Proceedings of the International Scientific-Practical Conference “Business Cooperation as a Resource of Sustainable Economic Development and Investment Attraction” (ISPCBC 2019)

General Chair

  • Marina Yurievna Makhotaeva

    Pskov State University, Russia

  • Sergey Alexeevich Dyatlov

    EurAsEC Development Centre, Russia

Program  Committee

  • Marina Aleksandrovna Borovskaya

    Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Russia

  • Jan Lindenau

    International Hanseatic League, Germany

  • Kari Hüpponen

    Baltic Sea University Partner Network, Finland

  • Vladimir Nikolayevich Shimov

    Belarusian State Economic University, Belarus

  • Sergey Nikolayevich Savin

    North-western Main Territorial Directorate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, divisional manager of the Pskov Region, Russia

Scientific Committee

  • Larina Svetlana Yeugenievna

    State Management of Economy of The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russia

  • Lee Marina Rudolfovna

    Tashkent Institute of Irrigation Engineers and mechanization of agriculture, Uzbekistan

  • Kreituss Ilmars

    Higher School of Business, Arts and Technology, Latvia

  • Toomas Asser

    Rector of the University of Tartu, Estonia

  • Karlis Kreslins

    Ventspils High School, Doctor of Engineering, Latvia

  • Mikko Myrskylä

    Institute for Demographic Studies of the Max Planck Society, Germany

  • Paul Wolffsen

    Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

  • Natalya Alexeevna Lesnevskaya

    Finance and Banking Faculty of the Belarusian State Economic University, Belarus

  • Shumilo Erica

    University of Latvia, Latvia

  • Vitali  Sergeev

    Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia

  • Irina Georgievna Petrova

    NW SA of Central Bank, Russia