Proceedings of the 2nd  International Seminar on Guidance and Counseling 2019 (ISGC 2019)

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The Need of Functional Academic Learning Resources for Teacher in Developing Metacognition of Student with Intellectual Disability

Yeni Irma Normawati, Mumpuniarti Mumpuniarti, Ishartiwi Ishartiwi
The research is aimed to describe the need of learning sources required by the teachers in developing the metacognitive abilities of student with intellectual disabilities in functional academic and to identify how the strategy used by teacher to develop the student’s metacognitive abilities. Method...
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Creative Problem Solving Training to Enhance Students Problem Solving Skills on Career Issues

Wenny Arie Puji Susanti, Tamsil Muis, Endang Pudjiastuti Sartinah
This study aims to describe the application of creative problem solving to improve career problem solving skills and describe improvement in career problem solving skills with creative problem solving for grades nine students in Public Junior High School. Research conducted using the type of Counseling...
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Perceptions of Death and Recommendations for Suicide Prevention Policies: A Case Study of Suicide Case in Gunung Kidul

Muhammad Abdul Hadi, Rahmatika Kurnia Romadhani
Death is perceived differently among people from different cultures. These differences in perception stem from the variety of natural and physical context in humans’ surroundings. Based on the existing theories, death is perceived as a matter that is difficult to accept. However, there has been an intriguing...
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Personal Development Plan as a Guidance and Counseling Strategy in Higher Education

Khairi Bintani
The process of learning activities in higher education differs from those in primary and secondary schools, which is causing problems for students that can affect the way they learn and have an impact on their learning outcomes and future careers. To overcome this problem, the college counselor needs...
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Burnout in Completing Undergraduate Thesis and Its Implications to Guidance and Counseling Program

Kurnia Sari, Syska Purnama Sari
Burnout for final semester students couldn’t be considered trivial. Someone experiencing burnout activities will be hampered, as well as a trigger for the emergence of disease either physical or psychic. The objective of this study was to identify the condition of the student burnout level in completing...
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Android Application for Z-Generation as A Guidance and Counseling Media

Mutiara Harlina, Suwarjo
There are research results among 109 subjects of z-generation student who find that the most popular media to develop their friendship self-identity is 80.58% of subjects chose an android application that can be downloaded at play store, 2.91% subjects chose modules, 2.91% subjects chose CD/DVD cassette,...
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A Development of Web Based John Holland Theory Career Interest Detection Instruments

Nararya Rahadyan Budiyono
Self-understanding is the first and foremost step in the career decision-making process. Failure in a career begins with inability to recognize and identify career potentials and interests, and has an impact on mistakes in majoring in school or college. This paper is an idea of a research plan that was...
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The Role of Baitul Arqom in Developing Islamic Character Education

W.P Rahmatika Nur Aisyah, Rita Eka Izzaty
The purpose of this study is to describe the role of Baitul Arqom in instilling the foundation of Islamic character at the level of high school students. In this study the problem examined is the role of Baitul Arqom in instilling the Islamic character foundation of Muhammadiyah 1 Yogyakarta High School...
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The Influence of Group Counseling With Assertive Training on Student’s Assertive Ability

Rizki Mutia Faradita, Muh Farozin
This research aims to understand the importance of group counseling with assertive training techniques for student assertiveness in SMPN 18 Bengkulu. This research used quasi-experimental method with one group pre-test and post-test designs. Statistical test results using the z test show increased assertiveness...
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Application of the Rasch Model to the Development of Healthy Sexual Behavior Scale Indigenous Based on Students in Indonesia

Juliana Hindrajat, Anisa Mawarni
Healthy sexual behavior plays an important role in the development of individual life. Indigenous-based healthy sexual behavior in this study contains Pancasila’s values in it. Healthy sexual behavior can be accurately described in advance through a quality measuring instrument. This study focuses on...
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Children Psychological Preparedness for Disaster

Putri Waliyyan Estafetta, Saryono, Diana Septi Purnama, Soni Nopembri
Indonesia is one of natural disaster-prone countries. Children are extremely vulnerable, especially psychologically, to the impacts of disaster. Therefore, the aim of this study is to identify psychological preparedness level of elementary school students in the event of disaster. Subject of this study...
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The Effect of Blended Learning on Reading Interest Through Group Counseling

Rasimin, Affan Yusra
This study aims to: 1) Describe the interest in reading through the group procedure course in counseling for guidance and counseling students faculty of occurrence and education science Jambi university class of 2017/2018. 2) Describe the blended approach in the group procedure course in counseling to...
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The Needs of Functional Academic Teaching Materials for Special Education Teachers With Visual Impairment

Sayidatul Maslahah, Mumpuniarti Mumpuniarti, Ishartiwi Ishartiwi
Functional academic learning is crucial for students with visual impairment, since it is a basis for problem solving in life. This learning aims to increase students’ independence in daily life. The purpose of this study was to determine the needs of functional academic teaching materials for special...
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An Analysis of the Needs for Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Services for Senior High School Students

Tri Widati Setiya Atmarno, Asrowi, Munawir Yusuf, Muhammad Akhyar
The service of Guidance and Counseling (GC) at schools has not been able to help the students’ development optimally because it has not been implemented as expected. This research aimed to (i) reveal the students’ level of satisfaction towards the guidance and counseling services and (ii) design a model...
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Peumulia Jamee Culture and the Stage of Building Rapport in Individual Counseling Process

Zahra Nelissa, Fitra Marsela, Syaiful Bahri, Mifta Oktavianda, M. Husen
Aceh has a culture and customs that are closely aligned to Islamic rules. Of the various customs and cultures that exist in Aceh, one notable custom is the glorification of guests (peumulia jame). Its origin comes from the viewpoint in Islam concerned with glorifying guests, which for a Muslim who believes...
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Using Ekphrasis of Emotional Writing for Improving Emotional Regulation Skills

Agus Santoso, Sri Rahmah Ramadhoni, Luluk Fikri Zuhriyah
The goal of this study was to examine the effect of ekphrasis of emotional writing (ETE) on emotional regulation skills. The research method is quasi experiment with a non-parametric counterbalanced design. Participants were 27 students of PGMI Islamic State University of Sunan Ampel Surabaya (with 8...
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Development of Spinning Media as an Information Service to Enhance Students Career Planning

Hardiyansyah Masya, Permatasari, Tri Dewantari, Veni Purnamasari, Indah Fajriani, Abdul Aziz
Career planning is one of the tasks of adolescent development. However, not all students in high schools have good career planning, there are students who experiencing confusion when asked about the continuation of school to university degree, and future career. To overcome the problems that occur, it...
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Value Transmission From Parents With Different Religion Towards the Children

Evangelista Christiani, Siti Rohmah Nurhayati
This study aimed to discover values that parents transmitted, the process of transmitting values in multi-religion families, and what obstacles appear in children from multi religion family. This study used qualitative methods with phenomenological approach. This study showed multi-religion family transmitted...
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Skill Assessment of Sixth Semester Counseling Students in Cross-Cultural Counseling Practices

Evia Darmawani, Muhammad Ferdiansyah, Arizona, Nurlela, Bela Janare Putra
This study aims to obtain assessment data from which data is used to improve the quality of cross-cultural guidance and counseling course. research using evaluation methods with a case study approach. Data were collected using interview, observation, documentation and focus group discussion Informants...
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Applying Mind-Skills Training to Improve Academic Hardiness on Guidance and Counseling Students with Academic Burnout

Eni Rindi Antika, Mulawarman Mulawarman, Zulfa Mawadah
Student’s academic achievement are often sub-optimal, and burnout arises as one of its causes. Burnout can be countered when students possess academic hardiness. The present study was aimed at training students’ mind skill in order to improve students’ academic hardiness against burnout in the Guidance...
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The Influence of Self-Efficacy on Career Maturity of High School Students in Pacitan Regency

Riszal Purwandika, Yulia Ayriza
The study aims to determine the influence of self-efficacy towards career maturity of high school students in Pacitan district. This research is an ex-post facto study with a quantitative approach. The population in this study were all public high school students in Pacitan District with a total of 3952...
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The Implementation of Assertive Training to Reduce Aggressive Behaviors of Students With Mild Intellectual Disability

Endang Pudjiasuti Sartinah, Rischa Hudzaimi Zulfah, Siti Mahmudah
The purpose of this study is to describe the effect of assertive training to reduce aggressive behavior of students with mild intellectual disability of grade ten SMALB (Special Senior Public School) Sidoarjo. This study used a quantitative approach with type Single Subject Research (SSR), A-B-A design....
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The Development of Digital Comic Media to Overcome Students’ Academic Procrastination

Ella Lukitasari, Budi Astuti
This study aims to determine the effectiveness and feasibility of developing digital comic media to overcome academic procrastination for students. This research uses quantitative and qualitative methods which carried out through research and development approaches. The activities carried out in this...
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Effectiveness of Group Counseling Role Playing Techniques to Reduce Student Bullying Behavior

Maya Puspa Rini, Ayu Iswara
The purpose of this study was to determine the bullying behavior of students and to determine the effectiveness of the use of role playing in reducing the bullying behavior of State High School 1 Bandar Lampung students. The method used in this study is a quasi-experimental study with Nonequivalent Control...
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The Role of Guidance and Counseling in Character Education

Muh Farozin, Luky Kurniawan, Luthfita Cahya Irani
Character education is now a necessity for students. The character characteristics in question are the character values of sholeh and sholekhah, the value of the Pancasilais character, and the character values contained in the objectives of national education. Student character education through guidance...
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Psychoeducational Groups With Simulation Game Technique to Improve Student’s Self-Control

Retno Purwasih, Sigit Sanyata
Self-control is the ability possessed by every individual in controlling themselves both in terms of behavior, thoughts, emotions, and decision making. Improving self-control could be done by providing understanding and training through guidance and counseling services in schools. One of the way is having...
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Urgency of Career Understanding of High School Students in Making Career Decisions

Z Risnasari, Agus Basuki
Career is important in one’s life. A good career must be prepared since students have been able to understand themselves and understand the various types of careers that exist. That way students easily make career decisions that they will choose later. High school students are considered to have to prepare...
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A Study of Smartphone Using on Students at Public Junior High School 55 Palembang

Triska Aulia Viranti, Muh Farozin
This study aims to describe the use of smartphones on the students at Junior High School 55 Palembang. The population consisted of 200 students selected by total sampling technique. A quantitative approach with a survey method was employed in this study. The data collection technique used a questionnaire...
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Analysis of Career Maturity on High School Students

Yanuari Srianturi, Mamat Supriatna
This article aims to determine the career maturity profile of high school students based on the results of a review of the theories of John Milton Dillard, Donald Edwin Super, John Lewis Holland and the results of previous relevant research on career maturity. Career maturity is needed by teenagers to...
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Self Confidence Enhancement Through Group Guidance Service

Yulianton Ashzar Ibrahim, Muh Farozin
This study is aimed to improve the self confidence of students through group guidance service. Guidance activities within the group which is a guidance and counseling services in schools are considered able to help the problems experienced by students, the problem of this study is low self confidence....
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Social Network Sites Usage and Fear of Missing Out among Female Instagram User

Eem Munawaroh, Yuli Nurmalasari, Afriyadi Sofyan
The aim of this investigation was to examine the correlation between social network sites usage and fear of missing out (FOMO) of female instagram user with age ranged from 18 to 27. The responden involved 106 female college student of female instagram user from various university in west, east, and...
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Value Conflicts in Counseling Muslim LGBT Clients: Muslim Counsellors’ Experiences

Syarifah Rohaniah Syed Mahmood, Ssekamanya Siraje Abdallah
The counselling profession has an affirmative stance towards LGBT clients. It is contradicting to the religious beliefs upheld by majority counsellors in the Muslim society. The difference between the stance of the counselling profession and religious beliefs create value conflicts among Muslim counsellors...
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School Counselor and Non-Governmental Organization Collaboration for Disaster Preparedness in School

Dila Rahmawati, Saryono, Diana Septi Purnama, Soni Nopembri
Education for disaster preparedness is an important effort that needs to be mainstreamed in order to increase students’ preparedness in the event of disaster. As school counselors and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are among many parties responsible for conducting disaster preparedness education...
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Implementation of REBT for Drug Addicts: Meta-Analysis

Devi Ayu Kurniawati, Agus Basuki
This study aims to determine the level of Rational Emotive Behavior Theraphy (REBT) approach to drug addicts. This significant level will be examined from the results of previous studies. This research uses a meta-analysis method. Meta-analysis is a study of research results in similar problems. The...
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Effectiveness of Career Service Information on Student’s Motivation to Pursue Higher Education in Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Jeuram

Desi Arliani, Muh Farozin
This study aimed to see whether the career information services effectively to the motivation to continue on to college. This research is an experimental research to design a one-group pre-test post-test. The technique used in this study is the scale of motivation to continue on to college. This study...
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Application of RASCH Models to Validate Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EII) in High School Students

Mulawarman Mulawarman, Binti Isrofin, Afriyadi Sofyan
This study aims to validate the Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EII) using the Rasch Model. The research sample of 394 senior high school students (SMK and MAN) in the city of Semarang. The sample selection using cluster random sampling techniques. The results of this study showed that from 54 item...
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Implementation of Gestalt Therapy in Counseling to Overcome Parental Divorce Trauma in Adolescents

Arif Fajar Romadhon, Sigit Sanyata
Families have problems that must be faced sometimes can be resolved but some cannot be resolved that can result in divorce. Divorce hurts adolescents in the form of trauma. The feeling of trauma is an unresolved problem of the past. The trauma of divorce victims creates physiological, psychological and...
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The Intervention-Task Model Based on the Miscrosystem Layer of Families as the Effort in Developing Late Adolescent’s Dating Identity Status

Asri Dewi Arifianti, Sigit Sanyata
To late adolescents, dating is an initial step to marriage. Those who date will experience explorations and commitments in their relationships. These are the criteria of an identity status, especially for dating. Basically, the beginning of adulthood is an identity crisis stage, including dating identity....
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Consumption Patterns and Cosmetic Consumer Brand Loyalty

Anisa Rima Fadhilah, Yulia Ayriza
This study aims to describe the tendency of consumption patterns and brand loyalty of the cosmetic consumers in Yogyakarta. This research is a preliminary study for further research which aims to find out a dynamic model of cosmetic consumer loyalty. This research applied quantitative approach with survey...
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Application of Tutoring Based on Principles of Learning in Islam Through Strengthening Application Services for Learning Ethics

Affan Yusra, Rasimin
In Islam to get a respectability in learning, ethics must be involved in the process of interaction between learning and teaching takes place. In the context of learning and teaching in an Islamic perspective, learning ethics is a science that explains the feelings, attitudes, and ways of thinking of...
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Digital Literacy and Innovation for Guidance and Counseling Program

Ahmad Rofi Suryahadikusumah, Aisha Nadya
School counselor has a great opportunity to innovate, but they lack interest in reading. Digital literacy is the most important competence to make them able to innovate. This study aims to describe the profile of digital literacy and it’s relations to develop innovative guidance programs. A survey was...
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The Effectiveness of Group Counseling Services in Increasing the Social Interaction of Ostracized Students at Junior High School 10 Bengkulu City

Muhammad Wahyu Kurniadi, Moh Farozin
This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of group counseling services in increasing the social interaction of students at junior high school 10 Bengkulu City. The method used in this study was a quasi-experimental method with one group pre-test and post-test design. The sampling technique in this...
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Contribution of Emotional Intelligence to Peer Acceptance on Students at Public Junior High School 14 Surakarta

Muhammad Rizky Nur Prakoso, Muh Farozin
This study aims to describe the level of peer acceptance among students at Public Junior High School 14 Surakarta, the level of emotional intelligence of the students, and the contribution of emotional intelligence to peer acceptance. This study used a quantitative descriptive approach conducted at Public...
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Students’ Empowerment Through the Drug Prevention Education Program

Zurkurnan, Abd. Halim
Drug addiction is a social problem that is constantly affecting the student population. Student engagement statistics in drug addiction show an increasing trend of drug abuse. To address this problem, the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) has introduced the Drug Prevention Education Program (DPEP)...
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Developing the Material Guidebook on Parents Gathering to Improve Parents and Teachers’ Knowledge of Children Care

Muthmainnah, Nur Hayati, Rina Wulandari, Arumi Savitri Fatimaningrum
This research has the aim of developing a material guidance on parents gathering to improve the knowledge of children care among parents and teachers. Despite the themes in the material guidebook, there are fifteen titles available. This research is a developmental research using Borg and Gall model....
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Central Java Coastal Traditional Games in Improving the Motor Ability Among Early Childhood

Indah Lestari, Richma Hidayati, Anita Dewi Astuti
Traditional games in Indonesia are very diverse, this is based on the background of game existence in Indonesia that was created or developed based on local potentials, such as geographical location, local culture, customs, and the purpose of the game itself. On the other hand, traditional shelter in...
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Gender Differences in Predicting Adolescent Autonomy

Z Ranni Rahmayanthi, L.N Syamsu Yusuf, Ilfiandra, Nurhudaya
The purpose of this study is to look at differences in autonomy and gender perspective on the relationship between emotional dimensions, behavioral dimensions and value dimensions. Participants in this study were Senior High Schools with a total of 538, consisting of 207 men and 331 women with an average...
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Developing Augmented Reality for the Guidance and Counseling Service in Elementary School

Haryani, Unik Ambarwati., Sigit Dwi Kusrahmadi
The objective of the study is to develop augmented reality media of the Guidance and Counselling service for Grade V students in Cepit Public Elementary School Bantul. Then, the other objective of the study is to validate the augmented reality media so that the augmented reality media will be feasible...
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The Analysis of Self-Concept Scale in Engineering Faculty: A Rasch Model Analysis

Jahju Hartanti, Lucky Nindi R. Marfu’i
Self-concept is a way of how we perceive ourselves in terms of physical or individual’s characteristics regarding the strengths and the weaknesses. Self-concept needs to be measured by an instrument that needs to be identified the reliability to measure the college student’s self-concept. Engineering...
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Website-Based Interactive Media to Expand Guidance and Counseling Services for Adolescent

Harlina, Rani Mega Putri, Chreisna Lapriyandi
This research aimed to develop a website based interactive media which was feasible and efficient to expand and make easier the services delivery of guidance and counseling process. The website would be easier to be accessed and realtime without time limitation. The research approach was developmental...
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Reality Counseling Approach in Understanding Homosexual Awareness

Alifa S. Rahmadhina, Budi Astuti
Homosexuality is a condition where male individuals or female individuals are attracted to the same sex. In Indonesia, this sexual disorder violates existing norms both legally and religiously. Some of the factors that make a person sexually impaired such as homosexuals are environmental influences that...
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Multicultural Social Peaceful Education through Social Guidance and Counseling Services in Development of Industrial Revolution 4.0

M.M Lue, Kris Bawa Riyanto
Education must contribute in building awareness of peacefully cultural pluralism to students and society. Then, the role of social counseling guidance services in schools can be carried out professionally by the guidance and counseling teacher (counselor) with a multicultural concept. Multicultural education...
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Android-Based Intervention Model for Developing the Religious Identity Status of Late Adolescent

Aulia Diah Pratiwi, Suwarjo
This work to develops an application of the Android-based intervention model (RIDE) to build the religious identity status of the late adolescent with appropriate and effective criteria. This study used research and development approach with a 4D model with four stages, namely define, design, develop,...
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The Student’s Perspective of Peace in Senior High School in Yogyakarta

Eva Imania Eliasa, Sunaryo Kartadinata, Ilfiandra, Juntika Nurihsan
This research is a small part of a dissertation on Peace Guidance and Counseling. The purpose of the research is to explore the facts of peace experienced by students in school and the resolution of peaceful conflicts. The research approach uses a quantitative approach. Data collection instruments are...
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Analysis of Student Developmental Tasks and Teacher Counselors Performance: A Preliminary Study

Fathur Rahman
The research objectives are identifying the level of students developmental tasks and evaluating the performance of teacher counselors in managing school guidance and counseling program. Special region of Yogyakarta (DIY) was chosen as the primary research setting that includes 4 high school and teacher...
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Getting to Know the Characteristics of the Z-Generation Career Options as the Industrial Revolution Activator 4.0 in Indonesia

Chalida Ghrya Wahyudi, Sigit Sanyata
This study aims to explore and learn more about the characteristics of the Z-Generation career choice. This study was conducted using a wide variety of theoretical study and phenomenology that occurs based on the results of observations made in one of the private companies with the target market of young...
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Thematic Learning Implementation in Used Areas from Earthquake in Gantiwarno Sub-District Klaten Regency

Bayu Purbha Sakti, Sri Budiyono
This study aims to find out the understanding, preparation, difficulties, and solutions to difficulties explored by teachers in the implementation of thematic learning in areas affected by earthquake disasters in Gantiwarno Sub-District, Klaten Regency. This research is a qualitative study conducted...
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Coping Self-Talk Training Using Blended Learning to Develop Counselors’ Competence

Adi Atmoko, Henny Indreswari, Irene Maya Simon, Nugraheni Warih Utami
This research aims to develop counselors’ competence through a coping self-talk training with blended learning-based media (face-to-face, offline, and online). This experimental research was conducted on 25 counselors from 5 cities in Indonesia. Data were analyzed using a non-parametric statistical hypothesis...
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Students’ Career Decision Making Self-Efficacy in Islamic Boarding School-Based School

DYP Sugiharto, Mohammad Japar, Rossi Galih Kesuma
This study aims to determine the differences in the of students’ career decision making self-efficacy who study in Islamic boarding school compared to students who study in public schools. There are 2 schools in Surakarta that are used in data collection. The sample involved is 55 students selected by...
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Self-Efficacy and Academic Anxiety of College Students

Isti Yuni Purwanti, Muh Nur Wangid, Siti Aminah
The aim of this study is to describe the contribution of self-efficacy to the academic anxiety among the students of UNY (Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta). This correlational study used the descriptive-quantitative approach and the technique in collecting the data was through the questionnaires of self-efficacy...
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The STEM Career Education Intervention Module Through Career Exploration Activities

Lenny Shafinaz Md Yusoff, Salleh Bin Amat, Mohd. Izwan Mahmud
The goal of achieving a ratio of 60:40 for science students to arts students has yet to be reached, even though the initiative began 52 years back. The Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Career Education Intervention Module serves as a method of educational intervention of secondary school...
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The Application of Group Training-Based Guidance Strategies to Develop the Gratitude of Aceh Adolescents in Maintaining Peace

Martunis, Abu Bakar, Fitra Marsela
After long conflict in Aceh, both large and small scale conflict such as brawls between vocational students with senior high school students, more or less needs to be a concern for maintenance so as not to recur. The teaching and learning process at school will run well if the physical and psychological...
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Issues of Substance Abuse Among Schooling Adolescents: Approaches and Solutions

Noor Azian Binti Abd. Hani, Salleh bin Amat, Mohd. Izwan Mahmud
The increase in substance abuse data among teenagers is alarming in today’s society. The current imbalance in the state of modernity and spirituality in the formation of identity among adolescents causes these groups to be involved in substance abuse. Lack of knowledge of the risk and protective factors...
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The Success Story From Inclusive School: A Case Study

Septinda Rima Dewanti, Zeti Novitasari
This paper provided a descriptive explanation about a self-confidence of slow learner student (SLS). Self-confidence is an indicator to measure the successfulness of student with a special need. As the goal of inclusive school that provided an environment to makes all children learning together. The...
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The Development of Multiple Intelligence and Self Efficacy in Primary School Students

Idat Muqodas, Hafiziani Eka Putri, Aan Yuliyanto, Mubiar Agustin
Multiple intelligence is a set of abilities to process particular types of information derived from human biological and psychological factors. Self-efficacy is people’s beliefs about their ability to produce designated performance levels that affect their daily activity. This research is based on the...
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Improvements of Pre-Service Counselor Skill in Building Therapeutic Alliance Using Peer Coaching Method

Esya Anesty Mashudi, Nandang Rusmana, Ima Ni’mah Chudari, Fatihaturosyidah
It is necessary for every counselor to be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the therapeutic alliance and do the same with skills to foster and maintain the therapeutic alliance with the counselee during the counseling process. Hence, mastery of the therapeutic alliance building skill should...
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Counseling Service with A Person Centered Approach to Improve Positive Self-Concept of Students

Emma Lusiana, Agus Basuki
Guidance and counseling services are efforts that are used in facilitating students in increasing their potential and helping to overcome students’ problems, one of which is about self-concept. The self-concept is a view of self that includes physical dimensions, personal characteristics, and self-motivation...
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Study Habits of Underachievers at Palembang State High School 3

Lia Rizqi Pratiwi, Muh Farozin
The purpose of this study is to figure out the study habits of underachieving students at Palembang State High School 3. A quantitative approach with a survey method was employed in this study. The population included 30 underachieving students. The data collection instrument was a Likert-scale questionnaire...
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The Effect of Sexual Violence on Children

Dini Rakhmawati, Desi Maulia, Chr. Argo Widiharto, Suwarno Widodo
Sexual crime in children increases significantly every year. In 2015 there were around 757 cases of sexual violence against children and women. The phenomenon of sexual violence against child victims must be given more attention because it can injure the victims because of traumatic events which were...
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The Role of Self Confidence Towards Gender-Based Career Planning

Nova Lina Eldasari, Rosita Endang Kusmaryani, Eka Agustina, Andika Ari Saputra
Self-confidence has an important role for everyone, both men and women. The problem of low self-confidence can create obstacles in the areas of learning, personal-social, and career life. The objective of this research was to determine career planning on the level of student confidence based on gender....
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The Effectiveness Gender Role Analysis Technique to Increase Self Esteem of Bullying Victims in Adolescent

Nur Sholehah Dian Saputri, Sigit Sanyata
Adolescent association in the new social environment makes teens interact more with the surrounding environment and their peers. In adolescent friendship relationships, bullying becomes a frequent issue. The problem of bullying in Indonesia is still relatively high. Various kinds of bullying are experienced...
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Identification of Guidance and Counseling Service Needs for Higher Education Students at Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

Diana Septi Purnama, Muh Farozin, Budi Astuti
This study was aimed to identify the need for guidance and counseling services at Yogyakarta State University students. This research is a quantitative research with survey research type. The study population was all students of Yogyakarta State University at the Bachelor’s level. The research sample...
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Parents’ Perceptions on Adolescent’s Romantic Relationships

Sugiyanto, LN Syamsu Yusuf, Mamat Supriatna, Nurhudaya
Parents’ perception about the romantic relationships among the early adolescents (Middle School) has become an interesting phenomenon in which this will bring some impacts on their parenting patterns. For parents, dating phenomenon among early adolescents then comes to be a dilemma. They are facing two...