Proceedings of the International Scientific-Practical Conference “Business Cooperation as a Resource of Sustainable Economic Development and Investment Attraction” (ISPCBC 2019)

Welcome to the International Scientific-Practical Conference on Business Cooperation (ISPCBS 2019), held on 21-23 May in Pskov, Russia. ISPCBS 2019 was held as part of International Scientific and Practical Conference "Northern Europe, Pskov and The Hanzean Union past and present".

The Hansa is the most durable international trade and economic union that has existed since the 13th century. The creation agreement was concluded in 1241 between the German Lübeck and Hamburg. At various times, the Union included more than 200 cities in Europe. Today, 185 cities from 16 countries participate in the movement. The Union has always stood to protect the economic interests of trade and merchants. The New Age Hansa was created to stimulate trade and tourism.

Every year in one of the cities of the Union the international festival “The Hanseatic Days of the New Age” takes place. In 2009, the International Hansa for the first time was held in Russia, in Veliky Novgorod. After exactly 10 years - in 2019 - Pskov will become the second Russian city to run the Hansa Meeting.

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