Proceedings of the 2nd  International Seminar on Guidance and Counseling 2019 (ISGC 2019)

Welcome to the 2nd International Seminar on Guidance and Counseling (ISGC) 2019. The Guidance and Counseling Department, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, a premier institution engaged in advanced level teaching, research, and capacity building of guidance and counseling profession, has organized the 2nd ISGC as a forum for researchers, lecturers, and students to share their research and experience.

The paper submitted to the conference through the review process, the committee has selected around 150 papers to be presented at the conference. After the conference, these selected papers will be reviewed by internal and external independent reviewers and the selected papers will be submitted to the international publisher.

The objectives of the conference are:
1. Increasing the awareness of academics, guidance and counseling practitioners and the wider community about the threat of disintegration, intolerance, and various violence that occurs in various aspects of life, especially education
2. Increasing participants' understanding and insight on the contribution of guidance and counseling in overcoming the problem of violence and efforts to promote the realization of a peaceful society
3. Sharing knowledge and experience based on theoretical and empirical studies on various issues related to efforts to reduce violence and promote a peaceful society
4. Contributing thoughts and experiences based on theoretical and empirical studies to encourage the realization of global sustainable development goals in terms of reducing violence and promoting a peaceful society.

The organizers are grateful to the authors for enthusiasm. Additionally, we are thankful for the hard work of all reviewers, who are not only to refereeing the submitted papers but also raising the quality standard of the papers that we publish.

The Committee
2nd International Seminar on Guidance and Counseling
Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta - Indonesia