designated its area as an agropolitan tourism center in East Java. This study used qualitative research methods with data analysis...
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Analyzing the Effect of Social Identity, Perceived Encouragement and Altruism on Word of Mouth on Facebook

Marianus H. Mahat, Juliani D. Trisnawati, Veny Megawati
This study aims to determine the effect of social identity, perceived encouragement, and Altruism on word of mouth (WOM) on Facebook. An empirical study was conducted by distributing questionnaires to 120 Adidas brand users who are the Adidas brand followers on Facebook. The analysis results using the...
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Towards a Socially Sustainable Inventory Optimization

Warut Pannakkong, Kim Cuc Vo Thi, Sun Olapiriyakul
Inventory optimization is one of the critical decisions in perishable product supply chain management. This study develops a bi-objective inventory optimization model for perishable products. The model can determine the optimal order quantities that fulfill customer demand over time while simultaneously...
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How are Buying Intentions in a Marketplace Formed? An acceptance of New Technology in Young People

Bryan Julio, Dudi Anandya, Indarini, Freddy Mutiara
This research discusses the existing marketplaces in Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to determine the effects of Social Influence on Behavioral Intention and Perceived Usefulness on Attitude in a marketplace. This study is quantitative research with a causal design, with 304 respondents from...
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The Effects of External Factors on Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, Attitude Towards Use, and Behavioral Intention of Older Adults in Indonesia

Levina Nathania, Indarini, Dudi Anandya
The purpose of this research is to analyze the effects of external factors (facilitation conditions, self-satisfaction, and cost tolerance) on perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, attitude towards use, and behavioral intention of older adults in Indonesia. This research uses basic business research...
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The Role of Youtubers on Covid-19 Prevention Products’ Purchase Intention in the New Normal Era

Prita Ayu Kusumawardhany
Everyone must own personal protective equipment to prevent the Covid-19 transmission. Consumers can buy Covid-19 prevention products at low to high prices. This study examines how YouTube video (vlog) affects millennial consumer perceptions and intention in purchasing Covid-19 prevention products. The...
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The Impacts of Brand Image, Brand Love, and Brand Trust on Brand Loyalty: Case Study on Coffee Drinks

Ali Wardhana, Yulia
This paper aims to investigate the impacts of brand image, brand love, and brand trust on brand loyalty in coffee drinks, especially in the Kopi Kenangan’s brand. Moreover, this paper does not only investigate the effects but also compare brand love and brand trust for seeking which variable has a bigger...
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Determinants of Online Purchase Intention in Indonesia

Sugeng Hariadi, Siti Rahayu
This research discusses the influence of online customer experience and perceived risk on online purchase intention in Indonesia. This study has nine variables: online customer experience, product risk, financial risk, privacy risk, security risk, time risk, social risk, psychological risk, and online...
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Brand Equity of Banyuwangi as a Natural Tourism Destination

Siti Rahayu, Sugeng Hariadi
This study aims to investigate the brand equity of Banyuwangi city as a natural tourism branding. The questionnaire data is obtained from 160 local tourists who have traveled to Banyuwangi. Hypothesis testing is done by using a structural equation model. The results show that of the eleven hypotheses,...
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Determination of Green Marketing Strategies Through Marketing Communication in the Business World in the Society 5.0 Era

Hayuning Purnama Dewi
Marketing communication in green marketing aims to influence purchase decisions for consumers interested in the green movement. In addition to product advantages and brand image, companies must also think about consumer transaction convenience. Consumers consider various transaction choices to facilitate...
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The Linkage Among Demographic Factors, Perceived Mindful Marketing, and the Purchase Intention of Hand-weaving Products Customers

Junphen Wannarak, Patipol homyamyen, Thititana Trisit, Waiphot Kulachai, Adi Prasetyo Tedjakusuma
This research aims to examine the linkage among demographic factors, the perceived value of mindful marketing, and the purchase intention of customers of hand-weaving products in Suphanburi, Thailand. The samples of this study were 388 people visiting a community enterprise in Suphanburi. Questionnaires...
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Trust or Usefulness? QR Code Payment Among Millennials in a Disrupted Market

Grace F. Djayapranata, Andhy Setyawan
The digitization trend has increased dramatically in the past decade. The development of the internet and the increasing use of smartphones worldwide indicate the starting of the industrial revolution 4.0, which is now moving into a society 5.0 era. This trend has affected almost all activities of human...
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How is the Attitude of Japanese Millennials Towards Indonesian Rattan Furniture?

Komang Yudhi Kamala, Christina Rahardja, Aluisius Henry Pratono
Recently, environment and ecology have become critical issues for the global population and entrepreneurs. The millennial generation is considered one of the most prominent population groups and an attractive target for many companies to engage. This study aims to understand the Japanese millennials’...
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Predicting Intention of Using Fintech Lending to Bank Users in Indonesia

Bayudha Desga Putranto, Nurdin Sobari
The significant increase in the use of fintech lending proves the vital role of non-banks in providing innovative online payment services and cash funds facilities. However, not many have specifically examined the focus on one type of fintech, namely fintech lending. This study’s purpose is to examines...
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Destination Image, Satisfaction and Tourist Loyalty: A Study of Post Disaster Recovery in Gili Matra

Dwi Putra Buana Sakti, Siti Nurmayanti, M. Firmansyah
This study analyzes the mediation role of destination image on the influence of tourist satisfaction toward loyalty according to the survey on 155 sample respondents who visited Gili Matra after the 2018 earthquake. A structural equation model (SEM) was used to analyze the collected data. The research...
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Analysis of Tourism Village Development in West Lombok Regency

Lalu A. Permadi, W. Retnowati, Muttaqillah, Rusminah, G.A. Oktaryani, N.A.A. Tara, E. Septiani
This research aims to analyze and identify the potential development of Tourism Village in West Lombok Regency. This research used primary and secondary data and analyzed the villages’ tourism potential and development into tourism villages in West Lombok Regency. The potential development of Tourism...
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What Enhances the Consumer Utility Function on Environmentally Friendly Products? The Role of Message Framing in Marketing Communications

Andhy Setyawan, Noermijati, Sunaryo, Siti Aisjah
In the past few decades, environmental sustainability issues have helped change consumers’ behavior and consumption patterns. In addition to increasing consumer awareness of environmentally friendly behavior, consumers face two alternatives of consuming environmentally friendly or conventional products....
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An Empirical Study on E-book Usage Intention – Perspective of International Students Studying in Thailand

Sumaia Farzana, Madawala Liyanage Duminda Jayaranjan, Saif Ur Rahman
This paper aims to understand the intention of using e-book among the international students studying in Thailand. The paper adopts Technology Acceptance Model to comprehend the association between perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, attitudes, and intention to use e-book for their studies....
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Strategic Orientation and Human Resources Management in Public Sector Organizations in the Society 5.0 Era

Maria Elizabeth Lanny Kusuma Widjaja
Strategic orientation is a principle that guides, directs, and influences organizational activities that produce behavior to ensure organizational survival, performance, and innovation. Public sector organizations in the society 5.0 era have the potential to face various changes, environ-mental uncertainties,...
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KPI-Based Incentive System and Individual Performance Assessment in “A” Organization in Surabaya

Johny Rusdiyanto
This study focuses on the role of objectivity in individual performance appraisals and the use of the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) system in determining HR incentives. This activity is done to encourage work motivation of “A” organization human resources in the industrial 4.0 era and society 5.0...
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Organizational Effectiveness: A Second-order Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Waiphot Kulachai, S. Vuttivoradit, A.P. Tedjakusuma, P. Homyamyen
Organizational effectiveness has caught the attention of scholars for decades since it indicates the efficiency and achievement of an organization. However, measuring organizational effectiveness is quite difficult and controversial since there are various approaches to measure it. Recently, there are...
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Ethical Dilemma Decision Making Based on Personality: The Case of Installation of a Keylogger System

Permata Ayu Widyasari
The use of artificial intelligence, including keylogger systems, is unavoidable. Companies install keylogger systems on office computers to ensure that their employee is working effectively and efficiently. Meanwhile, the employee perceived it as spying and breaching their privacy. The study examines...
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The Antecedents of Knowledge Sharing in Public Sector

Igfar Reza Ahmadi, Riani Rachmawati
Knowledge sharing takes part in supporting the era of society 5.0. This study aims to investigate the role of perceived organizational support (POS), servant leadership, and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) as the antecedents of knowledge sharing. The data were collected via an online questionnaire...
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The Effect of Job Rotation and Person-Job Fit On Employee Engagement: The Mediation Role of the Job Satisfaction

Eko Prasetyo Agustian, Riani Rachmawati
This study aims to determine the implementation of human resource management practices, such as job rotation and person-job fit that affect employee engagement through job satisfaction as a mediating variable. Data analysis in this research used explanatory research with a quantitative approach. This...
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Measuring the Effectiveness of e-learning in Public Sector

Herina Nurhayati, R. Rachmawati
Electronic learning (e-learning) has been widely adopted by many companies as a strategic tool for the learning and development of their employees, mainly for time and cost-saving. This study aims to assess the effectiveness of e-learning using six constructs of the updated DeLone and McLean information...
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Innovation as a Key Solution for MSES’ Survival in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of MSES in Bogo Village – Bojonegoro Regency – East Java

Elsye Tendelilin, K. D. Noviaty, Karina C. Rani, Nikmatul I.E. Jayani
The Covid-19 pandemic has a significant impact on the economic growth of many countries. Bogo village-Bojonegoro Regency is one of the centers for moringa plants produced by MSE. Moringa plant is a herbal plant that is beneficial for health. During the pandemic, MSEs have been experiencing difficulties...
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The Influence of Distributive Justice and Procedural Justice in Job Satisfaction Through Perceived Organizational Supports (Case Study in GOJEK Surabaya)

Faizal Susilo Hadi, Kharis Septina Liftyawan
This research aims to investigate the effect of distributive justice and procedural justice on drivers’ satisfaction. Through perceived organizational support, this research will examine the influence of distributive justice and procedural justice mutualism on drivers’ satisfaction. This study was held...
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The High-performance Work Environment and Employee Engagement to Face Changes in the Society 5.0 Era Millennial Workers

Noviaty Kresna Darmasetiawan
This research analyzes the influence of a high-performance work environment and employee engagement on millennials working in companies to face changes in the society 5.0 era. This research used mixed methods, i.e., quantitative methods that are equipped with qualitative methods. Variables tested were...
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Post-pandemic Community Resilience: Community and Economic Conditions of Wedi Village

Agustina J.N. Pramudita, J.L. Eko Nugroho
This qualitative study aims to explore and understand the community, its economic conditions, and resilience towards the Covid-19 pandemic. The study was conducted at Wedi Village in Bojonegoro Regency, Indonesia. This village is well known for its small-medium enterprise products made from salak or...
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International Negotiations in Asian Countries and India: Where Do I start? Impact of Modern Technology?

Yashwant Pathak
Global marketing is becoming an essential aspect of marketing management, and it is an integral part of international business. As the companies are looking for a market for their products, it has become imperative that the people have to build expertise in interacting with culturally diverse groups...
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Suggestion from Experience of Some Asian Countries Regarding “City-inside City”: A Case Study of Thu Duc City of Ho Chi Minh City

Phan Thi Hong Xuan, Nguyen Minh Nhut
On November 16th, 2020, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s National Assembly had passed the Resolution for Organizing Ho Chi Minh City’s urban administration (at the 10th meeting, National Assembly session XIV). By deciding to “implement without the need of testing”, the National Assembly expresses...
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Development of New Success Criteria for SMEs By Relying on Virtual Capital

Abdul Azis Bagis
The results of this study reveal that short-term profits and long-term business sustainability determine the success criteria of a business entity. Building business sustainability or viability in today’s turbulent era requires strength from business players in the form of virtual capital. The objects...
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Clustering of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Indonesian Manufacturing Industry: How Far Can You Go?

Esti Dwi Rinawiyanti, Xueli Huang, Sharif As-Saber
This paper aims to cluster corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices that correspond to the CSR strategy implemented. This study performed factor and cluster analyses with 435 data from Indonesian manufacturing companies. The factor analysis resulted three categories of CSR dimensions: legal-ethical,...
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Competitive Diamond of Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining Industrial Cluster in Lombok Island, Indonesia

Lalu M. Furkan, R Baiq Handayani, Emilia Septiani
This research clarifies the competitive diamond of the Lombok ASGM industrial cluster. The Lombok ASGM industry is concentrated in Sekotong and Gunung Prabu areas. In order to achieve the research objective, a field survey had been conducted. In-depth interview with the miners, gold buyer, NGO, women...
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The Role of Woman Entrepreneurship in Creative Tourism Development

Agusdin, Santi Meitasari, Lalu Muhammad Furkan
This paper draws on a case of a woman entrepreneur (Zaenab) who has been innovative, establishes a business (UD Azhari), initiates the establishment of a sustainable tourism village (Green Village of Bilebante) and develops creative tourism businesses as community development. A descriptive case study...