Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Digital agriculture - development strategy” (ISPC 2019)

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Solving problems of poultry subcomplex in the conditions of agriculture digitalization

Ilya Kondratenko, Nadezhda Goncharova
Industrial poultry farming in Russia is the most dynamic and knowledge-intensive industry, which makes a significant contribution to the food security of the country. However, the rapid development of the industry, a significant increase in poultry can have negative consequences in the future. It is...
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Innovative technology of natural raw materials processing and biologically active complexes with systemic effect development

Boisjoni Tokhiriyon, Valery Poznyakovsky, Elena Vyalyh, Svetlana Andrievskikh
The article deals with the issues of digitization in the production of specialized products based on natural raw materials of plant and animal origin, including biologically active supplements. Taking into account agriculture and food industry digitization, an innovative technology has been developed...
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Digital mechanisms of public-private partnership in the Russian agro-industrial complex

Oksana Trotsenko
The agro-industrial complex reform Russia essentially changes approach to creation of the competitive entities of the agrarian sphere that is so far a sales problem of agrarian policy in the conditions of digitalization of economic and food security of the country. Transition to innovative development...
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Modeling as an Intellectual System in the Field of Agriculture

Elena Shangina
The article presents the analysis of modern views on the concept of modeling, both from a practical and methodological point of view, from the standpoint of General scientific methodology. An attempt is made to understand the theoretical and philosophical aspects of modeling as a cognitive process in...
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Digital agriculture as part of an innovative economy

Boris Voronin, Irina Chupina, Yana Voronina
Agriculture has already become a sector with a very large flow of modern information data. Russian farmers and agronomists now have access to mobile applications that provide accurate recommendations and a sequence of actions in their work. So far, only about 14 % of Russian agricultural enterprises...
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Functioning field of farm enterprises in Russia: uncertainty and risks

Ekaterina Loretts, Svetlana Golovina, Lidiya Smirnova
The article presents the results of research of the market and institutional field of farming development in Russia, including formed risks and uncertainties in it. The main hypotheses can be summarized by saying that the fact that the work of farmers (except for environmental characteristics) are significantly...
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Properties of hens’ eggs after surface irradiation by nanosecond electron beam

Sergey Sokovnin, Olga Timoshenkova, Ruslan Vazirov
Irradiation experiments were carried out by means of the pulsed repetitive nanosecond accelerator URT-0.5 (electron energy of up to 500 keV, a pulse duration of 50 ns, pulse repetition rate up to 200 pps. The electron average dose rate on the egg surface was 200 Gy/pulse and the instantaneous dose rate...
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Surface irradiation of hatching eggs with nanosecond electron beam before incubation for stimulation

Ruslan Vazirov, Sergey Sokovnin, Nina Musihina, Ksenia Moiseeva
A new and promising method of radiation processing of egg products is the use of a nanosecond electron beam (NEB) generated at URT accelerators. A limitation of the radiation treatment for hatching eggs is the need to protect embryonic cells during irradiation. The effect of ionizing radiation (IR) on...
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Morphobiochemical indicators of vietnamese pot-bellied pigs with concentrate type of feeding

Alexander Ustyugov, Vera Usevich, Igor Milshtein, Kristina Lukashova
Small forms of economic activity have been actively developing in the Russian Federation in recent years. Novice farmers choose animals to achieve payback and profit. One of these breeds in the pig industry is the Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs. This breed appeared and began to spread in Russia not long...
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Comparative evaluation of the efficiency of poliovulation induction in donor cows using “FSH-SUPER” drug with various injection schemes

Artem Brigida, Оlga Skachkova, Оlga Bykova, Vladimir Sorokin
This article describes the problems of traditional poliovulation induction scheme with repeated injections of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) to embryo donor cows. The purpose of this study was a comparative analysis of poliovulation induction results in donors received one or several FSH injections....
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The influence of digital technologies on the form and content of contracts in the Agricultural law

Oleg Puchkov
The article analyzes the features and new trends of contractual relations in agriculture, due to the introduction of digital platforms based on information and communication networks. The method of system analysis, method of interpretation of law and comparative legal method were used in the study....
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Social development and the digital economy: from the green utopia to the new industrialization

Stanislav Nekrasov
In the XXI century there is a new illusion of social structure. This illusion of the masses and elites lies in anticipation of the advent of digital society and the digital economy. This illusion hides the increase of the main thing in social inequality - digital inequality. Digital ideology follows...
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Digital agro-towns and the bases of the neoindustrialism social structure

Stanislav Nekrasov
In the twentieth century was found a trend of development of human settlements, the relevant future socialist system: «the garden city». Since the village of antiquity was the thesis, the city was the antithesis, the neoindustrial garden city as a village-city turned out to be a historical synthesis...
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Contemporary trends in the formation of economically-beneficial qualities in productive animals

Vladimir Mymrin, Olga Loretts
This paper covers the contemporary trends in the formation of economically-beneficial qualities in productive animals. Researchers assessed the breeding and productive traits of animals and established the reproduction characteristics of the breeding stock and stud bulls: the inseminating ability and...
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Kappa-casein influence on yield and quality of cottage cheese

Eva Razhina
Genetic markers associated with the quality of milk and dairy products are gaining great importance in the selection of cattle today. The markers include the kappa-casein gene (CSN3). The studies of many authors provide information on the effect of alleles and kappa-casein genotypes on the technological...
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Thermovision diagnostics of the milking equipment impact on the state of mammary glands of cattle

Anna Barkova, Anatoliy Elesin, Igor Milshtein, Mikhail Barashkin
A thermovision research of the mammary glands of cattle before and after the milking was performed in order to determine the impact of milking machines of various types on the state of the udder, followed by the determination of the temperature difference at the same points of the mammary gland. The...
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Experience of introduction of perennial wild species of vetch (VICIA L.) in the conditions of the Middle Urals

Anna Abramchuk, Mikhail Karpukhin, Sergey Mingalyov
Research on the introduction of perennial wild species of vetch was carried out for 5 years (2007-2011) in “Uralets” work-study unit located in the Beloyarsky district of the Sverdlovsk Region on the educational-experimental plot of the Faculty of Agricultural Technologies and Land Management. Experimental...
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The effectiveness of modern mechanized potato cultivation technologies

Mikhail Karpukhin, Igor Krupskiy, Fode Keyta, Yevgeny Yushkin
Studies on the effectiveness of modern mechanized technologies of potato cultivation were carried out under production conditions in company “Belorechensky” Agro-Industrial Plant of the Beloyarsky urban district of the Sverdlovsk Region. In the experiments, one of the most common and highly productive...
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Evaluation of Holstein cattle by a complex of traits in the breeding farm of the Russian Federation

Natalia Fedoseeva, Zoya Sanova, Maya Myshkina, Leonid Kiselev
The cattle were evaluated on the basis of productivity and reproduction indices both individually and in the terms of their genealogical groups. As a result of the correlation data analysis with the milk yield from 4.000 to 12.000 kg, a mathematical relationship between the individual and group values...
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Digestibility and nutrient absorption in broiler chickens when replacing feed antibiotics in mixed feed with safe growth promoters

Elena Shatskikh, Alyona Nufer, Olga Neverova, Danis Galiev
Productivity parameters of broiler chickens were studied including digestibility and nutrient absorption when replacing feed antibiotics in mixed feed with SafMannan and Immunosan feed supplements which are carbohydrate complexes in yeast cell walls. It was established that the live weight of male and...
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Composition and antibiotic susceptibility of opportunistic pathogenic microflora in poultry farms aimed at egg or meat farming

Anna Krivonogova, Albina Isaeva, Olga Loretts, Anastasia Chentsova
There are a lot of factors facilitating antibiotic resistance in poultry farming, such as: genetic characteristics of microbiome, immune status of poultry, stress-producing technology of industrial poultry welfare, and the use of antibiotics with the purpose of disease prevention or medication. In both...
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Profile of antibiotic susceptibility of enterococcus in pig farms

Irina Donnik, Albina Isaeva, Yana Lysova, Nina Musikhina
The research on the structure of opportunistic pathogenic microflora of pig farms with various technological characteristics has been done. The research was done on content of Enterococcus spp. in composition of opportunistic pathogenic microbiocenosis, dissemination of various objects, as well as profiles...
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Distribution features of resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus on dairy farms

Irina Donnik, Anna Krivonogova, Irina Shkuratova, Ksenia Moiseeva
Research of opportunistic microbiocenosis in livestock enterprises of the Ural region was conducted. Dairy farms located in areas with different levels of technogenic contamination of agrobiocenoses with metals Cu, Cd, Fe, Zn, Hg, As, Pb and radionuclides 90Sr, 237Cs 210Pb were studied. The proportion...