Proceedings of the 2nd International Seminar on Education Research and Social Science (ISERSS 2019)

Actual Problems of Higher Education in Russia

V.V. Moiseev, S.N. Glagolev, E.A. Karelina, T.Yu. Cherepnina
Corresponding Author
V.V. Moiseev
Available Online June 2019.
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higher education, state policy, modernization, knowledge economy
The development of the knowledge economy in the modern world largely depends on the quality of training of specialists with modern knowledge, skills, and skills to work in accordance with the qualifications and specialties obtained in an educational institution. And on the state of the system of personnel training, the formation of human capital, its influence on the socio-economic development of the country largely depends. For the quality of training of highly qualified personnel, the compliance of their competencies to new requirements, the higher education system is responsible. This article is a study of the current state, current issues and ways to improve the system of higher education in Russia. In the article, the authors attempted to investigate the accumulated problems in the training of highly qualified specialists, to identify new priorities for the Russian higher education institution, to formulate the main paradigms of the development of the higher education system for the knowledge economy. The purpose of the study is not only to analyze the positive aspects and shortcomings in the training of personnel in the universities of the Russian Federation, but also to formulate scientifically based recommendations on the modernization of state policy in this area. The state policy in the field of higher education, as an important component of social policy, should be formed taking into account new challenges and be conducted in such a way as to maximally facilitate the achievement of national goals and the implementation of the strategic objectives set out in the presidential decree of May 7, 2018.
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