Proceedings of the 2nd International Seminar on Education Research and Social Science (ISERSS 2019)

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Research on the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Intention of College Students and Their Characteristics

Weiqin Liu, Ping Zhou
“Development is the top priority, the talent is the first resource and innovation is the primary driving force”. This important assertion is delivered by president Xi. This paper uses methods of questionnaire survey, field investment and literature reference to investigate students in a university of...
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On the Thoughts and Morals Training and Law Basic Course Infiltrated with Ocean Consciousness Education

Ying Gong
Adding the education of ocean consciousness into the Thoughts and Morals Training and Law Basic course is the requirement of the new era where China is developing itself as a maritime power. In the teaching activities, it is necessary to cultivate students’ consciousnesses of maritime power, maritime...
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On the Reform and Innovation of Curriculum System and Teaching Content for the Cultivation of Marin Medicine Talents

Youle Qu
The reform and innovation of curriculum system and teaching content in institutions of high learning is the key and difficult point of teaching reform, and also the foothold of the reform on talent training mode. It should adapt to the current trend of social science and technology, economy and social...
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Research on the Construction of New Mode for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Course — Taking the Integration of Colleges and Enterprises

Youle Qu, Kunlai Sun
College innovation and entrepreneurship practice course is a comprehensive system, and the extensive integration of colleges and enterprises is needed to guarantee its authenticity and effectiveness. Aimed at training college students’ innovative and entrepreneurial abilities and qualities, this research...
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Strategies to Improve the Classroom Teaching Efficiency of College Students under the Network Environment — For Chinese University Education

Ruili Song, Bo Wang
The goal of this paper is to propose strategies to improve the classroom teaching efficiency of college students based on the current advantages of the Internet. The reform of teaching mode is the key to promote the classroom teaching efficient of college students in China. The practice and exploration...
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On the Importance and Countermeasures of Cultural Confidence Education for College Students in the New Era

Xuelei Chen, Sa Wei
As the disseminator and creator of Chinese culture, it’s necessary for the college students to cultivate their cultural confidence for it’s essential for them to sustain traditional Chinese culture, promote cultural deposits and advance the construction of Chinese culture. Based on the importance of...
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A Comparative Study on the Sino-US Ideological and Political Education for College Students

Guodong Liu, Huiyuan Hu
As the world’s largest developing country and developed country, China and the United States both attach great importance to ideological and political education for college students. Due to the differences in nature in the aspects of cultural tradition, social system, ideology, etc. between the two countries,...
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Analysis on Mergers in Higher Education in China

Huijuan Lin
The wave of merger has brought a dramatic change to the entire higher education sector that covers almost all levels of Chinese higher education institutions. Because the higher education in China plays a significant role in promoting the development of the domestic economy, the strategic measure of...
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Research on the Practical Plights and Optimized Paths of Mixed Ownership in Higher Vocational Colleges

Qi-Ying Zhang
This article takes the higher vocational colleges as the research object. By means of research and analysis, it discusses the situation of mixed ownership in higher vocational colleges, and proposes several optimized routes.
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Research on Information Construction of Training Rooms in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Big Data — Taking Guangdong Jidian Polytechnic as an Example

Yifan Chen
In terms of the problems on poor quality and low efficiency of training room management, a practical scheme of information construction of training rooms based on big data has been proposed in this paper, which mainly includes construction of the training room information platform and sharing of the...
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Bilingual Interactive Teaching in Public Management Cases

Yi Liu, Hao Cui, Zhongqiang Zhang
Compared to traditional native language education methods, bilingual case teaching of public administration become the innovation and research focus. Nevertheless there still exist so many problems, such as students' poor professional English foundation, the lack of quality evaluation standards for bilingual...
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The Cognition of Music Elements in the Auditory Aesthetics of Music Education

Chao Song
Music is an auditory art. Music auditory sensation runs through the music education. The music education oriented by auditory aesthetic puts the sensation towards music elements at the first place. For teaching objects of varied levels with different cognitive characteristics, like preschool children,...
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Actual Problems of Higher Education in Russia

V.V. Moiseev, S.N. Glagolev, E.A. Karelina, T.Yu. Cherepnina
The development of the knowledge economy in the modern world largely depends on the quality of training of specialists with modern knowledge, skills, and skills to work in accordance with the qualifications and specialties obtained in an educational institution. And on the state of the system of personnel...
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The Priorities of Higher Education in Russia

V.V. Moiseev, O.A. Komarova, Е.А. Karelina, M.Yu. Karelina
A characteristic feature of the modern economic system is the high dynamism of transforming knowledge into a key resource for progressive changes in socio-economic and technological development of countries. The main feature of higher education in knowledge economy becomes the shortening of the life...
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On Museum Tourism Development from the Perspective of Cultural Identity Experience — Taking the Core Area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road as an Example

Yanyan Luo, Deping Chu, Di Xing, Jixiao Pan, Yarong Huang, Jiangbin Yu
Cultural identity experience involves a process of self-identification, which helps to strengthen cultural confidence. As the core area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, Fujian Province represents an important starting point and birthplace of the ancient Maritime Silk Road, while numerous museums...
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Characteristics and Implications of British Educational Tourism

Yuqi Si, Yanfang Zeng, Jingwen Wang, Heqin Wang, Fei Yang
Educational tourism is a combination of research-based learning and traveling which is beneficial for educational tourists to broaden their horizon. But due to the lack of understanding about the concept of educational tourism and its associated impacts, educational tourism sector is one of the unnoted...
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The Enlightenment and Reference Function of American Interior Design Teaching to China

Zhongcui Zhu
This paper analyzes the American interior design education model and concludes that the United States pays special attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability in teaching, and realizes the practical effect of teaching through a series of teaching methods. Simultaneously it has a systematic...
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Education Development Research of the MOOC in Colleges and Universities under Mobile Internet Environment

Lei Hao, Yanliang Jie
With the development of mobile Internet technology in recent years, the online education model represented by MOOC education has been more and more integrated into traditional teaching. As a product of organic integration of Internet technology and education and teaching in the era of informationization,...
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Optimal Path of Student Engineering Practical Ability Training for Mechanical Engineering Profession-oriented Master’s Degree Education

Dongwei Shao, Donghua Jiang, Haibo Zhang, Junfa Wang, Guifu Wu, Jiyi Luan, Jianxia Liu
The lack of engineering practical ability is the main disadvantage of graduates holding a research-oriented master’s degree. To compensate for this disadvantage, the profession-oriented master’s degree program started in 2011 at Jiamusi University. However, the current profession-oriented education of...
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Thoughts on the Discipline Reform of Urban and Rural Planning in the New Era

Xiaotang Xia, Cheng Wei
With the introduction of the institutional reform plan of the State Council in 2018, the Ministry of Natural Resources has been set up to clearly "integrate relevant spatial planning functions, establish a spatial planning system, and supervise its implementation". The establishment of spatial planning...
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On Problems and Countermeasures of the Employment of Postgraduates from Crop Science — Taking Tianjin Agricultural University as an Example

Shuaijun Chen
With the reform of China's economic system, especially its deepening on agricultural economy, as well as a variety of employment needs emerged in the social market, limitations of crop science postgraduate students from agricultural college make them unable to meet the social demands for all-round talents,...
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Study and Practice on the Teaching Reform of ASP.NET Programming Course

Xiaoling Yao
At present, there are some problems in the teaching of ASP.NET, such as neglecting the main body of teaching and students’ being afraid of learning. So it is necessary to redesign teaching, transform the original teaching model to “student-oriented”, readjust teaching content, adopt the teaching model...
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Thinking of the Teaching Reform of GIS Course in Urban Planning Major

Xiaotang Xia, Cheng Wei
Urban planning education aims to train qualified personnel to meet the needs of planning work. In response to the new requirements of urban planning decision-making and management development, many colleges and universities have begun to realize the necessity of introducing GIS application teaching in...
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Discussion on the Methods of Improving the Learning Interest of Technical Secondary Nursing Students in Pediatric Nursing

Xin Fu, Jixue Zhao
In order to explore the methods of improving the learning interest of technical secondary nursing students in pediatric nursing by investigation and analysis of the learning interest, the learning interest and influencing factor of 110 technical secondary nursing students were investigated with a self-designed...
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Research of the Current Situation and Policy Suggestions of "Shadow Education" in Urban Low-income Families — Taking Jinan as an example

Jie Zhang, Gongjing Gao
Based on the sample survey data and in-depth interview data of Jinan City, this paper conducts an empirical study on the participation of children in low-income families in "shadow education" and proposes relevant policy recommendations. The research content of this paper includes the following two parts:...
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Discussion on Teaching Reform of Landscape Architecture Design Courses

Zhoulin Han, Yunxiao He
Landscape architecture design courses, set up to develop students' professional design ability and train their design thinking, play a key role in landscape architecture course system. In order to improve the quality of landscape architecture teaching in local universities and cultivate graduates whom...
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On the Construction of Online Teaching Platform for Air Stewardess Major in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on the Concept of Flipped Classroom

Ruihong Chi
At present, the classroom teaching in higher vocational colleges has a low level of informationization and the teaching quality needs to be improved. This paper takes the construction of the online teaching platform for the specialty of air stewardess in higher vocational education as the research object,...
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The Application of FiF Oral Training APP to College Students’ Extracurricular Oral English Learning

Yajun Luo, Cong Liu
Based on the Theory of Distributed Cognition, this paper applies FiF Oral Training APP (FiF APP) to college students’ extracurricular oral English learning, and analyzes the feasibility of mobile-learning with smartphone APP in college students’ extracurricular learning. 154 students from 3 classes participated...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of College Philosophical Theory Course Reform under the Background of “Internet Plus” — Based on the Analysis of surveying Introduction to the Principle of Marxism

Li Xu
Recent years, college philosophy and various social science courses have promoted the course innovation and transformation by means of Internet. As a result, lots of complex information data have been produced, which can objectively reflect the cognitive state of the educator and educated in specific...
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Application of Flipped Classroom on Auxiliary Machinery

Qiao-lian Feng, Yan-fei Li, Zhi-yin Tang, Yong-sheng Su, Hui-jie Shen
Application of flipped classroom on auxiliary machinery achieved a high degree of integration of online learning and traditional classroom learning. The combination of flipped classroom and auxiliary machinery, not only breaks through the limitations of blended learning to achieve a higher degree of...
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The Application of PBL Methodology in the Experimental Teaching of Ultrasonic Diagnostics

Lanfen Chen, Jinfeng Long, Houfa Ning, Tao Sun, Peng Dong
To evaluate the effect of problem-based learning (PBL) methodology in ultrasonic diagnostics experimental teaching. Sixty-one undergraduates majoring in medical imaging were randomly divided into control group and experimental group. Thirty-one students in the control group were taught by traditional...
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Research on the Effective Connection between Automobile Application-Oriented Talent Cultivation and Enterprise Requirements — Taking Guangzhou College of South China University of Technology as an Example

Zhuohong Lai, Weikai Cheng, Haiyan Huang, Lifu Li
With the purpose to analyze corporate demand for the ability of applied talents, this paper made investigations on college teachers and students, graduates and employers, and accordingly set up the professional personnel training scheme to satisfy the enterprise demand. This improved the application...
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Construction of Ecosystem Model of English Writing for Minority College Students

Hanbin Zhang
Based on the Ecological Systems Theory, this paper constructs an ecosystem model of English writing for minority college students. The ecosystem includes Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosystem, Macrosystem and Chronosystem. Based on this model, this paper analyzes the main tasks of language policy makers...
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Enhancement of Ideological and Political Education in Professional Courses by Using Heritage Brands — Taking the Course "Omnimedia Marketing" as an Example

Jingjing Ye, Yanmei Nie
With the aim to cultivate students' patriotism and positive values and enhance the role of ideological and political education in professional courses, the author carried out preliminary study of teaching reform of "Omnimedia Marketing" by adopting case teaching and project design. The study contains...
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Research on the Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Accounting Teaching of Colleges

Wenshuang Bao
With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, college education merges together intelligence elements much more than before. As the last teaching stage of professional talent cultivation in the college, how to combine with modern technology has become the hot topic. This essay...
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Thoughts on "Internet Plus Entrepreneurship Society"

Yixiao Zhang, Tianyi Zhang, Ying Wang
In order to ease the college students' employment tension, this paper aims to guide students to think about Internet and entrepreneurship. The article lists the capabilities that entrepreneurs need to possess through research literature, and then combines data to analyze in depth and proposes ways to...
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On Teaching Reform of National Minority Finance and Economics Education Course — Taking the Consumer Behavior Course as an Example

Yuanyuan Liu
To cultivate national minority finance and economics talents, we should take students’ key competence as the core, with the all-round development of quality and comprehensive capability, so as to cater to the development of the modern society. The curriculum reform should be carried out according to...
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New Situation and Problems in the Reform and Development of Adult Education in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Learning Society

Huarong Dong
At present, adult education in colleges and universities faces many problems, such as the lack of standardization and supervision of internal management. So, it’s necessary to improve the quality of education and teaching, school-running conditions, and increase the full-time and stable teaching staff....
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Teaching Research on Learning Motivation of Database Course Based on Cloud Teaching Platform

Feng Gao
According to results of the questionnaire of 156 students, it is found that learning motivation is the main factor affecting learning effect. In the database course, Moso Tech is adopted as the cloud teaching platform to solve the problems caused by unclear learning motivation, such as students' low...
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Research on Practical Teaching Base Based on CIM-CDIO Concept

Jing Luo
Based on the concept of CIM-CDIO, this paper analyzes the talent-training mode of the practice teaching base. And it analyzes the necessity of the reform of the practice teaching base from the enrollment quality, curriculum provision, hardware facilities, the present situation of private vocational schools,...
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The “Four Main Factors Theory” of Piano Teaching and its Systematic Thinking

Lu-xin Zhang
What are the main factors required in the process of piano playing and how to cultivate the abilities corresponding to these main factors have been discussed for a long time in piano education. By using the theories of systematic thinking, psychology and pedagogy, this paper proposes that the main factors...
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Classification of the Economic Activities of Universities in the Context of Legal Status

E.V. Bulatov, V.V. Moiseev
Taking into account the fact that all educational organizations, including higher educational institutions, according to the current Russian legislation, have non-commercial status, there is a need for a normative definition at the level of law of an exhaustive list of economic activity types permitted...
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Practical Research on the Cooperative Cultivation of "Primary, Master and Industrial" Multidimensional School and Enterprise in Engineering Education of Mechanical Applied Talents

Shufeng Jiang, Shang Liu, Ziye Zhou, Hongfa Liu
Based on a large number of analysis about the data of the employment needs of electromechanical enterprises, this paper uses the data of the teaching process and the teaching effect data, and uses the results of the data analysis and comparison to guide the teaching process, and reconstructs the multi-dimensional...
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Research on the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements in “Da Chuang” Project

Fengjuan Wang, Youzheng Cui
Improving the transformation rate of “Da Chuang” project results is the ultimate goal of this study, and it is also the most important task and development direction of “Da Chuang” project. Strengthening process-oriented management is one of the ways to improve the transformation of research results....
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Exploring the Chinese-English Bilingual Teaching Mode in an Applied University — Taking Physical Chemistry Experiment Bilingual Course in Zaozhuang University as an Example

Dan Mu, Chun-Li Liu, Hai-Nan Luo
The primary responsibility of applied universities is to cultivate applied talents. Based on the application-oriented professional target, the bilingual course is established in a targeted manner, which makes the talents possess the ability of language and provides the possibility for the compound senior...
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Discussion on College Students' Self-directed Learning Based on the "Three Big" Teaching Modes

Yi Wei, Wei Liang, Hanqing Tang, Yan Song
Classroom teaching is the premise and foundation of guaranteeing students' autonomous learning ability. By discussing the university teaching mode, we can find a teaching mode that is in line with the new era education. This paper summarizes the recent literature and the teaching mode of classroom teaching,...
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Knowledge Groups of Hotspot in Teaching and Research of Electromechanical Discipline under the Deep Integration of Science and Education

Huadong Qiu
In view of the shortcomings: "Emphasis on qualitative analysis", "Emphasis on single". This paper used bibliometrics and visualization software of Citespace 5.3. Scientific atlas analysis is about the research status of electromechanical discipline in 2011-2018. It focused on "the whole". It analyzed...
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Teaching Research on Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Course Based on Artificial Intelligence

Huadong Qiu
In view of the shortcoming that the application of electromechanical students to understand the principles and practical problems of various artificial intelligence methods needs to be improved. This paper comprehensively expounds the teaching plan of artificial intelligence courses for the specific...
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John Dewey’s Perspectives on Democratic Education and its Implication for Current Educational Reform

Zhiwen Feng
John Dewey was the most influential philosopher of education in America. His famous work Democracy and Education has produced tremendous influence on education in the world since its birth in 1916. This paper, based on current literature, attempts to present Dewey’s perspectives on democratic education,...
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Analysis on How to Cultivate Students’ Creative Thinking Ability in Art Education

Guanyu Chen
With the continuous development of the current society, the living standard and aesthetic level of people have been greatly improved. Art teaching has a profound impact on the country's architecture, design and other aspects. However, due to the problems existing in the current art education, such as...